Super Mario Maker 2 Direct 5.15.2019

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Tune in for a roughly 15-minute presentation packed with information all about Super Mario Maker 2 for Nintendo Switch.
Learn more about Super Mario Maker 2!
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Jorge Hace 23 horas
Super Mario 3D world would’ve been better if it was actual 3D instead of a 2d form 🤡
Subscribe so I get money
Subscribe so I get money Hace un día
Came for the game *CAME BACK FOR THE MAD LAD*
Samuel Levi da Silva
Samuel Levi da Silva Hace un día
Just missing Mario Odyssey's cap
CarlosBM Hace un día
Why am I watching this after I got the game?
Siko Nova
Siko Nova Hace 2 días
I bought the online bundle and my online didn’t stack. If anybody sees this uh...can you help 🤔
E.S.T 1989
E.S.T 1989 Hace 2 días
This Fucking Retard
This Fucking Retard Hace 2 días
3:21 Korekiyo: DID SOMEBODY SAY SEESAW??!????!?!!?? Angie:please stop
Brian Dubberly
Brian Dubberly Hace 3 días
Ethan jacob Mendoza
Ethan jacob Mendoza Hace 4 días
Wii u: my mario maker was better Switch: no mine Wii u: no mine Switch: you lier Nitendo: its okay your mario maker was best
Larry koopa gamer Gutierrez
Larry koopa gamer Gutierrez Hace 5 días
I have an idea for an update maybe you nintendo workers can update bowser jr by tap and holding him and can swap to different koopas larry,lemmy,iggy roy,wendy,ludwig, and morton. The bottom right corner does say the version of the updated game
Larry koopa gamer Gutierrez
Larry koopa gamer Gutierrez Hace 5 días
I have an idea for an update maybe you nintendo workers can update bowser jr by tap and holding him and can swap to different koopas larry,lemmy,iggy roy,wendy,ludwig, and morton.
Alex K
Alex K Hace 5 días
i think we all came for the madlad boom-boom
PoKo Mario Gaming Channel
PoKo Mario Gaming Channel Hace 7 días
I want to have beach theme as well in super mario maker 2. Whether we play it by buying beach theme DLC or by update from Nintendo. We have forest, winter, desert and everything. And with beach theme, it would be more perfect. Because beach theme music is really awesome in every Mario titles. 😀
Ring_ Rang
Ring_ Rang Hace 7 días
Only OG’s remember when directs were called digital events
Flame The Braixen
Flame The Braixen Hace 7 días
Everyone: Slopes, ! Blocks, Clear Pipes, Vertical Courses Me: Bucken Berry returns
Earth Bounder
Earth Bounder Hace 7 días
Hello Nintendo may you a update this game like more enemies and items thank you😁😁
Your 1839
Your 1839 Hace 8 días
On 2:59 is the blue one slippery like in New Super Mario Bros. Wii?
ZR Gaming
ZR Gaming Hace 9 días
Nintendo can we please have pokeys, spikes, fuzzys, penguin suit, mini mushroom, amp thwimp, huckit crab, waddle wing, broozer, spiny cheep cheep, urchin, jelly beam, flame chomp, fire snake, swoop, fliprus, dragoneel, bramball, foo, cooligan, para beetle, and mega grrro?those items would be dope!
2Day4Real Hace 10 días
i dont't think that you need to unlock things in the build mode.
[GD] FurwiMienai
[GD] FurwiMienai Hace 13 días
Twister Can't make everything fly! The ground does not fly!
Oscarm1258 channel
Oscarm1258 channel Hace 13 días
3:31 it shouldn't been done for changing color in underground theme.
Daniel Machaca Paredes
Daniel Machaca Paredes Hace 13 días
Este juego muy pronto saldrá para la Wii u?
그래픽현우 Hace 15 días
14:45 Three Combos!
Jefferson Gonzales
Jefferson Gonzales Hace 15 días
Nintendo debería hacer un modo cooperativo donde todos ganan los mismos Puntos like. Para que NINTENDO LO VEA
Caron The Cat
Caron The Cat Hace 15 días
Im watching this on the wii u browser (not joking)
Mahdi RANA
Mahdi RANA Hace 11 horas
Caron The Cat Sadly my Wii U is broken. It still works but the screen has dents on it.
Ники Чавдаров
Ники Чавдаров Hace 15 días
Super Game!
Ulrika Jansson
Ulrika Jansson Hace 16 días
Wii u: you had one job Nintendo switch swich:Nintendo made it
Melissa Hull
Melissa Hull Hace 16 días
B O O M B O O M👌
Melissa Hull
Melissa Hull Hace 16 días
M A D L A D👌
InFootball Hace 16 días
Mario 3d world!!!!!!!!!!!!
Undeadpixel08 Hace 17 días
3:31 what how is the ground orange
Mahdi RANA
Mahdi RANA Hace 11 horas
Undeadpixel08 It’s just a texture that they were gonna use but it’s scrapped for unknown reasons.
kirby99 Hace 21 un día
Those 2k dislikes are from Super Mario Maker 2 Wii U owners
John Neill
John Neill Hace 21 un día
Ian Neill thinks this game is better then the last one! Don't you agree nintendo!
Crystal Unicorn gacha
Crystal Unicorn gacha Hace 22 días
Please add pokeys to super Mario maker 2
ICDuck Hace 23 días
it came out and i got it pre ordered but i still enjoy watching this lol
Bomb Anderson
Bomb Anderson Hace 23 días
My Favorite. I Love Super Mario Maker 2 😍
SpicyGrunter Hace 23 días
The game is epic
E Hace 23 días
0:16 fellow brother of the hood shares his mushrooms with his blood brother
DjangoBreeze Hace 23 días
Did you know red yoshis breath fire?
theo johnstone
theo johnstone Hace 24 días
+Cleshay Relax it's got everything you will need expect a few more items
Smd 64
Smd 64 Hace 25 días
On mulltyplayer mod we can play on one nintendo switch
Hussin 20066
Hussin 20066 Hace 26 días
I can play courses without Nintendo switch online??
Fernand Marquet Fire Chicken
Fernand Marquet Fire Chicken Hace 26 días
0:02 et
Ithen Aguilar
Ithen Aguilar Hace 26 días
Mad lad boom boom
Themapples The one and only
Themapples The one and only Hace 28 días
So Nintendo please tell me this you add the koopalings in every new super Mario game to date but just add boom boom,also where's the beach, tower, lava, and mountain theme I still have to use different themes 😠. P.s.I know you not gonna do this it's like asking for Waluigi in Super Smash Bros. Acceptance is hard 😞😞😞
Supernick1111 Hace 28 días
3:31-3:10 Nice try, but there the brown underground blocks don’t exist in the real game
Aramaru 1837
Aramaru 1837 Hace 23 días
Supernick1111 “brown underground blocks” stfu
ParkersStuff Hace 28 días
(WARNING: This format is unoriginal and the comment sucks but I also love it) Roses are red, Pirates wear pegs, *_6:21_*
Coltin Anderson
Coltin Anderson Hace 28 días
Castle theme night
steph that meme boy
steph that meme boy Hace 28 días
0:12 Uhm, Mario, what are you trying to say to Luigi ..?
Brokenjoints2019 Hace 28 días
why am i here mario maker 2 is kinda a downgrade but the good things are multiplayer 3d world story mode slopes
SmokyBear76 Hace 28 días
Where are the Super Acorn? Or the Tanknooki suit? Or the Mini Mushroom? Or Ice Flower? Or Penguin Suit? Or Frog Suit? Where are the missing power-ups?
SmokyBear76 Hace 23 días
@Aramaru 1837go die idiot
SmokyBear76 Hace 23 días
@Aramaru 1837 well im sorry but its my opinion you hater. so, >:P
Aramaru 1837
Aramaru 1837 Hace 23 días
SmokyBear76 future updates stupid kid. Also the tanooki suit won’t come sense the dry bone shell exists.
tonya robinson
tonya robinson Hace 29 días
Vanilla Serenity
Vanilla Serenity Hace 29 días
i want it...
qlingc Hace 29 días
Pikachu 444 part 2
Pikachu 444 part 2 Hace 29 días
*ThE mAdLad BoOm BoOm*
Krishna McKay
Krishna McKay Hace 29 días
0:42 I just realized last night that that's a joke about "Banzai" trees...Also I'm sad that it & 13:35 arent real courses in Story Mode...I guess I'll have to make them myself
PrincedPond558 Hace 29 días
Super Mario Maker 2 Online is worse than Super Smash Bros Ultimate Online although I am going to pick up this game in my birthday but damn, Nintendo should get some dedicated servers
Dorian Hace un mes
On the seesaw part did you say Mario was fat?
Xboxone videos
Xboxone videos Hace un mes
Your online still sucks
Rainbowstar 64
Rainbowstar 64 Hace 21 un día
@Alex But Xbox online is actually good unlike Nintendo. And I'm a Nintendo fan Btw
Alex Hace un mes
xbox sucks
CoolGamerDude Aran
CoolGamerDude Aran Hace un mes
NUT ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Terraria 4DayZ
Terraria 4DayZ Hace un mes
Simme Drimme
Simme Drimme Hace un mes
**cries in 3ds**
Julayla Hace un mes
Man, gonna be honest: That beginning segment should've been part of the many openings of the actual game itself.
Caron The Cat
Caron The Cat Hace un mes
Nintendo will now make Super Mario Maker 3 in 2025
Aramaru 1837
Aramaru 1837 Hace 23 días
Caron The Cat not funny stupid 9 year old
Anonymous Trainer
Anonymous Trainer Hace un mes
Check my channel out. If you have levels forward them my way
Bob Ventura
Bob Ventura Hace un mes
Nintendo. Can you make a new super Mario bros 2 game style for people who have super Mario maker 2 please
Rainbowstar 64
Rainbowstar 64 Hace 21 un día
No, they'll add the style for people who DON'T have Mario Maker 2.
MC DOUGH BOI Hace 28 días
You do know they won’t see your comment right
Mike Obannion 2
Mike Obannion 2 Hace un mes
My question is how do you make chain chomps get more chains?
Mike Obannion 2
Mike Obannion 2 Hace 28 días
@MC DOUGH BOI I found out how you put a chain chomp in the night ground thyme
MC DOUGH BOI Hace 28 días
Mike Obannion 2 you can’t
Luisssito A
Luisssito A Hace un mes
tristan vedder
tristan vedder Hace un mes
😱😱😱 nintendo is the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ohhhhhh boy
Papyrus Gasterich
Papyrus Gasterich Hace un mes
I am so sorry Nintendo but where koopalings? I know you have a hard work but we want new enemies : yellow koopa ,dry beetle , king boo,ice brother and items : blue shell and locations : tower .
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