Super Mario Maker 2 - 32 - Standing On Three B-holes

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Hace 29 días

Dan and Arin do the musicy breadstick level again, this time discovering the presence of buttholes. They also have an in-depth discussion of Frederick Douglass.
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#TheGrumps #Comedy #GameGrumps
We have NEW MERCH every FRIDAY!
Visit our WEBSITE every FRIDAY to check out the NEW items!
Game Grumps are:
Arin ►
Danny ►
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Cynthric's Gaming Channel
Cynthric's Gaming Channel Hace 15 horas
The best part of this is Arin seems oblivious to the fact that he's basically been tricked into playing a Mario version of Getting Over It.
Zach Cole
Zach Cole Hace 20 horas
Parked Out By the Lake is also the only Spotify song by Donny Cowboy.
Zach Cole
Zach Cole Hace 21 un hora
I love that arin corrected Dan on history, since it's often the other way around
LilBlueOnk Hace 2 días
The first time I saw the 2012 movie, I sat in the VERY FIRST ROW, and had neck pain for several hours afterwards.
Gio Hace 3 días
thank you Danny and Arin and the rest of the team for this. I am incredibly drunk rn and game grumps is my favourite thing to watch when I get home after a long night of partying. Nice and comforting, like a warm hug of rage and failure :)
faithfully goth
faithfully goth Hace 4 días
12:03 boobs lol
CyZed 1 1 six
CyZed 1 1 six Hace 5 días
boobs! i love them
Red Jelly
Red Jelly Hace 7 días
i like how i’m watching this episode as i’m reading the narrative of frederick douglass so whenever he said he was a president i choked on my ice cream
Kenneth Stewart
Kenneth Stewart Hace 9 días
My body is weak from rubes and curs.
demona6662 Hace 9 días
this is like getting over it but with mario
Christine Hace 10 días
i am so glad i looked up the song that Dan recommended hahahaha, thank u Dan for all the good recs
The Salt
The Salt Hace 10 días
That statue edit somehow managed to jump scare me 😂 I was like “OH NO ARIN WATCH OUT!”
MarkDuhShark Hace 12 días
Ben's "Boobs!" edit was so perfectly done. (11:41) I used the "," and "." keys to check each frame and each one is perfect. Good stuff Ben!
Sack fu
Sack fu Hace 14 días
O hey another episode of getting over it.
Aditi Mehta
Aditi Mehta Hace 15 días
Epic edit on the pause menu
Nathan Kofoed
Nathan Kofoed Hace 15 días
Getting over it, except it's Mario and somehow more infuriating
Tiara Azmalan
Tiara Azmalan Hace 16 días
Man, I would love to work for Game Grumps. But I suck.
Error[0] Hace 16 días
80 miles from Santa Fe
Mason McManus
Mason McManus Hace 18 días
This is just like getting over it but Mario style.
Baggy Trousers
Baggy Trousers Hace 18 días
2012? You mean the Roland Emmerich Masterpiece where the best characte,r Sasha, dies for no reason.
Yuki Dawn
Yuki Dawn Hace 19 días
2012 is... actually... my 2nd favourite movie... after Rat Race... (hides under a rock for the rest of the video)
Ej Wilson
Ej Wilson Hace 19 días
Thank you for taking a moment to learn about Fredrick Douglass! I applaud you guys.👌🏾 Fun Fact: He’s on the back of the 2017 quarter!
Jason Coles
Jason Coles Hace 20 días
Reminds me of getting over it with Bennett Foddy
Nj Njhjh
Nj Njhjh Hace 20 días
Yoven Hace 21 un día
8:08 did dan say the bad word?!
Ty Chuk
Ty Chuk Hace 21 un día
The new editor is growing on me. I love the little things he adds in. They're so slick and sneaky.
DB_ Hace 21 un día
"boobs, i like em"
FirestoneX Hace 21 un día
Why does he keep trying to land on top. Just use the momentum and bounce twice.
FirestoneX Hace 21 un día
Why is Arin so bad?
Jordan Krause
Jordan Krause Hace 21 un día
Grumping over it with Arin Foddy
Danko Hidalgo
Danko Hidalgo Hace 22 días
Boobs! I like them
Victoria Goodwin
Victoria Goodwin Hace 22 días
Dan's "constantly two inches away from death" so describes this level ...minus the death
Tango Kabocha
Tango Kabocha Hace 22 días
9:30 That statue of Fredrick Douglas actually scared the shit outta me
Shi No Tenshi
Shi No Tenshi Hace 22 días
Holly Jessup
Holly Jessup Hace 22 días
You've got to play carl Sagan 42's getting over it level
no nopper
no nopper Hace 22 días
This reminds me of getting over it
aidan gillie
aidan gillie Hace 22 días
And I'm parked out by the lake Eighty miles from Santa Fe It's the lake that's parked where I'm at out by the lake And this lake is where I'm parked…
Allen Hace 22 días
Fucking Ben XD the casual edits I randomly find just makes my day haha 11:50
Fabio Suave 狼
Fabio Suave 狼 Hace 22 días
If Dan loves fake country songs he'd love I Kiss My Honey With My Fist
Colton Bennett
Colton Bennett Hace 23 días
Getting over it: but it's mario
Luci Gallagher
Luci Gallagher Hace 23 días
2012 is my number 2 Avatar will always be number 1
T Mac
T Mac Hace 23 días
11:43 the moment pepsi sprayed all over my monitor due to a poorly timed drink 😭😭😭
Roxfox Hace 23 días
I guess that's a thing most people never have to consider... When a timer with no decimals hits zero, it's one second away from stopping. If you count to three by starting on one and ending on three, you have counted two seconds. So no, Dan, they're not super nice by giving you a longer last second. That's just actually the last second on the timer, 0.99 to 0.
Jacob Riggs
Jacob Riggs Hace 23 días
Getting Over It with Glaiel
RicochetTinman Hace 23 días
If you like fake country, ween album greatest country hits. Its wonderful!
Dark Wolf
Dark Wolf Hace 23 días
Wiible Wobble
Wiible Wobble Hace 23 días
In this episode we learn about Frederick Douglas
abcgefp Hace 23 días
The thing I like about the era of Ben is all the subtle easter eggs
TyTeph Hace 24 días
Wait am I the only one who noticed the boobs???
Ryan Reininga
Ryan Reininga Hace 24 días
Hilarious shit as always! I’ve been a fan since you guys did Castlevania back in the day. Also. Eww, I know you guys probably have no say, but if you do, can you guys 86 the shitty Prager U ads with that shill Candace Owens?
Derpy Babi
Derpy Babi Hace 24 días
QuietBeard Hace 24 días
Sort out your audio, Arin is clipping like crazy
utterly ridiculous
utterly ridiculous Hace 24 días
If you like fake country you’ll love 12 Golden Country Hits by Ween
J.P. Animates
J.P. Animates Hace 24 días
Parked out by the lake is now my favorite song thanks Dan for the recommendation
a1rh3add Hace 25 días
Boobs! I like them!
Brandi Mullins
Brandi Mullins Hace 25 días
I like boobs too ben. I like boobs too. And I'm not even lesbian lmfao boobs are just great and so are butts
OddCrafter Hace 25 días
"I wasn't saying "NO" to Frederick Douglass!" I want that on a t-shirt.
Masque Hace 25 días
6:42 when Dan says that he sounds a lil mad 😂
Spaced-Out Hamlet
Spaced-Out Hamlet Hace 25 días
Boobs, huh?
Alex Walhout
Alex Walhout Hace 25 días
Anyone else think this level is the Mario version of Getting Over It?
Eric Olsen
Eric Olsen Hace 26 días
11:44 Boobs! I like them! who caught it?
Jamie Quinn
Jamie Quinn Hace 26 días
...this man beat Sans
Anthony Ford
Anthony Ford Hace 26 días
I like them too *wink*
Sam Wildeshire
Sam Wildeshire Hace 26 días
I got fucking jumpscared at 9:30.
I Stanley
I Stanley Hace 26 días
why is saying no called Boobs
Tyko Sun
Tyko Sun Hace 26 días
Arin's mental breakdown begins to peak at 11:21 but do yourself a favor and watch the whole thing for the Frederick Douglas part
IAmNotSilver Hace 26 días
“Oh man oh man oh Manischewitz” Why does that feel like something literally ANYONE in my Jewish af family would say?
Mortimer107 Hace 26 días
Love that Frederick Douglass shout-out. He's an example of somebody who's done an amazing job and is being recognized more and more, I notice.
Jennifer Ruppell
Jennifer Ruppell Hace 26 días
Parked out by the Lake! Ya, had to have it in my world.
destiny gentry
destiny gentry Hace 26 días
11:58 Boobs ? Nice edit lol 😂
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