Summer Walker - Like It (Feat. 6LACK) [Official Audio]

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Summer Walker

Summer Walker

Hace 9 meses

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Like Itsummer walker like itsummer walker 6lack6LACK

IQ sports
IQ sports Hace 6 días
6lack is so underrated
Sarita Robinson
Sarita Robinson Hace 8 días
Summer, you are the shit. You leave me wanting more.♥️💯
Quiara Harper
Quiara Harper Hace un mes
I can’t stop listening to this album timeless music 🎶
jasmine lyles
jasmine lyles Hace un mes
Best song on over it 🅿️🥰🥰😜😜😜
World Peace
World Peace Hace un mes
Mama Queen
Mama Queen Hace un mes
feeeeeels 😍
Shakiera Boyd
Shakiera Boyd Hace un mes
I like fucking to this song
Varia Hace 2 meses
Aint this t9ine beat playing.....
R A E G A N Hace 2 meses
I literally slept on this song. I’d like it if she didn’t have features. She don’t need them. 😩
KeviCal Hace 2 meses
This song slaps harder when you are in a relaionship...
Jus Blaze
Jus Blaze Hace 2 meses
Fun fact Chris brown has vocals in the hook if you listen closely.
Liberty Truth
Liberty Truth Hace 2 meses
This got that How bout Now Drake beat in it
T. B
T. B Hace 2 meses
6lack has one of the most boring flows of all time
GlamCam 84
GlamCam 84 Hace 2 meses
Smell OfHelium
Smell OfHelium Hace 2 meses
"Made love on the lowkey now im tryna fuck ya broad day..."
makenna cooley
makenna cooley Hace 2 meses
when you hear that piano tho
King Felix
King Felix Hace 2 meses
longest 3 min of my life
Sadaeya Hace 2 meses
We need a 1hour loop on this song ASAP!
Palesa Backman
Palesa Backman Hace 2 meses
Y'all shut up about how short her songs are lmao. No matter how short it is it got me going crazy as shit.
Kayy & Adri
Kayy & Adri Hace 2 meses
you really ain’t have to snap like this 😣
Coco Owens
Coco Owens Hace 2 meses
Jaz C
Jaz C Hace 2 meses
Tell me how it feels when I throw it * eyes roll back * BAAaaaAaAAaCK
lulbabymia Hace 3 meses
bru niggas if yo female play summer walker infront of yo ass u did sum🤷🏼‍♀️😂. jus tell ha what you did
jalaneya3 Hace 3 meses
One of my favs! -April 2020
Erica Landeros
Erica Landeros Hace 3 meses
Give itt'to YOU' LIKE THAT' , 2020' ,
Latice Carter
Latice Carter Hace 3 meses
Love this song so much!
ifraax saciid-ciise
ifraax saciid-ciise Hace 3 meses
i think is best miscooooooooooooooo we got shit
Emma Woodard
Emma Woodard Hace 3 meses
fuck you guys even if it was 30 seconds this would still fucking be the BEST
Savage Opress
Savage Opress Hace 4 meses
Best song on the album but that doesn't mean anything because literally any song off the album could be the best song. Amazing project 🔥🔥
Johnnie Moore
Johnnie Moore Hace 4 meses
sun tsi
sun tsi Hace 4 meses
6lack brought me here. Needed a longer verse from him.
Keana M.S.
Keana M.S. Hace 4 meses
6lack sliddddddddd on this
Jason Mccullar
Jason Mccullar Hace 4 meses
This album is still fire like it came out yesterday!🔥🔥🔥
Johnnie Moore
Johnnie Moore Hace 4 meses
Man I love this song
Abriauna Jefferson
Abriauna Jefferson Hace 4 meses
Gaia Elan
Gaia Elan Hace 4 meses
2020 & this my fave off the album... who else?
Ashleyy Paigee
Ashleyy Paigee Hace 4 meses 💕❤️🍷 like subscribe comment!!!
Andre Lucas
Andre Lucas Hace 4 meses
2 Melo
2 Melo Hace 5 meses
This slaps so hard🔥🔥🔥🔥
Özlem Hace 5 meses
King Reyna
King Reyna Hace 5 meses
Tyron Mitchel
Tyron Mitchel Hace 5 meses
K feel like she should do a collab wit SZA. Bomb suit right there🔥🔥🔥
Kawaii Panda
Kawaii Panda Hace 4 meses
Tyron Mitchel deadass the weekend gives me the same energy as this song
Alvina Cummings
Alvina Cummings Hace 5 meses
Who is here after Lauren Jauregui’s post?
Sam Barragan
Sam Barragan Hace 5 meses
In my opinion, I think this is one of her best songs yet. Its so beautiful vocally and in a way emotionally. Everything about this song is soooo good
witch Hace 5 meses
Powerpuff girls Him
Journey Thomas
Journey Thomas Hace 5 meses
I love this song
remi mol
remi mol Hace 5 meses
Fire tune
Ryan Flemming
Ryan Flemming Hace 5 meses
6lack killin these features
est84inc Hace 5 meses
her voice and lyrice here "waterfall over flow" makes me drool lmao
Joe Prince
Joe Prince Hace 6 meses
Does anyone know if the detained piano bit is a sample?
DJay Johnson
DJay Johnson Hace 5 meses
Prince fathers song
Ari Johnson
Ari Johnson Hace 6 meses
#SummerWalker Make some more music videos..!! #ILoveHer
Vincent Turner
Vincent Turner Hace 6 meses
Another voice that gets help from everyone. What does she do. Use mental issues to cancel shows. Thanks cockamagne the god.
La'Chae lyttle
La'Chae lyttle Hace 6 meses
Real Talk
Real Talk Hace 6 meses
This whole album is amazing and great featurings💯 she really knows what fits her voice
Adrian Hace 6 meses
Nice song...hmmm that chorus structure is very similar to August Alsina's "No Love".
witch Hace 6 meses
Jasmin Newman
Jasmin Newman Hace 6 meses
A bop ❤️🖤
ornelfranck Hace 6 meses
Mr hamfoot Mofasa
Mr hamfoot Mofasa Hace 6 meses
My shit just moved...
Xavia Anderson
Xavia Anderson Hace 6 meses
My favorite off the album😩💕
Nataly Hace 6 meses
🖤I covered this lovely song on my channel acoustic version🖤please check me out🖤🙏🏽
Loghan Foust
Loghan Foust Hace 6 meses
Who’s here for 6lack???
MS_ Lisa Mona
MS_ Lisa Mona Hace 6 meses
La Team Family
La Team Family Hace 6 meses
Only 1M views !?! Deserve *MORE* !!! 🥺❤️
Danielle Thompson
Danielle Thompson Hace 6 meses
That fast piano thingy or harp whatever it is , is mad annoying throughout this song !😭😫😳 but besides that great vocals.
bs4e Hace 6 meses
The refrain sounds sooo familiar. Like a song from the 90s/early 2000s, pop group. It sounds so familiar
NK Kahalehili
NK Kahalehili Hace 6 meses
Tell me again
Z R Hace 6 meses
I need videos
William Davis
William Davis Hace 6 meses
Perfect when yu are a new artist...keeps bills low and can recoup faster.
MEECH JAY Hace 6 meses
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