Stranger Things' Winona Ryder & David Harbour Answer the Web's Most Searched Questions | WIRED

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Stranger Things stars Winona Ryder and David Harbour answer the internet's most searched questions about themselves. What is Winona Ryder's real name? Does David Harbour play video games? When did Winona start acting? Is David a nice guy?? The Stranger Things stars answer all these questions and more!

Stranger Things season 3 is streaming now on Netflix.
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Stranger Things' Winona Ryder & David Harbour Answer the Web's Most Searched Questions | WIRED

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Harmony Ball
Harmony Ball Hace un hora
omg Winona Ryder has the same birthday as me but I was born in 2005
Curc Matthew Cachero
Curc Matthew Cachero Hace 3 horas
*who is Winona Ryder's boyfriend in stranger things* OH ME I KNOW I KNOW! ITS JIM HOPPER!!
Zim Zimmerman
Zim Zimmerman Hace 5 horas
they make a nice couple
The Seventh Day
The Seventh Day Hace 9 horas
Upset there was no “who did Winona Ryder play in friends” because I’m guilty of searching that before... or something along those lines.
The Seventh Day
The Seventh Day Hace 9 horas
Winona is so nice. David is just like “I don’t look good” and she’s like “STOP!!!” Every time... so wholesome tbh
liiz Love
liiz Love Hace 11 horas
Bestie goals
Master McGaming
Master McGaming Hace 18 horas
Who saw beetle juice l l V
Scott Hoverman
Scott Hoverman Hace un día
Dexter Morgan’s older brother
Stacy Williams
Stacy Williams Hace un día
hopper who does winona ryder look like? me jose
FuBaGaming Hace un día
Jim is still alive for sure, finding and rescuing him is probably the plot for season 4.
Sunday Rose
Sunday Rose Hace un día
Winona Rider is older than my mom my mom was dorm in March 8th 1972
Kylie York
Kylie York Hace un día
Looks like he’s growing out his beard... Hmmm wonder what that means??
Kristal Smrz
Kristal Smrz Hace un día
Zoe Sinagra
Zoe Sinagra Hace 2 días
11:20 I played Dorothy when I was three... my only lines were... "Look out!" and "Aunty Em, Uncle Henry, where are you?"
Mïdnïght Skïęs
Mïdnïght Skïęs Hace 2 días
Honestly I think he jumped into the upside down while Joyce looked away and Close the gate. And what I think about the Demogorgom at the end was that the Russians happen to figure out how to open the gate in Russia and found Hopper and a Demogorgom and captured them. Plus people are making another therapy that it’s Billy or Hopper is trapped in the, “Americans” body of a different man who has power like eleven and he kills one of the Russian security guards and found a picture of eleven and mike on the bed pretending to read the magazines. And he picks it up and says, “eleven” but to me it sounds like billy not Hopper.
Heartless is spell P a I g e
Heartless is spell P a I g e Hace 2 días
Do I freak out when they mention heathers because I think heathers are not a cool thing any more? Yes, yes do
Zainab Kashwani
Zainab Kashwani Hace 2 días
10:42 me after “studying” for 3 hours and then realizing during the exam I didn’t precessions any info...🙂
Øcar Matiøns
Øcar Matiøns Hace 3 días
I’m a Scorpio
Blake Middleton
Blake Middleton Hace 3 días
"I'm not allowed to say anything about a movie I'm doing".... hes Red Guardian in Black Widow
Kaitlyn Campbell
Kaitlyn Campbell Hace 4 días
Winona, I know how to play the clarinet, so if you still wanna learn, I’m right here to teach you! 😂
Aperiog Hace 4 días
Did david just say shes a scorpio when shes born in october?
Ysabelle Santos
Ysabelle Santos Hace 3 días
Aperiog Yeah no worries 😁
Aperiog Hace 3 días
@Ysabelle Santos oh ok sorry I didnt know
Ysabelle Santos
Ysabelle Santos Hace 3 días
Aperiog it depends tho. like for example my sister is a libra but she’s born in september.
Aperiog Hace 3 días
@Ysabelle Santos no November is scorpio october is libra
Ysabelle Santos
Ysabelle Santos Hace 3 días
Aperiog ya she is a scorpio
gonard12 Hace 4 días
Wait, why did they show a winona ryder singing search but cut the response???
Amelia Baker
Amelia Baker Hace 4 días
Team steve shirt My favourite thing on earth
Richard Bernard
Richard Bernard Hace 4 días
"who does winona ryder look like?" jOyCe bYeRs
Emily Hace 5 días
He’s so hot
Ralante Gamer
Ralante Gamer Hace 5 días
Notice David could cut his beard but isn't doing so,or playing for a part,maybe in season 4...forced...being punished in a certain cell
Tyrese Johnson
Tyrese Johnson Hace 5 días
If you haven’t watched Stranger Things 3 (me), *DO NOT READ THE COMMENT SECTION UNDER THIS VIDEO*
aNd PeGgY
aNd PeGgY Hace 5 días
*”Now blah blah blah is all I do and I use my grand IQ to pick out what color gloss to wear”*
jaime macias
jaime macias Hace 6 días
This is wholesome ;-; I wished they hooked up in real life Winona's current husband seems like a dweeb
Observation Hace 6 días
Who's here after the Black widow tease trailer?
Toke Bro
Toke Bro Hace 6 días
Google has an agenda regarding it's searches! This game is not quite guessing the most popular questions on the internet but what's popular AND what Google also favours
Damini Hace 6 días
Alexie to hopper-*Stop* *Stop* Winona to David-*Stooop* *stooop* Adorable😂💕
Mini arts
Mini arts Hace 6 días
When i first saw this idk who they were THEN I wached it again then i saw it was hooper and joyce
Anirac 07
Anirac 07 Hace 6 días
Blossom Bliss
Blossom Bliss Hace 6 días
Joyce/winona Ryder’s birthday is the day after my bday!!
I think this is how they should do these interviews they seem to have so much fun together they don't just rip it off answer and on to the next they actually are interested in one another which is amazing!
Myleigh 07
Myleigh 07 Hace 7 días
I love David I have a poster of him
Morgs and maddies cakes
Morgs and maddies cakes Hace 7 días
My b-day is 0ctder 6
Kenzie Grace
Kenzie Grace Hace 7 días
The video none of us asked for but we all needed
Lucie Nguyen
Lucie Nguyen Hace 7 días
No one : David : *Winona RyDeRRRRrrRRRrrrrRrrrR*
- KermitEnforcer -
- KermitEnforcer - Hace 8 días
Ok boomer
Poptart animations and vlogs
Poptart animations and vlogs Hace 8 días
Winona got David in trouble. 🎅
Cameron Anderson
Cameron Anderson Hace 8 días
Millie Bobby brown isn’t British tho
The Sufi M.D
The Sufi M.D Hace 9 días
She is the cutest
The Sufi M.D
The Sufi M.D Hace 9 días
Surprised no one googled her stealing spree.
The Sufi M.D
The Sufi M.D Hace 9 días
Natalie Portman and Winona Ryder are two of my favourite female actresses look-wise as well.
Gaby Ortiz
Gaby Ortiz Hace 9 días
Jopper will happen (Joyce x Hopper)
Matěj V.
Matěj V. Hace 9 días
10:37 David showing us how big he actually is. :D
d jack
d jack Hace 9 días
Loved her in Mermaids !!
Hunter Hurst
Hunter Hurst Hace 9 días
10:38 *two
BLAKE N Hace 9 días
My mom was born on October 29 1971 😂
Drama Llama
Drama Llama Hace 9 días
I’m too lazy to count but if Winona was born 1971 SHE’S LIKE 50 :(
Drama Llama
Drama Llama Hace 8 días
Welx Like I said I’M TOO LAZY TO COUNT
Welx Hace 8 días
Chloe Findely
Chloe Findely Hace 10 días
I have someone in my old class named Kenneth.I got switched with my old class this year though..
AnnaCilleAveritt Hace 10 días
does anyone else just think it’s so cute how they look and talk to each other????♥️☺️😩
Marko_B Hace 10 días
7 minutes into the video Winona: wAit THesE WeRE gOOgLeD?
Roman hopper
Roman hopper Hace 10 días
I live on the East to David I’m coming to find you
Emma Powell-Wyse
Emma Powell-Wyse Hace 10 días
she still sounds like Veronica it’s great 😂💕
Ashley alvarado
Ashley alvarado Hace 10 días
my birthday is on oct 29 to
G̝a̝m̝e̝r̝ K̝i̝k̝i̝
G̝a̝m̝e̝r̝ K̝i̝k̝i̝ Hace 10 días
Winona Ryder looks like Joyce of stranger things
William Julien
William Julien Hace 11 días
Winona-“Who is David Harbour’s faaaather ?” David-“ Mister Harbour...”
Gacha Class
Gacha Class Hace 11 días
Minneapolis Minnesota........ I LIVE THERE
Ryuu Tatsujin
Ryuu Tatsujin Hace 11 días
I never realized I wanted a Shining remake starring David Harbour as "Jack Torrance" until just now. And now I want it soooo bad.
ItsFunneh & Crew Fan
ItsFunneh & Crew Fan Hace 12 días
So they know about the zodiac signs
Saba Everything
Saba Everything Hace 12 días
I like the way Winona Ryder looks without makeup)
•Papi Danni•
•Papi Danni• Hace 12 días
Ong, I was in Minneapolis not too long ago 😭
grimm_160 gonzalez
grimm_160 gonzalez Hace 12 días
I think they asked if hop was British because 11 is british
Gay Edge-Lord
Gay Edge-Lord Hace 12 días
Pilletta Doinswartsh
Pilletta Doinswartsh Hace 12 días
12:42 - Only Kevin Bacon has a Bacon Number of 0, Dave. Dave is a "1" because he acted in Black Mass and so did Kevin. Winona is a "2"
Maddie Sumner
Maddie Sumner Hace 12 días
I thought Winona Ryder was 20 😂😂😂
wesley ranger
wesley ranger Hace 13 días
is there going to be a season 4 on "stranger things"
2HISPANO Hace 3 días
Yes. And maybe a fifth
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