Stranger Things 3 Cast Gaten Matarazzo, Joe Keery & Maya Hawke Break Down a Scene | Shot by Shot

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*SPOILER ALERT* Gaten Matarazzo, Joe Keery, and Maya Hawke take us shot by shot through the Russian base scene, in Stranger Things 3.
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Stranger Things 3 Cast Gaten Matarazzo Joe Keery & Maya Hawke Break Down a Scene | Shot by Shot
When a young boy vanishes, a small town uncovers a mystery involving secret experiments, terrifying supernatural forces and one strange little girl.

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rock paper games
rock paper games Hace un día
you cant spell erica without america
Miguel Lozano
Miguel Lozano Hace un día
Scoops troop
Angela Giuliani
Angela Giuliani Hace un día
pause at 7:16 thank me later
Mystic Solary
Mystic Solary Hace un día
I swear I could watch an entire Season Of Steve,Dustin,Robin and Erica
Jennessey Madlangbayan
Jennessey Madlangbayan Hace 2 días
I literally love these three
Jennessey Madlangbayan
Jennessey Madlangbayan Hace 2 días
Why is maya so pretty- MAKING ME FEEL SUPER UGLY 😂
I'ts Miklosi
I'ts Miklosi Hace 2 días
When you use subtitles for the russian part and all you get is "in russian" *ARENT THE SUBTITLES SUPOSED TO TRANSLATE? WHO DID THIS TO MEEEEE*
LaserSprayerYT Hace 3 días
Stranger things sucks it’s the worst
Memory Hace 4 días
‘but it’s strawberry’
SkintZ Hace 4 días
Do Americans not know what a fade is?
Daniel Jon
Daniel Jon Hace 4 días
There is just something about Maya Hawke’s voice
Esmé EF
Esmé EF Hace 4 días
I love how Joe and Gaten have the same style shirt 😊
Dilay Gunbulut
Dilay Gunbulut Hace 5 días
0:59 those conversations that they had in stranger things, just the same
Markuleste Hace 5 días
*Gaten Matarazzo*
riles_roo Hace 5 días
we love a mom and son with twinning outfits
Fiwro Hace 5 días
Metal gear solid sneaking
louis foxwell
louis foxwell Hace 6 días
very boring series
Molly Dennis
Molly Dennis Hace 6 días
I think gaten as scooby and joe as shaggy is so much more realistic
rglovsy Hace 6 días
0:23 are we not gonna talk about that
Disharth Hace 6 días
I wish maya was never a lesbian
Prince Anurag
Prince Anurag Hace 7 días
Cant believe joe is 28 years old!!
I Bias ALL 21 of NCT
I Bias ALL 21 of NCT Hace 7 días
That's Uma Thurman's daughter!
Datassmine Hace 7 días
I can’t stop staring at Joe’s chest hair
j Hace 7 días
Erica was deathly annoying, and I am glad the actress that played her was not apart of this video.
Emily Stanage
Emily Stanage Hace 7 días
Who else here thinks that Alexei is watching Looney Toons in heaven right now? ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Keisha Faith Dechaca
Keisha Faith Dechaca Hace 8 días
The only trio i need.
E l l Y
E l l Y Hace 8 días
when I saw maya hawke I was like *MAYA HAAAAAWKEEEE AJDBIWBZX*
Hablen en español parfavor
Jerah Matawa
Jerah Matawa Hace 8 días
Make steve go shirtless in season 4. Chest hair ftw
maj Tayao
maj Tayao Hace 8 días
The most exciting part of Season 3 was from them. Love you, Joe Keery!!!
Meh Mark
Meh Mark Hace 9 días
Maya looks so much like her mother
Bart Oltvoort
Bart Oltvoort Hace 9 días
At 5:54 you see a woman walking to the door were Steve Dustin etc. are standing. How on earth did that woman not see them😂
Cartoon Entertainment
Cartoon Entertainment Hace 9 días
This tv series is so addicted. I watched it 3 days in a row for three seasons
YNG_ Grim
YNG_ Grim Hace 9 días
To be completely honest with you I love millie Noah and Charlie max Nancy Lucas mike
Digital Sammy
Digital Sammy Hace 9 días
And that's when they knew Joe was a hero
Your da Sells Avon
Your da Sells Avon Hace 9 días
who else looked up if gaten had collarbones
Ethan Baldovino
Ethan Baldovino Hace 9 días
Scoops Troop break down scenes.
Fast Forward
Fast Forward Hace 10 días
The Official Girlz
The Official Girlz Hace 10 días
when joe caught maya he went steve hairington mode😂
JamesZ32100 Hace 9 días
He's the same in real life too lol
Saron Isayas Yirga
Saron Isayas Yirga Hace 10 días
I don’t why but Robin really looks like Daron Nerfcy
Daisy Moulds
Daisy Moulds Hace 10 días
6969 subscribers without any friends
6969 subscribers without any friends Hace 10 días
Am i the only one who hates Erica?
Chloe Wood
Chloe Wood Hace 10 días
Loses a fight against 2 teenage boys Wins a fight against a trained Russian guard LOGIC
JJ Plays
JJ Plays Hace 10 días
Wait. Gaten actually doesn’t have collar bones??? That’s so interesting
Andrew Kreye
Andrew Kreye Hace 10 días
Maya Hawke is beautiful
Abdulmohsen Al-qurashi
Abdulmohsen Al-qurashi Hace 10 días
Alright who stole that boy's teeth and sold it to the tooth fairy?
Kaya K.
Kaya K. Hace 11 días
I'm so incredibly sorry to say that but Maya looks 35 with that haircut 😖
Hi lo
Hi lo Hace 11 días
I want them to do the same with the scenes where steve and robin were high af
gamer newbie
gamer newbie Hace 11 días
Where is thev4th season? I need this to live
country boy 1970
country boy 1970 Hace 11 días
I hope there will be a season 4
I can't think of a good username
I can't think of a good username Hace 11 días
They should totally have Dacre, Sadie and Millie break down the sauna scene. That scene is raw and it's filled with so much emotion, one of my favorites from the entire season for sure. I also read somewhere that breaking the glass wasn't really part of the script so I would love to hear what Dacre says about it.
Stephanie Ramirez
Stephanie Ramirez Hace 11 días
YASS DuSty bUn
YGB Rogi
YGB Rogi Hace 11 días
We need season 4 ASAP
#Fam Goals
#Fam Goals Hace 12 días
I love ❤️ how joe can play mr mom and be serious at the same time
Filiz Şerifoğlu
Filiz Şerifoğlu Hace 12 días
Where is erica?
Ignacia Primadi
Ignacia Primadi Hace 13 días
I love how Joe and Gaten have random patterns together in their outfit while Maya is the odd one’s out.
Unside the life of Giulian
Unside the life of Giulian Hace 13 días
Is it just me or Steve has to always get in a fight EVERY FRICKEN season
Idiotic pigeon
Idiotic pigeon Hace 13 días
shrek kun
shrek kun Hace 14 días
wheres priah
CoolGirlMubah Hace 14 días
1 like= rest in peace alexei,but having fun in heaven watching looney tunes
Sebastian Unknown
Sebastian Unknown Hace 14 días
This is why I wanna do acting cause it’s fun
Viruzzz Hace 14 días
Dustin: Which scooby doo characters were we? Maya: We’ve talked about this.
Cheyanne Brown
Cheyanne Brown Hace 15 días
No one: Absolutely no one: Steve: I work for *"sCoOpS"*
Broghan George
Broghan George Hace 15 días
The gate way looks like cilider from spider man into the spider verse
Luna Pearl
Luna Pearl Hace 15 días
Steve looks so much older here than he did in the actual show wtf lol
Cressalyn Edge
Cressalyn Edge Hace 16 días
Father mother and son
Mxhamed Hace 16 días
Half shirts are really their thing huh?
rico2500 rico2500
rico2500 rico2500 Hace 16 días
Dude u did it u won a fight
spongebobina XD
spongebobina XD Hace 16 días
1:00 thats when i saw Joe Keery had chest hair
crush man ROCK
crush man ROCK Hace 16 días
What I learnt at school you cant spell America without erica
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