Strange Video Games I Played as a Kid

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Jaiden Animations

Jaiden Animations

Hace un mes

These games almost gave me a nostalgic aneurysm
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And this tells me you read the description, which means you respect what I have to say! Thank you :D Hope you have as great a day as those conga line barbies


Isaiah Green
Isaiah Green Hace 9 minutos
No way i remember playing Battle for bikini bottom on my old Xbox 360 like it was yesterday
urheittimsurheitdividedbyurheitisurheit Hace 2 horas
Is it just me or is that Pokemon jaiden lookin like a JoJo reference 0:42
harris Hace 4 horas
I played battle for bikini bottom on xbox 360 it was best game
Ducky & Genna
Ducky & Genna Hace 5 horas
Inkpact 19221991
Inkpact 19221991 Hace 5 horas
5:10 spongebob...wheres my freaking krabby patties
Arturs Forcada
Arturs Forcada Hace 7 horas
Jaiden it will be another game of spongebob battle of bikini bottom
Fuzzy Knickers
Fuzzy Knickers Hace 8 horas
r.i.p mom
FonyaStarTV Hace 10 horas
Russian Russian and English because they are cooler, no, well, just look at the Russian animators and immediately realize that your ESwomen is better. (тут есть русские? если да то ставь лайк! Да я лайкодрочер.) :)
Squid Boi
Squid Boi Hace 11 horas
0:57 am I the only one that noticed that she turned the gameboy on in the wrong side?
LegendsSpaceYT Hace 13 horas
Equntix YT
Equntix YT Hace 16 horas
At 0:07 in subtitle it says waltz XD *'im done*
jack brown
jack brown Hace 17 horas
drafs is what i and my family say
duck lord
duck lord Hace 17 horas
I literally cried of how much I laughed for the conga line cult dance 😆
CrispyCerealKiller Hace 17 horas
less than half a minute in Is she- is sheee making that doll kiss that car? O.O I SHIP IT ALL THE WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY
Blueberry Wolf
Blueberry Wolf Hace 18 horas
I might of had the spongbob game idk maybe a different game I only remember playing a DS with a spongbob game lol
Commandbaker333 Hace 18 horas
Spongebob got some nice hair
Avalanche Hace 18 horas
*S P I N S A N G R I L Y*
cutie Ochoa
cutie Ochoa Hace 19 horas
Let's get jaiden to 10 million ☺
el koya y el rj
el koya y el rj Hace 19 horas
al chile,no te entiendo un pepino pero igual te amo,ahre
Jaxon Stephens
Jaxon Stephens Hace 19 horas
nibroc geck
nibroc geck Hace 20 horas
I wonder if Jaiden has herd of the og battle for bikini bottom on game cube. also 3:13 C H I C K E N S P O N G E B O B
giant yum yum
giant yum yum Hace 20 horas
Is no one going to talk about teresa’s five foot long neck
JustaGamer Hace 20 horas
7:59 OH NO scatter boy got yamcha'd
Unique Karki
Unique Karki Hace 21 un hora
My parents have never gotten me a game. Like literally nothing😢😢😢
TotallyOriganal Hace 21 un hora
Hmmmm, wonder where jaidens map is
Leite Girls
Leite Girls Hace 22 horas
Do something undertall raleda
Tyler Jefferies
Tyler Jefferies Hace 22 horas
Great video! Spongebob is better on the Playstation 2, btw.
The Mop
The Mop Hace 23 horas
I was really mad when she said battle for bikini bottom disappointed her but then I realized that it was the 2d version
The Mop
The Mop Hace 23 horas
The version on the ps2 is a mastapiece
Nick Welch
Nick Welch Hace un día
These strange games remain cool even now.
small fry
small fry Hace un día
F u teresa
CBAWIG 110 Hace un día
Funny I had that nick thing too.
Andreas Adao
Andreas Adao Hace un día
when you brought up the plug n play for Nick toons it opened up SO MANY MEMORIES
Katherine Tsang
Katherine Tsang Hace un día
Jaiden: “This big guy, wouldn’t hurt a fly” *Shows Butterfly*
Luke Polissack
Luke Polissack Hace un día
Are you sure you want reset file You literally started one yesterday and haven’t done sh**
RK’D Hace un día
Speed 1.25x
c1ar3nce 21
c1ar3nce 21 Hace un día
thank goodness i got a ds and psp
Floome Hace un día
Bubbles: has powers but can’t open a locked door
Azalea The RainLeafWing
Azalea The RainLeafWing Hace un día
Hmm, that guy in the second Spongebob game didn't want a Krabby Patty? I guess you could say he was a little... *_crabby_*
Project Shark
Project Shark Hace un día
Uhhh jaiden animations they making sponge bob battle for bikini Bottom rehydrated for the Nintendo Switch
Black Banana
Black Banana Hace un día
Кто от диайвантед!? Не одного не будет...
Keoexmilk Hace un día
Woman: *Walks inside the room* Jaiden: *Tries to get In* Door: I’m about to ends this man’s whole career
dead channel
dead channel Hace 13 horas
SHawn Bing
SHawn Bing Hace un día
This amount of times I laughed 👇🏾
Alan Sanchez
Alan Sanchez Hace un día
Jaiden at 4:20 you didn’t color all of spongebobs tie
EmilyBemilyBoo Hace un día
Did you consider that the Powerpuff girls game might have been extremely difficult because you were using the wrong Gameboy?
tiptop oscar :3 :v
tiptop oscar :3 :v Hace un día
Hey and you're already a girlfriend of jeins 7u7
The steve Bros
The steve Bros Hace un día
This is so funny i cant drink my tea
Heather Moore
Heather Moore Hace un día
That's a good plankton
xxxzombie xxx
xxxzombie xxx Hace un día
Not being mean but why do you sound so blank and bord
Random Turtles
Random Turtles Hace un día
omg i had the Barbie one for DS, watching if brought back so many memories. theres another game that i think is Barbie, and it was like a spy game or something, it was fun.
MixedGamer Hace un día
Can you play Super Mario Dolor?
GoldenFox 911
GoldenFox 911 Hace un día
I keep watching 6:36 - 6:43 and can't stop laughing. Reminds me of school... ***MEGA WHEEZE***
TomboyEmily girlgamer
TomboyEmily girlgamer Hace un día
It Does XD
Tony Lawrence
Tony Lawrence Hace un día
You are a moth
Kymera Slayer
Kymera Slayer Hace 2 días
Is that George Jetson
Quirkiness Hace 2 días
Oh my god oh my god I loved the plug n play. I had a Nemo game and it was actually pretty detailed since it was 3D and It was pretty much a walkthrough if the movie and I was obsessed with it
Aubry Mayerhofer
Aubry Mayerhofer Hace 2 días
Well I hadn't thought about that Barbie game in atleast a decade...
Gacha_Cookie111 Hace 2 días
5:40 HEKK I played that but I played it in like 2013 or something cos my parents were cheap XD just kidding
Starman Gaming
Starman Gaming Hace 2 días
One of my first Nintendo games was a tie-in for the first Transformers movie. If anyone remembers that, leave a like. I remember having fun with the transforming, scanning and every last glitch in it, but looking back on it, they sucked super hard.
Darq Dragon
Darq Dragon Hace 2 días
7:38 Gotta admire her blood lust
LightBluly Hace 2 días
Pfft! Those games? I grew up with Y8 and Miniclip! I do have PS2 at the time but not a lot of games.
FerdyGames Hace 2 días
I grew up with Minecraft Mario Kirby Pokemon Zelda and ncaa11/madden09
sweetsaraline Hace 2 días
also if you can plese make another viedio of this
sweetsaraline Hace 2 días
it migt be becase the guy locked the door behind him
Android Gamer
Android Gamer Hace 2 días
Love you jaiden ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
Gacha Bee
Gacha Bee Hace 2 días
*f u tarrisa*
Creeper Hace 2 días
And they are making asdfmovie 12
Creeper Hace 2 días
And five night at Freddy is the best
Creeper Hace 2 días
Nentindo commit didn't add Wulaigi as a playable to smash.
RoNoob Guy
RoNoob Guy Hace 2 días
Battle for bikini bottom is actually a home console game.
ThundeRxd Hace 2 días
She's such a bad guy...ffs
blrogee ßœı
blrogee ßœı Hace 2 días
The barbie game was my childhood And Im a *boi*
Hailey darling
Hailey darling Hace 2 días
Your video game review was definitely most entertaining!
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