Store Owes Woman Money After Applying Coupons To Her $1,161 Shop | Extreme Couponing

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tlc uk

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By using her endless supply of coupons and discounts, Missy manages to buy $1161 of shopping, and end up only paying $4.53, including picking up some extra items for free when the store owes her money!
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Nick 777
Nick 777 Hace 9 minutos
2:33 what you doing if you see this at the supermarket you work at?
Kerem Ozdemir
Kerem Ozdemir Hace 16 minutos
She is the reason coupons say “can’t be combined with other coupons”
Lil_ Higgins
Lil_ Higgins Hace 21 un minuto
That poor cashier
Jdawg71599 Hace un hora
I dont get how there is not a rule about not using only a couple of coupons at once
Leila Leila
Leila Leila Hace un hora
Her: I'm trying to save!! Also her: I don't have a cat but I NEED to buy thousands of packets of cat treats just because i have coupons!
Brittny Melendrez
Brittny Melendrez Hace 2 horas
Can this lady take me with her grocery shopping?! Oh my gosh. #goals
Tiffany Little
Tiffany Little Hace 2 horas
I love what you do
Kassandra Anne
Kassandra Anne Hace 2 horas
I have a cat and she doesn’t but she has like 1000 bags
Tum No
Tum No Hace 3 horas
Where they get the coupon
Sergeant Saturn
Sergeant Saturn Hace 3 horas
*Then why do you need-... oh never mind.*
Noah Rubio
Noah Rubio Hace 3 horas
Bruh she got enough batteries to power a NASA satellite
Kevin De melo
Kevin De melo Hace 4 horas
FAKE, coupons have an expiration date
Hassan Burdi
Hassan Burdi Hace 4 horas
Hold up don’t these expire??
thiara and lovely's channel
thiara and lovely's channel Hace 5 horas
shes a nice person bcz she donates not like other couponers
Michael Anthony
Michael Anthony Hace 5 horas
squishlock GT
squishlock GT Hace 5 horas
She better donate her stock to food bank or something
Sam Hace 7 horas
Imagine you just opened your store and she's your first customer
Kerriah Valdis
Kerriah Valdis Hace 7 horas
Lol I always find these amazing XD you can’t do that in the uk, and painkillers can only be bought 2 at a time
Lisa Baron
Lisa Baron Hace 8 horas
Ok but why has this just come up on my recommended 😂😂
SpiceLord0 Hace 9 horas
Female mrbeast on a budget
MarLone Hace 10 horas
Or, you can download honey with 2 clicks
StickToIT Hace 11 horas
This b*tch ready for fallout
sarcastic Admin
sarcastic Admin Hace 12 horas
i mean i geet it u love couponing, but also there is like other shoppers who wanna buy stuff too and there is not always in the inventory
nAmJoOn_iS_dOnE._.bEiNg_LeADeR_ hehe
nAmJoOn_iS_dOnE._.bEiNg_LeADeR_ hehe Hace 12 horas
you know that you’re bored as hell when you watch one of these. And honestly she’s not that bad, she has all her priorities set and has a good stock on her stuff. Not bad
nAmJoOn_iS_dOnE._.bEiNg_LeADeR_ hehe
nAmJoOn_iS_dOnE._.bEiNg_LeADeR_ hehe Hace 12 horas
And they’re smart too
bunnie 96
bunnie 96 Hace 13 horas
It’s coupon not “coupon” OMG
GiovanniLACA17XD Hace 14 horas
If only she had gotten condoms so that she didn’t have a family of 10
Doge Da dogo
Doge Da dogo Hace 15 horas
Mom 100
Yenneli Hace 16 horas
She reminds me of my mom
Batu Beringin
Batu Beringin Hace 17 horas
Thought she was like Regina George’s mom “ Im a Cupon mom, not a regular mom”
jessica Bruvv
jessica Bruvv Hace 18 horas
I wonder who paid her for those little pain medicines. Someone’s making meth
Julia Marie
Julia Marie Hace 18 horas
It sucks if you live in a state that doesn't let you double on coupons.
Gavin D'Souza
Gavin D'Souza Hace 18 horas
Couponer: Time to by $1,161 worth of food! Employee: Here we go again
ran stid
ran stid Hace 18 horas
Good on you. Any sisters like you?
Prezrv Z
Prezrv Z Hace 19 horas
Learn this simple trick! Cashiers hate her!
Sukhmon Mashiana
Sukhmon Mashiana Hace 19 horas
Whatever happened to coupons can’t be used on already on sale items?
Mr ZeroX710
Mr ZeroX710 Hace 19 horas
I bet the stores hate her
Bryson Agnew
Bryson Agnew Hace 21 un hora
The second transaction should have been obvious
Bryson Agnew
Bryson Agnew Hace 21 un hora
I like how she donates
Micky Person
Micky Person Hace 22 horas
imagine if a tornado just swooped by and she lost all of the coupons
Spectifyy Hace un día
She is the nicest person one of these episodes has ever covered
Never24Summer Hace un día
How did I know she’d have a chubby BFF... lmao
A MAC Hace un día
This shit is so fake, a company pays you for you to use their product hu.. anything for ratings
Danny Danny
Danny Danny Hace un día
it's Jenny's Lucky Day!
Aaron Campbell
Aaron Campbell Hace un día
In the UK we mostly can’t use vouchers/ coupons alongside deals
T Cra
T Cra Hace un día
This is bullshit
T Cra
T Cra Hace un día
This shit us soooooooo scripted
Epic Half asian
Epic Half asian Hace un día
She’s so sweet she’s not just keeping all the food and other items she’s giving it to the people who find it the most useful
alex Hace un día
I don’t think she knows about expiration dates
The Aussie Simmer
The Aussie Simmer Hace un día
Well that’s Christmas sorted no more looking for battery’s
Jack_Wenchester Hace un día
Atleast she sponsors companies with her coupons for soldiers and people in need.
Thomas Green
Thomas Green Hace un día
This isn't strange its actually pretty cool I wish I knew how to do this
RAV STAR 3.0 Hace un día
Salty Ben
Salty Ben Hace un día
Imagine being a stoner in the family...snacks for life 😂💀
Untitled-YouTube-Channel Hace un día
So I guess expiration dates don’t matter?
Mary Margarette
Mary Margarette Hace un día
Kathryn Oliver
Kathryn Oliver Hace un día
Here's another way to save even more money, take her stuff, move out of that house, and build her own in the forest where she's off grid.
Talk Football
Talk Football Hace un día
This shit is actually smart
More Books
More Books Hace un día
Oh god I'm so jealous. We don't have coupons in Australia. Dammit!
laila cruz
laila cruz Hace un día
I feel bad for the worker
Jorge Gonzalez
Jorge Gonzalez Hace un día
There is no need for her to do this. It's sorry for the people that need some of the stuff she's taking all of that's on the shelf. It's selfish and inconsiderate. Period. No debating that!!
The Greatest Comforts of Life
The Greatest Comforts of Life Hace un día
When she said she doesn't even own a cat 😁
Screen Apple
Screen Apple Hace un día
Extreme Couponing vs. Extreme Cheapskate... Who actually wins?
Kathy Vo
Kathy Vo Hace un día
I would say that if you are buying so many things. all of it can expire if you don’t use it before the expiry date.
Justin Lapan
Justin Lapan Hace un día
The medicine is $5.29 on sale for 1.99 why would the store release a coupon that would further lower the price down to the point where they're now paying the customer? I thought coupons were for non-sale instore items.
Devin M.
Devin M. Hace un día
Wait till you tell her about honey
N H Hace un día
Oh man, we don't have coupons like that in our country, how fortunate of her
Rosé Casey
Rosé Casey Hace un día
Hey at least she’s donating to to people
Erin Morton
Erin Morton Hace un día
Won’t everything go out of date? Like she won’t be able to use all of it in time
T AN Hace un día
Is she crazy, a genius or are we all dumb
Skinny Finny
Skinny Finny Hace un día
This woman is a really sweet karen
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