Store Owes Woman Money After Applying Coupons To Her $1,161 Shop | Extreme Couponing

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tlc uk

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By using her endless supply of coupons and discounts, Missy manages to buy $1161 of shopping, and end up only paying $4.53, including picking up some extra items for free when the store owes her money!
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galxy c:
galxy c: Hace 49 minutos
She’ll be set when a hurricane comes.
Elizabeth Varda
Elizabeth Varda Hace un hora
Well at least she gives some of the food away
Strucid Mobile Roblox TTV
Strucid Mobile Roblox TTV Hace un hora
What if it expires
michael pas
michael pas Hace un hora
That should be illegal I seen too many Jewish people do that
Anonymous Person
Anonymous Person Hace 2 horas
Woman: I donate food to the military and food banks Me: WHy dO yOu NeEd a HUge StOcK RoOM ThEN?
DHARMYOG_COM Hace 2 horas
Most coupons are limited to per customers. No idea how they allow her for all this.
Laurie Ann Yanda Byrd
Laurie Ann Yanda Byrd Hace 3 horas
You could never use all that soda up before it goes bad. But amazing...if you share with family...i can understand. Charity is included...God Bless her.
Joost Hace 4 horas
if i lived in amerika, i would load hobo's whit coupons
Emily Barton
Emily Barton Hace 8 horas
At least she donates. That’s all I care about. You go missy
Rob B
Rob B Hace 8 horas
she may be super cheap, but she does a lot for the military! ❤️
Delicious Doll
Delicious Doll Hace 12 horas
And I thought my mom buys alot of stuff
Malyki Weddington
Malyki Weddington Hace 16 horas
Guys don't waste copons case you can just spend money your wasting
Malyki Weddington
Malyki Weddington Hace 16 horas
I would love to do this
Canmynamebenothing Hace 18 horas
I feel bad for the people that half to clean out her house when she dies
JOSUE Ortiz Hace 21 un hora
Get a lot food to much she needs to check witch one of theme is expire.
princessgothchops Hace 21 un hora
That's how to shop like a Mama!
mw25893 Hace 22 horas
I wish i could do this not just for mt family but to donate things i dont need that other do
Hufflepuff Hace un día
But what I like about her unlike other couponers is that she helps oversea military men. Instead of buying them random shit she buys them what they personally like so that's good in my opinion.
Paul Caldwell
Paul Caldwell Hace un día
Missy, there is no "God".
Paul Caldwell
Paul Caldwell Hace un día
It's pronounced "coo-pon" not "Q-pon".
Ah Eh
Ah Eh Hace un día
dont even need to do shopping if your her neighbour
SCooPTY WHooP Hace un día
So when everything expires....?🤔
Fortnite be amazed !
Fortnite be amazed ! Hace un día
We don’t have coupons in Australia
Miew Leng Soo
Miew Leng Soo Hace un día
That not's how coupon work here,right?
Troy Robitaille
Troy Robitaille Hace un día
Princess L.D.G
Princess L.D.G Hace un día
I would hate for her house to catch on fire. Instead of her trying to get out, she would be trying to save all of her coupons.
Do people even read this
Do people even read this Hace un día
People like these are why there is a limit to how many coupons you can use.
Akim Nazri
Akim Nazri Hace un día
I need this ttittle of show nowwww!!?????
Pagan Roots
Pagan Roots Hace un día
Don't coupons expire?
Milad Hace 2 días
Cashiers worst nightmare
Trench Coat
Trench Coat Hace 2 días
When I first clicked i thought it was some cheapskate But this woman is a *genius*
Jacobcrazkhead O
Jacobcrazkhead O Hace 2 días
Cashier:and your total comes out to $1,161 Women:*UNO REVERSE CARD*
bitch lasagna
bitch lasagna Hace 2 días
Now that's a mom
Luka Jurecic
Luka Jurecic Hace 2 días
What supermarket allows you to buy that many items for one household? Isn't there also a limit on coupons?
Trippie Dedd
Trippie Dedd Hace 2 días
Coupon lady- keep it comin 5:32
Trippie Dedd
Trippie Dedd Hace 2 días
aiden young
aiden young Hace 2 días
she is dumb its Cou pon not Qupon
Jennifer Velazquez
Jennifer Velazquez Hace 3 días
You're proud of showing your daughters 300 bottle soda stash. Jesus. 🤦🏽‍♀️
ItsDakota MSP
ItsDakota MSP Hace 3 días
Imagine it’s the end of your shift and you just are about to go home then this mf walks up 🤧✌🏼🤣
Elizabeth Baird
Elizabeth Baird Hace 3 días
You need to donate all them cat treats do a shelter it would be for a good cause
Heather Whoopsidaisey
Heather Whoopsidaisey Hace 3 días
I would love to learn this magical talent!
Ms.Royal 1
Ms.Royal 1 Hace 3 días
I thought coupons expired
saiham salman
saiham salman Hace 3 días
She is not cheapskate , she is indeed smart
Justin Doodles
Justin Doodles Hace 3 días
What if it will get expired?
Joanna Carrasco
Joanna Carrasco Hace 3 días
I love her she's awesome ❤️ blessings I hope to get to her level of couponing
Sushila Balu
Sushila Balu Hace 3 días
Doesn’t some of the stuff get expired??? Cuz I don’t think they can use or eat the items that fast 🤷‍♀️ or can they 🤔
Cameron C.
Cameron C. Hace 3 días
doesn't she look a little like pam's mom from The Office US.
Ryan Trollurca
Ryan Trollurca Hace 4 días
We finally found the lady you read about in math problems in school. We found your ass
Hannah Finn
Hannah Finn Hace 4 días
Suicidal kid: *sad* Mom: *Brings home tons of pain killers* Suiciadal kid: :D
Edan Clamor
Edan Clamor Hace 4 días
LIssa Ngo
LIssa Ngo Hace 4 días
they all expired so why buy them
Common Sense
Common Sense Hace 4 días
Omfg i love how she just quietly smile while they scan the coupon
ichain Hace 5 días
I bought like 6,000 ramen noodles already
Maher Glam
Maher Glam Hace 5 días
She needs to have her own supermarket
Mrs Ava27 Dillon
Mrs Ava27 Dillon Hace 5 días
Missy has 2000 pounds of soap and she gives 600 to the military. how many bars of soap does she have left?
MX 15 Austin major
MX 15 Austin major Hace 5 días
That manager was pissted when she lost 1k lol and owned he 8$ lol
Alastair Davey
Alastair Davey Hace 5 días
So much plastic
Cay Olsen
Cay Olsen Hace 5 días
You said you can get free coupons online. Where please? Thanks!
linda wu
linda wu Hace 5 días
Imagine if you are a Friend of her and you ask for some soap
Ido Ben Azaria
Ido Ben Azaria Hace 5 días
Imagine being next in line after this lady, damn
Tiffany Biscocho
Tiffany Biscocho Hace 5 días
Panic buying 🤣
Rayray King
Rayray King Hace 5 días
all that cat food n shit,but she don't even have a cat 😂😂
Official Seasons
Official Seasons Hace 5 días
Maggie and Eric
Maggie and Eric Hace 5 días
I wonder how the person who works at the counter feels
Holly Deesing
Holly Deesing Hace 6 días
This woman HAS to be a capricorn
Taylor Goodwin
Taylor Goodwin Hace 6 días
Mr Krabs is gonna have to up his game!😂😂
xTrippyLSDTripx Hace 6 días
Walmart will be ruined.
Gaming Watermelon 29
Gaming Watermelon 29 Hace 6 días
Imagine she found a coupon for her house hahahhahahahahahahahahah
Maluhia808 Hace 6 días
imagine a police officer was there notice all that laundry detergent, pain killers and cleaning product. The officer will be like Ma'am are your creating a drug/meth lab or something.
thatguy 123
thatguy 123 Hace 6 días
"This is my daughter in laws favorite spot in the house" *shows hundred bottles of Squirt soda* Ha guess shes a squirter
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