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ClearValue Tax

ClearValue Tax

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This is your stimulus check update to answer your FAQs. This is for the third stimulus package that passed under the Trump Administration. This is the stimulus check under the stimulus bill under the CARES Act.
If you would like to set yourself up to receive the stimulus check and you have not filed a tax return, please go here:
We hope this helps you secure your stimulus check! The third stimulus package was created to offset unemployment and support small businesses. Please see our other videos about forgivable loans with the small business administration and the EDL loan and the Paycheck Protection Program loan which is also known as the PPP loan.
These are forgivable loans created by the stimulus bill that are open registration now. Please apply for these and we wish you the very best!
ClearValue Tax and affiliates and related parties do not provide tax, legal or accounting advice. This material has been prepared for informational purposes only, and is not intended to provide, and should not be relied on for, tax, legal or accounting advice. You should consult your own tax, legal and accounting advisors before engaging in any transaction.

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ClearValue Tax
ClearValue Tax Hace 2 meses
Hi everyone. Contrary to all the comments below, I was not annoyed or upset making this video. I was actually in a really good mood. I hope this video helps answer some basic questions about the stimulus check as of Monday, April 6th. And please feel free to enjoy the comments below.
hoang asam
hoang asam Hace 4 días
Hi, I have question. My mom has just arrived to US 5 months now, hold greencard and social security number. Can she apply for non-filer of $1,200 stimulus? or she has to be in US for certain years to be qualified? Thank you
Woods407 Hace 9 días
I have a question Maybe someone could help me out. I’ve been getting the $600 like normal but this week(memorial day) I have gotten my funds. Has this happen to anymore else? Is there anyone to contact to see if it was just for this week or am I not going to continue getting them?
Alicia Kurtz
Alicia Kurtz Hace un mes
ClearValue Tax I need help! I cannot find the spot you are talking about to register for payment without filing my 2019 taxes. Please help!!! I don’t want to wait for 5 months. Thanks!!
Bootney Defonzworth
Bootney Defonzworth Hace un mes
You sounded as if you were very annoyed 😆 😆 😆
Misty Villarreal
Misty Villarreal Hace un mes
@teammm 👍🏽
LA Group
LA Group Hace 20 horas
i have rental properties in Chicago. can you talk about disputing property taxes ?
Guess What
Guess What Hace un día
The Senate needs ta realize the stimulus defintion
Teknique51 Hace un día
Congrats on your channel dude, you’re building up a good stream of income here 👍😎
Great Scott
Great Scott Hace un día
Please do a video on the loan portion of the EIDL. Lot’s of people receive large loan proposals. Please discuss Pros and Cons.
Peter Pan
Peter Pan Hace 2 días
You're like the Dave2D of taxes. It's a compliment
CoreFit Torres
CoreFit Torres Hace 3 días
Please Brian, talk some sense to this douche bag Meet Kevin!
azure winged
azure winged Hace 3 días
I wanted to say thank you for telling us about the SBA money available. We received our $. You’re a wealth of knowledge, thank you for sharing.
Norma Campbell
Norma Campbell Hace 3 días
Very much needed to get everyone through
JLboogy Hace 3 días
The $600 unemployment are not being sent as of 3 weeks ago
JLboogy Hace 3 días
So the $600 per week for unemployment has stopped 3 weeks ago
Gretty Bird
Gretty Bird Hace 3 días
I filed my taxes for 2019 on Feb 16, 2020. It was accepted by the IRS. I have not received anything. Not a letter nothing. I also have not received anything regarding a Stimulus Ck??? Help
Constance G.
Constance G. Hace 3 días
My adult daughter is on SSDI, direct deposited, and hasn't received her stimulus. Why? She can't work. Checked where's my payment app. Says not enough information or not eligible. She is more than eligible and her SSDI is directly deposited every month. She has only income from SSDI, no need to file. ????
Raymond Martinez
Raymond Martinez Hace 3 días
I been working through the entire pandemic no hazard pay no EXTRA 600 PER WEEK but guess what before the pandemic was also working with NO HAZARD PAY OR EXTRA 600 PER WEEK!!! I received my stimulus check for 3200 for myself and 4 boys along with my girlfriend who I clam as a dependent.i gave my girl 3000 and gave two random people at Walmart 100 each. I get up every morning and do what I've always done and take care of business as a man for his family while my lady and kids are stuck at home. So that's her 3000 dollars because even before this pandemic she's always held us down by staying home and making sure my kids are in school every day with clean close and food ready for myself and them when we get home. My point is I don't need the government's extra money to support family because I've had that on lock sense I created my family. And I don't feel entitled to anything extra just became of this virus going around. If you have been blessed enough to still be working and haven't been cut any hours or layed off then return the blessing and appreciation and put this money in the hands of the people that really need it and also the people that have always held you down that just might need that energy reciprocated. Sense the dawn of man we have been fighting to survive hunger, illnesses, and being eaten or killed by someone or something else also trying to survive. Without hazard pay or a stimulus check but guess what we made. KEEP FIGHTING THE GOOD FIGHT AND GOD BLESS YOU ALL!!!!
Joe D
Joe D Hace 4 días
If the HEROES Act is approved and the $200B is allocated to hazard pay for essential workers, will it go to all essential workers or just those in the medical field?
Alicia Sanchez
Alicia Sanchez Hace 4 días
Your so sexy
Glenjamin G
Glenjamin G Hace 5 días
Do you believe these riots will effect our 2nd stimulus check??
Janice Gonzalezz
Janice Gonzalezz Hace 6 días
If on SS benefits but still working and now receiving unemployment will it effect SS payments?? Does it need to be reported to SS the extra 600 dollars a week that a person is receiving??
031Productions Hace 6 días
Dad says stop fighting.
brooklyn chick
brooklyn chick Hace 7 días
I wanna know I get Ssi but my husband works will it go towards his credit card ????or ssi would send me separate the first check went toward my husband credit card for marriage couple
R M Hace 7 días
also I did go on to the irs's website and it redirected me to a phone call Dan to it and I put in my banking information and my name and all of that stuff so I just wonder what'll happen also you can call me Roberts or I also like to go by cornholio
R M Hace 7 días
I also checked out all those some of those other people that you recommended on ESwomen channels I do however prefer to check out your channel more often because it seems that you have a better take on what goes on with money and taxes and monetary issues like that of course so thanks for making such great videos please keep up the good work
R M Hace 7 días
I did not do my taxes back in 2017 to 2018 or 2019. that's because at the time I did not have money to pay off my Obamacare scam fee I actually still owe debt with interest I plan on paying it off soon I'm wondering what you think about whether or not I will get a stimulus check this time, next time or never at all. also what's your best guess on whether or not you think we'll have a recession or depression?
Enrique Barrera
Enrique Barrera Hace 8 días
You said stay away from penny stocks, is oasis petroleum a penny stock you are warning me to stay away from? If not what do you think about that stock in the long run?
Chris H
Chris H Hace 8 días
I haven’t even got the first one yet so what should I do all my Social Security
Melodykelly5 Buster5
Melodykelly5 Buster5 Hace 8 días
I have a question. When they talk about the central workers and about them hoping to get a check to help them out. I'm hoping that truck drivers are included in that. Are they? Because if it wasn't for truck drivers there would be nothing in the stores to buy they risk everything they have going into all those stores and making sure their loads are correct and unloaded correctly. Thank you
CassandraXiong Channel
CassandraXiong Channel Hace 9 días
I’m a fan of yours. Would you be mine too? Thank you. 🙏😊
Monica Watson
Monica Watson Hace 10 días
OK so here is my rant about all the stimulus's. I still am working at my 13 hour job from home but got my stimulus of 1200. But if I would have been laid off I would have gotten 1200 + 500 + 600 a week plus unemployment then possibly another 1200 + 500 + $450 a week on top of my pay if I have a job to go back to. WTH about those of us who are getting paid LESS for showing up for work. Anyone else feeling my frustration who's still working non essential (I work for ins tracking for multi lenders on their loans)
Monica Watson
Monica Watson Hace 10 días
So I added it up if I was laid off and had 2 children and qualified for $300 a WK unemp plus the added $600 plus 2 stimulus cks for myself and 2 children Imma get a total of 28,400 for being on unemp through July 31st. That's crazy!
Doreen Fuerte
Doreen Fuerte Hace 10 días
Thank you for all the info you put out for us to keep us aware of what's going on... I know nothing about stocks or what to invest into but sounds like u know ur stuff... I have a lil money put aside how can I invest and what do u recommend to buy I'd appreciate your help and advice
Alheri Tate
Alheri Tate Hace 10 días
So what's the next stock to buy into?
Karson Wood
Karson Wood Hace 11 días
How have I not heard of this guy before? I love him. No fluff all info 👌🏼
Kathya Najera
Kathya Najera Hace 12 días
Hi, Is an adult SSI recipient that is claimed as a tax dependent eligible for the $1200 stimulus payment? Hope you see my question and can answer- thank you much!
DJ ThugNutz
DJ ThugNutz Hace 12 días
Dad says stop fighting
cyberash3000 Hace 12 días
Dad Hace 12 días
DaBoiCain Hace 12 días
Is it a good time to purchase stock into travala?
Big BB
Big BB Hace 12 días
I am sorry but I am I'm subscribing to your channel today since you told us we should be listening to you for stimulus checks sorry for wasting your time
Dad Hace 12 días
jeanie bailey
jeanie bailey Hace 12 días
How long do you think it will take for non custodial parents, who are in arrears of child support, to get their stimulus checks offset for the custodial parents? If they offset them, how long do you think it will take to get to the custodial parent. Thank you for taking time out to read this comment. Jeanie Bailey, a custodial parent in desperate need of information.
Barbidoll Hace 13 días
Hey I just saw a video making fun of Robinhood and Webbull. That first timers are suckers in the would be recession that’s coming up. Probably true
Valerie Roberts
Valerie Roberts Hace 14 días
Can I ask, if you are a senior on SSDI and received a stimulus check BUT also a 100% service connected disabled veteran do you receive one through the VA as well. So 2 checks?
jewel south
jewel south Hace 14 días
I truthfully believe that your nothing but an republican hack your never give the suffering Americans any hope all your stating in Your imprudent dido in real life is how to make more money for yourself that's why your on the republican rules and unpopular regulations republicans are not good leader ship. and so are you
Melissa Gahagan
Melissa Gahagan Hace 15 días
I didn't receive my 1st stimulus money I get ssdi what can I do as everyone I know have gotten theirs. Please help I really need that money
Khalie Cheekz
Khalie Cheekz Hace 15 días
If your an adult that got claimed do you get a stimulus check???
Khalie Cheekz
Khalie Cheekz Hace 16 días
Why is it that those who got claimed on taxes can not receive a stimulus check??? Can you make a video to explain
marie taitague
marie taitague Hace 16 días
This is so helpful and I trust him because he does his homework and he is straight up honest
Kim Mcelreath
Kim Mcelreath Hace 16 días
I wish he did videos just about stocks
Brian Martin
Brian Martin Hace 16 días
This guy is great. Give him your business. AND his parents spelled his first name right with an I not a y
MM&T Kid Friendly
MM&T Kid Friendly Hace 16 días
I worked at a tax company you remind me of how I was on calls 😂 The questions dont stop.
Tanya Riley
Tanya Riley Hace 17 días
Hey there..Me and my husband are tryin to invest with trivala. I liked on the link tht you have but it only takes me to there booking site ☹.please help !!
gwite Hace 17 días
Thanks for this. Probably would not have gotten my check without it. Registered May 5(deadline?), check in the bank May 20. Luv ya!
Karishma Reddy
Karishma Reddy Hace 17 días
united way is issuing cheques to citizens that lost there job during the course of the pandemic
Adriane PB
Adriane PB Hace 17 días
Dear ESwomen...what are you doing? It's may 20th and I just got the notification for this video? He's speaking about May 6th stimulus check.
FLshadyrock Hace 17 días
Question. Is the first stimulus check a advance on our tax return???
Midwestern Mary
Midwestern Mary Hace 17 días
Diane Haydu
Diane Haydu Hace 17 días
The portal does not work for us. It states UNAVAILABLE!!! Does that mean we will be waiting for a second stimulus check as we have not received the first?
Rocio Chapa
Rocio Chapa Hace 18 días
Hi, how do I find that stock you are always mentioning? I have Stash account and I did not see it there... where can I find that trovola or whatever spelling it has... tia 😃😃
Estela Pacheco
Estela Pacheco Hace 18 días
Please, someone can tell me if you have join acc, needs to call? I get my regular deposit from SSI and no problem.
J D Hace 18 días
This guy is clearly tired of all y'alls sh)t. Love it
M Wright
M Wright Hace 18 días
Thank you for ppp, eidl grant eidl loan and travalla. 8800 4000 78860 3700. SALUTE
GhostPiss Hace 18 días
Are those Government grants just one big scam?
Hi. The meet Kevin v clear value tax is very uncool just do what you do i watch you both its not worth your time your hurting your brand
Luis Castillo
Luis Castillo Hace 18 días
Hi Brian which are the steps to invest in travala?
confude Hace 18 días
Playable Curvy
Playable Curvy Hace 18 días
Ur on point and you say exactly what the people want to hear better than the government is saying so my hats🎩 of to you please keep it coming👍 hun love it😍😊😘
Chris Lozoya
Chris Lozoya Hace 18 días
more info about trevala?
Monica Preciado
Monica Preciado Hace 18 días
I am mar but we filed married but separate I received my stimulus check portion but he has not received his portion is there a reason why I know he filed his taxes late on April 15th but I don't know if that has 4anything to do with it please advise on what he has to do
va2x Hace 19 días
I can’t find that Trevala? Trivala? How do you spell it?
Shawn Yang
Shawn Yang Hace 19 días
How do I start making money with you?
Paige D.
Paige D. Hace 19 días
you are such a SNOOZE FEST!! WAKE UP!!
Nancy D
Nancy D Hace 19 días
I happen to think you have shown a subtle sarcastic attitude alluding to Meet Kevin and have stopped watching you. I noticed just the last couple of days and think you need to get a bit more professional. It is up to the viewer to decide how they feel about the information and do their homework; on who gives them the most value for their time spent. You have an exasperated delivery and not fun. I am a product educator and am very a where of attitude. Wake Up call!!!
K MJ Hace 20 días
I would love to see a new poll regarding 'financial stability' and 'concerns' to see if things are still the same or if opinions have changed as things have gotten worse.
george baez
george baez Hace 20 días
Clearvalue Tax I want to say thanks for the help Bud. I got approved for a SBA loan thanks to you guys. Great channel
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