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missymistyt Hace 17 días
Hi can you give me the link for New Jersey that’s coming out in July rent assistance program you didn’t give a name or can you give me the website thank you so much!
Karlus LaMark
Karlus LaMark Hace 19 días
Do u have Louisiana information?
Donna Wood
Donna Wood Hace 23 días
Are going get other 2nd are we getting another one are we getting another check
Earnestine Farisa
Earnestine Farisa Hace 25 días
Can you tell me where to go to to get my student loan paid off please
Terrie Tanner
Terrie Tanner Hace 28 días
If u didn’t receive the first check will we be able to receive the 2nd stimulus checked if approved
luis tavares
luis tavares Hace 28 días
Would you happen to no anything for Elizabeth n.j for rented assistance becase iam on ssi so I don't work and iam on a very poor pay only 770 a month and my rent is exactly that much ialso.on food stamps but need help with rent and utilities ect do you have any help for me .
Arthur Johnson
Arthur Johnson Hace 29 días
I love in Toledo, Ohio. When you use the word “renter”, Does that mean strictly rental property or does that include persons that pay a monthly mortgage? I’m very proud of what you do, and you represent yourself with excellence.
Catherine Rinear
Catherine Rinear Hace 29 días
Will they pay for homeless people who have a child pay for a place if I find one in California, Yolo County and if so will they pay first , last and deposit
Robin Simon
Robin Simon Hace 29 días
I just received my Stimulus on May 28th
Shirley Mitchell
Shirley Mitchell Hace 29 días
What about philly
Flora Bullock
Flora Bullock Hace un mes
For real.
Sandra Barnett
Sandra Barnett Hace un mes
I haven’t received the first stimulus check, not holding my breath for a second one. But then again, I wasn’t expecting anything to begin with ... life goes on. I appreciate your positive attitude tho and your willingness to help all of us! Blessings!
Lisa Vela
Lisa Vela Hace un mes
I have. It got a stimulus check at all so what’s up? I need answers please
Pamela Justus
Pamela Justus Hace un mes
I'm on SSI I haven't received nothing only my SSI check
Lisa Reese
Lisa Reese Hace un mes
What about the unemployment extension
kvargas56 Hace un mes
It’s always updates about this second Stimulus’s like we are never going to get it..there’s been up dates since the day they said they were going to send them out .. this is all for likes and to get views nobody getting shit especially with all this chaos going around the world with the riots and vandalizing going on ..
Otis Gahafer
Otis Gahafer Hace un mes
I started social security in December 2019. It is direct deposit. Why haven't I received anything. I feel like I've been passed by
Gary Morris
Gary Morris Hace un mes
Hypnotic Curves Boutique
Hypnotic Curves Boutique Hace un mes
I Doubt A 2nd Stimulus Will Happen Due To What's Been Going On In Many Cities n States. I Am Trying To Find Other Avenues To Get A Loan. I recently Moved From NYC To NJ. It's Been 2 Months exact. Moving has lowered my credit score. Any suggestions to get a Financial Loan For My Sole Proprietor Business?
Peggy Chapman
Peggy Chapman Hace un mes
What about kids that get ssi
Yellow Renegade
Yellow Renegade Hace un mes
You still shinning bright.
Rosa Aguero
Rosa Aguero Hace un mes
Hello there I love what you are saying Shalea have a blessed day you make my day the way you talk to us all a happy spirit Amen
Belinda Smith
Belinda Smith Hace un mes
And I subscribe to your channel. Have a bless day.
Belinda Smith
Belinda Smith Hace un mes
I thank you for the information this is my first time viewing you and this is such great information,even though I haven’t received my first payment I’ll go to IRS website and try again. Thanks for information
Greg Johnson
Greg Johnson Hace un mes
We could use another stimulas check soon as possible. What I am about to tell you is kind of depressing. I had to sign up for disability because I had became disabled because of a medical condition and I am still waiting to hear from the social security office and I am starting to run out of money. I lost my job because of my medical condition last September and I just signed up for disability. I was there for 25 years. I was going to try to go back to work but I couldn't. I don't pay rent and my place is paid off. I was able to pay the property taxes yet this year thank God. So I somewhat have a better leg to stand on. But I still have enough bills that are due every month and I am running out of money. Not sure what I am going to do yet.
Cindy Ferguson
Cindy Ferguson Hace un mes
Hay yall☺️if you sign in to your texas benefits you can apply for rent assistance
Valecia T
Valecia T Hace un mes
Thank you Shalae for all you do, bunch of blessing to you!
All About Me
All About Me Hace un mes
We Are The Wife of GOD rent is nonessential
Cindy Prater
Cindy Prater Hace un mes
What about Indiana
Leslie Geringer
Leslie Geringer Hace un mes
Thank you for the wonderful updates! I am amongst those still waiting. Get my payment still says unavailable and nothing pending. I'm still praying, trying not to lose faith
Pat Oneill
Pat Oneill Hace un mes
My name is Pat I'm in a group home do I get a stimulus check thank you
yulonda deweese
yulonda deweese Hace un mes
Hey thanks for the info but want to know about south carolina
DustinC Pleines
DustinC Pleines Hace un mes
Got my on my emerald card 28th of May. I did get an advance and paid when taxes where done back in January. I was mail one do to Axos bank DD# not my card #. Plus my check was mailed to old address and sent back to sender!.. then I called the collection department at IRS. Changed my address with them and portal updated with new address. But had my card # instead that I did try to updated but was still getting one mailed. Hope my steps can help others in my shoes. Thanks for the updates.
Jacqueline Lucas
Jacqueline Lucas Hace un mes
Amen be bless
Jacqueline Lucas
Jacqueline Lucas Hace un mes
On the other videos they talking about the Second Stimulates check going to pass soon
Jacqueline Lucas
Jacqueline Lucas Hace un mes
U are so nice Shalae and very happy and always smiling God bless you and ur family
laura funches
laura funches Hace un mes
Anything for indiana
Un Bezo
Un Bezo Hace un mes
Shes a travelling nurse or Tech 🙄... ?
Annbella Hinnon
Annbella Hinnon Hace un mes
Can you give updates for Philadelphia far as rent ass
judy anderson
judy anderson Hace un mes
My daughter haven’t gotten her first check yet
judy anderson
judy anderson Hace un mes
You know what I don’t understand, why you do you keep coming up here with information that you are not sure about yourself they are not going to issue another stimulus check we know this already...
Jc Woodland
Jc Woodland Hace un mes
Love your hair
Mary Dickerson
Mary Dickerson Hace un mes
What about Tennessee?
Kevin Muhammad
Kevin Muhammad Hace un mes
I get both SSI and SSI benefits and child support got the entire 1200 with the second child also?
Devon Sykes
Devon Sykes Hace un mes
Peace hru I appreciate your videos indeed do u know if there any virginia rental programs available?and also extra food stamps?
Stephanie Hart
Stephanie Hart Hace un mes
They. Thinking. About. Them. An. Other
Alba Collado
Alba Collado Hace un mes
Nothing for New York
Debbie Petty
Debbie Petty Hace un mes
Rent assistance in Akron Ohio
Ray Birch
Ray Birch Hace un mes
You give the best updates!! You have some ch a pleasant voice. Stay safe.
Debbie Petty
Debbie Petty Hace un mes
I got nothin in all this mess n I'm on disability n what bout rent assistance in Ohio
Debbie Petty
Debbie Petty Hace un mes
My stimulus was taken by child support..20yr old case n my son is deceased...smh..
Polly Dunn
Polly Dunn Hace un mes
Do you know of any resources for Georgia?
Janine Bray
Janine Bray Hace un mes
Shalae, you are so pretty and intelligent! I'm so glad you take time to let us know what's going on!
Darla Skeen
Darla Skeen Hace un mes
I still haven't received the money for my dependents. I did fill out the forms before the deadline date. Could you check on that for me plz
Hi my good friend appreciate you but what about fl. Let us know about any assistance for rent out there please. Thank you and stay safe.
Julia D.
Julia D. Hace un mes
I enjoy watching you of all people simply because read much greatness in your face..myself a widow received my first stymulus in concern is the rent/ mortgage help ,will check the links ..again thank you for your caring heart dear.
belinda russell
belinda russell Hace un mes
What about Miami
Beth Mcblain
Beth Mcblain Hace un mes
They have to help the people they just neglected by saying they didn’t qualify because someone claimed them a year ago. I am living on my own for last 8 months and I don’t get anything. Y??? I need it more than most people. I am on disability
Kaycee Fore
Kaycee Fore Hace un mes
Mine is on its way ! Thank you
Kaycee Fore
Kaycee Fore Hace un mes
Good when you get your check nd you don't won't your family then get your ads down the road and please don't come back because I'll have move on to booger and better ! Hope you get this one! this shit I'd got in old. Thank you.
Debra Grady
Debra Grady Hace un mes
Were is my first check debra grady it goes to pls or my apartment 917west35thaveapartment6 gary indiana 46408
mary Richard
mary Richard Hace un mes
LISA REYES Hace un mes
Denver colo
LISA REYES Hace un mes
shannon mcardle
shannon mcardle Hace un mes
I have a question my friend is born in another state and she doesn't have her social security card so how can we get her stimulus check?
Sandra Cancel
Sandra Cancel Hace un mes
I still didn't get my stomach back yet my name is Sandra cancel
Sandra Cancel
Sandra Cancel Hace un mes
Somebody help me with my thermostat guy still didn't receive my first through strike my my name is Sandra cancel
kaliguy35 oneal
kaliguy35 oneal Hace un mes
Their just playing games with people.
Dee Circle
Dee Circle Hace un mes
What about mortgage assistance or forbearance? They do not have to put up any money. If your loan is Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac then there is a forbearance program. Can you talk about that?????
Coreen H
Coreen H Hace un mes
What about the family's that had their entire household stipends that was taken for back child support. It's not the entire family that owes the debt and what about the family's that have custody of the said children. Why did child support not take into consideration to how people filed IRS, the parent that claims the children with IRS should have been exempt. I've been supporting them for the last 5 years. Any thoughts on who to contact or who to write.
Beverly Waits
Beverly Waits Hace un mes
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