Stephen Curry Reacts To Stephen Curry Highlights!

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Stephen Curry joined Omar Raja during the 2019 Under Armour Basketball Asia Tour and reacted to his most memorable career highlights and plays.
Big thanks to Under Armour for making this happen!
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Jasmin Titan
Jasmin Titan Hace 2 días
Plz follow my bball insta @jtitanball15
Nick Kinsey
Nick Kinsey Hace 14 días
If you look closely he didn’t cross Chris Paul . Steph the truth but Paul clearly fell from stepping on his foot while trying to stop . Anything nowadays is a cross over 😂😂🙄
Exxose Hace 17 días
curry cusses???!
Mateen Abbasi
Mateen Abbasi Hace 18 días
0:35 is a meme
PRIS Hace 18 días
3:10 I remember watching a game vs the Knicks when he dropped 55 before he won the chip. That's when he began to change the league
Laurent B
Laurent B Hace 22 días
LOL Being from Toronto which is in Ontario it kind of tripped me out when he said the first highlight was there when you can clearly see Lakers logos on the court and the signs on the side say Ontario California😂 At Citizens arena (now Toyota centre)
Paulo Esp
Paulo Esp Hace 22 días
That CP3 “drop” wasn’t really a drop cp3 stepped on curry’s shoe and then curry moved it causing him to lose balance and fall
Kumar Facey
Kumar Facey Hace 22 días
He always sound like he just woke up. Most underrated Superstar #oxymororon
tyrone a basketball player
tyrone a basketball player Hace 22 días
I need real friends because my Bros don't hang with me because my favorite player curry
Sang Jun Lee
Sang Jun Lee Hace 23 días
that wasn't actuall ankle break, cuz cp3 steped on curry's foot
Anaya Chapman
Anaya Chapman Hace 23 días
Favorite player ❤️💯💪🏽
Antonio Silva
Antonio Silva Hace 23 días
Liwa Hace 23 días
Dam why so much hate on this dude.... He is the most likable and humble superstar in nba a true Legend
Salvador Smallwood
Salvador Smallwood Hace 24 días
"tHe AnKlE bReAkEr AgAiNsT tHe ClIpPeRs" . . . He meant: "The ankle-breaker on Chris Paul"
Jackson Boyd
Jackson Boyd Hace 24 días
Ontario California* “Not Ontario Canada” lmao
Christian magdaleno
Christian magdaleno Hace 24 días
Curry is to nice that’s what’s up tho
Brandon Garcia
Brandon Garcia Hace 24 días
Is it me or did he get left hanging at the end of the video 😂
plantec smiths
plantec smiths Hace 24 días
0:34 Ontario, Canada. He means Ontario, California
Martin Garcia
Martin Garcia Hace 24 días
Ontario California*
Young Neji
Young Neji Hace 24 días
"A lil ass tap"........yikes
OmarHrndz96 Hace 24 días
Yes I know Curry is one of the all time greats, but if D Rose had never got injured, do you guys think he would’ve been up there in terms of Championships and mvps as Steph?
Spud Hace 24 días
Next: steph curry watch steph curry reacting to steph curry
Jimin's Whitening Soap
Jimin's Whitening Soap Hace 24 días
Chef Curry 💜💜💜
John Jhon
John Jhon Hace 25 días
Is it just me or curry is so mofuckin finee asff😭😍 look at veins ughh daddy😝
Darth Madara
Darth Madara Hace 25 días
Lol this nigga a God. He not better than the goat Harden tho but Curry fire 🔥
glidecrown _
glidecrown _ Hace 25 días
Best highlight when he knocks the water cup with towel out of draymonds hand
ピアノでアニメ Hace 25 días
Why do the suggestions pop up every 5 seconds throughout the 4 minute video
Yung Linc
Yung Linc Hace 25 días
WaR_Man Hace 25 días
Although I am a Cleveland fan Stephen is a God
Transparent Eclipse
Transparent Eclipse Hace 25 días
Yo for all u diehard curry fans, nobody actually hates curry. Curry is lit. Ppl hate y’all curry fans and warrior fans dickriding and bandwagoning, nobody hates any of the warrior players, we hate y’all.
Mark Angelo Mejorado
Mark Angelo Mejorado Hace 25 días
Anything here like me that need a subtitle to understand what he's saying 🤔 Damn, curry words. GOAT
xobrenden Hace 25 días
LeBron next ?
Karman Dadiala
Karman Dadiala Hace 25 días
Should probably credit Kid Jimi for the audio in the background
Invincible Young Empire
Invincible Young Empire Hace 25 días
Jeremy Jackson
Jeremy Jackson Hace 25 días
It’s crazy how no one...i repeat no one mentions how CP stepped on his foot during that crossover but okay
NLE BR0N Hace 25 días
LeBron fans Like it up 💯‼️🏀
JOOSHY GAMING Hace 25 días
Curry the GOAT pg no cap
Caesar West!!!
Caesar West!!! Hace 25 días
How can you hate on Wardell? Dude is a baller. Someone please explain why he gets so much hate.
wbx Hace 25 días
He practices half court pull ups...ok I'm done
jeremiah johnson
jeremiah johnson Hace 25 días
I was really looking forward to him reacting to his dagger over kyrie in the 2017 nba finals man...
Idk Tbh
Idk Tbh Hace 26 días
yessss sirrr🤩, proud of you steph! much love 💞
The 3 bros
The 3 bros Hace 26 días
If you are a steph curry fan then LIKE THIS ⬇️ let’s see how much fans he got! 🏀 ❤️
LA Sports Walk Ups/In Game Music
LA Sports Walk Ups/In Game Music Hace 26 días
It was Ontario, California 😭💀
Shawn ¿
Shawn ¿ Hace 26 días
by the end of his career easily no doubt the best point guard to ever play the sport of basketball.
Squarelens Hace 26 días
I'm not even in Asia lol I'm around the Miami area hahahah
Snel4 Jareek
Snel4 Jareek Hace 26 días
lil ass tap 😂😂
Dylan Dunlap
Dylan Dunlap Hace 26 días
That game winner vs the Thunder was just a normal regular season game, but weirdly I’ll never forget where I was and who I was with when that happened. One of those things that happens in sports that if you get lucky enough to see live it sticks with you.
SAAD Vlogs
SAAD Vlogs Hace 26 días
lol so bfr the video was made Curry must have told you 'please don't include the highlights vs LeBron's 😆😂😂😁
Emmanuel Hace 26 días
Steph looked like he didnt wanna do the interview
TheJakuza300 Hace 26 días
Lmaoooo Ontario Canada Nah bro Ontario California
Blunt Blowin
Blunt Blowin Hace 26 días
2:41 song name please
Kylen Ballesteros
Kylen Ballesteros Hace 26 días
Favorite player30
Nyoung Gai
Nyoung Gai Hace 26 días
Curry is the Messi of B.Ball 🔥
Basketball is life
Basketball is life Hace 26 días
Steph the OG
Roman King
Roman King Hace 26 días
Now after 3 years they’re going to fine iggy for 50k for throwing the water bottle that nobody knew wth threw it 🤣🤣
Teeter Totter
Teeter Totter Hace 26 días
As smooth as he is on court, his voice sounds so messed up and awkward.
OD/\SI Music
OD/\SI Music Hace 24 días
Teeter Totter well no. His voice is smooth as a mofo.
Wood Dro
Wood Dro Hace 26 días
He done Rudy Gobert filthy 🤦🏾‍♂️ Sheesh!
Kris Montemar
Kris Montemar Hace 26 días
“going through all of them?” in Curry’s mind: man, FUCK!
Robert Davis
Robert Davis Hace 26 días
Lol y did u pull from 40. Well I already hit 11 😂😭
Truth Hace 26 días
Such a shit interviewer
Ikee76 Hace 26 días
As a Clips fan, the play where he crossed over our whole starting five then drained the shot hurt so bad. I remember watching that game live like it was yesterday.
Rafa Arellano
Rafa Arellano Hace 26 días
best pg to ever play
Ahmed Almatari
Ahmed Almatari Hace 26 días
Steph go from 0 to 100 real quick
Caleb Cicero
Caleb Cicero Hace 26 días
Maybe I’m alone here but I don’t like Omar
Herb j
Herb j Hace 26 días
Steph is and was a refreshing and much needed change of energy,skillset and narrative for the NBA. I put him in the same arena with Larry legend as far as shooting skills.
Jack McNulty
Jack McNulty Hace 26 días
Steph Curry reacts to Steph Curry reacting to Steph Curry highlights
kambole lupiya
kambole lupiya Hace 27 días
This dude changed an entire sport #goat_curry
Michael Hace 27 días
I was a warriors fan before I even knew it, my dad was and when he coached my city league team when I was 5 6 and 7 we were the Warriors there's no difference between me and a laker or cleveland fan people act like the Warriors don't deserve it or didn't earn it
glokk 3D
glokk 3D Hace 27 días
Good video...but curry be talking low asl I can't barely hear him😭
NBD_ Worst
NBD_ Worst Hace 27 días
1:02 when he said it’s Ontario Canada but it’s Ontario California
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