Stephen A. is sad LeBron may not get closure on the Lakers’ season | First Take

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Jalen says this season is LeBron's best chance for another ring:
Stephen A. Smith says LeBron James' season will not be a success if there are no more NBA games because the Los Angeles Lakers will not have closure to the season.
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Raj Hace 27 días
Aww poor bron. Maybe his healthy family and millions of dollars may comfort him.
Karl Lorenzo Babiano
Karl Lorenzo Babiano Hace un mes
he is sad because his lakers is not going to win it all not because of lbj
Cody Kays
Cody Kays Hace un mes
Screw his closure.. we got more important things to worry about than lebron james right now..he wouldnt have won a ring anyways
Daniel Beavers
Daniel Beavers Hace un mes
My question is why wasn't he this great last year on the lakers??? Smh! What changed? O! Thats write he went and built another super team. There is a difference between making a team great or building a great team to enter the season.
justasportsfan 101
justasportsfan 101 Hace un mes
Lebron James has COVID-19
Aaron9 Hace un mes
He wasn’t winning anyways get over it
Messiah Gang
Messiah Gang Hace un mes
Max is sadly right about this
NoName718 Hace un mes
Who gets the championship? Nobody?
fucya hoo
fucya hoo Hace un mes
Max headroom, he talks but there is nobody behind the wheel..
y not
y not Hace un mes
Awwww poor bron might not get closure Couldn't happen to a bigger ahole .
yo daddy
yo daddy Hace un mes
Joe Clavette
Joe Clavette Hace un mes
Really, thats upsetting? Not the fact that the Bucks, another small-market team, might not get a better chance to win a title because the league has a blow up a Lebron team to win? That's not upsetting?
Lucho Montana
Lucho Montana Hace un mes
I love this
Mental Machete
Mental Machete Hace un mes
If Lebron had Michael's squads, and Michael, Lebron's, who'd have more championships? The G.O.A.T. Lebron James, hands down.
Tom Ford1
Tom Ford1 Hace un mes
Rick Kerr
Rick Kerr Hace un mes
Let Chairman LeMao play for the Wuhan Coronas!
erickrolo Hace un mes
Retirement for LeQueen is soon, we need to see new blood and better players , Lebum is just the past. Second year in a row for lebum without playoffs.
B H Hace un mes
I'll tell you who isn't sad, anyone with their head in tip top shape, false idols.
Yancey Saint Laurent
Yancey Saint Laurent Hace un mes
Is it me or is everything sports becoming very emotionally driven here 🧐🤔 Technically, no team can call this season a success. It was cut short for everyone. The Lakers are 1st in the West. Compared to the majority of the 2010s, this season was definitely a success. Especially considering LeBron’s 1st year as a Laker was awful for many reasons. Then the next season, they’re on top of the conference. A conference many said would be difficult for LeBron to handle like he did the East. Nobody can win the chip unless there’s a playoffs...simple
Joe Blow
Joe Blow Hace un mes
Lebrons happy, hes got like 10 championships if you don’t count playoffs and only count regular season records and personal stats.
Alex Chung
Alex Chung Hace un mes
What a stupid topic and argument. You are saying LeBron failed because he couldn't bring a championship to LA this year???? That's the same thing for every NBA team right now ....duh. It's not like his team lost the championship....there's NO CHAMPIONSHIP TO BE PLAYED!!!!
Joseph Thompson
Joseph Thompson Hace un mes
Closure? Who died?
Me, Also Me
Me, Also Me Hace un mes
Lebron is always making excuses to not win the title. He got the team he wanted but now he uses COVID as an excuse. MJ played the finals with Corona virus.
Angelito Aquino
Angelito Aquino Hace un mes
Technoid Hace un mes
I am getting so tired of jay disagreeing with max. Max is not the smartest but everytime jay is on it's all the time.
John Christian Joson
John Christian Joson Hace un mes
So Lebron is a goat who cant win in a no D era, doesnt drive in clutch time because afraid to take free throws and still gets injured and load manage in a no contact NBA.
Cringy Gamerz
Cringy Gamerz Hace un mes
259 regular season games left? You ok ESPN?
Rags 2 Riches
Rags 2 Riches Hace un mes
Another season for my Celtics to get better 💯 I feel bad for the lakers though. Not drafting Tatum and then Lebum wasted a year. Now let's see if AD resigns. 😂
Douis Vuitton
Douis Vuitton Hace un mes
CCP: Banned NBA in china and if we cant watch it yall can't either
Rational Thought
Rational Thought Hace un mes
Imagine how the guys that don't have legacies, and might not have very much of a legacy. How do they feel?
Jason Wilson
Jason Wilson Hace un mes
Oh poor Lebron James, maybe CHY-NA will make it up to him. Regular folks are struggling with real world problems, and poor baby Lebron with his championships and MVPS.
MsSoulGlo Hace un mes
Idk if the NBA did continue this season and change the playoff format like the NCAA tournament, it will be interesting being that players will be rusty and probably not be in playoff game shape.
kevin couture
kevin couture Hace un mes
was so looking foward to LA vs LA wcf
LJ Tha Great 38
LJ Tha Great 38 Hace un mes
Why’d corona have to happen this year, I was looking forward to the playoffs
Mental Machete
Mental Machete Hace un mes
Dwight was about to get the C, finally.
wornoutshoes11 Hace un mes
Lebron is sad coz he got all that HGH in him for nothing. 🤫 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
wornoutshoes11 Hace un mes
Lebron is sad coz he got all that HGH in him for nothing. 🤫 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Stan Villamayor
Stan Villamayor Hace un mes
At least he won’t go 3-7
Cj Hace un mes
I summed everything up
Mikey810 Carrigan
Mikey810 Carrigan Hace un mes
They need to finish the season in September then restart the season in January and have next season only 42 games to finish on time
Justin Williams
Justin Williams Hace un mes
I don't know why people think Bron potentially winning a ring would put him ahead of MJ. It doesn't make sense. You can't erase 6 Finals losses no matter how bad the media wants to. And Steven A. looks so depressed as though Bron is the only player in the league. LeMedia at it's best.
My Black-hairtransplant Journey
My Black-hairtransplant Journey Hace un mes
CLOSURE MOUTH ...........
Paul's Gospel
Paul's Gospel Hace un mes
Best part about the occurrences of the past few months is the fact that LeBron can't take advantage of it. He had opportunities in his last 17 seasons to win titles. He's had enough chances.
jasyn zangari
jasyn zangari Hace un mes
How is it a success? First seed in the west, 2nd best record in the what? Giannis had a better year if that’s the criteria for being a successful season, and I hear no one talking about the Bucks. News flash ESPN, Lebron isn’t the nba, try being professionals and pretend that u care about sports, not just a few select names u can beat to death.
I Am Cedric Powell
I Am Cedric Powell Hace un mes
I don't feel bad for Lebron. Not at all. Because his season started in China where he could not say ONE small passive aggressive thing for the people of Hong Kong but he could defend the rights of the Communist Government and his bag. His seasoned ended in China and the last time I checked. It is affecting his bag.... and his love the game of basketball. So ughh. Enjoy the off season Lebron and the rest of the NBA. I was in support of the people of Hong Kong, Before, During, and After Corona. Your welcome.
Joshua Garbe
Joshua Garbe Hace un mes
Awwww poor Lebron
ttk _
ttk _ Hace un mes
Lakers got saved by covid-19🤣🤣🤣
Sam Un
Sam Un Hace un mes
Molly looks like she just got out of a 1980s movie
Matthew McCallister
Matthew McCallister Hace un mes
By this logic nobody was successful this season.
Miguel Valencia
Miguel Valencia Hace un mes
Papa Dont Preach 🎶
Maurice Lucious
Maurice Lucious Hace un mes
Lebron James haters will always say he doing everything wrong and he is just a washed up loser.
Maurice Lucious
Maurice Lucious Hace un mes
If this season doesn't resume this would be an unsuccessful season for the whole league not just Lebron James. " No closure no success".
B Fresh
B Fresh Hace un mes
What about the clipper fans :(
Joe Quixotic
Joe Quixotic Hace un mes
I haven't paid attention, is Lebron going to play for LA next year or is he going to find another team to destroy?
kelly matthews
kelly matthews Hace un mes
so... does this make the Raptors double champs? gotta beat the champ to be the champ! so they retain the title! no one took it from them so...
Woke AF
Woke AF Hace un mes
The winners of this season: The Clippers, who got to use this season to heal their two star and gain chemistry The Warriors, who were tanking this season anyway, for a full reload next season. The Miami Heat, who have proven to be on the cusp of greatness, and maybe one free agent away from a title And the Mavs/Celtics, who also get to reset their chemistry, and proved they may be one player away
Big 8
Big 8 Hace un mes
I don’t agree with that. Them statistics are amazing. Especially at his age
Gary Collier
Gary Collier Hace un mes
It is better for LeBron this way ,because he would have been annihilated, humiliated and dominated in the playoffs by Kawhi and the Clippers.
QSLIMQ Hace un mes
im not sad....he's caught so many breaks in his career. 1. Caught a young Thunder team and ref assistance. 2. Ray Allen....don't even need to speak on that. self explanatory. 3. Kyrie Irving...hit the biggest shot Lebron couldn't and crying to media to influence the finals. 4. Played with a bevy of HOF'ers, all-stars, and serviceable role players.
Fred Smove
Fred Smove Hace un mes
What fail to realize that LeBron James has extra rest which means he can play an extra year or two.
teriblo Hace un mes
Milwaukee Bucks has the best record in the NBA before the pandemic and yet no one says nothing about them like they're nothing
Dana Allard
Dana Allard Hace un mes
He was gonna be more sad when the Raptors won again.
zz Hace un mes
Why are they still working? Arent they supposed to be at home?
craig mitchell
craig mitchell Hace un mes
Who cares open ur eyes oh u guys are the elite people so ur ok, iam a average human and don't care to hear about u people well be good when it's all done us regular people got more to worry bout then u rich people and what help u giving us bun all of u
Gianluca Molinari
Gianluca Molinari Hace un mes
All this bs for an aggressive flu. Kids die everyday of cancer and hunger, and nobody cares. Now for a flu the world stops 😔
Silo Hace un mes
Oh..poor sad..while thousands are dying...
Derrick Harris
Derrick Harris Hace un mes
What's the problem here? Lebron doesn't control what's going on in the world or the NBA. Come on.
Jayson Ma
Jayson Ma Hace un mes
Stephen A. Smith’s collar is stressing me out
Jazz Man
Jazz Man Hace un mes
Church closed😔 another Sunday😔
Derks Hace un mes
"If no more games are played"? Sorry, but Sports are dunzo until there's a vaccine and nationwide testing. End of story. Bye. 12 to 18 months at least.
TBE, Tical
TBE, Tical Hace un mes
Oh-well i hate labron. I hope he never gets another ring. Except for miami he shouldn't have gotten nothing. He mite be a gud player but he's a f*k up person.
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