Stealing My Pit Bike Back

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Tommy Mx

Tommy Mx

Hace un mes

Not to long ago my crf 70f pit bike was stolen so in this video I am stealing my pit bike back. I found out it was him because there was a post on craigslist for a crf 70f pit bike and I could tell it was my stolen pit bike. I went to his house first and pretended that I was a normal buyer so that I could figure out where he kept it. He told me he was going to leave in 30 minutes. 30 minutes later I went back to steal the pit bike back.

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PIGGY CHENG Hace 11 minutos
How come you didn't call the police it's illegal right ?
Itsyaboye Romo
Itsyaboye Romo Hace un hora
Points fun at him yet it was aimed at the wall
IPlays Creations
IPlays Creations Hace 2 horas
Why did you leave your gun? He could've took it and set you up for next time.
Justin Martinez
Justin Martinez Hace 3 horas
Its all acting lmao
Coolman 4848
Coolman 4848 Hace 3 horas
Bruh it’s so staged, he left his gun
Tasty VeggieYt
Tasty VeggieYt Hace 5 horas
Danny Benson _
Danny Benson _ Hace 5 horas
Fakest shit ever
ATE BIT Hace 6 horas
Ya he left the bike and who the heck would bring a gun outside like that and then leave it some where bruh
Aaron Maloy
Aaron Maloy Hace 6 horas
You left your gun
Wendy Mitchell
Wendy Mitchell Hace 7 horas
You forgot the,gun!
Top 10 Highlights
Top 10 Highlights Hace 7 horas
Bruuuuuuihhhhhh I thought he was on vacation???
Gavinnator 330
Gavinnator 330 Hace 7 horas
He has a open carry gun and the guy doesn’t notice it on his side of his waist
N R Hace 8 horas
Call the cops
N R Hace 8 horas
THIS IS America
N R Hace 8 horas
Tommy is jacked
Miranda Hayes
Miranda Hayes Hace 9 horas
Phill did get his bike stolen
Olivia Norris
Olivia Norris Hace 10 horas
You need to delete you ESwomen channel. And you need better content
KITTY MEOW 27 Hace 10 horas
Go got a BIG a$$ gun boi
K9 _GhostZz
K9 _GhostZz Hace 10 horas
Every single things like the questions and answers and stuff are the exact same as Phil's video
Gail Schmidt
Gail Schmidt Hace 11 horas
He is a robber he took the bike
Erica Byrne
Erica Byrne Hace 11 horas
philes phone wallet shoes a goggls an bie got stoln
GoldenKing Kirby
GoldenKing Kirby Hace 11 horas
The guy that stole ur bike is the same guy in this vid
Younis Hariz
Younis Hariz Hace 12 horas
Tommy this person stole everything from a ESwomenr
wolfpack clan
wolfpack clan Hace 12 horas
why don't u call the cop XD
Nolan Cash
Nolan Cash Hace 13 horas
are thos guns real
Caleb White
Caleb White Hace 15 horas
Thos is soo cheesy not even real
max lambert
max lambert Hace 15 horas
And the bike he took was phill the thrills
max lambert
max lambert Hace 15 horas
This is the same guy on phill the thrills channel
Leo Mills
Leo Mills Hace 15 horas
Also phills vid when his bike got stolen was 1 month after this
Leo Mills
Leo Mills Hace 15 horas
Bruh u cant hold an ar WITH 1 HAND U HAVE TO BE PRETTY STRONG
XxmasterhackerxX 70
XxmasterhackerxX 70 Hace 15 horas
Nice skit dude 5stars😁
BLIZZARDOK Hace 17 horas
This is pure cringe, no cap 😬
Beka not a comedian
Beka not a comedian Hace 17 horas
Sucha funny skit lmao
Shaun The Flipper
Shaun The Flipper Hace 19 horas
Just leaves the gun I’m dead
Suprem Supreme nadir
Suprem Supreme nadir Hace 21 un hora
Who runs away with a gun rifle
Dominic Cornico
Dominic Cornico Hace 21 un hora
Good acting
Audrianna Ade
Audrianna Ade Hace un día
Bro he stole every thing from Phill the trill his goggles
Ebro HEM
Ebro HEM Hace un día
Every buddy just leaves the gun in a random house totally not being sarcastic
Dylan Peña
Dylan Peña Hace un día
Why would you carry a gun in public
Sheralle Brissett
Sheralle Brissett Hace un día
You left your gun in their
Sheralle Brissett
Sheralle Brissett Hace un día
Your awesome and all but I don't think thats a good idea
Angela Trevino
Angela Trevino Hace un día
That gun is a airsoft gun
Joel Zanjee Sison
Joel Zanjee Sison Hace un día
Is that the same house? -_-
Jackson Orsi
Jackson Orsi Hace un día
Hold on same hours as gig Ellis took bike
ALFRED PH Hace un día
is that phillthethrill?
Jayden Martin
Jayden Martin Hace un día
He just left the gun there
Kiamaney Leveh
Kiamaney Leveh Hace un día
Who else is a 👧 and whatches it
Kiamaney Leveh
Kiamaney Leveh Hace un día
I saw him before me he is right there
Fourwheeler Fan
Fourwheeler Fan Hace un día
This guy needs to be on the fbi’s most wanted list he takes bikes every day
Burrola Racing 21E
Burrola Racing 21E Hace un día
Demetrice Joseph
Demetrice Joseph Hace un día
Breckin Carman
Breckin Carman Hace un día
Just Carrie get an ar 12 around his neighborhood
CrayTopic Hace un día
I thought Phil is on vacation
Anzila Niroula
Anzila Niroula Hace un día
The thing with two wheels😂
Jaylen 213
Jaylen 213 Hace un día
You forgot your gun and Philly was on vacation you nut
Kassy Seney
Kassy Seney Hace un día
jared is rihgt
Kassy Seney
Kassy Seney Hace un día
dude dude dude you left your gun in the garage
TyboKay Hace un día
Roses are red. Violets are blue. I just got clickbaited. And so did you.
X96 Hace un día
I hope you tool your gun back
Ben Doeseverything
Ben Doeseverything Hace un día
Yes holds a gun and the guy cares about the camera
Nazeer Asmal
Nazeer Asmal Hace un día
He runs like shit***********
Efrain Valles
Efrain Valles Hace un día
His gun reminds me of fortnite
the dog that dabs in 2019
the dog that dabs in 2019 Hace un día
he coeld have made his gun tacticool
Ben O’Connell
Ben O’Connell Hace un día
‘Phil cant come hes on vacation right now’ 5 minutes later. Phil: yeah im down to steal a bikr right now!’
Nicholas Muller
Nicholas Muller Hace un día
Don’t for get your guns and stuff
Poonam Rani
Poonam Rani Hace un día
You got hit with a bat of course it’s yours
Poonam Rani
Poonam Rani Hace un día
The blue one he stole to I saw the video and the same house they stole lots of money
Sheryll Sosa
Sheryll Sosa Hace un día
U left ur gun
Songco Molens
Songco Molens Hace un día
What about your gun!!!
Kaylen Thompson
Kaylen Thompson Hace un día
Same guy every time
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