Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker - Teaser

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Star Wars

Star Wars

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Every generation has a legend. Watch the brand-new teaser for Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker.

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Smaakjeks K
Smaakjeks K Hace 5 horas
"The saga comes to an end" Who are you trying to kid, Disney? You'll milk this cow for at least the rest of this century.
Joe Bum
Joe Bum Hace 5 horas
Plapatines grand daughter is Rey
Jojo iz Supreme
Jojo iz Supreme Hace 5 horas
We'll just pretend Episode 8 didn't happen
Jojo iz Supreme
Jojo iz Supreme Hace 5 horas
@Stogie2112 Yeah, I hope this movie is an epic conclusion to the Skywalkers. If this movie is good Episode 8 will most likely be forgotten
Stogie2112 Hace 5 horas
That's all we can do. Forget about it and watch this film for what it is. It's unfair to slam The Rise of Skywalker for the failings of the previous film.
FlashJack Hace 6 horas
Amazing .... she stopped mouth breathing for a second.
DeAn MeRrItT
DeAn MeRrItT Hace 6 horas
What’s ur fav Star Wars movie
Thomas Bludis
Thomas Bludis Hace 5 horas
The empire strikes back of course
Hillel Merkin
Hillel Merkin Hace 7 horas
So unexcited
Monster Hunter108
Monster Hunter108 Hace 7 horas
*Don't do that, don't give me hope*
TMNT_ Raph
TMNT_ Raph Hace 7 horas
1:32 at 0.25x speed looks like the bridge of an Imperial I Star Destroyer Edit:...with some red markings at the edge at 1:33?
Angela s' Secret
Angela s' Secret Hace 8 horas
aserta Hace 8 horas
"every generation has a hero" - well, mates, ye kinda ruined it on account of being greedy. There's nothing fun about these "movies" that were serious then turned in to Mickey Mouse comedy.
red hood flanker wolf YT
red hood flanker wolf YT Hace 9 horas
who thinks snoke is plagueis
red hood flanker wolf YT
red hood flanker wolf YT Hace 9 horas
spoiler batman is reys father
red hood flanker wolf YT
red hood flanker wolf YT Hace 9 horas
who here thinks rey is a Kenobi or a skywalker
sypen1 Hace 9 horas
I’ll watch it when it comes out on Blu-ray. They already ruined Star Wars enough to not want to pay to see this.
sypen1 Hace 8 horas
Stogie2112 When there’s a train wreck about to happen you just can’t look away.
Stogie2112 Hace 8 horas
If Star Wars is ruined, then why see it at all? Don't watch the Blu-ray or when it's on Netflix or cable TV. Don't watch it at all.
senator amidala
senator amidala Hace 9 horas
I read somewhere that George Lucas said that the whole saga is based on Anakin and his transition to the dark side- it’s not based on the skywalker family or Luke or the light vs the dark, the skywalker saga isn’t a family name, it’s just Anakin. Istg if this movie isn’t good...
Levanesh Kitnasamy
Levanesh Kitnasamy Hace 10 horas
Luke: No one’s ever really gone Jar Jar : Mesa is baaaaaccckkk!!!
Ed Lake
Ed Lake Hace 10 horas
I get the feeling these comments are being heavily moderated
Julian Garcia
Julian Garcia Hace 11 horas
Straight to Netflix
Meet Hindocha
Meet Hindocha Hace 11 horas
Sees a good star wars trailer.. Don't do that.. Don't give me hope...
Rey Daisy
Rey Daisy Hace 12 horas
Who is still watching in 2030?
Arti Morty
Arti Morty Hace 12 horas
Screenwriter for this is Chris Terrio. He wrote and co-wrote screenplays for Man of Steel, BvS and Justice League. There is no hope left in the galaxy...
Waffenbaum Hace 12 horas
Gabriel Blume
Gabriel Blume Hace 12 horas
I have no hype for episode 9 because of how awful The Last Jedi was, I literally just had a straight face while watching this trailer.
Bosse bläckfisk
Bosse bläckfisk Hace 13 horas
"The saga comes to an end" Something tells me that disney isn't gonna keep their word.
Dorjan24 Hace 13 horas
Gonna be so bad. QQ
Thomas Bludis
Thomas Bludis Hace 5 horas
Then don’t watch it
NuclearBunny970 Hace 13 horas
Rey is Shmee Skywalker
TheHalfBloodPrince Hace 14 horas
So you think Disney was wrong to bring back the Emporer for this last debacle? Well, I am afraid it is you who are mistaken, about a GREAT MANY THINGS
Wayward Mind
Wayward Mind Hace 14 horas
How, exactly, does Rey have the original lightsaber -- y'know, the one that was destroyed in the last movie; viz., Anakin's original lightsaber?
JohnnyOU08 Hace 13 horas
Time travel
NITSUA SAN Hace 14 horas
Mr. Plinkett has his work cut out for him
Guts Puck
Guts Puck Hace 14 horas
"Every generation has a legend" well, my generation had LUKE! If your generation has Ray I pity you!
fundip Hace 15 horas
no one's ever really gone
Brain Dawg
Brain Dawg Hace 15 horas
Look, I didn't pay to see TFA, Rogue Uno, TLJ, and Solo. Also, the prequels are dumb, so yeah
Enzo Perez
Enzo Perez Hace 15 horas
Palestine is going to be a hologram and Rey is going to train more jedis even though she wasn’t trained herself
Kay Hace 15 horas
Ok, if I was gonna shoot someone from a plane...I’d probably just ...gain some elevation and shoot down? Cuz can fly!!!
___ ZEKE___
___ ZEKE___ Hace 15 horas
All these months on the internet and Im just now find out this came out
TheHero136 Hace 16 horas
Star Wars Episode IX: The Emperor's New Groove
Brackish nz
Brackish nz Hace 16 horas
Time Travel.
Harry S. Plinkett
Harry S. Plinkett Hace 14 horas
You came from RLM?
Stogie2112 Hace 16 horas
The Pym/Stark Quantum Time Tunnel™
Mark Keegan
Mark Keegan Hace 17 horas
what do you guys think if the next trilogy explored the old republic? Darth Bane/Zannah or maybe later with Revan?
SwiftEdits Hace 17 horas
Don't let this dramatically edited trailer fool you. Its probably going to be riddled with humor at every minute, just like The Last Jedi.
Panda Gaming
Panda Gaming Hace 15 horas
The last Jedi is a masterpiec
Jack Leighton
Jack Leighton Hace 17 horas
“Every” minute?
Pedro Vaz Bravo
Pedro Vaz Bravo Hace 18 horas
That is not the switch to ignite Anakin’s lightsaber. The switch is in the middle of the hilt (bulky rectangular thing) Shame on you Disney 😩
Panda Gaming
Panda Gaming Hace 15 horas
Pedro Vaz Bravo some on u Disney made Star Wars great again
Firebus 497
Firebus 497 Hace 19 horas
Good ol’ Plaps is coming back
Chaz Domingo
Chaz Domingo Hace 19 horas
The Joker is back, baby!
eddiebruv Hace 20 horas
I know what I won’t be going to see this December!
Stogie2112 Hace 15 horas
eddiebruv .....Maybe, maybe not! Maybe you’re a devout Muslim, or a Hindu, or a Zoroastrian..... ;-)
eddiebruv Hace 15 horas
Stogie2112 Maybe not a Christian, even?
Stogie2112 Hace 18 horas
The family Christmas tree on Christmas morning? Because you're Jehovah's Witnesses?
Stogie2112 Hace 20 horas
Luke: No one's ever really gone. Vader: HE is here.... Tarkin: Obi-Wan Kenobi? Obi-Wan: Hello there!
Melvin's Room
Melvin's Room Hace 21 un hora
I would love the see new IPs get green lighted instead of besting condemned to the perpetual AAA reboot purgatory we currently live in. Oh well, I might run this movie as background noise when it hits Netflix.
salwa Khayata
salwa Khayata Hace 21 un hora
ليلة الخميس قناة المغربية جيل الدهبي 📺🇲🇦🎬
Crunchy Soup
Crunchy Soup Hace 21 un hora
why didn't that tie interceptor just shoot her, ROLL CREDITS.
Nathaniel Calderon
Nathaniel Calderon Hace 21 un hora
Based on what we seen from solo hope maul makes a return and maybe a recantation of general grevious
Trevor Mayes
Trevor Mayes Hace 21 un hora
0:55 Literally the sexiest shot in movie history.
Alex Sturgeon
Alex Sturgeon Hace 22 horas
"no one's ever really gone", cos everybody's got a price...
omar alajmi
omar alajmi Hace 22 horas
لايك اذا متحمس علشان بالباتين بس
Dedbite Hace un día
I fully didnt even realise this trailer had been released until now which is 3 months after release
Alan Chavez
Alan Chavez Hace un día
30 m de vistas
Nick The Drawer
Nick The Drawer Hace un día
Just wait till October for the next trailer
Jennifer Greene
Jennifer Greene Hace un día
Cee Beeby
Cee Beeby Hace un día
"no-one's ever really gone" Blimey, I wish I'd known sooner.
The Vicious Pacific
The Vicious Pacific Hace un día
Movie is gonna be complete trash cant wait for the reviews
Jimmy505 Hace un día
*no ones ever really gone* marvel comics be like
SHoK I Shinobi
SHoK I Shinobi Hace un día
No one's ever really gone... Boss Nass:HuRbuBurhurbUbu
Darth Sidious
Darth Sidious Hace un día
Good. Good... I can feel Rey's anger.
red Dragon
red Dragon Hace un día
James & Stuff
James & Stuff Hace un día
Porgs better be in this or Imma be real mad
Mad Cinder
Mad Cinder Hace un día
Not sure if Palpatine laugh or Joker laugh.
DylanProductions Hace un día
(Everyone liked that)
Julio Elcoyote
Julio Elcoyote Hace un día
les antoine
les antoine Hace un día
“ no one’s ever really gone” “Yeah , something gone. The last slice of pizza 🍕.”
Sam Lowther
Sam Lowther Hace un día
I think it's about time for 1 more trailer. The hype is dying down just a little bit for me.
Jenica Hace un día
May the force be ever in your favor. 🖖🏻
C B Hace un día
They should do what they did with The last Harry Potter/hunger games and make it into 2 parts. That way they’d have a lot more to work with and able to flesh out/explain and patch up the mess a lot better
unit Hace un día
look how they butchered my boy
Jack Leighton
Jack Leighton Hace 17 horas
It’s not even here yet. Stop being Eeyore.
Stogie2112 Hace un día
But I didn't know until this day that it was Palpatine all along.....
emma chamberlain
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