Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes: Bossk is Coming Soon

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EA Star Wars

EA Star Wars

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The infamous bounty hunter, Bossk, is coming soon to #StarWarsGalaxyofHeroes along with a rework of Bounty Hunters. Follow the link to see a complete breakdown of Bossk’s devastating abilities:

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NLAW SAVIOR Hace un año
YAY! Another Bounty Hunter!😁
Funny haha
Funny haha Hace un año
EA Star Wars and ban all of the white males will your at it you'll make Disney angry if you don't.
Funny haha
Funny haha Hace un año
EA Star Wars exited to steal our cash? Come at it you feminazi sopporters.
You were the chosen one
You were the chosen one Hace un año
People who dont complain are the kids whose mummy brought them the game so it doesn't impact them.
You were the chosen one
You were the chosen one Hace un año
Fuk you EA. Care more about a phone game for 3 yearolds lmao.. They all know its too late now for bf2 to waste a ton of resources. They know its only the true starwars fans going through the agony playing cause theres nothing else but a shi * phone game. Please take in consideration that for HvV lovers as myself and with all my chars being 40 and my rank being 50 its getting boring and stale.. What kind of logic is putting three saber H or V per team, with teams of 4.. Do you know sucky it feels being stuck with a blaster hero?.. But according to bens twitter pretty much states no new star cards or heros being added.. Morons. This game has been the biggest scam to date..Payed preorder release date price and for what all these months?
212th Recon Commander Levi
212th Recon Commander Levi Hace 6 meses
How didn’t I notice this before!!! A Playable Imperial Officer!!
BaconBot V3000.1.1 beta
BaconBot V3000.1.1 beta Hace 10 meses
Now all we need is Zuckuss/4-LOM and my the Empire line-up will be complete
Jar jar Binks
Jar jar Binks Hace un año
Embo please
John Riordan
John Riordan Hace un año
Who tf cares
kakashi hatake
kakashi hatake Hace un año
Is good to have bossk but jango fett needs to be In this game and on battlefront 2.
Lord human robot AKA Lord inkling robot
Lord human robot AKA Lord inkling robot Hace un año
Please make jango and General hux too two of them are my favorite villians
unit900000 Hace un año
if you want proof the battlefront community is trash just show people the comment section of this video.
Link o Paladino
Link o Paladino Hace un año
A Disney não deixa vcs porém mais personagem no Battlefront 2????
MD Westlife
MD Westlife Hace un año
EA doesn't deserve the star wars license at all
Anil Yadav
Anil Yadav Hace un año
We want clone customization, Geonosis, and more heroes/villains for Battlefront 2!!!!
L3v13 Hace un año
RAYhallista pelaamista
RAYhallista pelaamista Hace un año
Where is sesson 2?????
RAYhallista pelaamista
RAYhallista pelaamista Hace un año
Wtf really? Where is season 2???
BlackStudio LIVE
BlackStudio LIVE Hace un año
Error 216?
SMskies1207 Hace un año
I know this is the wrong game but you guys have to add the zombie virus (blackwing) in battlefront 2
Doctor Who
Doctor Who Hace un año
GP Channel™
GP Channel™ Hace un año
Dear @EA Star Wars I have a big dream for ea battlefront 2 and im not the only one :) . Hope you will read this. You may know the old battlefront story Elite Squadron. The game was a little DLC. You know that everyone want finally a Clone Wars DLC for ea bf2. Its time to make a legend story. Please add that amazing story to your game. Battlefront 3 was deleted so we never saw the full story of x1 and x2. Please make that story with battlefront 2 engine. The story was between ep3 and 6 so it fits for your game so much. Please make the fans happy.
It’s Diego!
It’s Diego! Hace un año
Blast (mode from SWBF) needs a HUGE fix! Whenever I spawn there’s always a fucking enemy that kills me in a second! Fix the spawn places
You were the chosen one
You were the chosen one Hace un año
Lmao. You care more about adding heros&villains on a crappy looking and feel phone game than making SWBF2 the best starwars game on real gaming platforms. Sort your rubbish out and i honestly cant wait for the day you loose your license for SW. That should of been terminated with the lootbox and pisspoor progression system you did. Listen to your FANS! There are characters designers around the world who LOVE starwars that would work for half the amount you lot get. Stick to ripping people off on sports games and leave the SW franchise to the guys who are actually passionate about their fans and starwars..Like really no new starcards or heros on bf2..You guys are jokes and i probably wont ever play bf2 again and maybe if you cared about the fans and not a worthless phone game for 3 yearolds and teamed up for bf2 you wouldn't of lost half if not most your fan base. Roll on red dead and last of us 2 #FukEA
Liza Valdez
Liza Valdez Hace un año
😤Hey maybe you can start adding in Star Wars battlefront time one maybe you could stop making people smile and can’t got sick I’m tired of it being 88 please tell me near ours vent us from stuff I’m fucking tired of it if you do not take it away then I’m a tell everyone that has the game to get rid of it so freaking stop
Spider Overlord
Spider Overlord Hace un año
Is there going to be more premier skins for lando,Han Solo and chewbacca to be based on their solo a Star Wars story versions and characters from Solo a Star Wars story to be playable characters and a dlc story also maps based on Solo a Star Wars story as well for the solo season
Griceyyy Griceyyy
Griceyyy Griceyyy Hace un año
I’ve supported you guy since the first battlefront 1 trailer and that was in 2015 it’s now 2018 and you have not done anything I give up supporting you anymore u fucked it
Griceyyy Griceyyy
Griceyyy Griceyyy Hace un año
Fuck Disney just give us clone wars and customisation your already in shit with Disney for making 2 shit games so give the fans what they want then you will have the fan by your side
Griceyyy Griceyyy
Griceyyy Griceyyy Hace un año
Fortnite is a free game and they are doing better then both ur shit game put together
Griceyyy Griceyyy
Griceyyy Griceyyy Hace un año
Fuck this shit game sort out battlefront I didn’t spend over £80 just to get the same maps WE WANT CLONE WARS!!!
Gabo Vsr
Gabo Vsr Hace un año
Battlefront 2
Echo Hace un año
Thatgamer pro97
Thatgamer pro97 Hace un año
EA , for bf2 add more add more skins for more money
Michał Kowalik
Michał Kowalik Hace un año
What a shiity and boring game
OfficialEfra Hace un año
You guys are the worst game developers to exist
Josesanz Hace un año
Hola, vengo a decir que NO queremos el contenido basura que vais a sacar durante la temporada de Han Solo. Queremos contenido de calidad, estén basados o no en la película de Han solo. No aprendéis de vuestros errores, NO hacéis caso a la comunidad, solo queréis dinero y cobrar por créditos para la compra de skins. Estáis empezando a no mereceros el dinero que gasté en comprarme el juego.
Lucas gamer Soteriou
Lucas gamer Soteriou Hace un año
When is the sesson 2 trailer
tristan tabaracci
tristan tabaracci Hace un año
Bounty hunters we don’t need their scum
DEADMAX Hace un año
U suck ea
DEADMAX Hace un año
U suck ea
DEADMAX Hace un año
U suck ea
DEADMAX Hace un año
U suck ea
DEADMAX Hace un año
U suck ea
Die nervigste Person
Die nervigste Person Hace un año
and why has bossk the net ability in Starwars battlefront 2 not?
Lucas gamer Soteriou
Lucas gamer Soteriou Hace un año
Where sesson 2 and when can we get nie nub back from the old one
Josh kobobel
Josh kobobel Hace un año
Thank you! Can’t wait to add him to my bounty hunter squad! Make dengar farmable somewhere please!
Tenebris Hace un año
or Marlin
or Marlin Hace un año
OmegaCooper Gaming
OmegaCooper Gaming Hace un año
EA thinks anyone cares about this? They’re not making season 2 and even IF they release it, it’ll be too late. You fucked over Star Wars and I’ll NEVER. EVER. Buy another dung ball title ea releases.
Nick Stoltz
Nick Stoltz Hace un año
Season 2 would be nice... but it will never replace splitscreen
Finlay Wark
Finlay Wark Hace un año
why does a star wars phone game have more content then battlefront 2???
Thomas Newell
Thomas Newell Hace un año
Why are people commenting about season 2, the game is a con get over it. Clone wars content wont make the game better.
Alpha - Vader1
Alpha - Vader1 Hace un año
So you are 2 months behind schedule for the season 2 of battlefront 2 but you have time to are make a new update for galaxy of heroes🤦‍♂️ sad
Clara L. Young
Clara L. Young Hace un año
Why isn't Padmé a character?
Da Tick
Da Tick Hace un año
Ive been looking forward to this
Lassi Millaskangas
Lassi Millaskangas Hace un año
So this completely unnecessary piece of shit that nobody cares about is more important then season 2
Speaazzy y
Speaazzy y Hace un año
star wars is celebrating revenge of the sith and attack of da clones
Jack Hace un año
Such a legendary team
Happy Hobo
Happy Hobo Hace un año
I play this game from 2 years. Now i not play, because only donate
Maclaren Hace un año
bout time... now give this community what they want and tell us where season 2 is
Jack Theflash
Jack Theflash Hace un año
It’s about damm time we got bossk
Icon Panik
Icon Panik Hace un año
Don't get this game it's trash and requires you play it like 3 hours a day or else you'll be disadvantaged
Boombang Duales
Boombang Duales Hace un año
Where is the fking season 2?
Runty Hace un año
Masterpumby Hace un año
I like this game but it's very hard to get anything without paying any money. You gotta hope mace windu pops up 60 times to get to unlock him
Feli Medina
Feli Medina Hace un año
Bullshit!! Where is Clone wars content for battlefront 2?
Walter White
Walter White Hace un año
Gets more content than BF2
Jim Hopper
Jim Hopper Hace un año
fuck you
Skywalker Hace un año
Still no Padme Amidala..
Indra Otsutsuki
Indra Otsutsuki Hace un año
Is there a way to mute all these dicks asking about some season 2 crap? Bois, literally no one in this dev team cares about it. Calm your nigga ass down. Noice Swgoh content! Give us moreee notifications like this! Ps. This game makes more money for EA than that other shit lmao.
Tyler Ferron
Tyler Ferron Hace un año
Was that a Playable imperial Officer I saw?
Redneck Sniper
Redneck Sniper Hace un año
When are we getting Darth Revan and PLEASE NOT Star Wars the old republic Revan make it KOTOR Revan the old republic armor looks like crap his KOTOR armor looks better
Star Wars Network
Star Wars Network Hace un año
Where is SEASON 2 AND CLONE WARS!!?!???
Michael McGrath
Michael McGrath Hace un año
Hopefully deleted. This game doesn't need shitty prequel content to please those retarded millennials (fake Star Wars fans)
TimmyD_35 Hace un año
This comment section is saltier than Crait
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