SpongeBob's Big Birthday Blowout - The BETTER Anniversary Special

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SpongeBob celebrates its 20th anniversary with a Big Birthday Blowout. Nickelodeon pulled out all the stops by introducing minor characters, bringing back live action characters and the Krusty Slab. I couldn't wait to cover this!
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The Alpha Jay Show reviews animation episodes, animated TV movies, cartoons, and other things as a main series. I have reviewed many things from Fairly Oddparents to SpongeBob to Teen Titans Go to The Amazing World Of Gumball and many more. Expect a fair, open-minded and non-pandering review of whatever episode I use. Bear in mind while I do use copyrighted material, it is highly likely that my content falls under the legal defense of fair use.
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Alpha Jay Show
Alpha Jay Show Hace un mes
What did you think of the Big Birthday Blowout?
Aria Daynes
Aria Daynes Hace un día
The MEGA Couple Black Star & Silver Moon
The MEGA Couple Black Star & Silver Moon Hace 5 días
Matthew Cambridge Beckwith
Matthew Cambridge Beckwith Hace 7 días
It was ok I liked the movie references the cgi sponge bob patchy and the live action sponge bob but some scenes weren’t needed
Brandon Erickson
Brandon Erickson Hace 12 días
Awful. It was nothing but spastic gross out animation with no sense of calm or maturity that made the original show so chill and made for all ages, every character is a dumbass that's purpose is only to be a loud, gross, bouncing off the walls toddler, and even the live actions scenes were poisoned by this. Idky people love new spongebob so much, each episode feels like an insult to what the show used to be.
XGaming John
XGaming John Hace 15 días
Jack Bankston
Jack Bankston Hace 9 horas
0:21 intro
Sherk Hace un día
Am i the only one who didn't like birthday blowout
Godzila wars 2000
Godzila wars 2000 Hace un día
Why is most of the video you complaining?
Godzila wars 2000
Godzila wars 2000 Hace un día
Well maybe sandy planned on a different sight seeing tour that was in the ocean but she didn't choose a specific one so Patrick just thought if he say any kind of tour he would take spongebob.
Mathtron 5000
Mathtron 5000 Hace 3 días
Wow this episode is packed with cameos. In fact. I just noticed the picture of "The Commissioner" on the Mermaid Man & Barnacle Boy table!
Ray Nightshade
Ray Nightshade Hace 6 días
Funny my dad had a gorilla mask like that
Getaway's escape
Getaway's escape Hace 7 días
I didn't watch it oof, but happy B-day SpongeBob!
Super Saiyan Commenter
Super Saiyan Commenter Hace 7 días
The fish not being able to communicate to them confirms that they are mutants that are of product of a nuclear war.
Jay Sherard
Jay Sherard Hace 7 días
I take back what I said, it was surprisingly good.
Yash Pandya
Yash Pandya Hace 7 días
I think spongebob is getting better. Like the old seasons the new ones after the blow out are rlly good tho.
James Baron
James Baron Hace 7 días
Nah it was really bad. :( I think what spongebob is now is just embarrassing and disrespectful to the real spongebob episodes and Stephen Hillenburg. I kinda think the show should end tbh if their not gonna try to make better episodes
Yash Pandya
Yash Pandya Hace 7 días
What did you hate about it
Trevor The Healer
Trevor The Healer Hace 8 días
The Iron Lion
The Iron Lion Hace 8 días
For me this was the final episode. It was a good anniversary episode to act as a finale. 1999-2019.
makutamaster Hace 8 días
this especial is so ahead of it's time
Matt Clark
Matt Clark Hace 8 días
Awe... It sounds like they no longer have the original voice actor for potty... :(
fa rt
fa rt Hace 8 días
@Matt Clark that was Stephen hillenburg, he was the original VA for potty. He also did some pretty funny voice stuff on the spongebob album, I forget what the title of it is right now.
Matt Clark
Matt Clark Hace 8 días
@fa rt Oh... My favorite was the VA from the episode Christmas who? I had no idea that they have had multiple VAs.
fa rt
fa rt Hace 8 días
There have been multiple VAs for potty.
Wumbo Birby
Wumbo Birby Hace 8 días
Nice video! But are you a furry? ~_.
demonman905 Hace 9 días
15:01 Dont forget about the small framed photo of "The Chief" from "The International Justice League of Superior Acquaintances" episode on the table.
Tyler The Uncreator
Tyler The Uncreator Hace 10 días
We need more Patchy the Pirate episodes. The last I remember if him was the Krusty Krab Anniversary special.
Misty Gomez
Misty Gomez Hace 10 días
Human Sandy being mad is just her Texan coming out
Artie Baker
Artie Baker Hace 10 días
I love Hoopla kid, he's always been adorable and smol
Moin Mahmud
Moin Mahmud Hace 10 días
I miss Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy
Josiah The GamerArtist
Josiah The GamerArtist Hace 11 días
Me: wait Alpha what about the celebritie- Alpha: *in T'Chala's voice* We don't do that here
Ivy The Fish
Ivy The Fish Hace 11 días
I almost cried when I saw “Thank you Stephen Hilberg”
sonicvgamer plays
sonicvgamer plays Hace 12 días
i like the fact that the voice actors are the real life versions of spongebob, patrick, etc
Jacob Williams
Jacob Williams Hace 12 días
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Veronica Crosthwaite
Veronica Crosthwaite Hace 12 días
I would like to eat that bubble ass buble bass.
DeadRheaRising 7
DeadRheaRising 7 Hace 12 días
Am I the only one who dislikes the new exaggerated animation style Spongebob is going with?
No W
No W Hace 12 días
just gonna say this: the "old man jenkins" in this episode is actually called "Old Man Walker" :3
El Zoeja
El Zoeja Hace 14 días
Patchie the pirate getting old😪
Craig Usselman
Craig Usselman Hace 14 días
I enjoyed it it was good.
TheDiscoTaco Hace 14 días
I loved this episode, but it just made me cringe really, REALLY, hard
bill cage
bill cage Hace 14 días
''Patrick's game, an episode i reviewed'' Ah yes, that one.
Harsh Pandya
Harsh Pandya Hace 14 días
0.5 playback speed is slowwer than garden snail
Mimiku lord
Mimiku lord Hace 14 días
If Nickelodeon keeps the live action stuff to the ESwomen channel than its fine but on the main show it s not as geat.
CJ_CrushingC_R Hace 14 días
From beginning to end this special had so much charm to it. All the callbacks & cameos were great to see, the surreal humor that made the show’s roots so great are properly displayed, it’s funny, it had some genuinely heart warming moments, & I admire that they kept the focus where it should’ve been; they didn’t rely on a story that they were trying to make “epic; they just gave us a fun little trip. Flawless? No, nothing is perfect, but to me this was a love letter to the series & to its creator Stephen Hillenburg. They knew they had to make this as great as it can get & that shows in the product. Overall, I loved this special, it’s easily one of the best Spongebob anything’s ever made.
Rad is a nerd
Rad is a nerd Hace 14 días
I love your videos But the way you say "Take care Alpha out" Makes me wanna die
TheQuestionedYT Hace 15 días
10:07 Wait why does this remind me of the face Sr. Pelo draws
Arianna Counts
Arianna Counts Hace 15 días
Ryan Lawler
Ryan Lawler Hace 15 días
I find it funny how Aaron Springer, the guy who would go on to make "Choir Boys" which is one of the more famous Squidward torture porns with the jellyfish sing-stinging and "The Day Without Tears" created "Band Geeks" which remains an iconic piece of children's media. Even then, it's just as great as an adult.
Ryan Lawler
Ryan Lawler Hace 15 días
I was so confused when I first saw the clip of Clancy Brown and Tom Kenny speaking in thier character voices. I thought this was a side project by the actors with the names changed so they didn't get sued. Should have reconsidered as he was doing his SpongeBob voice since that voice is copyright to Viacom and don't ask me how you copyright a voice where you just run you're throat whilst giggling. I dunno. Nice meta joke anyway Kaz and Doug Lawrence. Because Plankton's voice actor and the co-writer of such shit as "SpongeBob, You're Fired." Then again, he did write classics such as "Pizza Delivery" and "Squeaky Boots" so I guess that was the shit every good writer has in thier career. Kaz has also been good and bad. He masterminded such classics as "SpongeBob Meets the Strangler" but created the infamous episode "Ink Lemonade." Also, Doug was also apparently behind the "My Leg" episode so they're clearly very talented when they're given some kind of idea. The idea of My Leg? Make an overused joke funny again. Pizza Delivery? Somehow make a normally boring pizza trip a classic.
Taa II
Taa II Hace 15 días
How did you know I was on the can while I was watching this?
ThatMemeyGuy Hace 15 días
Thanks Stephen Hillenburg, I'm kinda late because I was on vacation when the episode aired. At least I got to watch it On Demand.
JinBinha Dois
JinBinha Dois Hace 15 días
Spongebob is turning 34 😂
Daniel von Strangle
Daniel von Strangle Hace 15 días
14:43 I dont know WHY they would invite school bully for a birthday but still cool easter egg
RasZZe Hace 16 días
Honestly. My favorite episode of the show
A Fly to annoy Chavezz in his own home
A Fly to annoy Chavezz in his own home Hace 16 días
Decent showed to many fucking times
Sammy joe
Sammy joe Hace 16 días
6:41 he was also in ballad of filthy muck
PongoThomas Hace 16 días
David hasselhoff, our savior
Bendy the Demon
Bendy the Demon Hace 16 días
The end of the show in a nutshell "Will you tell us spongebob's age?" Well yes, but actualy no
*Toad Gamer*
*Toad Gamer* Hace 16 días
so spongebob is a manchild
Angry Fish
Angry Fish Hace 17 días
Magic man didn't show up and I am sad
Robert Ortiz-Wilson
Robert Ortiz-Wilson Hace 17 días
“And oh look celebrities, haha, lets just gloss over them.” Lol, yes please
Supai Sicario
Supai Sicario Hace 17 días
Old Man Jenkins (The Real One) has been renamed to Old Man Walker, apparently. Also, I personally prefer the Old Man Jenkins being the one from the Sponge Who Could Fly (That's My Opinion)
Bongo Cat
Bongo Cat Hace 17 días
I actually met the guy who voiced Zeus the guitar lord. he is a D.A.R.E. guy now. he talked about not doing drugs and stuff.. yadda yadda ya. he gave us tickets and said to take care of them and they they're were imaginary goats... I'm not fucking joking.
Bongo Cat
Bongo Cat Hace 17 días
he has really fallen from the fame of spongebob
Nicole Skinner
Nicole Skinner Hace 17 días
Wait, if it's confirmed that Spongebob exists in the same world as sponge bob that means that bigtime rush also does because they had an episode with patchy, and they also appeared in an episode of the alien show with Fred as the alien, meaning Spongebob shares a universe with alien Fred
Haydn Anderson
Haydn Anderson Hace 17 días
7:47 Seu Jorge had the same hat on the cover of The Life Aquatic Sick ref Nick, sick ref
Cinemania Hace 17 días
I think slappy is a reference to actor Peter Lorre.
nachosNapples Hace 17 días
that dog is unnerving
Super Mikuo
Super Mikuo Hace 17 días
They never called the old man "old man Jenkins" in this particular episode, so is he actually the real one? Also thank you for hating on the bean scene nobody is as hard on it as they should be
Rainbow Mustache
Rainbow Mustache Hace 17 días
I feel like Spongebob is being made by spongebob fans xD
Ayaan Shah
Ayaan Shah Hace 17 días
For some reason Potty’s voice didn’t stick with me until I looked up Who voiced Potty Originally It was Stephen Hillenburg
Xx_ sBh_xx
Xx_ sBh_xx Hace 17 días
I thought I was the only one who knew it wasn’t Roo’s (idk how to spell it) debut.
Der Carrot
Der Carrot Hace 17 días
Me, my brother, and my mom all got together one night to watch this and thought it was pretty good
UndeadSlayer5 Hace 17 días
I thought old man Jenkins died when krabs and plankton poisoned him
fa rt
fa rt Hace 8 días
There's no continuity in Spongebob, don't overthink it.
ymir Hace 17 días
Tom kenny is a treat
Jamesy NFG
Jamesy NFG Hace 17 días
So we ignoring thick shawty at 17:01? Aight…
Connor notyerbidness
Connor notyerbidness Hace 18 días
The reason they cant communicate with those fish and why they are different is its canon (according to hillenberg may he rest in peace) that the reason they can talk and are anthropomorphic because of the nuclear testing done at Bikini Atoll.
Connor notyerbidness
Connor notyerbidness Hace 18 días
I wonder why they decided this episode is when they introduce their parody of Peter Lorre (Slappy)
UnbeatenLake Hace 18 días
I actually never realized the guy in the blue shirt with the dog was Thomas Wilson, the guy who played Biff Tannen in Back to the future. He also played Flats, The Strangler, and Reg in the show.
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