Spiderman PS4 Review ONE YEAR LATER (2019) | Was it Actually That Good?

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Dealer - Gaming

Dealer - Gaming

Hace 28 días

Spider-man PS4 Review From An Xbox Fan One Year Later | Was it All Hype Or Was it ACTUALLY That Good? | This Spider man Review Covers every aspect of the game in an effort to reflect on what made this superhero game so successful, selling over 10 million copies. Marvels Spiderman PS4 gameplay captured on PS4 Pro and rendered at ultra high fidelity for best possible quality.
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Dealer - Gaming
Dealer - Gaming Hace 29 días
Recorded and uploaded this several days before the Insomniac Acquisition and Sony / Disney debacle so ignore my question at the end lol Also, if you watched the review you know that i I did mention a lot of potential negatives for certain people but I also listed a ton of positives and gave the game a great score. Thanks for watching! Consider sharing! 👍🙏
ISingand DoOtherThings
ISingand DoOtherThings Hace 11 días
Spider-Man Spider-Man
C38P0 1996
C38P0 1996 Hace 16 días
@Pitch Black but that partnership is done after the sequel.
Pitch Black
Pitch Black Hace 16 días
Dealer - Gaming lol obviously there wont be a sequel on xbox, you think Sony bought them to let there first game under Sony go to xbox?
C38P0 1996
C38P0 1996 Hace 25 días
@Megatron you forget Sony pictures still has to report to Japanese HQ, and Bob Iger will very much end up going to Japan to talk at Sony's HQ.
C38P0 1996
C38P0 1996 Hace 25 días
@Megatron oh no no no, Tom rothmans fuck up will echo all the way up to yoshida-san (guy who replaced Hirai-san), which in turn will effect EVERYTHING spider man. The comics have no real effect on the movies but Disney was more than willing to cancel the Fantastic 4 and X-men comics to spite fox, while Disney won't cancel spidey comics (They're one of the few that still sell decent), they can and will hit Sony in many ways.
W8steLandWarrior Hace 13 horas
Just bought a copy for $20 let's see
ELitz Ortiz
ELitz Ortiz Hace 16 horas
Sees title Me: Bitch Pls Still good video
Aaron James
Aaron James Hace un día
I still play this I’m playing new game + in mcu suits only (except the battle with doc oc as u have to use that specific suit) I’m on the dlc at the moment so I’m using the far from home suits
Pino thadon
Pino thadon Hace 2 días
No xbox!!!! PS4 game!!
MB森林浴 Hace 2 días
I have platinumed this game and beat the story many times but at 45 seconds into the video I have never seen spiderman do that animation. And 1:24 never seen that either lol.
Chanda H. Da Samurai
Chanda H. Da Samurai Hace 3 días
It was overhyped and just a movie for $60. Good movie tho! Reskined Batman game.
Chanda H. Da Samurai
Chanda H. Da Samurai Hace 3 días
@Carine Bogaert lol you lost me on that one.
Carine Bogaert
Carine Bogaert Hace 3 días
Just like Fortnite.
7dogguy Hace 3 días
I hate how mechanical the super villains look. I wish they looked more they their original counterparts or at least mostly original
GODOFWAR 234 regi
GODOFWAR 234 regi Hace un día
This is a modern take on Spider-Man, so it makes sense.
solarneddy Hace 3 días
I prefer Infamous Second Son
Terrace Hace 3 días
The game is good but the challenges is abit annoying BUT still fun!
Kylo/ Ben
Kylo/ Ben Hace 3 días
I remember seeing a review of this game when it first came out and the dude reviewing it FUCKING HATED THE GAME! first he talked about the art style and lightning and how it made Spider-Man WAY TOO CHILDISH. then he talked about how the suits were mostly good but said it sucked how we didn't get the unlimited suit and of course the black suit..... he ended that point by saying THEY ADDED WAY TOO MANY VERSIONS OF THE CLASSIC SUIT I kinda agree with that last part....... and then he ranted about how the storyline was TOO SHORT AND WAY TOO PREDICTABLE in how they revealed otto's character arc and how Peter would beat him. at the end of the video he basically demanded they add venom for the sequel otherwise he wasn't "wasting his cash on a shity plot" I actually think he was being serious because he started his review by giving the camera the most depressing face as he talked how let down he was you'd would've thought he'd just been told he failed all his finals..... 3 words mate, You Overhyped Yourself
Kyle Britz
Kyle Britz Hace 4 días
Arkham used counter from spiderman 2
Juan Hernandez
Juan Hernandez Hace 4 días
I Want a Tarzan Game 💯
Anthony Gladiator
Anthony Gladiator Hace 5 días
I am still triggered because I don't have a Ps4
cigges Hace 5 días
It was that good.
Nathan Smith
Nathan Smith Hace 6 días
I love Spider-Man we my favorite
The Mad Titan
The Mad Titan Hace 7 días
Everything a Spider-Man experience should and could be and much more. The game for me completely amazing with most of the issues being small nitpicks that they can easily improve on in the inevitable sequel.
illwill1991 Hace 8 días
I'm sorry bro but no. Spiderman on the xbox will never ever happen. Spiderman is owned by Sony so sorry there not gonna put there biggest IP on there competitors console. Edit: actually now that I think about it, the merchandising right (which includes video games) still belongs to marvel and by extension Disney. But that doesn't increase the chances of the sequel coming to xbox. If anything that just means that were probably not gonna get a sequel at all now that Sony and Disney's partnership on the spiderman movies has fallen apart.
MadOcelotGod 81
MadOcelotGod 81 Hace 8 días
This game really makes you FEEL like the dragonborn
Seth Parris
Seth Parris Hace 8 días
Amazing game love it so much
Hirst Movies /Hirst Productions
Hirst Movies /Hirst Productions Hace 8 días
Insomniac should write a Spider-Man movie some time I mean they gave us a masterpiece!
Manuel Amaya
Manuel Amaya Hace 2 días
Sony own them now
Hirst Movies /Hirst Productions
Hirst Movies /Hirst Productions Hace 8 días
I like playing as miles but MJ gets a bit boring
KINGjdProdigy100 Hace 9 días
The games was 🔥🔥🔥
sammy buzzer amin
sammy buzzer amin Hace 9 días
stop lying it is shitty game
alex alec
alex alec Hace 9 días
Damn right it was good
RT note
RT note Hace 9 días
Well the side missions are really just supposed to go back to friendly neighborhood spiderman ideas
The Mad Titan
The Mad Titan Hace 7 días
Yeah that was my favorite aspect of the sidemissions.
Luke973T Hace 9 días
Just started playing recently. I didnt get hyped for it despite spiderman being one of my favorite superheroes. Its definitely a really fun game and I'm impressed because I thought that it might have been too similar to batman combat wise but its actually pretty immersive. The moves really feel like they captured the spirit of spiderman.
Senior Ricketts
Senior Ricketts Hace 9 días
Excellent game But they forgot or intentionally left some things out that other spider man games had like Swing hurt people to the hospital from web of shadows Taking enemies out when you are on the ceiling and doublestealth takedowns from amazing spiderman
Maldon 365
Maldon 365 Hace 9 días
I think the Taskmaster challenges are the best side missions next to Tombstones mission
Felix hadinata
Felix hadinata Hace 10 días
i could suspend the mission..
Robert Bell
Robert Bell Hace 10 días
Still a awesome fun ps4 masterpiece
Heel_ Jamison
Heel_ Jamison Hace 10 días
The game was fun, looked amazing had amazing cut scenes, but to 100% the game it was very repetitive and yea camera was a mf
Cole Edits
Cole Edits Hace 12 días
The DLC IS great??? It has full fledged cutscenes and top notch missions. It’s like the base game just smaller and expands on the story further for £10-15...
Skyyswagg Studios
Skyyswagg Studios Hace 6 días
It’s great, especially if you get the season pass, it’s like nine more hours of game for 25 bucks
Samuel Reid
Samuel Reid Hace 13 días
Has it already been 1 year? Damn
gamer kamra
gamer kamra Hace 13 días
I don't agree with your opinion but I respect them you earned my sub
Brian Daniel
Brian Daniel Hace 14 días
Well now that Sony bought Insomniac, you will never see this on an X-box. Sorry
Alex Varas
Alex Varas Hace 14 días
I agree Tombstone side missions are pretty much the only remarkable ones. The DLCs aren't great either.
Ryu E
Ryu E Hace 15 días
It took me a week to platinum the game . The game was perfect and the 3 dlcs were excellent
JJKM 17.
JJKM 17. Hace 10 días
Ryu E dude I need 2 more secret ops to finish the main story I already got my platinum it took me 1 and a half week
Carlos Salazar
Carlos Salazar Hace 15 días
Played in tobeys web suit felt like spiderman 4.
Drunk3n Gaming
Drunk3n Gaming Hace 15 días
I'm sure the news insomanic got bought by Sony came out way b4 this video right?
Leigh Rel
Leigh Rel Hace 15 días
I literally finished it 15 minutes ago. Honestly I think it was pretty good, gameplay was good (I think since I usually play story over gameplay games). But I will say the visuals are STUNNING!! But the story is the best I’ve seen from any Spider-Man in recent years. Would recommend, 7.5/10
Retaliation032 Hace 16 días
10:37 Welp, Insomniac Games was recently bought by Sony. So it's unlikely for the sequel to appear on other platforms. Also, RIP Sunset Overdrive sequel.
Jack_The_Masochist_Kelly MMA
Jack_The_Masochist_Kelly MMA Hace 2 días
sunset overdrive us owned by insomniac, playstation said they are open to making a sequel
Chanda H. Da Samurai
Chanda H. Da Samurai Hace 3 días
They was basically with Sony anyways, lol. They never tried for MS. They did that hoping their stocks went up to be brought by Sony. That's the truth. Microsoft has the money to buy them. But let's be real they never wanted to make even spiderman for Xbox when they could. Remember they was a free agent. So you see the bias in their company for Sony.
Atomic-GodHead Hace 16 días
it hasn't been a year
Jarryd Kniese
Jarryd Kniese Hace 10 días
Atomic-GodHead yeah it has
Joshua V. Harding
Joshua V. Harding Hace 16 días
I loved this game 3000. What an ending
silly goose
silly goose Hace 16 días
DC: At least we have better games Marvel: Hold my beer
silly goose
silly goose Hace 14 días
LastAvenger imo if you use game mechanics with elements from other games and you do it better then it’s fine. Arkham clearly did It better than Spider-Man 2 and IMO Spider-Man ps4 did it better than arkham
LastAvenger Hace 14 días
George Ditto funny but guess where Arkham got its combat from (Spider-Man 2 btw)
George Ditto
George Ditto Hace 14 días
Spiderman literally took its mechanics from batman arkham series. Love both tho!
Gordon Ramsay
Gordon Ramsay Hace 16 días
For me it’s a ten out of ten
Supermeme Theking
Supermeme Theking Hace 16 días
Ultimate Quicksilver
Ultimate Quicksilver Hace 17 días
Angry Joe already pointed this out, Spider-Man combat system is more like Spider-Man 2's combat system but approved.
Daniele Anzaldi
Daniele Anzaldi Hace un día
yeah it really isn't like arkham at all
GODOFWAR 234 regi
GODOFWAR 234 regi Hace un día
Facts. Edit: Also improved.
Chico diz
Chico diz Hace 18 días
I’m 11 i love playing Spider-Man ps4 but the only thing that made me mad is that we couldn’t play as miles in his prime
Chico diz
Chico diz Hace 11 días
@NICOLAS EATON now I feel bad I agree with u I understand wat u mean now if there was more miles they would have changed the title that makes more sense thanks man FYi srry
NICOLAS EATON Hace 12 días
@Chico diz all I said was thats stupid even tho it has miles as a playable character its clearly a spiderman game miles doesn't even reach that title yet he's kinda just useless right now IG we wait till the sequel to get a better view on his character
NICOLAS EATON Hace 12 días
@Chico diz I have the game Dont be toxic kid miles is just extra luggage to me rn but idk if that might change when he gets his powers
Ultimate Coola
Ultimate Coola Hace 12 días
Same here kid but maybe the sequel.
Chico diz
Chico diz Hace 13 días
@NICOLAS EATON u bot I mean in the doc we didn't play as him with his powers idiot watch theradbrad and watch into the spider verse newb
himynameisfin Hace 20 días
It should be on PSPlus
Ralph Desrosiers
Ralph Desrosiers Hace 20 días
Sony owns Spiderman it won’t be on xbox
they l77
they l77 Hace 20 días
I wish this was on xbox 😔 I still never played it nor watched someone beat the game
Hamza Mahmood
Hamza Mahmood Hace 18 días
they l77 too bad sorry bro
spam Hace 20 días
I would love to see what this game would be like on the Xbox One X! I have a PS4 Pro and loved the game, but it’d be so cool to see the game on such a beast! Plus, I hate that my Xbox friends had to miss out on such a masterpiece!
MCinsayno Hace 20 días
Nothing more stupid than brand loyalty.
Sir Charizard
Sir Charizard Hace 20 días
Still kinda salty we never got this and street fighter 5
SirJack of Camelot
SirJack of Camelot Hace 20 días
Street fighter 5 is a monetization nightmare, fuckin ads in video games? Are we serious? They can have it. Way better multi-plat fighters that aren't trying to push anti-consumer bullshit.
Shaq Simmons
Shaq Simmons Hace 20 días
This Nigga Trippin Da DLC Was Slick More Interesting Then Da Main Story
Afnan Acchan
Afnan Acchan Hace 22 días
Success of this game is hardly surprising. Marvel fans had been waiting for years for decent game. I just dont understand why there is not many marvel game despite MCU huge success. I have yet to see proper Iron man, Captain America, Thor game.
Ira Ford
Ira Ford Hace 12 días
Afnan Acchan the new AAA avengers game from square enix is still coming out next year and it's going to be an iron man game, captain america game and thor game all in one.
taraishot100 Hace 22 días
Im only 50% in the game and from my experience this game is awesome. It has a Batman Arkham series kind of feel to it. Loved the Arkham series and love this Spiderman game.
Christian Hawk
Christian Hawk Hace 22 días
So much wrong this review
SirJack of Camelot
SirJack of Camelot Hace 20 días
No there wasn't, you're just inside your own bubble and nobody can give criticism of your precious sony games. Every game has flaws I dont care how good you wanna rate it.
Christian Hawk
Christian Hawk Hace 22 días
The combat started with spiderman 2 not Batman. Just saying
Ira Ford
Ira Ford Hace 12 días
Christian Hawk agreed.
Christian Hawk
Christian Hawk Hace 22 días
Anyone saying this game sucks or average. Either hasn’t played it or his blinded by nostalgia of other games.
Angel Valentin Mojica
Angel Valentin Mojica Hace 24 días
Spider man is better than any xbox one game period.
Skyyswagg Studios
Skyyswagg Studios Hace 6 días
That doesn’t mean it’s not good
Angel Valentin Mojica
Angel Valentin Mojica Hace 22 días
@Ninja Boricua31 same as gears 4.5
Ninja Boricua31
Ninja Boricua31 Hace 22 días
It spider Man nothing new with nice graphics
Captain Crunch
Captain Crunch Hace 24 días
I didn’t like it but it was high quality for sure. Something Xbox could accomplish if they’d turn their premium first party loose on a new ip
Star Scraper
Star Scraper Hace 24 días
I loved this game apart from 2 problems number 1 you can run down walls number 2 in the beginning of the game you put Wilson Fisk in the raft but later in the game yuri said 100% of the raft escaped and the police couldn’t catch him the first time and he never appeared in the dlc and Spider-Man was never shown catching him and he was the first time so where is he
Christian Hawk
Christian Hawk Hace 22 días
Star Scraper they might be setting him up for the sequel
Geeky Gamer
Geeky Gamer Hace 25 días
U seem cool subbed
David Chittick
David Chittick Hace 25 días
I love this game and I can't wait for the sequel
jrad410 Hace 25 días
Glad I waited got the compete edition for 24 dollars lol, I really enjoys this game. Great story and gameplay, not a groundbreaking game but fun nonetheless
Hamza Mahmood
Hamza Mahmood Hace 18 días
jrad410 good you enjoyed it
JFKTV Hace 25 días
Yeah, I don’t see it goin’ to Xbox haha. Your review is extremely on point with how I feel about the game overall, but I’d give it like a 89. I definitely wanted better boss battles too. Nice vid.
Oddwolf799 lop
Oddwolf799 lop Hace 20 días
Better boss battles I guess
bryan ingold
bryan ingold Hace 25 días
Do your sequel wishlist man
Bonesaw McGraw
Bonesaw McGraw Hace 25 días
I'm in the same boat. I'd give it around an 88%
Hamza Mahmood
Hamza Mahmood Hace 18 días
Bonesaw McGraw good rating but it got an 87
TheShankPimp Hace 26 días
still one of my most frequently played games to this day
Dealer - Gaming
Dealer - Gaming Hace 25 días
its a great game
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