Spiderman PS4 Review ONE YEAR LATER (2019) | Was it Actually That Good?

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Dealer - Gaming

Dealer - Gaming

Hace 6 meses

Spider-man PS4 Review From An Xbox Fan One Year Later | Was it All Hype Or Was it ACTUALLY That Good? | This Spider man Review Covers every aspect of the game in an effort to reflect on what made this superhero game so successful, selling over 10 million copies. Marvels Spiderman PS4 gameplay captured on PS4 Pro and rendered at ultra high fidelity for best possible quality.
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Dealer - Gaming
Dealer - Gaming Hace 6 meses
Recorded and uploaded this several days before the Insomniac Acquisition and Sony / Disney debacle so ignore my question at the end lol Also, if you watched the review you know that i I did mention a lot of potential negatives for certain people but I also listed a ton of positives and gave the game a great score. Thanks for watching! Consider sharing! 👍🙏
YZ NATOR Hace 6 días
Dealer - Gaming it is a great game, so don’t poop on it 😭 lol
Blade Daywalker
Blade Daywalker Hace 16 días
Haven't played this game yet but hope that Tarantula is in the next game as one of the main anti-hero/main villains.Also hope they leave the combat system the same but improve it and have light and heavy attack buttons with every move chainable from the first button press to the last.Would bring the game to legendary status.
C38P0 1996
C38P0 1996 Hace un mes
@i paint houses shuhei hinted that sunset overdrive will become an important franchise for them going forward as they own that too now.
i paint houses
i paint houses Hace un mes
@Super-Spider Gaming i like to see a new IP from imsoniac after the sequel. I dont want to see a whole bunch of just spiderman games. Im curious what new IP they will make. They proofed themself that they can deliver...
i paint houses
i paint houses Hace un mes
@C38P0 1996 thats perfect , i like to see a new IP from imsoniac after the sequel. I dont want to see a whole bunch of just spiderman games. Im curious what new IP they will make. They proofed themself that they can deliver...
Pamelia Hooks
Pamelia Hooks Hace 2 horas
This is my first spiderman game and I am loving it this game is absolutely awesome I didn't know this game was that good........wow 😃 whose playing it in 2020 cause I sure is........😎
Joey Hace un día
Instant classic, the fluidity of combat and swinging was just amazing
Emmanuel Gibson
Emmanuel Gibson Hace un día
It’s a Sony exclusive so no xbox or pc for sequels. Only a PlayStation. Sony is the producing the game and I doubt they want to help Microsoft make money lol
og johnny gat
og johnny gat Hace un día
Keyan Stoney
Keyan Stoney Hace un día
My only personal problem with it was Mary Jane. I like her and her wanting to help more without being a damsel. But her constantly putting herself in danger and then getting mad at peter for saving her and worrying about it was stupid.
Super Clorox
Super Clorox Hace un día
just needs a day and night cycle weather change, and replaying missions
j p
j p Hace 3 días
Best game greatest story ever
Markus Mitchell
Markus Mitchell Hace 4 días
Yes it's good
AHK197 Hace 6 días
Batman borrowed from Spiderman tho...
Big Guy
Big Guy Hace 8 días
This game set the bar for open world Gameplay for spiderman fans. Hopefully the next game is better. I’d it a 9.5 out of 10. Only cuz my favorite villains aren’t in it (venom, carnage). They could’ve done better with the side missions as well. But overall amazing game
Chris King
Chris King Hace 8 días
This one game worth keeping the PS4 well beyond the next console
Jiggz Vegas
Jiggz Vegas Hace 8 días
I can honestly say this is the best looking game I e played in a long time. It’s worth every penny.
Liam Williams
Liam Williams Hace 8 días
I played it for the first time in December and at first I thought it was a basic game and couldn’t understand the hype around it, by the end I was like damn I don’t want this to end. It didn’t do anything amazing but it was fun and addictive.
Jackson Vorholt
Jackson Vorholt Hace 8 días
This game was a 15/10 for me
Kawah Ahmed
Kawah Ahmed Hace 9 días
I would git it a 9.5
Kawah Ahmed
Kawah Ahmed Hace 9 días
And I liked the puzzles
Kawah Ahmed
Kawah Ahmed Hace 9 días
And I liked the camera
Kawah Ahmed
Kawah Ahmed Hace 9 días
I really like the side-missions
John C
John C Hace 11 días
Sony owns the Spider-Man license and they make the latest Spider-Man movies. So Sony is not going to let Spider-Man game get released on the Xbox. It’s just part of the console war. Spider-Man is a great game. When I first played it, I thought it was going to be great. But I just fell in love with it. This game is amazing. Graphics are so good it is very easy to believe I’m in New York. The story is amazing. They could have had more missions though. If this is what they can do on the PS4. The sequel would be even more realistic graphics wise on the PS5 which is a lot more powerful. It would look really real for sure.
Unlimited Limits
Unlimited Limits Hace 11 días
You are here for 0:45 hear that insane...
Ahmad Hace 13 días
still playing this game, oh man the swinging mechanic really got me addicted i just spend almost an hour just seeing spider man do some acrobatic in the air really love it, and the graphic is sooo noice! 11/10 and will buy it if sequel exist.
Rob Crane
Rob Crane Hace 13 días
Its a solid 7.5...repetitive fighting somehwhat...
Frank Reynolds
Frank Reynolds Hace 14 días
I’ve replayed this game a few times and love it but I honestly hate the Mary Jane portions
Rottyn Crowd
Rottyn Crowd Hace 14 días
Mashmarriner Hace 16 días
Complaining about the abort mission message. Seriously?
Its KEL Official
Its KEL Official Hace 16 días
The game that made me feel like spiderman in the beginning specially playing 4K tv
Its KEL Official
Its KEL Official Hace 16 días
Wish more villain on sequel more actions more villain single fights
Mashmarriner Hace 16 días
"As an Xbox fan" really? Do people still call themselves a Xbox fan or playstation fan?
Beyond Antares
Beyond Antares Hace 20 días
You know, I’ve played every single insomniac game and knew an IP like Spider-Man would be straight up theirs alley. There were elements in sunset overdrive and ratchet and clank. I think this is how Sony gets great franchises like God of War, uncharted, resident evil, silent hill, etc. The ask their developers what they’ve wanted to make instead of setting up another studio to make another halo.
Tiger Sailing
Tiger Sailing Hace 20 días
Just ordered it on amazon today. I wait till games go down in price. It was $36.99.
Tiger Sailing
Tiger Sailing Hace 6 días
@Grayson Leblan also game of the year edition.
Grayson Leblan
Grayson Leblan Hace 17 días
Tiger Sailing lol what? which edition did you buy? i bought game of the year edition for $23
Peter Davies
Peter Davies Hace 22 días
I have it on the easiest setting and I find it too difficult. I just can't do the chasing Shocker and have struggled with other bits. I have tried for hours and getting bored. Would be great if there was an option to say I can't do this bit and want to move on! Otherwise the game is a waste of time.
Justin Jimenez
Justin Jimenez Hace 28 días
Finally finished this game. Very disappointed. I already was but now that I've completed the game I can still say so. This game is not nearly as good as other Spider-Man games. There is a hell of a lot of unnecessary fluff here. So much so that the developers even give you options to skip a lot of these things. This game is very much designed like the standard open world experience like the bullshit towers to open up map icons, the poorly designed side content, the mission area boundaries that completely defeats the purpose of an open world game format, traversal mechanics are pretty broken and only work in favor of web swinging to get around but not accurate enough for precision platforming or movement which makes stealth incredibly frustrating due to the mechanics being maximized for distance traversal. Combat is very annoying as all enemies can attack at once and from off screen. Combat feels completely removed from web swinging which is something Web of Shadows did that I cannot live without in a Spider-Man game. Contextually a lot of the combat scenarios don't make sense with up to 30 low level thugs mugging one person, or droves of people with rocket launchers and high tech equipment despite beating thousands of the same people. There is an excess or oversaturation of enemies that it removes a skill based approach in favor of a frenzied knock everyone out as quick as possible approach. Boss battles are forgettable retreads of every other Spider-Man game to have ever existed. In fact this game does almost nothing unique on it's own. It's a gameplay experience cobbled together from more successful games without introducing a single new idea of it's own. That final boss battle was extremely underwhelming considering you don't even fight the Sinister Six together but instead 2 teams of two and the rest individually. Doc Ock doesn't even have a gameplay presence so that final battle is the ONLY battle with Doc Ock so the epic nature of it didn't feel earned and the only reason it can be considered a payoff is through the game's narrative that build Peter and Octavious's relationship. Story is the only place where the game shines or rather just characterization because I have problems with the story as well. But the characterization of both Peter and Octavious is the highlight of the story which is undercut by the lack of more story based gameplay content. This is one of the best interpretations of Peter in a videogame but outside of him I didn't really enjoy it too much. Also hate the stealth missions. Part of why I took long to completely the game is because I'd just shut the game off once they put me in control of either of them because I did not like their gameplay shift nor did I want that. I came here for Spider-Man. You don't force me out of that experience. As optional side content, sure knock yourself out. As a necessary component to the main game? Fuck no. Basically, this game isn't that great period. Offers nothing new. A new Spider-Man game needs to offer a unique gameplay experience and I think Web of Shadows had the right approach by marrying combat with traversal and made it so easy to move from ground to air to wall and incorporated gameplay into that design. I don't want another Spider-man 2 PS2 experience. I don't want another Spider-Man game that plays like the others. There is so much more you could do with this character and they've been shoveling out the same shit since Spider-Man 2 for PS2. Do something new for Christ's sake
BlaM KaZam
BlaM KaZam Hace 28 días
When we keep comparing combat to batman, I know some people see it as bad, like why copy batman? But realistically it is a good thing, baan games lead the way to some of the better fighting in games, just like this game.
Keyur Jadav
Keyur Jadav Hace un mes
This dude takes 12 mins to say “yes”.
Bruce Wayne
Bruce Wayne Hace 6 días
Keyur Jadav Did you really want a 5 second video of him saying “Yes”?, you fucking moron
Autumn K
Autumn K Hace un mes
I can play this game for hours and hours and not get bored
Matej Nikolovski
Matej Nikolovski Hace un mes
You said that this game is a B+ woow this game is a A+++ l play it still not that l dont have other games but because this game is so so awesome
Loofa Tube
Loofa Tube Hace un mes
Fuck yo xbox
Syed Ahmad
Syed Ahmad Hace un mes
I am glad more people are calling out the shitty bosses in this game. When you have played heavy hitters like bloodborne and devil may cry etc. the bosses in this game seem like a lazy afterthought that play the same. They have to improve it in the sequel. Otherwise a pretty close to perfect game for me. Good review sir.
Mcknight D
Mcknight D Hace un mes
Actually batman took the combat from spiderman if you have tried playing some of the older spiderman titles
MultiKushie Hace un mes
So I heard this technically took place after End Game happened lol
Krishh Bhola
Krishh Bhola Hace un mes
To bad that there isn’t any new DLC available...
Black Chandelier Mirage
Black Chandelier Mirage Hace un mes
I would love it if the sequel has combat more simillar to the Yakuza series, would add more impact
Travis Kiddo
Travis Kiddo Hace un mes
The pidgeon side quest is actually heart warming imo.
howtoeataham Hace un mes
This game is a 9.9 for me. The 0.1 is that we can’t replay missions. But everything else is incredible. Graphics, stories, missions, and even the DLC are super fun and addicting.
Asking Anime
Asking Anime Hace un mes
I played the game when it came out. I still play it to this day. Web swinging is addicting
MagnumDB Hace un mes
My only complaint: I wish bosses had health bars. Sometimes I didn’t know if I was supposed to be doing something different.
King Of Texas
King Of Texas Hace un mes
Beat the whole game twice already! 2nd time I used the sam raimi suit throughout the whole game
Ivo Gievski
Ivo Gievski Hace un mes
Top notch game, no doubt about it.
michigan1777 Hace un mes
Well now we know you won't be seeing Spiderman on your xbox. Sony bought insomniac 😬
Sicario Gamer
Sicario Gamer Hace un mes
If you love the game check out my Spidey movie style walkthrough guys 👍🏼
Fiasco3 Hace un mes
It could have easily won Game OF The Year, and I think it was worthy of running alongside Red Dead Redemption 2 and God Of War.
RobM Hace un mes
I'm ashamed to say I havn't played it yet... As soon as i buy it it'll be a Ps plus or Ps Now game
Lyons T-BAG
Lyons T-BAG Hace un mes
Yes it was as a single player game with no micro transactions the game was just amazing. So so fun. I still hop onto it from time to time. No need for all the (WAS IT JUST HYPE COMMENT) As we all know you're just using this to get views. The game is great. End of story. You did the video already so thanks for wasting my time and many other peoples time with this title! Blocking your channel from my ESwomen now. Bye bye 😀
Awesome Adam
Awesome Adam Hace un mes
Am I the only one who genuinely loved catching pigeons
The Batman
The Batman Hace un mes
Loved the game ... BUT ... Green Goblin??
Kris Andreasian
Kris Andreasian Hace un mes
This game was awesome! Better than God of war and red dead redemption! Should have been game of the year!
Jimmy Lopez
Jimmy Lopez Hace un mes
Im playing it now...Im liking it...but seems like it to a while for the action to get really good in the story
Jim Moys
Jim Moys Hace un mes
Spiderman was made by a Sony owned studio with a Sony owned IP. I don’t think that the second one will be on xbox
Dank Ass Andrew
Dank Ass Andrew Hace un mes
Combat wise :8 story wise :mild 5. Overall a decent game I wished I could have gotten at a discounted price
Cameryn Crump
Cameryn Crump Hace un mes
Them numbers should be switched
unkown A unk
unkown A unk Hace un mes
a 1111
Franzus Gütlus
Franzus Gütlus Hace un mes
Yes -> end of video
Hendrick Anton
Hendrick Anton Hace un mes
I just beat the game and needed some catharsis. I agree on most points with you, it's an amazing game !
kiam- 48hour records
kiam- 48hour records Hace un mes
Why sega cant take their time and Make games this good
Tom Hutch
Tom Hutch Hace un mes
Great video man literally bought the game yesterday still waiting on the download but very excited, keep up the good content
Fasu Fofana
Fasu Fofana Hace un mes
i will get it tommorow i cant wait to play the game :D
Kyle Howard
Kyle Howard Hace un mes
The boss fights are way too easy and way too predictable you know when they’re going to attack before they even do so. The story on this game is incredible tho it’s actually better than the movie they go deeper into it. While you’re playing the main campaign and watching the cut scenes it’s like you’re playing a game and watching a great movie at the same time!!
Jukins 5
Jukins 5 Hace un mes
@PunchFor Pound you've completed on hardest difficulty? While it's no soul game it's still a challenge on the hardest difficulty
PunchFor Pound
PunchFor Pound Hace un mes
It's crazy how it's 2020 but boss fights, difficulty balancing, and gameplay in general have regressed instead of progressed since 20 years ago. Maybe not in 2D games or indie games but in AAA console games. It's inexcusable for games like Spider-man or Witcher 3 to not have boss fights and gameplay in general of the quality and challenge of Bloodborne/Amalur/Dragon'sDogma/etc, and it would all the difference.
god of war
god of war Hace un mes
Batman series i think won because of the environment is very sark and mystery happening in gotham city all the fans of batman are happy and the gameplay was soo good than spiderman!!! But spiderman has long story but gameplay was not that i expect but anyway insomniac developer was their first time to make this kind of gane they always make first pwrson shooter and thumbs up to spiderman developer insomniac games
Xel Canon
Xel Canon Hace un mes
Pauuuuuseee. 2:47 🥵🥵🍑🍑
Incredible Gamer
Incredible Gamer Hace un mes
I didn’t actually like this game.
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