Spider-Man Leaving the MCU: The Best and Worst Case Scenarios

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#SpiderMan is OUT of the #MCU! What happens now? Could it actually work out for #Marvel? We list the best and worst outcomes of this decision.
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By Ryan Arey (twitter.com/ryanarey/)

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ScreenCrush Hace 6 meses
Can Tom Holland's Peter Parker even exist outside the MCU?
Robin George
Robin George Hace 5 meses
ScreenCrush FUCK SONY
RISHABH RAWAT Hace 6 meses
@Gerald Brooks III merchs make money based on the popularity of character which is again due to creative control
Zanillani Hace 6 meses
@Saint of the Honest Disney gets merch rights because Sony only bought movie rights
Zanillani Hace 6 meses
@Saint of the Honest Disney was gonna pay half the production cost. Sony is a multi billion dollar corporation. They aren't hurting for money.
Gerald Brooks III
Gerald Brooks III Hace 6 meses
@RISHABH RAWAT But Disney gets all sales from merch and DVDs, which probably makes more than the films
Vincet Dacinzio
Vincet Dacinzio Hace 4 meses
Toby Mcguire already ruined Spiderman, Marvel was the ressurection. If Sony can't come to an agreement, Im done with sony all together and that includes all product lines!
the random guy
the random guy Hace 5 meses
why did Sony ever fucking get involved in MARVELS awesome Spiderman belonging to MARVEL comics
the random guy
the random guy Hace 5 meses
Fuck Sony
Jc Parker
Jc Parker Hace 5 meses
Sony I really hope someday you will go out of business forever because you ruined MCU FOREVER! I’m sick and tired of you people not respecting Stan Lee's legacy of marvel which he created. It’s bull shit of you for making stupid decisions I don’t care if you enrage my comment I’m writing this to say that your company SUCKS YOU SHOULD HAVE NO RIGHT OF KEEPING MARVEL'S BIG TIME CHARACTER! I really hope an earthquake clobberes your company building.
optimus2g Hace 5 meses
I'm not giving SONY Pictures a red cent. Fuck them. MCU Spidey or bust. #boycottSony
John Lee
John Lee Hace 5 meses
Miguel Angel Alvarez Agudo
Miguel Angel Alvarez Agudo Hace 5 meses
Very good
Vince Mendez
Vince Mendez Hace 5 meses
Forget the Area 51 raid lets raid sony
Oni Chan
Oni Chan Hace 5 meses
So tony stark died for nothing
Horrornado Hace 6 meses
No matter how you spin it, Sony abruptly pulling Spiderman from the MCU is like a no-deal Brexit. It will only hurt everyone.
Alicia Johnson
Alicia Johnson Hace 6 meses
sony's comic book movies are bullshit. have they ever produced something good.
Alicia Johnson
Alicia Johnson Hace 6 meses
if sony takes spiderman nothing would make sense at all. He knows all the superheroes in the MCU. where is nick fury going to fit in, hes owned by marvel and so are all the others. who is he going to team up with the fantastic four? . and sony is known for horrible comic book movies. #boycot sony#
Thrasher38 Hace 6 meses
The 2 MCU Spidey movies were fair at best... Venom was better than both
eyuel dereje
eyuel dereje Hace 6 meses
Sony is trash
mjamitche5 Hace 6 meses
I agree that it will be better for both companies to go their separate ways. I don't think that Sony is capable of making a Spider-Man Peter Parker movie that is decent. I'm personally sick of Peter Parker anyway. They can crash and burn, but I hope they innovate and do a live action Miles Morales. And yes, the MCU is much more innovative without Spidey.
Brainbuster 4u
Brainbuster 4u Hace 6 meses
#boycott sony because feel like sony got no clue what to do with spidey, and I don't mind marvels version of current spidey. Although wasn't a big fan of far from home....
king scooby
king scooby Hace 6 meses
But Sony suck at making movie
Little Light
Little Light Hace 6 meses
"If you were nothing with out the MCU , Then You shouldnt have it. " *Tony Stark to all the MCU stans..*
Dokhtare Kaboli
Dokhtare Kaboli Hace 6 meses
People who prefer the comic book Spiderman are sure happy about this, but I loved the MCU version of him and his relationship with Tony and Happy. Also, Spiderman was the last hope for phase 4, now who will bring people to the cinema? Captain Marvel? And no, I will not watch this Spiderman 3. This sucks more than female Thor.
K Hace 6 meses
5 years later--> Disney-You couldn't live with your own failure. Where did that bring you? Back to me.
Lloyd Moore
Lloyd Moore Hace 6 meses
F.Y.I. The villians Spiderman fought in "Homecoming" & "Far From Home" were never Iron Man villians: Vulture, Shocker, Mysterio, etc... By proxy! What???!!! These were always Spiderman villians... In fact these were the original Spiderman villians all the way back in the 60's. Add Green Goblin and Dr. Octopus to that.
Bailey Sanderson
Bailey Sanderson Hace 6 meses
I’ve decided that having a good *spider-man* story is more important than having him in the Avengers, so I think Sony is capable of doing that but I’m worried that they’ll flop again. Also, I just want a consistent Spider-Man now, like Tom Holland’s Spider-Man really gave that to me and now he’s gonna be soft rebooted, and that makes me sad. I wish we could have a consistent and solid Spider-Man who isn’t ruined by corporate decision making, Spider-Man means more than that.
FBI Hace 6 meses
If Spider-Man goes dark it will look something like Batman and we all know how that turned out
SuperBabyMario0C Hace 5 meses
Please dont like your own comments
Big John
Big John Hace 6 meses
Nobody had mention, what it’s going to happen to Spider-Man in the upcoming Marvel Avenger Video Game that it’s in the works? Are they still going to keep Tom Holland “Spider-Man in the game? Or are they going to work around it or remove him in the video game? I’ve seen several videos and no one had mention this topic in their videos
Sw1zT1m3 Hace 6 meses
DISNEY: We Just Wanted To Make Spider-man Films As Good As Your First Two. SONY: And We Wanted You To Do Spider-man Films That Were Better. SONY: Ok. It's Not Working Out. We're Gonna Need Spider-man Back. DISNEY: For How Long?! SONY: Forever!! DISNEY: No, No, No, Please, Please, Please!! SONY: Let's Have Him. DISNEY: You Don't Understand, He's Our Flagship Character. We're Not The MCU Without Spider-man. SONY: If You're Not The MCU Without Spider-man, Then You Didn't Need Him In The First Place.
Jay Inquisitive
Jay Inquisitive Hace 6 meses
sidali bmz
sidali bmz Hace 6 meses
Sony and desny are in ass holes ' haw they are gonna do this ' hé was in civil war and infinity war and endgame one of the biggest movies and now hé is gonna be forgeten
sidali bmz
sidali bmz Hace 6 meses
This is so bad ' Spider-Man leving the mcu whay ' far from home s post created scean is so important ' and now they rewing this ' they did it with toby ' and they did it with Andrew ' and now tom ' hé is the best Spider-Man in my opinion ' im gonna stop watching the mcu with out Spider-Man
Focus Films
Focus Films Hace 6 meses
Fuck Sony dude
Laugh at Yourself Pro.
Laugh at Yourself Pro. Hace 6 meses
It pains me to say this because I love Marvel. The MCU has made my life, but this is just sad. And I am done for now. One of these 2 companies (@disney/ @sony) wants more than they deserve. Maybe both.. but the amount of leaks in this negotiation is just embarrassing. I think Someone leaked to make the other company look bad and get them back to the table. They clearly don’t see how much this character means to all of us and how much he meant to @therealstanleeto actually sit down and make a reasonable deal. They are to worried about themselves to realize how this deal effects not only the other company but us. If they won’t compromise neither will I. I will not settle for a half assed Spider-Man if they won’t settle for less money than they want. #spideydeservesbetter Go like the post on instagram and share it! spread the word! instagram.com/p/B1l7UozBKU_/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link
io Hace 6 meses
Wsp Bitch
Wsp Bitch Hace 6 meses
Thank God fuck this bullshit marvel is pulling trying to make Spiderman IronMan's little bitch maybe now we can see some good movies with Spiderman fighting a real villain like venom not some fucking regular dude with some drones Edit: also no more baby shit marvel is out here trying to make kids movies and the older I get the worst there movies get now that Spiderman is with Sony they can make some good adult films where the characters swear and kill people and we don't have baby Tom Holland out here playing Spiderman looking like a 9th grader
dflowers30 Hace 6 meses
While I agree on some of those points, Spider Man doesnt swear or kill. Never did in the comics or TV show
Arch Angel
Arch Angel Hace 6 meses
All of your points on Spiderman leaving The MCU are all very valid. I think having Spiderman back to his solo adventures will allow him to focus more on His core supporting characters and villains is definitely a great thing for the Wall Crawler. The one aspect of having Sony solely in control of Spidey now that Marvel is gone that really worries me is that Sony will repeat the devastating mistakes they made during The Andrew Garfield run of Spiderman. I do not have confidence in Sony’s ability to make Spiderman films on their own. The Amazing Spiderman 2 was a complete mess and I thought The Venom movie was very underwhelming. Amy Pascal and Avi Arad are not fit to take good care of our beloved hero. I blame Disney on this one. Having Spiderman remain in The MCU would still have made the Cinematic Universe richer in storytelling even though they wouldn’t receive more money in their profits. I hope that one day in the near future Disney and Sony can come back to the table and fix this conflict so that both parties are happy. If Sony botches Spiderman again, I will not support another complete Spiderman reboot.
Neil Kendrick
Neil Kendrick Hace 6 meses
rarely watch these things, but yours was well said, with a good arguement either side - nkudos to you for that: tho to answer the question 'would i go to see a marvel character outside the marvel universe, being a comic enthusiast? no.
Larry Lewis
Larry Lewis Hace 6 meses
Whole shit is so Disney Marvel Fuckbwoy biased as hell.Didnt even mention Spiderverse The best Spiderman movie ever!
Larry Lewis
Larry Lewis Hace 6 meses
Spiderman 4 bitch!
Chris Grey
Chris Grey Hace 6 meses
I feel like phase 4 of the MCU is not going to be that good since a lot of the stuff is going to be on Disney Plus and there are going to be people like myself included won't be able to watch any of the Marvel Disney Plus shows at all. plus there's only two movies movies I'm looking forward to in Phase 4 in that is Thor: love and Thunder and Doctor Strange: Multiverse Madness.
Chris Grey
Chris Grey Hace 6 meses
even though Sony as a bad track record of making movies like the Resident Evil movies, Spider-Man 3 and Amazing Spider-Man 2. they do have some good movies as well like Venom, Spider-Man into the spider-verse,Silent Hill & Hotel Transylvania movies. I'm just hoping that Spider-Man does not have to end up getting reboot it yet again.
Somesh Varman
Somesh Varman Hace 6 meses
The only way to bring spiderman back to the MCU is to not watch the next spiderman movie made by Sony then they will lose money and will return spiderman to the MCU or marvel by sony
Nile Horuseus
Nile Horuseus Hace 6 meses
That sucks
Nile Horuseus
Nile Horuseus Hace 6 meses
Nile Horuseus
Nile Horuseus Hace 6 meses
Tom Holland And Tobey Maguire were the best Spider-Man’s
Nile Horuseus
Nile Horuseus Hace 6 meses
This is sad
anime dreams
anime dreams Hace 6 meses
Hey at least Disney won't kill it like they did it Star Wars
oniokami13 Hace 6 meses
The fact that they centered it around Tony and the avengers was a mistake. Spider man is a solo character he teams up every now and then but he is his own character not dependent on others. He is one of the smartest people in the marvel universe second only to Reed Richards ``Mr. Fantastic of Fantastic Four``. I really hope that they can continue with Tom Holland in Sony. But that's more hoping, I liked him as Peter Parker. Damn it is a shame thou....C'est la vie
Archryll Hace 6 meses
Sony: Should We Make Spiderman Leave MCU its the best we can think of... Stanley: Dont make me come down there or i'll smash you into *PIECES*
bailey vaughan
bailey vaughan Hace 6 meses
New plan: call him spida guy Citizen: do a flip spida guy *flips* Citizen: yeah!
Pyrothief Hace 6 meses
It troubles me that there could be another univserse where spiderman was still in the MCU and the deal exists still...
Michael Nelson
Michael Nelson Hace 6 meses
BUT YOU CAN'T GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😬
Screen LoopHD
Screen LoopHD Hace 6 meses
Spiderman is officially homeless . @
Cooper Kirby
Cooper Kirby Hace 6 meses
Nardz Hace 6 meses
More like Disney using the kids as leverage "and that sucks".. #boycottDisney
wHAtS uP fUcKeRs •
wHAtS uP fUcKeRs • Hace 6 meses
ThatRevy 16
ThatRevy 16 Hace 6 meses
*Sony is bullshit*
Zain Hernandez
Zain Hernandez Hace 6 meses
Why does he have to leave😭
Ash Greninja WATER GXY
Ash Greninja WATER GXY Hace 6 meses
NO why would he leave the MCU he was my fav MCU character Now im sad
Tom Godwin
Tom Godwin Hace 6 meses
robert dunlop
robert dunlop Hace 6 meses
i'm on the side of sony , especially if they can get it right??? if reports are true then TOM HOLLAND is a hypocrite , because first he says that he wants to play SPIDER-MAN forever , then says only if its in the MCU!!!??? if this is true then i say SONY should recast the character and re-boot SPIDER-MAN into his own SPIDERVERSE , whilst hanging the greedy DISNEY MCU out to dry!
Jose Davila
Jose Davila Hace 6 meses
What if spider man is bought by marvel
Joe Joe
Joe Joe Hace 6 meses
Sony think they the shit because of Spider-Man into the spider verse
Joe Joe
Joe Joe Hace 6 meses
If they don’t fix this Sony is going to tank
unknown Hace 6 meses
Hmmm for me.. i like sony spiderman cause i hate robotic spider.. imagine deadpool wearing a robotic suit... i wanna see mutant with super power not human with robot suit.. if u wanna see robot better watch gundam
DumbWhales Hace 6 meses
So ,,, the bully maguire meme GODS finally did it themselves (referring to thanos equipping the gauntlet) xDhhahahahahaha Maybe in 2070 well get a better spider-man movie
orang rumah
orang rumah Hace 6 meses
#save spidey
UKMikey Hace 6 meses
Avi Arad making any meaningful decisions regarding this character is the doomsday scenario
Ballmash Hace 6 meses
This is a weak ass Spiderman version anyways, so hopefully they will go a different direction with the character..MCU spiderman is just a Stark fanboy, and should be able to "stand more on his own"
Shawn Little
Shawn Little Hace 6 meses
So now Spiderman far from home ending cliffhanger is all BULLSHIT NOW!?!?!?
Shawn Little
Shawn Little Hace 6 meses
FUCK YOU SONY!!!!!!!!!!
Jason Smith
Jason Smith Hace 6 meses
I always thought there should have been a symbiote trilogy with spiderman. Where he does get a suit and fights villains but the real enemy is himself. The 2nd movie is about Spiderman fighting Venom where Venom tries to get revenge and also thinks that he killed spiderman and wanting to live in peace. Then like in the comics, the 3rd movie would be about Carnage and then Spiderman is forced to team up with Venom who you also realize was never that bad to begin with and actually redeems himself. Am I the only one who wanted to see this? I'd imagine
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