Spider-Man Leaves the MCU - Who's to Blame: Sony or Disney?

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Hace 29 días

Spider-Man Leaves the MCU - Who's to Blame: Sony or Disney?
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Splendid Pictures
Splendid Pictures Hace 16 días
Justin Wu
Justin Wu Hace 16 días
Seriously, Sony will never want to share the production cost, this is like giving Disney ownership of Epidermal even though they don't own the character. From the looks of things, it feels more like Disney does not want Spiderman any more.
G.T.O. The Public Beta Test
G.T.O. The Public Beta Test Hace 18 días
Oh, and Roxy went from being a gorgeous, smart, rising star with limitless potential, to the perpetually short-circuited village idiot of this mess. That alone is shameful. She could have been a star. A talented young woman has been brainwashed right before our eyes, and it’s heartbreaking.
G.T.O. The Public Beta Test
G.T.O. The Public Beta Test Hace 18 días
1) Reilly is wrong again. Sony didn’t blame KF. They were very gracious and said Disney effectively took him off the table with their terms. 2) You’re ALL wrong, as Disney DID NOT leak the story. Sony did. And we know that because the Sony email hack revealed they’ve been using this very reporter at ‘Deadline’ to launder leaks for over a decade. He’s their go to guy for exactly this kind of thing. 3) I’m sure you’re wrong about more, but I’m only seven minutes in, and already exhausted, as you’ve quickly reminded me why you’re amongst the worst people in access media with the exception of Mr. Washington. Such potential wasted by identity politics and cancel-culture. You all had potential until you started walking on eggshells because you’re terrified and trying desperately to be “woke.” Newsflash-You’re not. No one is. It’s a scam. It’s literally impossible to be acceptably woke, because the rules change every five minutes, they never make sense, and usually contradict each other. You’re all buying into a divide and conquer tactic, and you’ve become nothing but useful idiots to those trying to destroy your way of life. May God have mercy on your souls.
arran sutherland
arran sutherland Hace 18 días
Nerd crew brought me here
KiLlACaMrOn94 Hace 21 un día
NOBODY was actually speaking in facts, only opinions smh
Jack O' Neill
Jack O' Neill Hace 21 un día
they ask for 25 not 50
Jose Moreno
Jose Moreno Hace 21 un día
This guy is all over the place👎
Finn Redmond
Finn Redmond Hace 22 días
Sometimes a deal stops making sense no one is too blame marvel got Spider-Man and we were lucky we got that
Tihs Eht
Tihs Eht Hace 22 días
Isnt this their jobs, lol i know sony offered 70/30 and i checked that was out day 1 so these guys are a joke talking about this shit. Get new jobs collider
Salieri Amadeus
Salieri Amadeus Hace 22 días
The first Spider-Man grossed $821 millions in 2002. That is worth at least $1.3 Billion these days.
Salieri Amadeus
Salieri Amadeus Hace 22 días
Adjusted for inflation, the Sam Raimi Spider-Man movies grossed much more than the newest one because it sold so much more tickets.
Travis Mitchell
Travis Mitchell Hace 22 días
25 seconds in: “We’re Talking about Spiderman right?....”
IgLazyAss Hace 23 días
Is Roxy here just to rehash everything screen junkies/fandom already said?
ZomBee Hace 23 días
Disney and Sony...work it out! Because if you don't Everyone loses!
Jason Rohatynchuk
Jason Rohatynchuk Hace 23 días
Why the HELL do you think spiderman is such a weak character that he needs FUCKING MCU characters to hold his hand and for the movies in the future to be good? BOYS.....YOU DON'T KNOW SHIT ABOUT THE REAL SPIDERMAN AND CLEARLY HAVE NEVER READ THE COMICS. WHHAAAAAAA go cry and jump om your bed with tom Holland to be a baby avenger....WHHAAAAAAAAAA. GIVE ME A FUCKING BREAK!
Jason Rohatynchuk
Jason Rohatynchuk Hace 23 días
WAKE UP!!!! SONY OWNS SPIDERMAN!!! Do they need the stink of the MCU on THERE property forever? Do we need MCU Characters in All spiderman movies? HELL NO!!! This whole bullshit Marvel spiderman SUCKS!!!!! AUNT MAY IS HOT? IRON MAN MAKES SUIT? NICK FURY AND AVENGERS? uhhhhhhh? THAT'S ENOUGH! Fire Tom Holland, Get the stink of the MCU off and MAKE SPIDERMAN COOL AGAIN!!!!!! Not a 14 year old BABY crying to be an avenger.
Amged Fraik
Amged Fraik Hace 24 días
Sony did have a counteroffer Disney is to blame in this 🤦🏾‍♂️
xxo ea
xxo ea Hace 24 días
Geeze with the f bomb
Imlivinlife27 Hace 24 días
Y’all don’t know a damn thing what a terrible video just delete it. I don’t have time write all this shit
Luciana Ontiveros Polo
Luciana Ontiveros Polo Hace 24 días
Marvel and Disney 🙌🏼
agentcypher Hace 24 días
This is all wrong Disney wanted a 25%/ 75% for Sony. Sony never returned a correspondence for 6 months. Eventually Disney came back and said 50. This situation falls on Tim Rothmans hands the man who destroyed fox studios.
Ronnet Hace 25 días
Collider sure has gone hill. You guys haven't even read basic reports on the situation. How can out talk about this when you're so uninformed? It isn't as simple as a profit split. Dinsey wanted creative control over all of Sony's marvel properties. That's the straw that broke the camel's back.
Chief Hace 25 días
Just when the x-men and fantastic 4 arrive in the mcu spidey leaves! WTF Was looking forward to spider-man and his amazing friends
serenityq26 Hace 25 días
spiderman wasnt in the trailer. everyone doesnt know venom is tied to spiderman. no one said spiderman was going to be in venom. this guy: it only made 800 million cause people thought spider-man was going to be in it..........DUMB
serenityq26 Hace 25 días
only ONE of "this iteration" of spiderman has made a billion. add up all the raimi spiderman films: more than the two holland did...........
serenityq26 Hace 25 días
disney is always to blame. they are the 1% trying to get even more money from the 99%. they already get 100% of star wars, disney princesses/fairy tales, pixar, marvel and now they own fox but nope thats not enough "we want more money from spiderman" girl bye!
Nicholas Rustali
Nicholas Rustali Hace 25 días
People seem to forget that spiderman is a marvel character
Sargento Capitão
Sargento Capitão Hace 25 días
when you "bust your ass as a fan for years" just to see this happen
carolina29593 Hace 26 días
researchers collider, who they???? lmao🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️
BrianL Hace 26 días
So Sony paid for the rights to Spiderman but now should split box office and get $0 from merch? Does that make any sense? Even 70% would be a slap in the face.
uzak yolcu
uzak yolcu Hace 26 días
disney is being greedy
radapox Hace 26 días
Jesus you guys are useless. How is it I learned more from a nobody in a tweet than you guys?
Everything Cool
Everything Cool Hace 26 días
Sony goes independent and Spiderman wakes up realising it was all a dream
Céd the Other Entertainer
Céd the Other Entertainer Hace 26 días
1:50 Venom + Morbius. From John Campea channel: "Sony thought about 70/30 but Disney wanted 50/50 still."
Xrey Hace 26 días
I can’t believe beyond the trailers did better research then collider on this topic!
William Harrison
William Harrison Hace 26 días
facts guys come on. thats a wrist slap.
biff butowski
biff butowski Hace 26 días
Just nuke japan to destroy sony
Jeremy Shiner
Jeremy Shiner Hace 26 días
Disney wants all the money
Understanding 77
Understanding 77 Hace 26 días
Is she dumb ??🤤🤪🤨
Anthony Politis
Anthony Politis Hace 26 días
He’s not going to report on Galaxy’s Edge guys
High Andy
High Andy Hace 26 días
Disney ended the deal
Clyde. J Garcia
Clyde. J Garcia Hace 27 días
They not saying everything that went down between Sony and Disney.... This was Disney fault they were being extremely greedy
Phillip Truong
Phillip Truong Hace 27 días
Well, Marvel is dead to be honest. Next phase does not even look that interesting. Sony can just walk away and they will be fine.
ironfae Hace 27 días
Now that the issue is over, who else is laughing at all these premature complaint videos? Lol
ZekromFusion Hace 27 días
Umm but Sony did make a counter offer
Heretic001 Hace 27 días
Disney is totalitarian. Sony makes bad movies. Take your pick.
Andrew Bullen
Andrew Bullen Hace 27 días
Sony offered 30% --- this segment is garbage compared to Campea's videos
Veryl Alduin
Veryl Alduin Hace 27 días
Sony did a counter offer though
Exodus 2020
Exodus 2020 Hace 27 días
Pump your brakes marvel fans i hear that negotiations are back on the table so lets hope sony comes to there senses before we boycott everything that belongs to sony .
GenericGooner Hace 27 días
Disney wanted half. Half of 1.1bn leaves Sony with 550m. The least Sony have ever made form a Spider-Man movie is 700m Sony are a business. Accepting half is a TERRIBLE business decision.
Rory Fansler
Rory Fansler Hace 27 días
Its not just about the money. its about IP rights. Disney wanted to pay for part of movie financing giving them partial control of the IP rights which ties Sonys hands forever to Disney. Also as others posted already Sony made counter offers for higher revenue %.
Renzzo Aguilar
Renzzo Aguilar Hace 27 días
If Disney goes from 5% to 50% i would have done the same f@ck you Disney. You don't go from 5% to 50% in a negotiation. You may go from 5% to 20% tops.
Niyah Hace 27 días
Ok Sony...Just bring Tobey Maguire back.
Jaydenmurder 585
Jaydenmurder 585 Hace 27 días
I hate disney 3000
Johnny Dutton
Johnny Dutton Hace 27 días
Sad u guys have a bigger budget than one i will name, but dont get me wrong i like your shows but John Campea blows u guys awhile on info and explaining stuff. Get the info right, maybe call John and get the right details
El Dios
El Dios Hace 27 días
I can solve this.. can’t believe it’s not been said yet..Disney gets spider-man in movies and Sony gets exclusives to all marvel games!?!?!? Simple! PlayStation only marvel gaming universe!
UberGameMasters Hace 27 días
These are *excellent* points. But there is one more point, and I've been posting this everywhere this morning lol: I think the HUGE elephant in the room everyone is missing is that Sony is a foreign company. A Japanese company, trying to muscle in of American pop culture's intellectual property. -What "rights" do they have to that,.. really? Sorry, but we have to be stingy with our entertainment, it's one of our largest exports. • Honestly, I think if we (the gaming community) boycott all Sony products (i.e. Games, PS5, electronics, etc.) that'll make them think twice about their... _position._ -UGM
Peter Quill
Peter Quill Hace 27 días
Wrong information... wrong wrong wrong
Jose Bautista-Garcia
Jose Bautista-Garcia Hace 27 días
Lol roxy hey I’m with you I liked amazing Spider-Man 2 I own all the spider man movies.
Chris Thompson
Chris Thompson Hace 27 días
Disney would’ve also gained 50% control of all spider man character movies including venom anyone who sided with Disney on this deal is kinda delusional.. and clearly doesn’t get how horrible financially that deal was
Brandon Hace 27 días
In the words of Nate Diaz “I’m not surprised mother fuckers” are people really that surprised. Everyone knew this was coming. Cmon.
MrChrisDanger Hace 27 días
WHAT About 30-35 % on SPIDEY MOVIES and 5% for the SONY Projects or let SONY something from the MCU spidey movies it´s a given and take not just take on both sides.
MrChrisDanger Hace 27 días
But to be honest without DISNEY I am deeply worried for the good sake of our beloved SPIDEY. THIS MORONS should find a way between 32-36% but understandable it´s arguable if it would have been good or bad if DISNEY would have behind those SONY Projects (or was it only hope to get those characters as well into the MCU)?????
MrChrisDanger Hace 27 días
but when it´s true DISNEY wanted to get 50% Profits of non-mcu SONY SPIDERVERSE MOVIES and that´s INSANE ask that DISNEY wants not only 50% of Spideyfilms but also from the others is CRAZY it´s DISNEY FAULT to not except 30% on spidey movies the non MCU ones are not DISNEY´S Business and we the fans are the losers on that CRAP.
MrChrisDanger Hace 27 días
it´s arguable if SONY could make it 35% to 65% BUT only FOR THE SINGLE MOVIES AND MCU APPEARANCES the other SONY Movies doesn´t belong to DISNEY HOW DARE and NUTS to ask for MONEY even when they would have CO-FINANCED those.
Chris Millier
Chris Millier Hace 27 días
I had a thought recently, yes it hurt. But, Marvel Studios and most of the fans want to keep Spiderman in the MCU. Sony want a good solid franchise under their belt that they can earn max profit from, which includes merchandise, films, etc... So, why not try and do a even 100% trade on Star Wars for Spiderman and all characters associated. What is everyones thoughts?
Chris Millier
Chris Millier Hace 27 días
I had a thought recently, yes it hurt. But, Marvel Studios and most of the fans want to keep Spiderman in the MCU. Sony want a good solid franchise under their belt that they can earn max profit from, which includes merchandise, films, etc... So, why not try and do a even 100% trade on Star Wars for Spiderman and all characters associated. What is everyones thoughts?
Ryan Kirk
Ryan Kirk Hace 27 días
Apparently Tom Holland unfollowd Sony on IG._
Dylan Todd
Dylan Todd Hace 27 días
Not sure if this is incomplete reporting or this was posted before the complete picture of the Disney demand was disclosed.
Tony Cockerham
Tony Cockerham Hace 27 días
Hey Yall! I still think that Kevin Feige will get this deal done because his track record is just too good when it comes to him getting what he wants. Kevin Feige's Track Record: When the 1st X-Men movie came out, producers and directors didn't wanna make Wolverine's hair the same way it was in the comic books..but it was Kevin Feige who told them to do it because he was a producer on that 1st X-Men movie. He wanted Marvel Studios to be its own independent entity when his boss, at the time, didn't want to spend the money to make these movies great .. he got it. He wanted to create his own Cinematic Universe..he got it. (And made over $20B in 10 years) Fox couldn't do right with the Marvel Characters and although it cost almost $70B, Kevin Feige was able to get Disney to buy all the characters back to Marvel!! Disney fired James Gunn over some bull..yet, Kevin Feige got James Gunn back to direct GOTG 3! Spider-Man was in a mess with Sony and needed a revival, Kevin Feige got the deal done with Sony..he appeared in Civil War, Homecoming, Infinity War, EndGame, then Far From Home..and now the MCU has credit for giving the world the highest grossing Spider-Man movie ever!! If for nothing else, Marvel Studios will get Spidey back to complete this trilogy! Needless to say, I believe that Kevin Feige will get this thing done!! What do you think!?
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