Speedrun Cheater Goes Too Far...

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Hace 5 meses

In this video I somehow expose CaveiraGames more than he exposes himself.
Spreadsheet proving the first run is cheated: docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1vheZaXkkcyKdSOl1GncYr-DTA9P8nnOOiOchp6_eUG8/edit?usp=sharing
Spreadsheet proving the second run is cheated:
Follow me on Twitch: twitch.tv/EZScape
Follow me on Twitter: twitter.com/EZScapeYT
Videos used:
The SWEETEST feeling in poker - win with 7-2! (seven deuce compilation)
Yu-Gi-Oh! Forbidden Memories in 1:24:36 [Commentated]


EZScape Hace 4 meses
"Caveira has been removed off ESwomen, and I am officially done with all this nonsense. This is *hopefully* the final tweet on the whole situation. I'm going to move on now. My laptop is fixed, so back to making speedrunning content! Thank you all again for your support." twitter.com/EZScapeYT/status/1155147306515271680
SSGdigitdevil777 Hace 8 días
You had to call him out with the porn
Maverick274 Hace 8 días
Rage GrimReaper
Rage GrimReaper Hace 13 días
He came back he got 2 accounts
ultimate chimera
ultimate chimera Hace 18 días
Out of everything bad youtube has done this makes up for all of it
Fenrir Alioth
Fenrir Alioth Hace 19 días
Hype Hace 5 horas
This man looks like the Mr Beast of the speed running community, glad you helped GFC out with some funds
possumduke Hace 7 horas
U look like Mr beast
Dayton Kinas
Dayton Kinas Hace 19 horas
that game is legendary.
Klaus Hermann
Klaus Hermann Hace 19 horas
4:17 Abre o cu, which means "open the ass hole".
God Has
God Has Hace 22 horas
1:59 mr beast
Superman Hace un día
Haven’t even touched a Yu-Gi-Oh card since the days of the original Anime years But seeing this outraged me like i’m 14 all over again.
BaxBunny RO
BaxBunny RO Hace un día
Imagine cheating in a card game
ergoblaze Hace 2 días
He is the epitome of toxic masculinity. And his channels attracts the people with the same infliction, sadly.
Shadow Layu
Shadow Layu Hace 2 días
Good to know Caveira is still up and running on his backup account for his backup account from what I am aware of
LTStarting Hace 2 días
EZ scape and Apollo Legend destroyed this man’s career!!! Good job guys!!
joe Bedikian
joe Bedikian Hace 2 días
You know, he might have cheated but at least his videos are in sync you noob.
War pig hammer Jr
War pig hammer Jr Hace 2 días
Don’t worry about identifying the girl from the tattoo. I don’t think the real girl could From it 😂
.jpeg Hace 2 días
Brazilian Urban Dictionary: Piroca -> Cock
Deady DeadSh0t
Deady DeadSh0t Hace 2 días
Your camera was a little off-sync but good video my dude
coattail Hace 3 días
His dance was like eddy gordo because they were both doing capoeira
WhiteTiger073 Hace 3 días
All Speed Runners Are Cheaters.
ShadyCatGames Hace 3 días
This guy bruh
Boris Be loud us
Boris Be loud us Hace 3 días
9:43 I will report you for violating ESwomen privacy terms
johnny stevenson
johnny stevenson Hace un día
lmao shut the fuck up
John Escobedo
John Escobedo Hace 3 días
This kind of scum tends to ruin "American Dad" any% speedruns.
Pablo Flores neiva
Pablo Flores neiva Hace 3 días
This guy is a bicht
RNG Exile
RNG Exile Hace 4 días
Man I wish I DIDN'T learn about this guy what an actual scumfuck bastard
Luiz Bittencourt
Luiz Bittencourt Hace 4 días
at 9:11 they are using the N word
Not A Lord of Cinder
Not A Lord of Cinder Hace 4 días
I bet this man does drugs
Profesorja Hace 4 días
that steamer should not be. bad news. destroy bad news before they destroy something else.
TypeYourNameIn Hace 4 días
mr beast has grown a beard now hm
Scribble Core
Scribble Core Hace 4 días
This madman, doesn’t he know that every character in yu-gi-oh that cheats loses?
KingsColas Hace 4 días
12:08 you just described every single die hard reddit fan lol jk ;)
last response
last response Hace 4 días
We gotta go help GFC
jason hendricks
jason hendricks Hace 4 días
You jealous bro?
Chopstick and Pho
Chopstick and Pho Hace 5 días
LOL to those people supporting shitty people
Captornite Hace 5 días
Knowing a speed runner needs to cheat for “speed running” is wack.
Benjamin Frazier
Benjamin Frazier Hace 5 días
I first heard about Caveira from ThatCreepyReading.
Midnight Murders
Midnight Murders Hace 5 días
Hope big time youtubers bring that asshole's channel down
The USSR Hace 5 días
What the fuck is wrong with this guy. Cheating is one thing. Showing your ass is anouther.
rachael hayden
rachael hayden Hace 5 días
ok Hace 5 días
Todo dia Br passando vergonha na net
Sunflower Hace 5 días
InsaneTacoz Hace 5 días
If you try to speed run a card game in a “no manipulation” category, aren’t you most likely 99% cheating?
wolf pup gaming
wolf pup gaming Hace 5 días
Just because of the dislike bomb imma like all of the vids that dude has and watch a few that I think Id like to see.
Edwin Caraballo
Edwin Caraballo Hace 5 días
Calle Ridderstolpe
Calle Ridderstolpe Hace 5 días
eswomen.com/women/UCB0_RQK8yqrW8-TA1vpbL1wabout eswomen.com/women/UCmoPrdfZeqDdsC4QfXwN2cg he is still trying to be on ESwomen even after being removed twice
Kayzz Ngatai
Kayzz Ngatai Hace 5 días
Mr beast brother?
Seu Cucaaa
Seu Cucaaa Hace 6 días
Esse caveira realmente tem problemas
3am cudi
3am cudi Hace 6 días
Eduardo Oliveira
Eduardo Oliveira Hace 6 días
Realy sad that 1 people need that much "Love" that they would cheat for it 2 people would do that much "hate"... i hope your words reach and help the ones that need help i hope people learn to look if something is truth before go bully someone (i hope, i dont beleve, people like to dont look for it) i realy like YGOFM, i dont know why youtube set this on mine list but now im sad... (and wanting to play the game) i too 300+ days to make to the end and you guys speed run it? OMG you are great XD
Michael Moran
Michael Moran Hace 6 días
Damn you caught this guy doing roids man what a snake
elgatochurro Hace 6 días
ESwomen really needs to fix its copyright system... its so easy to abuse i bet i could make money making false claims and be fine
Chakat Nightsparkle
Chakat Nightsparkle Hace 6 días
each strike expires in 90 days from the time it's issued and that deleting the content will not remove your strike
Leo Oel
Leo Oel Hace 6 días
he has online porn
Polkarou Gaming
Polkarou Gaming Hace 6 días
like i get that there must not be also of latin twitch guys who show how awesome a bottom they are but man he seems super scummy why would people watch him for being a dick lol
Agus Gómez
Agus Gómez Hace 6 días
Me: Hasn't played Forbidden Memories in 15 years Also me: That bastard manipulated card drops, look at the fucking seeds!
Dr Pancake Face
Dr Pancake Face Hace 7 días
So here is a positive outcome to this that the cheater probably didn't think about. ANY kind of viewer engagement actually helps the video. If you give a video a thumbs up or a thumbs down or leave a comment that is all engagement and will help promote the video in the youtube algorithm. Also all the extra views help boost it in the youtube algorithm. All those harassers are doing is helping his video get boosted in the youtube algorithm.
Kody Jackson
Kody Jackson Hace 7 días
God this guy fucking sucks ALOT
Canal do Yuri MG
Canal do Yuri MG Hace 7 días
Esse é o país que eu moro This is pays of me
Rafa Hace 7 días
You look like mr.Beast
FusionGamerElite Hace 7 días
Ads? What for ads? I have ad-block, but yeah that bullshit llama was fucking beef crazy
Squidykid Hace 7 días
Why in the f’ck do people watch these kind of cheaters? I don’t understand
Stanislav Zaverukha
Stanislav Zaverukha Hace 7 días
This is basically a rant! Not a legit video
InkSamsGamer324 ni idea wey :v
InkSamsGamer324 ni idea wey :v Hace 6 días
It happend, didn't you just watched the video dumbass?
UK RPGFan Hace 7 días
Everyone harass the bastard...
Leo S
Leo S Hace 7 días
7:22 what the hell
Anh Huynh
Anh Huynh Hace 7 días
Johnny Hace 7 días
nomejudanya Hace 7 días
The title can also be: "Gamer's ego and hate towards another gamer goes too far..."
nomejudanya Hace 7 días
It probably takes about the same time to learn to play the basics of a musical instrument, a language, or whatever more constructive as conducting this "investigation" where only egos are on the line...
InkSamsGamer324 ni idea wey :v
InkSamsGamer324 ni idea wey :v Hace 6 días
@nomejudanya Never said that being a pedophile was a crime (Well, it actually is if, you know, do something bad like having CP), that's why I said "Horrible person" and then "pedophile," I know they are people that need mental help, but this motherfucker is just an asshole. And it's not just about being a cheater, it's about being a Speedrun cheater, do you know how many fake runs are records? Too many, that's for sure. Why don't you just shut up? It's not only because of a game, it's not only because of the cheats, it's because he's an asshole with the brain of a fucking caterpilar. Now, with all my heart I tell you: Fuck off boomer.
nomejudanya Hace 6 días
@InkSamsGamer324 ni idea wey :v I sincerely don't know what's more ridiculous, a random cheater playing videogames alone in his own house or an unoccupied stranger who actually cares. Being pedophile isn't a crime at all, it's a mental condition that can be treated professionally. Many pedophiles live normal lives and play normal roles in our society so they don't deserve to be targeted and discriminated due to their condition if they're not involved in criminal activities. Research a bit on that before throwing shameful arguments. That's a serious topic. If you or anyone has proofs of sexual abuse on behalf of anyone, contact authorities and let professionals do what you don't know how to. And please do a favor to the beautiful world of sarcasms and learn how to use them properly. BR and don't mind replying.
InkSamsGamer324 ni idea wey :v
InkSamsGamer324 ni idea wey :v Hace 6 días
Ahh yes, exposing someone for being a game cheater, a horrible person AND a pedophile just for your own ego, great logic fam
FeedMeSalt Hace 7 días
"Cam whore" Not speed runner.
Decebal825 Hace 7 días
speedrun in a card game. what in interesting concept lol
Astro Kid
Astro Kid Hace 8 días
He's a scumbag, he and his supporters, all Bolsonaro's mindless minions, cheaters, haters, get all the garbage you can think of, put it together and voilá: This is what we got
Lazy Joe
Lazy Joe Hace 8 días
This guy looks like Mr Beast
Aiden Allison
Aiden Allison Hace 8 días
Doesn’t EZscape looks like if Mr.Beast had more of a baby face
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