Speedrun Cheater Goes Too Far...

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In this video I somehow expose CaveiraGames more than he exposes himself.
Spreadsheet proving the first run is cheated: docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1vheZaXkkcyKdSOl1GncYr-DTA9P8nnOOiOchp6_eUG8/edit?usp=sharing
Spreadsheet proving the second run is cheated:
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The SWEETEST feeling in poker - win with 7-2! (seven deuce compilation)
Yu-Gi-Oh! Forbidden Memories in 1:24:36 [Commentated]


EZScape Hace 25 días
"Caveira has been removed off ESwomen, and I am officially done with all this nonsense. This is *hopefully* the final tweet on the whole situation. I'm going to move on now. My laptop is fixed, so back to making speedrunning content! Thank you all again for your support." twitter.com/EZScapeYT/status/1155147306515271680
TKDiniz1 Hace 2 días
his new channel is Chumbinho Games btw,shouldn't that be reported as well? isn't that ban evasion?
Katia Farias
Katia Farias Hace 3 días
BUT he has a backup on youtube we gotta remove that too everyone listen right now
AaronBoi 16
AaronBoi 16 Hace 3 días
Coolant5164 Hace 6 días
You look like a distant relative of Mr. Beast
Valkyrie Anatomia BR
Valkyrie Anatomia BR Hace 12 días
I am an braziliam guy and i feel bad for all this, sorry everyone, don't let this idiot make you see all of us as bad streamers or people, because trash person exists in every place.
Paro Gone
Paro Gone Hace 2 horas
Trash vibes 🤮
Paulo Gabriel dos Santos Silva
Paulo Gabriel dos Santos Silva Hace 3 horas
Sorry GFC, in the name of all brazil players, we apologize for all problems that caveira created.
BOND 0707
BOND 0707 Hace 3 horas
Doesn’t Caveira have a “backup” channel?
K-Music Trash
K-Music Trash Hace 13 horas
I don't give a fuck honestly, so what if he cheated, good video tho
Bruno Werner
Bruno Werner Hace 20 horas
i am brazilian and that don't represent us i'm sorry
Solar Flare
Solar Flare Hace 22 horas
Damn EZ you are one attractive dude
Cashless Gamer :
Cashless Gamer : Hace un día
No one cares
Zattari Hace un día
#EZExpose we starting the #
Prússico RKR
Prússico RKR Hace un día
Please never say all brazillians are like this, our imagem goes to shit cause of stupid assholes like this one
R3tr0 Hace 2 días
As a Brazilian, i apologize for this son of a bitch, not all of us are trying to get advantage of anything like the stereotype says.
꧁LINXPLAYER꧂ Hace 2 días
Caveira games are a holi shiter,i'm Brazilian and hate these gui.sorry can't speak English right.
Patt Hace 2 días
Hahahahahaha! This mother fucker takes THAT much juice and looks like THAT?!?! Hahahaha. Dude I took d-ball for one cycle which is an oral steroid and not an intermuscular injection and I put on like 20 pounds and looked way way better than that. Either he barely works out, doesn't eat right, or someone's selling him gimmicks.
Patt Hace 2 días
OMG, the sound not being lined up is killing me.
Fellipe Yudi
Fellipe Yudi Hace 2 días
Pessoal não pode deixa BR conseguir nada que já tentam fazer algo para falar que ele usou algo....... foda em
Lek Definitivamente Real
Lek Definitivamente Real Hace 3 días
Im from brazil and... yea everyone is a bit fucked up here
BlackScout Hace 3 días
As always, the terrible people who live in this (also where I live) country fucking up everything. I've been wanting to leave since I was child exactly because of them. This toxic corruption/must-take-advantage-in-every-situation culture that exists among the Brazilian population is probably never going to end. It just straight up hurts the image of the good people who live here. Fucking sucks... EDIT: I must also mention that it's these kind of people who actually made me develop a possibly undocumented and non-existent mental illness. Which consists of me avoiding my culture and my language as much as possible. I go the extra mile by just avoiding Brazilians. I think it also applies to real life, yikes.
Dumb Dudes
Dumb Dudes Hace 3 días
i like your Videos c:
Ryanator Hace 3 días
Did you voice over the parts of you talking to the mic, it doesn’t look right. But I really enjoyed this video.
Ryanator Hace un día
Cloudmonkey Still looks odd to me, thanks for explaining it.
Cloudmonkey Hace 2 días
I think its the way he was facing relative to the mic's facing doing that
Henrique Bertuol
Henrique Bertuol Hace 3 días
claro q esse pnc é brasileiro mkkkkkkkk of couse this cunt is brazilian mkkkkkkk (im brazilian myself, its fine)
gwanddawd123 Hace 3 días
Caveira is now under the name, chumbinhogames
Brandon Harry
Brandon Harry Hace 4 días
I don't really think you should hold a streamer responsible for their entire chat, bit they defintly should be for their moderators.
Trálli Costa
Trálli Costa Hace 4 días
Hie, first time on the channel.
Gaming G
Gaming G Hace 4 días
You look like mr beast
バンシーブランク Hace 4 días
Hi Mr. Beast!
DK Hace 6 días
Esse cara é uma vergonha pra comunidade gamer brasileira! Coitado...
Gerson Gabriel
Gerson Gabriel Hace 2 días
@DK caralho fui refutado puta merda kkkkkk flw aí qi de formiga
DK Hace 2 días
@Gerson Gabriel Só Humor negro neh? Vcs são uma piada kkkkk
Gerson Gabriel
Gerson Gabriel Hace 2 días
@DK assisti todo, pois ao contrário de vc alienado imbecil vejo os dois lados e não só um. Acompanho o caveira desde 2013 e nada disso confere, o maluco só faz humor negro e acabou, quer mais detalhes? Seja menos lixo e vê o vídeo resposta do cara se defendendo, não acha graça? Blz segue teu rumo mas não venha impor sua opinião como verdade, moleque asqueroso.
DK Hace 2 días
@Gerson Gabriel Achei esse vídeo por acaso, e vc assistiu o vídeo do gringo todo? Viu o que o "zueirinho" faz em suas lives? Não sei vc, mais eu não acho graça alguma... Mais como o Brother disse aí encima, ele é só um "personagem" neh? Kkkk não sei se eu dou risada ou fico com pena...
Gerson Gabriel
Gerson Gabriel Hace 2 días
@DK ele é menos que vc por assistir um BR zueirinho? E vc que tá assistindo e batendo palma pra um gringo e sua comunidade xenófobica. Parabéns vc é um puta lixo humano
FrequenciaJogos Hace 6 días
The new channel is " Chumbinho Games"
FaustoWazowki Hace 7 días
I'm Brazilian and I hate Brazil:)
RandyTheRando Hace 7 días
I’ve seen a few of your videos recently and I’ve subbed because I appreciate your angel. This video is fair and you strike me as someone who cares a lot about the community he is a part of. I believe I belong to the wider ranged gaming community. I care a lot about the direction of gaming culture and I don’t appreciate seeing anybody, negatively effect any corner of this industry. Ultimately if your sub community suffers, the broader spectrum will also suffer. An example of another video I’ve seen would be the top 10 failed speed runs.
Aʀᴅʜᴀɴᴀʀɪsʜvᴇɢᴀɴ Hace 7 días
Shame on you
Sophrosynicle Hace 8 días
You gotta be a whole new level of stupid to try to cheat a community of very analytical, pattern-searching, heuristically superior, reverse engineering, passionate and very very patient people called the speedrunning community.
Ytalo Gomes
Ytalo Gomes Hace 8 días
Its because of people like Caveira that i have shame of being Brazilian...
Mark Lentz
Mark Lentz Hace 8 días
Oie is pronounced oy i think. Typical greeting in portugese. Just saying. Good video
Peddit Hace 9 días
Um. Why do you look so much like Mr.Beast
Daniel H
Daniel H Hace 9 días
saddest fuckboy ive ever seen lmao
Lightplus Hace 10 días
10:09 Imagine being rejected and the reason is "I laughed"
João José Junior
João José Junior Hace 10 días
He doesn't have the heart of the cards...
João José Junior
João José Junior Hace 10 días
Hacker e trapaceiro tem que se fuder!
Kaleb Ouimet
Kaleb Ouimet Hace 10 días
ez scape u kinda look like Mr beast
4372696D736F6E Hace 10 días
CavieraGames is a Patology streamer for me
NTRG Hace 10 días
Gfc has his ESwomen back
GRAYgoose124 Hace 11 días
He's a POS that's the type of person he is.
MachoManAlex YT
MachoManAlex YT Hace 11 días
why are brazillians so fuckin weird
Dustin Hace 11 días
He is live I am here to let you guys burn him alive eswomen.com/id/v%C3%ADdeo-TtlU2Lo2WSI.html
Edown Hace 11 días
08:52 lmao his grandma looks like him
Yorshpointohh Hace 12 días
Thankfully his channel has been taken down. That's toxic af and that shouldn't be tolerated in this platform let alone in this community...
Antonio Ribeiro de Macedo Jr.
Antonio Ribeiro de Macedo Jr. Hace 12 días
Os cara é foda, vai Brasil.
Southern Harpin
Southern Harpin Hace 12 días
Wtf I'm Brazilian and this caveira guy is pure trash. its good to hear he got punished. lol Unfortunately some Brazilians don't have any morals.
Jayden Meyer
Jayden Meyer Hace 13 días
I am filled with anger at this guy for cheating and I dont even really care about yugioh
Diego Teixeira
Diego Teixeira Hace 13 días
I'm sorry about that, it's so shameful to know this guy is from Brazil. He doesn't represent us.
Mr. Universe
Mr. Universe Hace 13 días
Esse caveira é muito otário. He is toxic a simple exemple How This country are. I guess i digited correct
Victin Hace 13 días
Hey, i am a brazilian random guy. I wanted to tell you a information. Everytime he couldn't open the game (because of his cheat) he say things like "If i don't do that, my game will crash" or "The game will lag so much" and things like that on his streams. Obviously being a liar.
Ronnie Roberts
Ronnie Roberts Hace 14 días
Why does this happen so often: someone who looks as hot as he does also happens to be a complete as*hole?!
Michel Toledo de Souza
Michel Toledo de Souza Hace 14 días
That moment you feel sorry just to be brazilian. I know our community is highly toxic, but dont misjudge us all, please. There are some straight guys out there. Screw Caveira... That piece of shit
sweater god スウェツト
sweater god スウェツト Hace 14 días
im donating to GFC rn. Yall should do the same. Luv ya EZ
Koyomi Araragi
Koyomi Araragi Hace 14 días
a shame for us brazilians :(
BlackWolf 275
BlackWolf 275 Hace 14 días
I understand until an extend on using cheats on a 20 years old game, like, for casualty and just going with the story or whatever. But to do ALL of that you said and even harass people and the world record champion?! This man is a disgrace and should not be related to the Brazillian Gamers community. Ty EZ! I hope GFC is back on his feet and doing fine.
Daniel Bueno
Daniel Bueno Hace 14 días
As a brazilian, I feel ashamed for Caveira and his fans' actions.
Silver Alone
Silver Alone Hace 15 días
man is in these moments that I feel ashamed to be Brazilian, how is it possible for a being to be so dirty?
Vinicius Sendra
Vinicius Sendra Hace 15 días
Hey!!! Caveira still creating youtube accounts and playing live... eswomen.com/id/v%C3%ADdeo-zfsnOlK4Kmk.html shit, i hate this guy
Lowko_Gamer Hace 15 días
John Fred
John Fred Hace 15 días
I played the living fuck out of that game and the best i ever got was gaia
Hugo Rian #LHS
Hugo Rian #LHS Hace 15 días
He didn't even speedrun, some of his subscribers threw him on that site, he just played to make fun. And I know I'm late on the subject.
Kindiah Hace 15 días
Caveira is a pure narcissist. They blame everyone else for their problems and think rules don't apply them; they lie, manipulate, cheat, and pretend to have abilities and skills they don't. My guess is all of his followers are narcissists as well, they're also called flying monkeys.
PrettyPuppy 3000
PrettyPuppy 3000 Hace 16 días
“4.2k dislikes” aaaaand those are his fans and fuck them for supporting this guy
ShuffleB Dement
ShuffleB Dement Hace 16 días
Of course he's cheating, it simple to tell. He doesn't even look like a nerd. And he has a tan, I kno brotha's that speed run, and they ant seen the sun in so long, they whiter than him.
Hyou Vizer
Hyou Vizer Hace 16 días
i remember watching this video at 200k views, holy shit it's blown the fuck up since then.
Dr. Ivo Robotnik
Dr. Ivo Robotnik Hace 16 días
And that's why I don't like being a brazilian.
WorldLine 1.130209
WorldLine 1.130209 Hace 16 días
15:03 omg EZ dude lol You da best bro!
Xenogenesis 963
Xenogenesis 963 Hace 17 días
Thanks for doing this video, this guy needs to get kicked out of all the videos platforms so bad. He actually started a Backup Channel: eswomen.com/women/UCmoPrdfZeqDdsC4QfXwN2cgvideos Visit and leave a dislike.
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