Sour Patch Kids Sent Me a "PERSONALIZED" Gift Box

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Hace un mes

As THE Sour Patch Kids review channel, it's only fitting for Mr. Sour Patch himself to send me a personalized gift box. First it's sweet... then it's sour...

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Markiplier Hace un mes
Happy Valentines Day, everyone! Hope your day is filled with as much love and kindness as was stuffed into this thoughtful gift from Sour Patch!
Lisa Sharpe
Lisa Sharpe Hace 10 horas
@Why Me Though? Why you because you are a important person in every ones lives!!!
Kamackey Hace 14 días
Tati Hace un mes
So none then. Cold markiplier, cold
Sandrix Hozart
Sandrix Hozart Hace un mes
I is late but oh happy Valley Day yayayay^3^♡♡♡♡♡♡
colt Yes
colt Yes Hace un mes
Markiplier so like u should do a video where u just destroy a whole bunch of sh*t with the shovel
armaanGam9ng 111
armaanGam9ng 111 Hace 34 minutos
Zoot 74
Zoot 74 Hace un hora
Just waiting for the lawsuit
Jake Barnes
Jake Barnes Hace un hora
Is ThEre A rEAl soUr PatCH cHIld in HErE????
Jake Barnes
Jake Barnes Hace un hora
Mark was just like hMm HoW dO I OpEn thIs? WhAT tOol dO I UsE?? *just brings in tactical shovel*
Just Autumn
Just Autumn Hace un hora
Sour patch company is very disappointed right now with the reaction of the shoes 🤣
Zayden Vue
Zayden Vue Hace 2 horas
Alex Spencer
Alex Spencer Hace 2 horas
Is it odd we haven't seen him get another box yet? I think so.
Lol Ur mum
Lol Ur mum Hace 3 horas
When Mark said *The.* I felt that
Buffpanda09245 Hi hello
Buffpanda09245 Hi hello Hace 4 horas
Oh well well how the turn tables
Random Crap
Random Crap Hace 4 horas
*Next video* Eating sourpatch until fat
superpooperawesome gaming
superpooperawesome gaming Hace 5 horas
I think they meant to send that one to jack
Yummy Bleach
Yummy Bleach Hace 5 horas
Damn I wouldn’t mind some currys on my feet
Christina Larry
Christina Larry Hace 5 horas
I love the blue ones too
Astirn A
Astirn A Hace 5 horas
I'm still waiting for the bit where he slams his head into the table Inhaling all the citric acid into his system
Wishboner Hace 6 horas
First they're sour......
Ninja Raizeer
Ninja Raizeer Hace 7 horas
10:30 *slav*
MayWolf13 Hace 8 horas
Video was funny but they really out here scammin you
Aaron Heinz
Aaron Heinz Hace 11 horas
Markiplier: Likes red SPK flavor: Green Shoe color: green Jack: what the fook are you looking at me for??
Aze Hace 11 horas
Try putting some malic acid on those
Sloan Turner
Sloan Turner Hace 11 horas
He’s visibly shaken up that they didn’t pay him for the gift😂
Raptors Fan
Raptors Fan Hace 11 horas
Phat Hace 12 horas
How much does mark like his tactical shovel? We will never know, but it’s probably a lot…
Sadie Buga
Sadie Buga Hace 12 horas
8:44 Me: *starts laughing* Also me: *slaps my thigh* My thigh: WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT!? my shorts: haha, you missed me
Kellie Trujillo
Kellie Trujillo Hace 12 horas
“Is there real sour patch child in there?” -mark 2020
Mythical Hace 13 horas
So the moral of the story is that Mark didn’t get anything he wanted. He got his least favorite flavors, and he got shoes that were his least favorite color.
Stephen Curlee
Stephen Curlee Hace 13 horas
Those shoes are fire tho
Aravt Hace 13 horas
Mark: "Lets add a little bit of citric acid" Also mark: *Fucking dies*
BliZZrdX Hace 13 horas
I don’t think mark knows those shoes are currys.. like steph curry
70ny Hace 14 horas
The shoes are honestly not that bad on camera and if your looking for a specific style
Dustin Wood
Dustin Wood Hace 15 horas
Wonder how many people got fired over this
Lazenby Hace 16 horas
When Mark wut that first sour patch kid in his mouth for some reason, even though I was not eating anything sour, my brain decided to give me the sour reaction without any flavor at all
Adam Luka
Adam Luka Hace 17 horas
you slav better then Slavs lol
Today Is Jacob
Today Is Jacob Hace 20 horas
You aktded realy depressing in the video
NightShift king
NightShift king Hace 21 un hora
I think that package was meant for Jack
Logan Sweeney
Logan Sweeney Hace 22 horas
Idk, What is my name?
Idk, What is my name? Hace 23 horas
Alternate title: An angry sour patch fan kills the sour patch company for 11 minutes
Iona Erofeeff
Iona Erofeeff Hace 23 horas
No, Mark, *ascorbic acid* is the vitalizing substance known ubiquitously as "vitamin C," not citric acid, which is what characterizes citrus and is a necessary part of the cellular Kreb's Cycle--not to be confused. Citric acid won't prevent you from getting scurvy
jake bear
jake bear Hace un día
That really was a half assed present that was meant for you to promote the shoes.
WereCreed Hace un día
Watch Sean get the red shoes.
MATYAR SONIC Hace un día
10:49 Comradplier
Sam The Man
Sam The Man Hace un día
There’s some crying Sour Patch P.R. guy out there who was a fan of Markiplier when this video came out
iiSammys Aesthetic
iiSammys Aesthetic Hace un día
iiSammys Aesthetic
iiSammys Aesthetic Hace un día
0:29 That face
CHASTER 491 Hace un día
0:29 I um.. jus. Wha?
shadow2_375 Hace un día
How dare u insult jacksepticeye .-.
Angelo Bixby
Angelo Bixby Hace un día
You need to get malic acid it is sour citric acid has malic acid in it it’s a lot worse
Bob Carpenter
Bob Carpenter Hace un día
Starting around 7:00 his shirt just says ANNUS
Ace fuzion Fortnite
Ace fuzion Fortnite Hace un día
the 1k people who disliked are sour patches employees
Nathan Saura
Nathan Saura Hace un día
Darkiplier came out
Romily Lockwood
Romily Lockwood Hace un día
When markiplier paused when he took out the sour patch kids I thought my screen had frozen cause he was so still 😂
Sivle05 -
Sivle05 - Hace un día
ngl mark those shoes are fire
General UwU
General UwU Hace un día
we just got a letter we just got a letter we just got a letter we wonder where its from
Anthony Munoz
Anthony Munoz Hace un día
1. This is the worst brand deal I've ever seen. Usually you pay someone to advertise your brand which sour patch did not do. 2. They should have done research before sending in this stuff. They called it Mark’s Mix but half of this stuff, Mark didn't even like. 3. Like stated in #2, they should've looked into his info. They could've just looked on his ESwomen page, twitter, Instagram, or any social media page he has to realize that he likes red. They could have also sent a DM to him and asked him questions to get more info.
Snas Boi
Snas Boi Hace un día
If you’re like me, your looking for 1:19
Jose TheSportsGamer
Jose TheSportsGamer Hace un día
I don't think he watches basketball.
Hace un día
Those sneakers are fire why u don’t like
Tyler Vac
Tyler Vac Hace un día
Those shoes are fire i collect shows and i would cop them
Lilly Lopez
Lilly Lopez Hace un día
Mark:"never really killed a vampire before" Me and only me: "there are three kind of people who survive monster gulch. People who become scavengers, people who become bandits, and people who becom- FRienDs with SpaRkly VampIres"
VaperRST Hace un día
They are just lazy. But also I'll be damped if I don't want sour patch kids right now
Bron Boss
Bron Boss Hace un día
8:49 flightreacts wants to know your location
SammyLetzPlayz Hace un día
Amy: What if it's a curse and they're attached to your feet forever Shoes: Curse of Binding
I am Smo
I am Smo Hace un día
Wow not even you favorite color. Sour patch kids I dont want a brand deal anymore.
Stealth ASF
Stealth ASF Hace un día
Welp there goes any potential future paid brand deals
the radical left 124
the radical left 124 Hace un día
he died inside 11:21
Fade Cold
Fade Cold Hace un día
“It doesn’t even smell like curry”
Shinobi_ Shadow0
Shinobi_ Shadow0 Hace un día
5:30 I actually thought I paused it or my internet went down
Ashley Kwan
Ashley Kwan Hace un día
4:07 why does mark assume that everything he gets is gonna be eatean? XDDDDDDD
Official Shifty BTW
Official Shifty BTW Hace un día
He was acting a little ungrateful
My tik tok is Ugly.mc_nugget check it out?
My tik tok is Ugly.mc_nugget check it out? Hace un día
Dang I’d be sssssooooooooooo great full for just getting a box with nothing from them but ok I guess I’m not saying your not great full but you um nvm
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