Sophie Turner Plays With Puppies While Answering Fan Questions

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Sophie Turner ("Dark Phoenix", "Game of Thrones") stops by to play with the pups while answering your questions about life in the X-Men, playing strong female characters, and Game of Thrones...including how *she* thinks Sansa's story would continue.
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Celebs + puppies, kittens, thirst tweets, and more = so much yes.
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BullterriersRock Hace 2 días
I love her random YESSSS at 1:32 😂😂😂
Rakshya Aryal
Rakshya Aryal Hace 3 días
Guys.. She is pregnant!
Princess Jessie
Princess Jessie Hace 10 días
i want to be famous just so i can play with these puppies
Lauren Govaert
Lauren Govaert Hace 10 días
Dharani D
Dharani D Hace 11 días
She is gonna be a great mother and be so great at baby talk
jocemas mas
jocemas mas Hace 12 días
She is transger
Cutee S
Cutee S Hace 18 días
She looks older than her age with that hair colour...
Imogen Howard
Imogen Howard Hace 23 días
'They're like, my only friends.' Maisie Williams has left the chat.
take me somewhere nice
take me somewhere nice Hace 24 días
Finn Wolfhard please!!!
Isabella Ramos
Isabella Ramos Hace 25 días
she looks like Boy George
Akshay Notiyal
Akshay Notiyal Hace un mes
I'm Sophie Tanaa
Chris C
Chris C Hace un mes
She sounds 10+ years older than she did in season 8
Joseph Seed
Joseph Seed Hace un mes
5:10 "My favorite book is The Psychopath Test by Jon Ronson" George R.R. Martin:Am I a joke to you?
twayna thomas
twayna thomas Hace un mes
Henry Cavill needs to do this.
Jonsin 1459
Jonsin 1459 Hace un mes
Aaaand her career is over.
ademola nasiru
ademola nasiru Hace un mes
I love her accent geez
Henrik Martens
Henrik Martens Hace un mes
if you believe in rebirth, many would like to be the one puppy
tam nguyen
tam nguyen Hace un mes
hello sohia.... the past. i had money because see you in my cinimax. and know, i can to see you in my youtube. i hope you like vn people. i clearn english because i can to talk with you. and i born 1996 ...too. i love your movies. your langgeu is beutifull....
Hater of Trump
Hater of Trump Hace un mes
If we were dating...and she cheated in me.... I'd apologize to HER
Ryan Humphries
Ryan Humphries Hace 2 meses
Her mother was signing the disinherritant papers just as the video ended
nelly strauss
nelly strauss Hace 2 meses
1:16 “HOU YES” 😂
Rachel Eisel
Rachel Eisel Hace 2 meses
Sophie: *looks down to see the puppy hiding in her outfit* "Okay, alright!! You know what, you remind me of my husband!" I love it!! Gotta love Jophie because they're adorable!!
Rory Strick
Rory Strick Hace 2 meses
Technically mr fantastic and miss appear son is more powerful then Jean gray in the comics
Bias Sinha
Bias Sinha Hace 2 meses
Life of a bibliophile- forgets everything and listens to her favourite author.. Jane Austen is my favourite too... 😍😍😍
Muntingia Ninja
Muntingia Ninja Hace 2 meses
When are insane Lefties going to stop with this "badass woman" obsession? No normal, intelligent people care if a person is male or female.
Kitty Spam
Kitty Spam Hace 2 meses
Maisie Williams please!
kara malia
kara malia Hace 2 meses
she really just exposed joe like that lmao
Aarón Stark
Aarón Stark Hace 3 meses
The only one who can do an interview with puppies is Keanu Reeves!!
Sakshi Chitnis
Sakshi Chitnis Hace 3 meses
I love her accent! It is so :3😍😍
Shakester71 Hace 3 meses
One of the more captivating pair of eyes. They're gorgeous. I'm a sucker for that super blue eyes. Sophie Turner, Anna Kendrick, Megan Boone, Taylor Swift and Alexandra Daddario are in my top 5 for sexiest eyes.
Monica Molina
Monica Molina Hace 3 meses
Samuel Wetz
Samuel Wetz Hace 3 meses
1:32 that yes 😂
Muhammad Shafeeque
Muhammad Shafeeque Hace 3 meses
Hello sweet heart. ....darling your parsonality so parfect i like it ye baat sahi hai khubshurat hoo too adaye bhi juda rahengi apshi matbhed bhule ke aau ham tum ek hoo jaye tumhara fasion aur golden hair body tonic kafi mazbut aur kabile tarif hai done very well done ek message diya hai tumne ke jo dil mein rahte hai unhe zahir karne ki zarurat nahi padti attometic ye kishi na kishi tarha se zahir hoo hi jati hai bayrat mand woo hai jo zamin pe rahte huye zamin walo ka khayal kare wandar full fantastic darling bahoot bahtrin badiyaa i will soon there shortly. ....
Jacob King
Jacob King Hace 2 meses
Thanks Muhammad
Maya Oceanride
Maya Oceanride Hace 3 meses
i screamed when she mentioned Barry and true crime and eventually complimented bill hader!!! now all i need to see is those two on screen together. interview, tv show, guest star or whatever really
Fatima Webster
Fatima Webster Hace 3 meses
The whole time I watched this I thought.... ....HER HAIR LOOKS SO SOFT
Sapphira The Worgen
Sapphira The Worgen Hace 4 meses
The puppies are so cute! Awww.
Alexandru Calciu
Alexandru Calciu Hace 4 meses
0:24 Lmao looks like the dog is french kissing her.
Sonia Hamidi
Sonia Hamidi Hace 4 meses
OMG Ssoooo Cute!!💋❤️🥰
grace Hace 4 meses
She likes Barry omg
TheLastBadWolf Hace 4 meses
... and sansa is really strong and resiliantYEAHHH 1:30
Kelmire1 Hace 4 meses
Once the fame dries up, sweetheart, you won't have a husband. All your movies are flops, you're not great at acting, at least not lead role material. Pretty soon companies will pick up on how every movie you're in ultimately fails or disappoints, the calls will stop coming in. I've seen the topless paparazzi pics - it's fucked up that they're allowed to do shit like that, I agree, but it has happened and from what I saw... you've got a pretty face, but that's pretty much it. Your other assets, well... I can only imagine he married you for your personality and your blowjobs. Oh what I'm saying is too harsh, is it? Maybe don't call customers 'disrespectful' if they don't like a product you're associated with. Then less people would attack you - think you could handle that small request, bitch?
Brad Pearce
Brad Pearce Hace 5 meses
"You remind me of my husband" Short and hairy??
Allura Munoz
Allura Munoz Hace 5 meses
I lost my shit when she said Barry was her personal favorite. It's literally the best TV show to date
Pranjal Tiwari
Pranjal Tiwari Hace 5 meses
I have a crush on a girl in college. She looks like Sophie Turner. We are together in two of the courses and I am gonna try on her. Ask me what happened when this semester ends. Gosh, I love Sophie Turner.
Sanjana Vilankar
Sanjana Vilankar Hace 5 meses
I'm waiting to see Evan Peters with puppies..🤗🐕
zrinka perišić
zrinka perišić Hace 5 meses
Sophie Turner had an interview with hers and The Hounds childreeeeen, yeeeeeeeeeah
Starman Crusader
Starman Crusader Hace 5 meses
They should do Iwan Rheon with puppies
dvr1337 Hace 5 meses
siri Hace 5 meses
i really wanna like the actor but all i see is sansa stark and i hate her with all my guts
Erica Narduzzi
Erica Narduzzi Hace 5 meses
0:30 I just couldn't stop laughing, thinking of Joe AHAHAH
Rynea Sheehy
Rynea Sheehy Hace 5 meses
When she said “which is always fun” all I could do was scream I’m always getting told I say that too much and now my queen said it and I’m complete 😂🥰
Pearl Girl
Pearl Girl Hace un mes
Rynea Sheehy omggg you just described me I was justtt thinking that watching the video so that’s fun 😂😉
Sherif Mostafa
Sherif Mostafa Hace 5 meses
1st: you remind me of my husbend "of course " 2nd: her face at 1:07
rabbit32073 Hace 5 meses
I can't believe I just watched a fuck'n BuzzFeed video... but anything for Sophie. YT had better not start recommending any of their other shitty content.
DisneyGirl 4life
DisneyGirl 4life Hace 5 meses
“You remind me of my husband” 😂 Joe getting it on
Baldoxxx4000 Hace 5 meses
career going down hill and marrying her
Pete White
Pete White Hace 5 meses
After reading the title, I was disappointed with the reality of this video
Lis M.
Lis M. Hace 6 meses
*talks normally* but then :YESSSSSSS PUPPIES!!!
Purple-Eyes Grey Dragon
Purple-Eyes Grey Dragon Hace 6 meses
I actually had an epilogue GoT dream. It showed everyone after the events of the finale. I saw Sansa was loved and admired by her people.
90' Rocks
90' Rocks Hace 6 meses
Take my dick and play... you stupid bitch
Jolin Hace 6 meses
Yay Sansa and Laydi 😂🤔
Boscos_box Hace 6 meses
carla Hace 6 meses
5:41 💖💖💖💖
juliet namuwube
juliet namuwube Hace 6 meses
l love Sophie sooooooooooo much
Nobody: Sub: “ Hi iM sOPhiE *tAnA* “
Jonathan Nicolas
Jonathan Nicolas Hace 6 meses
She is as beautiful as Elizabeth Olsen..
Koushik Daimari
Koushik Daimari Hace 6 meses
"You remind me of my husband" 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Ria - Zul - Zannah
Ria - Zul - Zannah Hace 6 meses
Sophie is so sweet! Joe is one lucky bastard!
Bruces Banner
Bruces Banner Hace 6 meses
I would not be letting her handle cute puppies. the last one didnt last to long
Mia Mancini-Brewster
Mia Mancini-Brewster Hace 6 meses
dog: hey whats up here Joe: You stay away from her! Sophie: you remind me of my husband me: wait Joe does that. Joe: yep, and she mine, i'm watching you dog.👀
qilya sekar
qilya sekar Hace 6 meses
Please make one with rob pattinson
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