Someone You Loved by Lewis Capaldi & Apologize by One Republic | Alex Aiono MASHUP

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Alex Aiono

Alex Aiono

Hace 6 meses

I KNOW IM LATE TO THE PARTY BUT I F**KING LOVE THIS SONG! please subscribe:, it means a lot to me !
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Hanah Sanchika
Hanah Sanchika Hace 2 días
Can someone tell me if he makes music in one take woaahh unbelievable so incredible..
The Devilz Zone
The Devilz Zone Hace 3 días
i liked it when i was just into 5 seconds! 🖤🖤🖤
AKOSiELAiNE 925 Hace 5 días
Im not a fan but damn baby in love 😍
TO KYO Hace 5 días
Ufff that transition 1:52 🔥🔥
James Russ
James Russ Hace 6 días
CEO of lip balm
samuele726 Hace 10 días
Omg what a diamond i found here !!!
Jonathan Goyco
Jonathan Goyco Hace 11 días
Awesome man. Appreciate both those songs
Logan Wolverine
Logan Wolverine Hace 11 días
What's the deal with the lipstick?
Vanessa Clayton
Vanessa Clayton Hace 11 días
I love your voice. I love the way you used a different beat
ProDro Me
ProDro Me Hace 11 días
Mara Padua
Mara Padua Hace 13 días
Make a full cover of someone you loved please 😟
Jackson Fagaote
Jackson Fagaote Hace 13 días
U fire up dis 2 of my favorite song and you got the goosebumps lol nice one lol
Yancy Sacare
Yancy Sacare Hace 13 días
Your a greater singer
Yancy Sacare
Yancy Sacare Hace 13 días
Lisbet Mixquitl
Lisbet Mixquitl Hace 14 días
vocal legend
Suzanne Inferno
Suzanne Inferno Hace 14 días
Your voice is incredible and also you're so cute in the thumbnail 🤍
Ai mm
Ai mm Hace 14 días
love music
love music Hace 14 días
Veiiii que issooooo, algum br
Marvin Daton
Marvin Daton Hace 14 días
Someone you loved should have a full cover
Adaluz Torres
Adaluz Torres Hace 15 días
Omg I really love this 😻😻😻
Александра Еремейчик
Александра Еремейчик Hace 15 días
It's so cute.❤ Ur voice are so butiful😍
Geo Mantziou
Geo Mantziou Hace 17 días
Γάμησε. Απλά ελληνικά. 👌
Carissa Jane Equibal
Carissa Jane Equibal Hace 17 días
Amazing voice ❤️😍
Hafizah Brouch
Hafizah Brouch Hace 17 días
His voice is so mesmerizing. 😍
Prinsesa Rastica
Prinsesa Rastica Hace 18 días
Inaz Mousavi
Inaz Mousavi Hace 19 días
Love it👌🏼❤️
Awesome voice
Gacha Meme
Gacha Meme Hace 20 días
Oh wait a mash-up. Ooh I like it!
Gacha Meme
Gacha Meme Hace 20 días
His sound is so powerful... Edit:omg not sound VOICE I’m so dumb ;-;
Aleksandra Nikolic
Aleksandra Nikolic Hace 21 un día
jd Caballero
jd Caballero Hace 21 un día
This is amazing
Ksi G
Ksi G Hace 21 un día
I love you
Patricia Anderson
Patricia Anderson Hace 23 días
I love you
HoLLy WeiTz BiRdWeLL
HoLLy WeiTz BiRdWeLL Hace 24 días
Meee2!! Lovvvvvve this one!
De Poet
De Poet Hace 24 días
Mate, a love your version of someone you loved. Please do a full cover.
Daniel Saisani
Daniel Saisani Hace 26 días
I thought Ryan Garcia had quit boxing to make covers lmao
sena fearless
sena fearless Hace 27 días
Rip Kobe
Jalil Kyle
Jalil Kyle Hace 27 días
he looks like mary janes brother
Sarah Hace 28 días
oh my god this is one of the most beautiful things i have heard
Nabila Oktaviani
Nabila Oktaviani Hace 28 días
2:26 to 2:38 till the screen dark, omg i love you :(
Treasure Me
Treasure Me Hace 29 días
0:05 uwuu that smile, he is such a baby
Anna Artur Hałaczkiewicz
Anna Artur Hałaczkiewicz Hace un mes
ED MRCL Hace un mes
what a fantastic cover alex , also visit my channel i make acoustic cover also subscribe so i can make more in the future i need your support guys tnx.
Kassandra Medeiros
Kassandra Medeiros Hace un mes
As soon as you started to sing, my insides did the WEIRDEST thing ever!!!! You are amazing!!!!
I Fa'amausili
I Fa'amausili Hace un mes
The man
LisePell Hace un mes
I just come back from heaven
Gemma Delaney
Gemma Delaney Hace un mes
His voice is to peng
Kyla Reid
Kyla Reid Hace un mes
NGL, you sing it better than the original singer 🤷🏾‍♀️
Renz Hace un mes
I've been replaying this for many times now Gosh we realy need a full cover of someone you loved Aleeexx pleasseee 😭😉😊
Zarrin Tasnim
Zarrin Tasnim Hace un mes
His smile is so cayooooot
Morelle & Rhian De Jesus
Morelle & Rhian De Jesus Hace un mes
This is one of the best cover i do love it 🖤
Dana Hace un mes
I’m Falling in love with his voice 🥺.
Marycres Pagente
Marycres Pagente Hace un mes
Love it😍😍😍😍
Chessa Sefa
Chessa Sefa Hace un mes
im in love
Isak Pettersson
Isak Pettersson Hace un mes
1:00 Best vocals he has ever done?
GE LA Hace un mes
I really miss my man, even I'm not the girl he want to stay for.
Jaycian Ramos
Jaycian Ramos Hace un mes
I dunno it made me sad listening to this rn🥺
King Jay Bautista
King Jay Bautista Hace un mes
Woah! I became subscriber by just watching this, that talent and live music skills tho 👌👌
Justin Lamiell
Justin Lamiell Hace un mes
You should go on America’s got talent
Diana Jimenez
Diana Jimenez Hace un mes
Amy demark
Amy demark Hace un mes
Why isn’t he stupid famous yet ?!!!!!!!! Dopest voice ever.
Brandon red Ulan
Brandon red Ulan Hace un mes
im sad
Emmanuel Mbewe
Emmanuel Mbewe Hace un mes
Honestly his smile 😃 is adorable!❤️
Shanna 88
Shanna 88 Hace un mes
listen this mixtape love ittt
Zach Moore
Zach Moore Hace un mes
Auto tune
just me
just me Hace un mes
The way you feel every word every note and bit is really beautiful and amazing .. thank you for this few unforgettable minutes
ai JEB
ai JEB Hace un mes
François Junior Le Sage
François Junior Le Sage Hace un mes
NataliaNutella Hace un mes
My ears are so blessed. Deym!
Conray Pietersen
Conray Pietersen Hace un mes
I this song
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