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John Krasinski highlights some good news from around the world, including an interview with Steve Carell to mark the 15thanniversary of THE OFFICE, as well as John’s newest hero Coco. #somegoodnews

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Hami Kim
Hami Kim Hace 6 horas
Thank you for doing this!!!👍👍👍
Christie Sippola
Christie Sippola Hace 6 horas
Thank you for the good news. Hope you continue this.
Anna Dravland
Anna Dravland Hace 6 horas
We have aaall the goodness! Check out our page Yooper Goodness on Twitter or Yooper Goodness Stories and Do-Gooder Opportunities! Where is shining a light on all of the epic Goodness that our community in the upper Peninsula of Michigan is pouring out to our medical community, low income, neighbors, and so much more!
ملیحه برزگر
ملیحه برزگر Hace 6 horas
Hello friends i'm happy to subscribe to my channel bashdelfasabscribe
Love Wins
Love Wins Hace 6 horas
This is literally the greatest thing I’ve ever seen in my life. Thank you so very much for doing this
Danny Boi
Danny Boi Hace 6 horas
LMAO steve carell is hilarious
Ana Lira
Ana Lira Hace 6 horas
Love this already! I know I could use some good news. It makes me think of the song"Good News" by K Flay. Maybe you could reach out to her to use a clip for the intro to SGN!
Big Mac-11
Big Mac-11 Hace 6 horas
Ladies and Gentlemen this is what a talented actor director and future Reed Richards does in his past time let's all take a moment to be more like him.
Charles Goodbar
Charles Goodbar Hace 6 horas
i fuck with it
Positive Productions
Positive Productions Hace 6 horas
Thank you this needs to be a series.
Atiana Hace 6 horas
Can we agnolage that on Steve Carell's wall there is a picture of Adam Driver staring directly into the camra
Jackie Hall
Jackie Hall Hace 6 horas
Thanks for the happy tears, John.
Seamus M
Seamus M Hace 6 horas
John maybe you could find and interview the host of the original good news show from right here in Boston. Eileen Prose hosted the Good Day Show on channel 5 back in the 90’s. 👍❤️
Nightand Fog
Nightand Fog Hace 6 horas
God bless you, Jon. This is what Hollywood should be.
NikonJax Hace 6 horas
Thank you so much!!! I'm one of the "essential" people working for the Maryland Transit Administration. You have made us smile:)
Littlelibratine 2001
Littlelibratine 2001 Hace 6 horas
#1 on trending
Jon M
Jon M Hace 6 horas
Who in the world dislikes this?
Chy chy chy
Chy chy chy Hace 6 horas
Sarah Burden
Sarah Burden Hace 6 horas
Thank you darlin’! We needed some good news #SGN
Jaclyn Key
Jaclyn Key Hace 6 horas
God Bless You John, we need more good news stations
jedizane Hace 6 horas
The world needs this!
Paul Mathew
Paul Mathew Hace 6 horas
Is that a Dunder Mifflin coffee cup on the top shelf? And you're not wearing trousers aren't you?
Obada Odeh
Obada Odeh Hace 6 horas
And thank you for making SGN, keep going bro.
Grace Dooley
Grace Dooley Hace 6 horas
my new favorite youtuber 😊
Justin Borden
Justin Borden Hace 6 horas
So ugh.... yeah. That was kinda awesome. :)
AWARHERO Hace 6 horas
For someone who has no idea what is doing... You are doing it RIGHT!
BorrussiaCore Futbol TV
BorrussiaCore Futbol TV Hace 6 horas
Aj 967
Aj 967 Hace 6 horas
This is the news we deserve
kz_vcr Hace 6 horas
How can you thumbs down something as positive as this? Whoever did, you are dead already or on your way. Thanks John, love it, well done!
Blessed Lonna
Blessed Lonna Hace 6 horas
I love this!!!! Thank you so much !!!! 😌
M Waters
M Waters Hace 6 horas
I’ve been wanting something like this for a long time. THANK YOU ❤️😌🙏
Sarah Gaines
Sarah Gaines Hace 6 horas
For a good news show I’m crying an awful lot.
Adam Nemeth
Adam Nemeth Hace 6 horas
This is fantastic! Bravo to Krasinki family for putting this together! I needed this. I have some additional positive thoughts on adding to this program too if interested. No matter what im watching every episode of this that comes out on my lunch breaks.. Best 15 minutes I could spend today thanks to the Krasinkis!
Richard Goodreau
Richard Goodreau Hace 6 horas
Dude you're amazing i love this please keep this going 🤟
Funny Kids
Funny Kids Hace 6 horas
Knock knock
Emily Foord
Emily Foord Hace 6 horas
This is great keep it up
Adam Zufall
Adam Zufall Hace 6 horas
dude your number one on trending!
L i v i e D a n i e l
L i v i e D a n i e l Hace 6 horas
dang it, thought it was going to be an office reunion, maybe next time
Tara Joseph
Tara Joseph Hace 6 horas
Definitely a thumbs up
Leo Rod
Leo Rod Hace 6 horas
Big brain idea, thanks!
gunterx voices
gunterx voices Hace 6 horas
John got bored, we are in for a treat.
Danny Boi
Danny Boi Hace 6 horas
this is great
A Human
A Human Hace 6 horas
Most Celebrities: *sings a song* John: *spreads some good news* Thank you for cheering us up John, what a man
Summer Kruppen
Summer Kruppen Hace 6 horas
@PhillipDefranco Sent me here!
Nancy Busick
Nancy Busick Hace 6 horas
Love this and can't wait for more. We need all the smiles we can get!
Nazareth Perez
Nazareth Perez Hace 6 horas
Identity theft is not a joke jim
Eeyore HeeHaw
Eeyore HeeHaw Hace 6 horas
Why do people love John Krasinski? This. This is why.
Daphne Hernandez
Daphne Hernandez Hace 6 horas
it hasnt even started and I already liked and subscribed. Thanks for putting a smile on my face!!! I really needed it. Love from NOLA!!
rawgrave Hace 6 horas
Pinned by SGN
Joey P
Joey P Hace 6 horas
Thanks Jim
Nicole Barnabei
Nicole Barnabei Hace 6 horas
Thank you for the laugh. It was just what I needed.
Colton Greenwood
Colton Greenwood Hace 6 horas
Wow. Incredible. What a change from the big media we have to choose from on television
Rebecca Hace 6 horas
Star10864 Hace 6 horas
Thank you! LOVED IT Exactly what all of us need at the moment!
Stephanie Carrigg
Stephanie Carrigg Hace 6 horas
Please continue to do this and I will somehow find a way to send you Kanes Donuts.
Aido Hace 6 horas
Big tuna thank you for answering the call ❤️
Ya Boi
Ya Boi Hace 6 horas
Iconic 🙌
random studios
random studios Hace 6 horas
Alyssa Barber
Alyssa Barber Hace 6 horas
I didn't know I was going to cry today but here I am sitting on my couch in my comfy lounging clothes and waiting for some data to run on my work computer.
jordan graves
jordan graves Hace 6 horas
How are you not in every movie, tv show, and commercial..... you the full embodiment of good vibes
Bernal Gutierrez
Bernal Gutierrez Hace 6 horas
So you’re telling me you didn’t put on that suit to make a paper sale?
Isaac Baggett
Isaac Baggett Hace 6 horas
The only bad news is the beating that paper took in this episode
Vicey & Yogi beesh T.V
Vicey & Yogi beesh T.V Hace 6 horas
Your awesome buddy
rawgrave Hace 6 horas
Steve: say hi to Emily John: who’s that Ooh boy somebody’s gonna get a whoopin off camera
Dunya Live
Dunya Live Hace 6 horas
Very nice. Chinese proverbs
Elliot Sandquist
Elliot Sandquist Hace 6 horas
Thank you for this John! Fastest subscribe ever!
Mel E
Mel E Hace 6 horas
Thank you, John, for shining your light in an uncertain time. Please make another one! I will help be a Some Good News reporter!
Mert Atalan
Mert Atalan Hace 6 horas
Easiest way to get goosebumps
Media Maniac!
Media Maniac! Hace 6 horas
Awww I love that girl Coco, and her friends and family are great!
Jeff Earley
Jeff Earley Hace 6 horas
I'm not crying... YOU'RE CRYING
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