Skip and Shannon react to Drew Brees' comments about protesting during national anthem | UNDISPUTED

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Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED

Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED

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In an interview with Yahoo Finance, Drew Brees said he could quote, “never agree with anybody disrespecting the flag of the United States of America.” Brees said he stands with his teammates for their fight for equality but also that he stands with family members who have served in the military. Brees was heavily criticized by many athletes including teammates Michael Thomas and Malcolm Jenkins. Hear what Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe have to say about Brees' comments.
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UNDISPUTED is a daily two-and-a-half hour sports debate show starring Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe. Every day, Skip and Shannon will give their unfiltered, incisive, passionate opinions on the biggest sports topics of the day.
Skip and Shannon react to Drew Brees' comments about protesting during national anthem | UNDISPUTED
Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED

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Remi Stein
Remi Stein Hace 3 horas
Shannon=ignorant. This is america. As an american we should be able to say anything without worring but of course... black black black everything and if theres a problem in black communitiy its anothers fault.. Well this is about humans and americans. Get over floyd and do something in your terrible communities and stop blaming the communities that have done it right! Just cuz someone is white doesnt make them less or if someone has more money than another that that means he should share his coming up and money with the others that didnt make the same decisions growing up. Ya rite!!! we all make our on decisions growing up. Some make it and some dont, on all different levels. STOP BLAMING WHITE PEOPLE. take accountability and responsibility in your communities and lets see IF MORE FATHERS ARE PRESENT IN THE HOUSEHOLD that might help. Oh fyi 2018 ..... 800 MURDERS in chicago 2017..... 657 murders. WHERE ARE YOU SHANNON WITH YOUR OWN PEOPLE KILLING EACHOTHER (mostly black on black) but hey sicne its a white person is involved its more meaningful. You guys are pathedic.
Joey Parm
Joey Parm Hace 3 horas
Shannon Sharpe..all i hear is the teacher from Charlie Brown talking?....
Antoine Maxima
Antoine Maxima Hace 3 horas
Drew to retire, his receivers will stop catching his passes, nice Shannon, way to overact.
Ismael Reyes
Ismael Reyes Hace 3 horas
Shannon, the first part of this should be played on every tv. You explained it better than anybody has.
Bryant Alcorn
Bryant Alcorn Hace 3 horas
Shannon a real one. They need more like him on tv.
Zypher Hace 3 horas
Someone help me understand. Brees has his opinion that kneeling for the flag is disrespectful for all the people who fought in the war (including black people) and said that he stands with the black community's message but not there methods many times. Whats the problem?
Tramere Cornelius
Tramere Cornelius Hace 3 horas
"I here every word you just spoke " I felt that
EJ Miller
EJ Miller Hace 3 horas
Yah thumbing down the video because yah don’t want hear what’s being said
Lance Greicar
Lance Greicar Hace 3 horas
Wait so what did Brees actually say?
J. Boado
J. Boado Hace 3 horas
He’s only talking to skip. Why does he have to yell
kyaah rolle
kyaah rolle Hace 3 horas
Can we just appreciate skip for a moment really measured answers to a valid question
David Stillwell
David Stillwell Hace 3 horas
Great segment gentlemen.
Laney Jones
Laney Jones Hace 3 horas
Get over it you have to forgive we cannot erase history. If that’s the case then the Native Americans come first.
9134smoke Hace 3 horas
Can't we all just figure out how to love one another
Banana Hammok
Banana Hammok Hace 3 horas
I have lost all respect for Sharpe
Berke Eraksoy
Berke Eraksoy Hace 3 horas
It is just stupid that republicans try to accuse blacks of every act they take. Kneeling before something (may be a person or a flag) shows that person’s submission and respect. How tf is that disrespectful to the flag?
Laney Jones
Laney Jones Hace 3 horas
Sir you look like America has been good to you.
LF FORWARD Hace 3 horas
There are policies and laws being made and revised RIGHT NOW but this is #1 trending
You Dont Know Me
You Dont Know Me Hace 3 horas
Drew is still my QB may not agree with what he said but I’m still going to cheer for him
DocRoc Ashellvision
DocRoc Ashellvision Hace 3 horas
It was a public lynching..🤬
9134smoke Hace 3 horas
And ya they were in slaves again but u know what....that's y the civil rights act happened also afericans enslaved there own people......
Deidra Leitner
Deidra Leitner Hace 3 horas
I love this show!!
Shaun S
Shaun S Hace 3 horas
Where are their masks 🧐. Or the Corona skips over you if you on tv lol
Guy File
Guy File Hace 3 horas
They came home and still had to eat out side of a restaurant with their uniforms on...
Steffen Samlal
Steffen Samlal Hace 3 horas
Skip that suit is so face off I like it!
Matt McCaughen
Matt McCaughen Hace 3 horas
Isn't it crazy these Republicans who believe in God and say gods name would.never be a friend of God God wouldn't do these things Jesus wo I lent attack peacefull protesters Jesus would love and hold them not beat them
Kingg Royal
Kingg Royal Hace 3 horas
It's over for his career period 💯🖕em 🤬 drew breeze who dat we dont kno him period
sniper7ize Hace 3 horas
I wish black ppl would understand this. AMERICA is not your country. Idc what they tell you guys. White people in their core don’t see y’all as equals otherwise they wouldn’t have labeled y’all AFRICAN-American for people who’ve never laid a foot in Africa. It’s a way of distinguishing themselves from you and telling you not to expect equal treatments. That’s why they talk about the flag as it only belongs to them and Drew Brees resounded that feeling.
Topher Singleton
Topher Singleton Hace 3 horas
African-American Caucasian American.
mr.christopher Hace 3 horas
shannon what about all the brothas killing brothas wheres your outrage for that
RPostVideos Hace 3 horas
My husband keeps a sports talk show on all the time... this is the only one I like. The are funny, serious, empathetic, understanding, and open-minded. Shannon and Skip don't always agree, but they are brothers.
AnimalNews Hace 3 horas
There’s talk...and there’s this. Brilliant.
god Hace 3 horas
drew brees shouldn’t be apologizing on how he truly felt. he should stand behind it regardless of the repercussions. now we all don’t believe his apology, he was pressured to fake a apology
TheeGodivaKitty Hace 3 horas
skip i dont think that's the question he was asked. I saw a video of the question and that wasn't it
Heroek Hace 3 horas
Can we just appreciate that Skip and Shannon got to NUMBER ONE ON TRENDING?!?!?!
Lance Schultz
Lance Schultz Hace 3 horas
Um am I missing something here or is everyone giving Brees a hard time for supporting America and her veterans?
SUPREME eXoH Hace 3 horas
Drew was defiant 🤯 sharp hit a home run
scottlake305 Hace 3 horas
We love you Shannon THANKS for representing the culture and black community so well you hit the bullseye every time so well God Bless
ZAP Hace 3 horas
sad voice "Something happened yesterday"
da biz
da biz Hace 3 horas
Ah the old "my family members who served in the military" 😒
Bighomie Judah
Bighomie Judah Hace 3 horas
Thanks for the info skip .... 👏🏾
BULLRING Hace 3 horas
Don’t spend time worrying about Drew Brees he’s just been white in America!
Joshua Wood
Joshua Wood Hace 3 horas
Making it racial, pretending the national anthem isn't about showing respect to the flag, ignoring that Police are far more likely to brutalize Mexicans and Whites, than Blacks. Shame on both of you, what is will full is your pushing a racist lie, and trying to shame someone else for not agreeing with your racist lie.
KamilLeo Dub
KamilLeo Dub Hace 3 horas
Exactly! The flag does not represent all of us in the exact same way! Done. And quit with the All Lives Matter, when the deaths by cop are disproportionately Black bodies. Stop it!
Joshua Caro
Joshua Caro Hace 3 horas
The only KNEE I'm bending is to my Lord and savior Jesus Christ!!
Bullish Swing Trades
Bullish Swing Trades Hace 3 horas
Sports is trash
christian jones council
christian jones council Hace 3 horas
Every sack that comes that man way, my people going make sure he feel it
ktown Hace 3 horas
the black police brutality is a democratic myth look at the stats please u r being punked by the liberal media
Benjamin Daniels
Benjamin Daniels Hace 3 horas
Brees said nothing wrong..yall are whack!! Thats the greatest thing about our country...FREEDOM!! Quit making it about race. 99% of Americans dont judge on skin color. Character is what is important and Drew Brees has character.
Mount Feline
Mount Feline Hace 3 horas
Drew Brees took more shots to the head from his faith than he did from the NFL. He's disturbing. NFL, full of MAGA-speak like him
sam stone
sam stone Hace 3 horas
What flag in the world does the black man respect?
GROWTH with Mr. Eightz
GROWTH with Mr. Eightz Hace 3 horas
Unc will always be my dude!!!
Reypadd Hace 3 horas
Shannon does his homework. Wow! Learned a lot of history just watching this.
Meme man •
Meme man • Hace 3 horas
Drew shouldn’t have apologized 😤
Tristan Ellis Vlogs
Tristan Ellis Vlogs Hace 3 horas
I agree with Brees said he shouldn’t of apologized
busaracerx Hace 3 horas
Imer Flores
Imer Flores Hace 3 horas
55giantsfan22 Hace 3 horas
Makes sense...hes a trump boot licker
debunker300 Hace 3 horas
Drew Brees as far as I know has never been accused of racism. What we have here is someone who simply thinks protesting by disrespecting the national anthem and the flag is inappropriate and refuses to do it himself, but doesn't try to stop anyone else....but yet many race-baiters in the media are now implying Brees is somehow some sort of closet racist. It's absolutely asinine. This, folks, is why we can't get along in this country. If black folks (and white race-baiting liberals) think it's racist to NOT disrespect the flag, you might as well know in advance that we as a country are NEVER going to get along.
Trout Slayer
Trout Slayer Hace 3 horas
Jakup Palm
Jakup Palm Hace 3 horas
If u don't love America then GET OUT?
on my way
on my way Hace 3 horas
Drew has absolutely No Balls
RPostVideos Hace 3 horas
That's the problem with faith and conservatism... Excludes everyone else.
Tahre Hale
Tahre Hale Hace 3 horas
People also remember the BLACK WOMEN who were lynched!
Steven Walters
Steven Walters Hace 3 horas
Drew brees shouldn't have to apologize for how he feels nor apologize for speaking his mind. A lot of people tend to forget, that we all have the same right to free speech, even though we may or may not agree, just as the same as the ones who disagree with his statement, under the 1st amendment. I too, felt the exact same way, as drew did, about kneeling during the national anthem and people can criticize me all they want to, and that's their right, as they get to speak their mind, same as me.
Justin Ranson
Justin Ranson Hace 3 horas
Why are people acting like Drew did something wrong??? Drew got on a knee with his team. This just shows how much people hate the USA.
Brian N
Brian N Hace 3 horas
I still think Kap is a grifter.
jeff kaluga
jeff kaluga Hace 3 horas
I am a limo driver in LA.. I had Joe Buck in my limo.. His views are the same as Drew.s I told him there were Vets sleeping under the bridge we drove over ,.. Waiting to get their benefits from The VA hospital down the street.. Near UCLA and the 405, freewayThe set a fire that almost burned near Sunset and Mandeville Canyon Joe Buck lives near there..His house It list for 10 million and he never played down in the pros.. Yet he lives better than many black NFL players..
YMBER MUSIC Hace 3 horas
As long as your true opinion is for the best interest of all and it's truly from the heart, let's grow together
Drink Water
Drink Water Hace 3 horas
Remember to drink water 💦🥤
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