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House treats a teenage supermodel who suddenly passes out during a fashion show, but is forced to confront her father to see if he slept with his own daughter. The controversy doesn't stop when child services are called either. This case is a whole lot of weird...
Season 2 Episode 13 "Skin Deep"
House treats a teenage supermodel (Cameron Richardson) who suddenly passes out during a fashion show. When her toxicology screen shows heroin, she is treated for addiction; unfortunately, her symptoms continue after she is weaned off the drugs. Meanwhile, House fights off increasingly bad leg pain.
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T Mar13
T Mar13 Hace 8 horas
Why does she look like a blonde Genna Davis in the thumbnail
Taurus Capricorn
Taurus Capricorn Hace un día
I'm not that smart, I'm that beautiful, I envy that she could be both
Tara Sarvas
Tara Sarvas Hace un día
This took daddy/daughter role playing to a new, weird level.
Caitlyn Luciano
Caitlyn Luciano Hace 5 días
Why is nobody talking about how blase the child services employee was?
Zidneya Hace 6 días
I'm not that smart, I am that beautiful. _"You have your swords. I have my tricks. We play with the toys the gods give us."_ - Odysseus
Zidneya Hace 6 días
I love Cameron’s face when she hears the truth.... It's like watching a kids face when you tell him there is no Santa Claus.
Baka Biru
Baka Biru Hace 3 días
pretty unbelievable that a female/doctor/who works as house's minion would be surprised. is cameron supposed to be naive?
Stefani Ruiz
Stefani Ruiz Hace 6 días
They got this gal to play a 15-yr-old?! She looks 30.
Theresa Johnson
Theresa Johnson Hace 6 días
This where "Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder." saying rings true. When you bring her personality on deck she is just yuk.
tyler gnosis
tyler gnosis Hace 7 días
Incest is the best
Vilmos Palik
Vilmos Palik Hace 8 días
So she got her dad to smash her and then it turned out she was a guy omfg that is so wack on so many levels
henri matisse
henri matisse Hace 8 días
Dad is kinda cute. Lot's daughters did it. Besides House is always right, no matter how distasteful it is. Why do the other docs shake their heads? Now that's real acting; like they've seen seen this before.
Daniel Wilson
Daniel Wilson Hace 8 días
Seriously, is it just me who sees it? *She looks like Keanu Reeves!*
Adam Bennett
Adam Bennett Hace 10 días
So he actually wanted to sleep with his Dad. That's all kinds of fucked up.
Des Tro
Des Tro Hace 10 días
Poor thing
Oi Mate
Oi Mate Hace 11 días
paola jones
paola jones Hace 11 días
She doesn't look 15
Jett Liscano
Jett Liscano Hace 11 días
"Come on, we all do it" LOL her mindset is twisted. But she admitted she's not smart.
Jett Liscano
Jett Liscano Hace 11 días
Telling a child-abuser vs the confidentiality as a doctor?
Cheers! 진아 이야.♥
Cheers! 진아 이야.♥ Hace 14 días
Au chalet ?
Grizzly Ponchoo
Grizzly Ponchoo Hace 15 días
5:03 that look from foreman is priceless
The Video-Beast
The Video-Beast Hace 17 días
*The father confessed* Me: “Bastard” *The daughter confessed* Me: “What A Bitch” *After watching what happened next* Me: LMAO
Frunkle McBunkle
Frunkle McBunkle Hace 18 días
"I think she should have a say in what happens to her body" Even if technically it wasn't that the cause, I still love Foreman for saying that Savage little shit 😝
Brett F.
Brett F. Hace 18 días
"I am not that smart, I am that beautiful." **starts twitching**
Cunning Smile
Cunning Smile Hace 18 días
8:03 "Give up Cameron."
Caleb_da _man
Caleb_da _man Hace 19 días
That one guy in that bathroom in one of the stalls 😮
Collins Enosh
Collins Enosh Hace 22 días
In this video, I just forgot about the show and thinking about the scary world we live in.
DjMaffi Hace 22 días
"I slept with my dad, my photographer, my tutor" ... "You're 15" I can't be the only one incredibly shocked and disturbed by this
DjMaffi Hace 3 días
@Baka Biru yeah, kinda. I can understand having sex at 15, people in the US are fairly quick to mature. What shocks me is that at 15 she is casually using sex to get advantages
Baka Biru
Baka Biru Hace 3 días
"incredibly"? as in you can't believe it? what planet you from?
Mac Mcleod
Mac Mcleod Hace 5 días
@JeveGreen children have played doctor since long before doctors existed. And we're used to have much less supervision. I started at 12 and lost my virginity by 15. Faked my way into an adult book store to learn how to do oral sex right at 19. Adorable old couple running the store was so happy to show me how that they unwrapped some $19! Books! You can see the same thing for free today. Adjusted for inflation, they would be $60 today. Amazing how the price of porn had fallen.
JeveGreen Hace 5 días
I'm not. I've heard of 12 year old boys experimenting with each other, girls willingly getting knocked up in grade school with a fellow classmate. It's not shocking, and it's only disturbing if it was without consent. That's how the world works nowadays, and trying to deny it is just a path to delusion, or worse...
Mac Mcleod
Mac Mcleod Hace 13 días
Basically a high functioning psychopath. Not everyone (acutally not many people) think of sex as a sacred act. Many people say "it's just sex" or "it was only sex" and get skeeved out when the other person gets too emotional about it.
Yoshi278 Hace 22 días
I don't remember house having an episode about a father being raped by his daughter.
Semper fidelis Semper Paratus
Semper fidelis Semper Paratus Hace 23 días
no such diagnosis
Rose Jones
Rose Jones Hace 23 días
I slept with her one- that’s the problem sir. Start learning what’s appropriate and what isn’t.
Fyodor48 Hace 23 días
Soo, is this an entertainment show, or a fly on the wall documentary? The lines are so blurry it seems.
Megan Galloway
Megan Galloway Hace 24 días
ik its the whole show but i swear to god its way too gross how house is talking about a young girl that way. gross episode
chetan bangar
chetan bangar Hace 24 días
Oh come on we all do it No we dont
No.1 Hace 25 días
It doesn't matter how many ads youtube chooses to run, I will never pay. I *will* however, go to different platform. F U YT.
Abdullahi Ahmed
Abdullahi Ahmed Hace 25 días
I love house but young lady you need therapy with the cps and the school district
Abdullahi Ahmed
Abdullahi Ahmed Hace 25 días
Lauren Hace 26 días
Um, excuse me, what?
SirMadFychus Hace 26 días
Can they lie about her needing a surgery and just making permanently bald? Cuzz I would do that
Rachel Reid
Rachel Reid Hace 27 días
Fun Fact: The actresses of Cameron and the model are the same age in real life. They were both born in 1979, and were 27 when this episode was filmed
Shiny TV
Shiny TV Hace 27 días
Incest wincest hakuna matata mudafuka
Neej Life
Neej Life Hace 28 días
Why did I watch this shit
Sandra Bradley
Sandra Bradley Hace 28 días
It's really hard, to fell sorry for this girl/boy.. she or he got her father intoxicated, and used him so she/he. could just go buck,wild and do whatever he/she wanted.. to be honest this is a pretty messed, up episode but i still like, it..😐😐
But teenagers raping a woman when both of them are drunk means jail and a ruined life for the man according to todays society. The lack of philosophy, science and morals in this world is so vast that it's hearthbreaking...
Chloe A
Chloe A Hace 28 días
House is gross.
Project 73
Project 73 Hace 28 días
One time
Seksenbes Yedi
Seksenbes Yedi Hace 28 días
Am I the only one who thinks she's not pretty?
Hazel36 Glen
Hazel36 Glen Hace 28 días
You mean he lol
Nosher Khan
Nosher Khan Hace 29 días
My favorite part about this episode is "Put your clothes back on. I'm gonna cut your balls off, and you'll be fine."
skrt skrt
skrt skrt Hace un mes
nobody me knowing what happens " HA GAYYYY"
Spicy Wolf
Spicy Wolf Hace 26 días
Not even correctly formatted
Extra life
Extra life Hace 27 días
skrt skrt not funny
LGM Hace un mes
Another great idea we can teach our children through media. Ooooh, I’ll sleep with my dad to get what I want! 🙄
Joaquin Lukas Oreta
Joaquin Lukas Oreta Hace un mes
Ok boomer
Marvel Disneyfan
Marvel Disneyfan Hace un mes
Umm, you do realize she’s portrayed as a psycho and in the wrong here, right? Also, what parent lets their children watch House? This is pretty clearly an adult show, or at the very least all right for teens who should know better than to imitate everything they watch. That’s on the parents for being irresponsible.
Emily Yukki
Emily Yukki Hace un mes
See if you have Amazon prime or Hulu houses on there .
Dragon Fox
Dragon Fox Hace un mes
Wow I don’t know what to say to this
Eni Tesoro
Eni Tesoro Hace un mes
Olivia McDonagh
Olivia McDonagh Hace un mes
Chase saying "we've got models fighting in Iraq now?" really pissed me off. I know he's not exactly Mr Sensitive, but to disregard someone having PTSD just because it wasn't as a result of being a soldier? Even for him, that's cold.
Wobby 1
Wobby 1 Hace 19 días
I don't think he was saying only a soldier can have PTSD; I think he was just wondering what a 15-year-old supermodel who (in his exact words) "dropped out of high school to make millions" could possibly have PTSD *from.* (Remember, this is _before_ House brought up the possibility of sexual abuse.) And, while Chase was never the level of abrasive asshole that House could be, he did have a somewhat flippant and sardonic way of expressing himself.
Chicca Jinju
Chicca Jinju Hace 20 días
@Olivia McDonagh nothing wrong with what i said 😂 Chase, as a character, was made to be like House and take his place in the end. Chase was never the "good natured" doctor compared to the other two. He is an asshole just like House and learning to be an even bigger asshole.
Olivia McDonagh
Olivia McDonagh Hace 20 días
@Chicca Jinju there's so much wrong with that that I can't actually make out what you're getting at...
Chicca Jinju
Chicca Jinju Hace 20 días
@Olivia McDonagh sorry but Chase IS House 😂
Olivia McDonagh
Olivia McDonagh Hace un mes
@Νίκος Μελιδονιώτης because it's not House who said it. It's House's character to be an asshole and it's the exact kind of thing he would say. But it wasn't HIM, was it? It was one of the "good natured" doctors, who apart from being a tad egotistical now and then, and a bit of a player, isn't a dick. So it's a little out of left field for him to make comments like that. That's why it irks me.
potaterjim Hace un mes
Once again Hadley dives in and makes everything her business, with indignation and outrage
potaterjim Hace 13 días
@peepslostsheep You see what I mean!?
peepslostsheep Hace un mes
She wasn't even in this episode.
Michio's Graphics
Michio's Graphics Hace un mes
Yes she got him drunk and yes she started it but no he did not say no to it, no matter how drunk you are, you should still say no.... Can't use being DRUNK as an excuse all of the time, he should be locked up and her sent to a Mental hospital or something. If this was all real of course, which thankfully, it is not.
Tankkizzle Hace un mes
... wait, so if the victum of rape is drunk, they can't use it as an excuse?? That's some metoo shit right there.
peepslostsheep Hace un mes
Someone getting you drunk to the point where you don't know what's going on, is absolutely rape. It's rape when a man does it to a woman, and it's rape when a woman does it to a man.
Alejandro Sanchez
Alejandro Sanchez Hace un mes
It was a great plot twist
AgentOrange 01
AgentOrange 01 Hace un mes
Bratty Step Sister would like to know your location
Nikki Mirhosseyni
Nikki Mirhosseyni Hace un mes
0:32 no, House. Cameron is the Dark One 😂 If you don’t get it, it is a reference to Once Upon a Time.
Lynch124 Hace un mes
Father: I slept with her one time... Also the father: *THATS MY DAUGHTER!!!*
Stanville Brown
Stanville Brown Hace un mes
This girl do NOT looks like a Teenager. 😆
Naijella 86
Naijella 86 Hace un mes
Jessica Simpson’s dad Joe, made comments like this about her body
Ravichandran Rajendran
Ravichandran Rajendran Hace un mes
House: sir, I’m gonna cut you balls... he/she: it’s a ma’am...
Neil Sims
Neil Sims Hace un mes
This episode would not air today, because it blatantly promotes a kind of gender essentialism that is simply false.
Ammar Harith
Ammar Harith Hace un mes
Nope, because the world is operating fine with lies and deceit.
Sara Jane
Sara Jane Hace un mes
Normalising paedophilia 🤬
anthony Gabriel
anthony Gabriel Hace un mes
The world isn't Black and White. This stuff happens more often than people admit.
Asuka Ultrahd
Asuka Ultrahd Hace un mes
I just got the notification....
Gideon Jones
Gideon Jones Hace un mes
"Nothing happened." "You think everything is fine, but it's not." "He's my dad." Y-yes... that's the problem.
Maria Ν.
Maria Ν. Hace un mes
Omfg i watched the other clip about this case and i thought he was her boyfriend or something..i just found out by comments he was her father..omfg
Chicca Jinju
Chicca Jinju Hace 20 días
Not a boyfriend. Only a victim
Katie Rose
Katie Rose Hace un mes
Isn't one off the doctors Casey off Chicago Fire?
Wobby 1
Wobby 1 Hace 19 días
Yes, it's the same actor, Jesse Spencer.
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