SIMON COWELL'S FAVOURITE SONG - BUT Will He Like Her Performance On Got Talent?!

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WILL SIMON COWELL LIKE HER? She Sings Simon Cowell's Favourite Song!
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Tom Jones
Tom Jones Hace 5 horas
13 and sings like an Angel me singing in the shower and the water stops
Ronny Andersen
Ronny Andersen Hace 11 horas
She enchants you with her soulful renditions and once you are wrapped in, her embrace you like a warm blanket in a cold winter's night, its impossible to leave! Angelina Jordan would be my interpretation of a genius!
bsc nyc
bsc nyc Hace 15 horas
b. Davies💞💯👍🏿👍🏿👍🏿
bsc nyc
bsc nyc Hace 15 horas
Maccie D. I agree... many thanks👍🏿👍🏿👍🏿👏👏👏👏
bsc nyc
bsc nyc Hace 15 horas
pursue.... good luck!!! find her someone like her atleaSt....... 👏👏👏👏👍🏿👍🏿💯
bsc nyc
bsc nyc Hace 15 horas
my friends..... love...
Silver Wishes
Silver Wishes Hace 20 horas
Damn she is awesome💛❤️🧡♥️
Tim’s Travels
Tim’s Travels Hace un día
Snfe Berlin
Snfe Berlin Hace un día
There’s somethin about her voice, love her so much.
Cynthia Yardley
Cynthia Yardley Hace 2 días
She has an Amy Winehouse kinda voice. ❤️❤️❤️ Just Beautifully Amazing
Charlie Richard
Charlie Richard Hace 3 días
She does an excellent Elton John song too. She is unbelievable
beverlee davis
beverlee davis Hace 3 días
She kilt that💯!!! what a rare talent she is...u go girl 😍😍
Macie Duggar
Macie Duggar Hace 3 días
I love the original song but she put her own spin to it and I’m loving it
Vicki Marlene
Vicki Marlene Hace 3 días
I think she’s totally unique and amazing for her age. Love her interpretation of the song. Good luck Angelina. She’s got soul this girl. She reminds me of Norah Jones.
Patrick Mailey
Patrick Mailey Hace 3 días
Freddie Mercury was reincarnated as Danica McKellar?
Annelize Buitendach
Annelize Buitendach Hace 3 días
An absolutely brilliant performance. Wow!!! I had goosebumps. If Freddy Mercury was still with us, he would have loved it. A well deserved golden buzzer. I would buy this now if it was available. 🎶🎵
Ron R.
Ron R. Hace 3 días
It is available as a single on Spotify and others
Sheehy family
Sheehy family Hace 3 días
Freddie would be so proud of her she did an amazing job.. I hope she knows how good she is truly
Anne Corey
Anne Corey Hace 4 días
Very good friendly young lady sing very good friendly young lady happy singing very good voice thank you for sharing your beautiful voice love your voice thanks
Scott Young
Scott Young Hace 4 días
Luis Malaquias
Luis Malaquias Hace 3 días
Queen members was wowed by Angelina version, they posted her performance and praised her on official FB and Twitter. Stay safe.
Emily Manalo
Emily Manalo Hace 4 días
Rosetta Thompson
Rosetta Thompson Hace 4 días
That very young girl has Beautiful Voice she gave me chillies
Lew Hanna
Lew Hanna Hace 4 días
Iconic song, performed by a young lady that will be an icon. Awesome job young lady!
Jason Tidd
Jason Tidd Hace 4 días
Wow she sang that song with so much elegance and class just really amazing
Bada Saab
Bada Saab Hace 4 días
She is like Cinderella
Tucky Blue
Tucky Blue Hace 4 días
Is anybody keeping count of Simons favorite songs? I’m the same way as I have about a hundred or more favorite songs.
mamapagong Hace 4 días
hey ! look !! i saw a star
Edward Chance
Edward Chance Hace 4 días
Brandon McPheeters
Brandon McPheeters Hace 4 días
Damn! Killed it
mabel delrey
mabel delrey Hace 4 días
Amazing!!! 😍😍 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩
Tim Everett
Tim Everett Hace 4 días
Well deserved golden buzzer
Marcia mellow
Marcia mellow Hace 4 días
The best ever... Godly voice... ..
Patricia Mchugh
Patricia Mchugh Hace 5 días
I'll tell you something, Freddie Mercury is sitting up in heaven, with tears in his eyes. Being so damn proud of her. She just killed it!
Ana Sueiras
Ana Sueiras Hace 5 días
Amazing voice !!! God Bless that gift !!!
Regina Denise Clarke
Regina Denise Clarke Hace 5 días
Care Jones
Care Jones Hace 5 días
Cant believe she got the golden buzzer..not trying 2 be negative or rude..she wasnt that good..n she already won in Norway..she was Norway good but not AMERICA GOOD
Luis Malaquias
Luis Malaquias Hace 3 días
Queen members was wowed by Angelina version, they posted her performance and praised her on official FB and Twitter. Angelina is a worldwide known star.
Care Jones
Care Jones Hace 5 días
Sorry but...simon cowells favorite song is not this...its unchained melodolies...( prob spelled it wrong)..also tho..they shouldn't let winners from other shows compete thats not right..its like double dipping..
Luis Malaquias
Luis Malaquias Hace 3 días
This is AGT CHAMPIONS, not regular AGT, where winners and top contestants of other countries are invited to participate.
Bob Saturday
Bob Saturday Hace 5 días
WOW ! just Fu--ing WOW ! she steps up to the plate and knocks it right out of the park ! nice suit too . really quite a classy little lady !
Linda Bloom
Linda Bloom Hace 5 días
Dashcam Confessions
Dashcam Confessions Hace 5 días
Simon should have hit it
B Genesis Thomas
B Genesis Thomas Hace 5 días
Wow, l’m impressed!😜🎶🎤🎶😜
Cali Girl
Cali Girl Hace 5 días
OMG...that was sooooo beautiful....Lord have mercy to think when she gets to be 20yrs old how her voice will sound. She most definitely deserved the Golden Buzzer....I was over here pushing
Rene Keuck
Rene Keuck Hace 5 días
Hmmm... doesn't catch me🤔
Jacqueline Lorrain
Jacqueline Lorrain Hace 5 días
Wow!! Sh's AMAZING!! Beautiful girl!! Beautiful voice!! Sh's going To be a BIG star!! I love her!! 💜💙💛🧡❤💚🤎💜💛
sistakia33 Hace 5 días
It's an honor to listen to this girl sing!
Donna Sullivan
Donna Sullivan Hace 5 días
She was adorable and so talented!!
Lorraine Mcdonald
Lorraine Mcdonald Hace 5 días
That's what I call special 💯🧡
Sam Gerard
Sam Gerard Hace 5 días
This young girl can sing her lil butt off. I like that song because it makes me think..
2bmeislovely Hace 5 días
She already won Norway. She is a professional. She came to America to conquer this title.
Luis Malaquias
Luis Malaquias Hace 3 días
Angelina is today 14 yo and goes to school every day as all kids of her age.
Marie El
Marie El Hace 5 días
Too much vocal gymnastics
Luis Malaquias
Luis Malaquias Hace 3 días
Queen members was wowed by Angelina version, they posted her performance and praised her on official FB and Twitter.
Lisa Pino
Lisa Pino Hace 5 días
Wow! This young lady has TALENT! She is absolutely amazing. She is definitely going places. Incredible voice. ❤
Nicole Brueckner
Nicole Brueckner Hace 6 días
That was brilliant
Wayne Wintermute
Wayne Wintermute Hace 6 días
And she's beautiful on top of that wonderful voice! She has the personality the voice and the looks! She's a keeper!
Cari Ann kane
Cari Ann kane Hace 6 días
Listen to her sing I put a spell on you , and BTW she is barefoot in every song she performs
Laura Powers
Laura Powers Hace 6 días
She has long been growing strong and solid.
Patrick Dempsey
Patrick Dempsey Hace 6 días
Debi Susan
Debi Susan Hace 6 días
This young woman is AMAZING!!!!
Toni Weston
Toni Weston Hace 6 días
Imagine waking up and realizing you have that voice! 🌟 quality, exceptional.
June Taylor
June Taylor Hace 6 días
Whooo I just Love her she take so simple go girl you are a star ❤️❤️❤️
montanadoctor Hace 6 días
Too many vocal runs.
Luis Malaquias
Luis Malaquias Hace 3 días
Queen members was wowed by Angelina version, they posted her performance and praised her on official FB and Twitter. Stay safe.
Lisa Redford
Lisa Redford Hace 6 días
a w
a w Hace 7 días
I dont like her voice
ARIANA PEREZ Hace 7 días
okay but why is she barefoot
Mr. Nick
Mr. Nick Hace 7 días
Geeze, I was expecting her to be more excited when the golden buzzard was hit lol
M D Hace 7 días
Such a cool teen, calm and beautifully done. good on you.
Virginia Mills
Virginia Mills Hace 8 días
What an amazing girl and her voice... INSANE! Young lady, you may not realize this because you’re extremely humble... BUT YOU WERE BORN A STAR ⭐️ Your voice, the way you carry yourself and your presentation was absolutely mesmerizing. BRAVO 👏
Mickey Smith
Mickey Smith Hace 8 días
She looks like the girl from the wonder years whiny cooper
Lisa Pino
Lisa Pino Hace 5 días
That's what I thought too!
illuminati Hace 8 días
And I vote NO.
Big Booty Bounce
Big Booty Bounce Hace 8 días
Some ridiculous celebrities with not effective signing talent today almost make u forget that signing is art. Singing is art
Andee Hace 9 días
All I have to say is wow just wow beautiful
jecoz Pierce
jecoz Pierce Hace 10 días
She look like Liza soberano of Philippines 💕😍
Mary-Ann Roy
Mary-Ann Roy Hace 10 días
Same sound as Amy Winehouse. Beautiful.
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