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Hace 4 años

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Inking by Kelly Morieko
AE work by
Evan Streb
and Cooper Goodwin
THIS VIDEO IS A FAN MADE ANIMATION! This is not an official music video to this song, this is just a fan's interpretation!
My character Spam is very inspired by Owl City music, and this song always gave me a very specific kind of vibe so I just wanted to try too illustrate it out!

VivziePop is an independent animator, graduated from SVA in NYC!
I am a huge fan of musicals, and animating colorful and unique characters! When I'm not animating, i'm working on a number of other art related projects including a webcomic entitled "Zoophobia" where most of my animated characters come from! I hope you enjoy my silly style of animation or art!
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Marley Brook
Marley Brook Hace 3 horas
Wat do you animate with
Blue trap remix Node
Blue trap remix Node Hace 12 horas
I cried while watching this :c
Evelyn Alba
Evelyn Alba Hace 12 horas
Me:why does this look so beautiful and cute My soul:because it was made by vivziepop
Jakyi Lott
Jakyi Lott Hace 21 un hora
This is so sad it makes you think of that sad stuff when you were young
Terrarian Mage
Terrarian Mage Hace un día
Now I feel bad.
Bean Pawws
Bean Pawws Hace un día
The spikes are stabbing his butt
Argent Lyal XIII
Argent Lyal XIII Hace 2 días
Damn son. Owl City never fails to bring a tear to my eye. This animation just makes it more of a feels punch.
Johanna Robles
Johanna Robles Hace 2 días
Hey viv, can you make a character or a furry that’s related to a lion?
Jamal Fred
Jamal Fred Hace 2 días
💕💕👍 wow!
I cant be bothered to think of a name so NAME
I cant be bothered to think of a name so NAME Hace 3 días
Oh fuck now. Have to kill myself
Alvard Greyheart
Alvard Greyheart Hace 3 días
It's so awesome!
Erza1658 Anime
Erza1658 Anime Hace 4 días
This animation is amazing!! This song hits hard. It's amazing how you put this together and change others lives! Thank you for making this. I have read the comments and I seen that you changed their loves with this video. Keep up the hard work and stay safe. I hope you have a good day!!
Konohamaru Blueberry
Konohamaru Blueberry Hace 4 días
Isse no se de fumikomu gorain bokura wa nanimo nanimo mada shiranu
Lathonland Hace 4 días
My balls popped
Ryuno di Angelo-Solace
Ryuno di Angelo-Solace Hace 4 días
Literal chills at the chorus. Nfhdhdbfbf
Evee that watches furry porn
Evee that watches furry porn Hace 5 días
It's sad cause I latterly am the same way I'm go if through killing myself it's hard I just feel like No one in my family love me it's hard I just need someone to actually like me it's just hard to go through with this like ESwomen is the only thing thats keeping me going if youtube didn't exist I would have killed myself already and I'm 11 and I'm going through killing myself help me i feel like a silhouette is it over yet
canda corn
canda corn Hace 5 días
I'm tiered of waking up in tiers I cry my self to sleep from hate my fursuit I bought that costed me about 2000 buck go burned and the one my brother made me that was his 10th suit he made was burned
wacky will
wacky will Hace 5 días
how dose this have more likes than the actual song
Nova Star
Nova Star Hace 6 días
I remember seeing this when it was new, my friend showed it to me - she likes this type of stuff, and it's what got me into animation and art, Nostalgia hitting hard here
Micah Cook
Micah Cook Hace 6 días
God, this Silhouette song, it’s heartbreaking. The song is perfect for animations, even for sad ones. Nice animation btw!!
Gabriel Gaming
Gabriel Gaming Hace 7 días
This is so good
Iconic Demon Animations
Iconic Demon Animations Hace 7 días
I love him, lemme hug
DummyProofSiblings Hace 7 días
This is one if the best songs and you made it better by putting furrys in it
Loli Desu
Loli Desu Hace 7 días
" Im a "
Napstablook Hace 9 días
But the more i try to move on the more i feel alone :( this makes me sad because it's similar to me
holeman200 Hace 9 días
I like how when the fox turns in to the silhouette it loses physical properties
꧁uncommon trash꧂
꧁uncommon trash꧂ Hace 9 días
owl city is the best smh if you think otherwise you can d i e :P
Reef The Weird Boy
Reef The Weird Boy Hace 9 días
I wanna boop his snoot
Yari Abigail X3
Yari Abigail X3 Hace 9 días
Anyone else just clicked this for the Owl City, and then realize your favorite animator likes your favorite music artist, and you just scream with joy?
Mgapr playz
Mgapr playz Hace 10 días
LuigiIbanez1021 Hace 10 días
It's beautiful song OwQ
karol isaias osorio soto
karol isaias osorio soto Hace 10 días
furry for ever
Alibey González
Alibey González Hace 11 días
It was so sad I love it, I´m sure you have more of this in your mind. Viv, you are awesome. Keep writting more histories like this one, never give up on your dreams.
Fer D.
Fer D. Hace 11 días
Question, do you have to pay something to be able to use a song to make an animation music video?
Ezra Kainz
Ezra Kainz Hace 11 días
Those ears are so expressive!
_The_bluefaux_stealerofberries_ UwU
_The_bluefaux_stealerofberries_ UwU Hace 11 días
This is just amazing I love your animations you are just so talented
Pengin punkin
Pengin punkin Hace 11 días
Back in 2016: Oh that's sad a fox that is emotional and depressed 2020: UGHH FURRIES GET IT OFF GET IT OFF GET IT IFF!
Squeezey Watermelon
Squeezey Watermelon Hace 12 días
Wow just wow...
Valentina Henao Patino
Valentina Henao Patino Hace 14 días
Wow vivzie esta animación estuvo pero super
Daniel Plitniks
Daniel Plitniks Hace 14 días
Paloma Roggeri
Paloma Roggeri Hace 14 días
Wow seeing this after reading zoophobia is...... 🥺 For those who dont know the story of the comic, the story is about various characters, this one is imortal and was cursed with bad luck, his dad died and his mother asked her sister, who is the bride of the devil, to make her son immortal becuse of the pain of her husband getting killed, but with the immortality came bad luck, and he suffers constantly with severe accidents, he can never die but he still feels the pain, this makes him have no friends, and to add up his cousian damien, the son of the devil, is a trouble maker and only leads to head eches for him. And his best friend Zill has now a girlfriend called kayla, Zill is happy but he dosent talk to him anymore.
мария • 15 лет назад
мария • 15 лет назад Hace 14 días
_FENIX_ MIC_ Hace 14 días
@мария • 15 лет назад чего-чего а такого я от тебя не ожидал, ну ладно, хух... Надо собираться, фуф, ЪЪУъ
мария • 15 лет назад
мария • 15 лет назад Hace 14 días
_FENIX_ MIC_ Hace 14 días
Cassidy Hayes
Cassidy Hayes Hace 14 días
Also what is Fox's name (fan fiction story too if he has one)?
Cassidy Hayes
Cassidy Hayes Hace 14 días
This is so beautiful. The song, the fox, the switching from realistic to fantasy animation... It's just so great. You did a good job! I would enjoy seeing this scene, with this fox, in a full feature film musical.
karol isaias osorio soto
karol isaias osorio soto Hace 14 días
la mejor artista que he conocido
karol isaias osorio soto
karol isaias osorio soto Hace 14 días
thanks for being so talented
B G Hace 15 días
this song is sad but beatifull
zenol leytan
zenol leytan Hace 15 días
I have a question about the zoophobia comic sight, is that dead, on hold, or still going? cause I haven't seen any new padges for a while now.
GlamRock Wolf
GlamRock Wolf Hace 16 días
Vivziepop is the Walt Disney of our time
Lyssuhh Hace 16 días
owl city has literally the greatest and mist nostalgic music. I'm glad you made this animation T-T
James V
James V Hace 16 días
Anybody else still not feelin better in 2020? Anybody else thought it'd straight up be a phase?
• lillymeistercool •
• lillymeistercool • Hace 16 días
Video: *Depressing music* Outro: *Hah, you thought*
SpaceKatt ØwØ
SpaceKatt ØwØ Hace 17 días
2016 Vivziepop animations: "Is it over yet? Will I ever feel again?" 2019 Vivziepop animations: _" o h h h a r d e r , d a d d y ~"_
SnazzGirl0624 Hace 17 días
It is a crime to be this good and have less subscribers than Pewdiepie.
I Have 20 Seconds To Live And I Lost My Phone
I Have 20 Seconds To Live And I Lost My Phone Hace 17 días
3.23M Subscribers *im not surprised*
Lélé fox
Lélé fox Hace 17 días
It's..... Beautiful 😍😍😍
beauty lady noir
beauty lady noir Hace 18 días
Ktaknk Plays
Ktaknk Plays Hace 19 días
This is deep and I can feel this in my life
Floofi UwU
Floofi UwU Hace 19 días
I love the animation in this
Pan's _Bunz
Pan's _Bunz Hace 19 días
This made me so sad...😭
Pushkin P
Pushkin P Hace 20 días
Love you canal and ESwomen
Slimyslum D
Slimyslum D Hace 21 un día
I almost cried 🥺🥺🥺
Kayela Collins
Kayela Collins Hace 21 un día
Ummmmmmm... is he sitting on one of them spikes..?
Alena Smits
Alena Smits Hace 21 un día
this is one of the most beautiful videos you have ever made😭
Entidade 302
Entidade 302 Hace 22 días
Me: watch the video My brain: are you depressed yet? Me: well yes, but actually, no
Love Relaxing 8902
Love Relaxing 8902 Hace 22 días
Cute fox + hopeless romantic =Perfect 😍
{ Flo the bandito }
{ Flo the bandito } Hace 23 días
Gavin Maurantonio
Gavin Maurantonio Hace 24 días
2016 sad foxes 2019 gay porn star killer demon spider
Amyiah Dalton
Amyiah Dalton Hace 24 días
When I first watched this I started sobbing
Daynaowlover Hace 25 días
I’m sorry but that entire video I just had anxiety about him sitting on the spikes on the fence
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