She Said YES!!! Surprise Proposal Announcement 💏💍

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I hope you guys enjoyed this video, I was so happy Jasmine liked the Valentine’s gifts I got her from Hybe. There’s an insane collection of mystery boxes containing luxury products like Gucci, Louis Vuitton, YSL, Off-white and much more on! Don’t forget to check them out, and use code “UNBOXME” for a free box when you sign up :)
Jasmine finally gave me the opportunity to make things right. So I finally got to take her on a date!!!!!
Jason Daxon ft Prettyboyfredo - Love Aint Easy

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Prettyboyfredo Hace un mes
Tommy Liang
Tommy Liang Hace 4 días
NkemHD Hace 4 días
Dude I got earphone case but am to sell for $1.26😢😢😢
Mark Hernandez
Mark Hernandez Hace 9 días
Prettyboyfredo what’s the song called in 16:00
LiifeOfNyy Hace 12 días
@Thatboyjuju EXACTLY
LiifeOfNyy Hace 12 días
@Jess7 Remond7 i didnt either
Kaliah Hill
Kaliah Hill Hace 3 horas
I don’t care what nobody say or what they say they always gone get back together 👏🏾🤞🏾❤️❤️
Ola King
Ola King Hace 14 horas
That fish is tuff
BTheMagick LiveTheMiracle
BTheMagick LiveTheMiracle Hace 14 horas
Jasmine and Fredo are back together!!!?
iPhoney 879
iPhoney 879 Hace un día
Bro I thought that they broke up what is going on
Vanilla Mocha Queen -
Vanilla Mocha Queen - Hace un día
Where was the proposal? You lied friend. Dang
Kool AId
Kool AId Hace un día
Is hype legit guys?
Kool AId
Kool AId Hace un día
I mean hybe the website
Ricbic Thadeo
Ricbic Thadeo Hace un día
OMG I thought you guys are broken up then I see this
Gina Desinor
Gina Desinor Hace un día
This made me 😢 I’m so happy to see you’ll like this.
Rich Taylor
Rich Taylor Hace un día
I respect that he wearing a Detroit hat first and foremost.I hate to say it this relationship just seems toxic and it’s going to rub off on their daughter eventually. I pray to God that it does work out and that everything goes good from here on. But honestly I just feel like this is like Diddy and Cassie relationship.She was tethered to him for a long time but is soon as she left that she found her soulmate. I wish the best for them but I honestly I just hope they ultimately find happiness and that their daughter remains happy.
Temukisa Flournoy
Temukisa Flournoy Hace 2 días
Now that's how you show your daughter how a man should love her. By loving her mother. Love the 2x family!
Tosin Opeoluwa
Tosin Opeoluwa Hace 2 días
When are you getting married 🤔
Georgina Louise Ysabelle L. Cauton
Georgina Louise Ysabelle L. Cauton Hace 2 días
wait....are they together or nah?? I stopped watching them for a year then i'm backkk ..
Tylan Nelson
Tylan Nelson Hace 2 días
I would've dumped her tf
Corey Peters
Corey Peters Hace 3 días
getting them back together is gonna better his career through happiness and content .. could never not respect the grind
Meliodas Demon king
Meliodas Demon king Hace 3 días
Why did they ever break up 🥺🥺🥺
Ayden Guerrero
Ayden Guerrero Hace 3 días
The question has to be asked are you to really together
Mya Brown
Mya Brown Hace 3 días
I had to skip back when I seen the food.
MyBrotherKilledHiselfAgain Hace 3 días
I keep forgetting that he’s with jasmine
CallMeBroly Hace 3 días
Unbox Me
Teetee 93
Teetee 93 Hace 3 días
So no marriage proposal?
TTV_beast456 Hace 4 días
We couldent see u know that ending IM KIDDING THATS WEIRD U DO U THONG
Ariadni Zetina
Ariadni Zetina Hace 4 días
So who else is confused af?
Alfie Davis
Alfie Davis Hace 4 días
Where was the proposal then
38k_swervo Hace 4 días
This Is Confusing asf they almost broke up and now they are getting married it makes no sense 🤦🏽‍♂️ but im glad they are married
henrique Pires
henrique Pires Hace 4 días
what is your instagram
Line_M_Up DES
Line_M_Up DES Hace 4 días
Right on bro 💪💯
Khaled Moussa
Khaled Moussa Hace 4 días
Are you still with Jase men
Snipez FC ッ
Snipez FC ッ Hace 5 días
This vid makes me want my relationship back...
Frank Pineda
Frank Pineda Hace 5 días
Jordan Keith
Jordan Keith Hace 5 días
“Hey fishy, what am I going to do?”😂😂😂
WAT DA Hace 5 días
You "bitch's" iz Corneee...
Rubi Gonzalez
Rubi Gonzalez Hace 5 días
Wait what there back together
ILYA SS Hace 5 días
Bro u both look perfect together .. but I’m confused af 💀💀
Ern'ary Kpana
Ern'ary Kpana Hace 6 días
Wait I thought they just-
Joshua Solano
Joshua Solano Hace 6 días
if i get something on hybe would i be able to get my size?
Gsffg Ride
Gsffg Ride Hace 6 días
4:15 when you test positive for the covid_19
Diavante Payton
Diavante Payton Hace 4 días
Why you you be happy
Isaiah Narcisse
Isaiah Narcisse Hace 6 días
The mouse was moving by itself
Hunter Gretzinger
Hunter Gretzinger Hace 7 días
What in the hell is going on, i used to watch fredo all the time, back when the PS4 goes in the pool, then they moved and stuff, and shortly after i stopped watching, then 1 day i came back and it was just when they broke up, and didn't watch a lot, now i just looked him up and there getting married?
The Clark Family
The Clark Family Hace 7 días
Wow so damn special!❤️😍
FiuZzion Hace 8 días
What's the song at 11:57 it sounds familiar
0M4R .831
0M4R .831 Hace 8 días
He got her all that she’s happy he’s happy I don’t want bro to ever be sad again .🥺
Kingxkahlil _
Kingxkahlil _ Hace 8 días
Is this hybe thing legit please answer
JAY. D official
JAY. D official Hace 8 días
prettyboyfredooooooooooooo do you know you got a fan in AFRICA
Infamous Hace 8 días
Been here since 600k when you was playin 2k16 😂😂 you came a long way ssh
Troy Smith
Troy Smith Hace 9 días
0:34 i bet he bricked😂
PrettyPumpkin0 Hace 9 días
Why aren't yall posting on the fam channel?
Punnged FN
Punnged FN Hace 9 días
I am confusion
Theteyjbae Hace 9 días
I Jacob
I Jacob Hace 9 días
I fucking cried threw the whole vid
Devon Adonis
Devon Adonis Hace 9 días
Love you you guys together miss you guys together
Devon Adonis
Devon Adonis Hace 9 días
Wow lovely
Samuel Morpeau
Samuel Morpeau Hace 10 días
Free Fredo ✨🔥🔥🔥🔥
Painted Hace 10 días
wtf is happening with u guys? I’m confused
ksuave_ i
ksuave_ i Hace 10 días
wow i love toxic relationships
Christopher Shuford
Christopher Shuford Hace 10 días
I thought they broke up
Ice Tray
Ice Tray Hace 11 días
My nigga yall relationship is confusing as a female snow man
Verv Smoke
Verv Smoke Hace 11 días
WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS nah im playing congrats🥳🥳
Julie Anne Herrera
Julie Anne Herrera Hace 11 días
Exefy Hace 11 días
Whats that song of the beat at the end ?
William Watson
William Watson Hace 12 días
I'm confused
Maya _love
Maya _love Hace 12 días
this has to be a joke-
RTV hugo
RTV hugo Hace 12 días
The first video I watched was when he took that kid to the mall and bout him a PS4
Lupito Granados
Lupito Granados Hace 12 días
Are they back together I hope they are
Mikayla Squirewell
Mikayla Squirewell Hace 12 días
Are they still together or...?
Trunks The Failure
Trunks The Failure Hace 12 días
Who’s been here ever since Fredo played NBA 2K15
cimone Hace 12 días
Music Daniel ceaser and H.E.R Best part
Samantha Johnson
Samantha Johnson Hace 13 días
Debbygraceee Hace 13 días
How many times has he proposed 💀
Soryn Hace 13 días
14:39 “i feel like its every girls essential like its black and small”
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