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FaZe Jarvis

FaZe Jarvis

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so @Sommer Ray got her pregnant belly done by professional makeup artists and surprised the FaZe House @FaZe Teeqo @FaZe Adapt @FaZe Temperrr @FaZe Kay
🕺 TikTok: @jarvis
📸 Instagram: @fazejarvis
🐦 Twitter: @liljarviss

Wavvy Exility
Wavvy Exility Hace 3 horas
When you think about it if Jarvis and tayler Rock Paper Scissored for the baby that means they both smashed her 😂
The Brawler
The Brawler Hace 6 horas
that boy just lost is girl in a rock paper sisor shuw game
Red Nike 6 Tyler
Red Nike 6 Tyler Hace 8 horas
Or her
Red Nike 6 Tyler
Red Nike 6 Tyler Hace 8 horas
Name him controller player
John Scabadone
John Scabadone Hace 9 horas
one punch man season 2 episode 1
Damian DaRosa
Damian DaRosa Hace 14 horas
Imsulamo Hace 14 horas
Waaaaait...sommer said it feels real, how would she know the feeling??? 🧐
?killua? Hace 15 horas
Jarvis gonna be aim botting on that milk
Mykel Mason
Mykel Mason Hace 19 horas
Are we not gonna talk about how sweaty Temperrr armpits are?
Elite Fire
Elite Fire Hace un día
Wait taylor holder was there
Ubz Khan
Ubz Khan Hace un día
Lol Taylor was laughing when sommer said I’m having a baby with jarvis
Yvng Marco
Yvng Marco Hace un día
The way Frazier reacted had me dying
Tyler Grey
Tyler Grey Hace un día
Wait isn’t that illegal
Williamransome 11
Williamransome 11 Hace un día
It likes cool
Craig Martin
Craig Martin Hace un día
simp squad
Julian Hernandez
Julian Hernandez Hace un día
Taylor's gay
Kudzai Kashangura
Kudzai Kashangura Hace un día
Tayler coming in hard
YASH_YT Hace 2 días
Tbh uncle swede is the best
ROMI_NINJA Hace 2 días
When Jarvis have his kid ,his child will said come play Fortnite with me. Jarvis said I can’t sorry then his child give the controller to him then....He get Banned 4 Life
Fart Man77
Fart Man77 Hace 2 días
2:52 theres tayler holder😀
arx btw.
arx btw. Hace 2 días
Da jarvis
Jeremycr5 Hace 2 días
If the child has ligma remember you played fortnite
Squizzerz Hace 3 días
Smh he gets banned for aim assist 10,000% so unfair
Gabriela Najarro
Gabriela Najarro Hace 3 días
That last rock paper scissor part though
Utstott-fotball Fortnite
Utstott-fotball Fortnite Hace 3 días
Is their thogeter
Maxi Blum
Maxi Blum Hace 3 días
Pls tell me if youre still together👋👋
More Tiko
More Tiko Hace 4 días
It’s a prank if anyone went straight to the comments
More Tiko
More Tiko Hace 12 horas
No tiko have voice changer
Simp king 69
Simp king 69 Hace un día
Ur watch tiko are you 3 years old
Joe Correa
Joe Correa Hace 4 días
Name it jarvis 2.0
If I
If I Hace 4 días
adapts Reaction though funny af
Jonathan Sanville
Jonathan Sanville Hace 4 días
Jarvis did this 🍆🍑
Azad _onsticks
Azad _onsticks Hace 4 días
It that real
Kloepz Hace 4 días
Petition for Jarvis and simmer to be parents
mslbmaster101 Lopez
mslbmaster101 Lopez Hace 5 días
Everyone touching soomers body she in the inside ):
EliteFaun47 Btw
EliteFaun47 Btw Hace 5 días
Now I want you guys to be pregnant Idk why lol
Kaysen Griffis
Kaysen Griffis Hace 6 días
KingNathan Hace 6 días
They definitely did it no 🧢
Joanne Neagle
Joanne Neagle Hace 6 días
I like adapt reaction
John Snow
John Snow Hace 6 días
Damn jarvis be having s-word thoo🤣🤣🤣
JiggleIce 69
JiggleIce 69 Hace 6 días
Was adapt high when he came out?
Jamaul Commock
Jamaul Commock Hace 6 días
You and Sommer should be dateing
Xd Cayden Walker
Xd Cayden Walker Hace 7 días
Christian Ybarra
Christian Ybarra Hace 8 días
Tayler is way cuter then Jarvis
Memeilicous Hace 8 días
Baby name should be Aimbot jr
Chilango Munoz
Chilango Munoz Hace 8 días
It is taylar holder
Juju&king Hace 8 días
It looks so real!!
Sweat Tuber
Sweat Tuber Hace 8 días
0:11 you can see her 🍒
Kaden The dino
Kaden The dino Hace 8 días
0:12 her boob is kinda showing
FortniteEditz Hace 8 días
I Don’t Get Why Jarvis Got Banned All He Was Doing Was Playing With Aim Assist😂🤦😆..!?
More Tiko
More Tiko Hace 4 días
Yep and ruined 3 million dollars for a lot of people and buga killed Jarvis
mcpro89 Hace 8 días
BRO rock paper scissors for the baby😅
Dagger VEVO
Dagger VEVO Hace 9 días
Oh shii- Taylor was there..
aka sevectus
aka sevectus Hace 9 días
Me waiting for jarvis to deck the dude with yellow pants
Marcus Alejo
Marcus Alejo Hace 9 días
Saw tayler when sommer was calling her mom so then they were planing the end AYEE I KNOW
Drip K3V
Drip K3V Hace 9 días
What if they actually had a baby bro, it would look cute bro💯 fr they make a good couple
Taglio. EXE
Taglio. EXE Hace 9 días
0:59 im die
Simon Diamond
Simon Diamond Hace 9 días
Have a good and a cute baby
Shadow Myst
Shadow Myst Hace 9 días
Who is Jarvis dating??
Fazale rabbi
Fazale rabbi Hace 9 días
Baby use aimbot: that's fun Jarvis: STOP USING AIMBOT
Viraaj Meha
Viraaj Meha Hace 9 días
The only thing that surprises me is that everyone just gets to touch summer
KING-JML Hace 10 días
Adapt looks busted
Bones luvs u
Bones luvs u Hace 10 días
not to mention jarvis is 17 lol
feekef8f Hace 10 días
When is the baby going to come
Elijah Plays
Elijah Plays Hace 10 días
She needs to have some beautiful kids
Chickaeatspizza Chicka
Chickaeatspizza Chicka Hace 11 días
Kiss her
100 subs With a video of a biscuit
100 subs With a video of a biscuit Hace 11 días
Jarvis used aimbot in the Rock Paper Scissors match😡
Sam van Uden
Sam van Uden Hace 11 días
I always think what they did to get the baby and I click off.
MB Sway 691
MB Sway 691 Hace 11 días
Jarvis W Taylor no cap
A.C. Hace 11 días
And you are not the father
IM M1 Hace 11 días
I thought Jarvis was like 17 and sommer’s like 22 or something, that’s a case
maisy reekie
maisy reekie Hace 11 días
Sorry Jarvis but like ninja if u think he uses aimbot like this
StanMan Movies
StanMan Movies Hace 11 días
Wait you guys are dating?
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