She’s Gotta Have It: Season 2 | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix

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Summer in Brooklyn just got a whole lot hotter. Nola Darling, our
favorite Fort Greene artist is back and coming for it all in season
two of Academy Award Winner Spike Lee’s She’s Gotta Have It, streaming May 24, only on Netflix.
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She’s Gotta Have It: Season 2 | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix
Nola Darling struggles to stay true to herself and her dreams while juggling three lovers in this Spike Lee series based on his breakout film.

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Panda Girl Tay
Panda Girl Tay Hace un mes
That ending tho 🤣🤣
truth man carnegie
truth man carnegie Hace un mes
I dont like this show at all, because it is degrading to humanity especially black people. This show is unnecessary. Its offensive to God to celebrate things that are in violation to the ten commandments.
Jimmy Suplex
Jimmy Suplex Hace 3 meses
dhay03 Hace 4 meses
Netflix cancelled the show unfortunately 😕
callbigg Hace 4 meses
I love this show and it's characters soooooooo much!
Devon Thomas
Devon Thomas Hace 7 meses
I love everything about this beautiful piece of art 🙌🏿 Spike Lee, your a great and well respected talented Man. My peace be with you and your family.
Aliviah B
Aliviah B Hace 7 meses
There better be a season 3!😩 I loveee this show
MamaAnimations Hace 20 días
got canceled unfortunately 😭😭😭😭😢
Angela Hace 8 meses
This is one of the most inspiring pieces of art (for me) created by Spike Lee.
Lia John
Lia John Hace 8 meses mad that there isn't gonna anymore seasons!!!! Been watching season 1 and 2 over and over. Luv this show. Dewanda is fkin gorgeous! Don't make no sense how beautiful she is. Luv her❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Thrillseeka89 Hace 10 meses
Most beautiful girl on planet earth.
Camila Sabino
Camila Sabino Hace 10 meses
What song is this? 1:19
Fer Rules
Fer Rules Hace 11 meses
I luv prince and spike. ...and nola. ...but 99% of the episodes are shitttt
tenneshaskyers Hace 11 meses
Does she become a successful artist??
Nola Hace 11 meses
Hey hey I’m Nola too 💀
Angel B.
Angel B. Hace 11 meses
Where is the petition to bring this show back man 😢😢
Alison Moura
Alison Moura Hace 11 meses
the gurls are dammmmmmmn fine (with all respect ya´ll) treinando meu inglês caso eu fosse um negrão norte americano do Brooklyn
Alexus Bynum
Alexus Bynum Hace un año
Omg mars at the end 😂😂😂
Jj Hace un año
My deceased husband and I went to see this movie the day it premiered in NYC. Thank you for this wonderful series. Seeing the evolution of Nola Darling is wonderful. It's also an education for those who never really thought about gentrification. It tugged my heart when Papo was asked, " why my stoop". He explained, I grew up in this house, "where else was I supposed to go"? Keep it going Netglix, you are the best TV programming out there right now.
Cedric Urselita
Cedric Urselita Hace un año
I Love Mars but HATE Greer and Opal...I think Mars Blackmon is the centerpiece of the show eventho Nola is the lead.
Zulimah Sawab
Zulimah Sawab Hace un año
I loved this season, but Opal got on my nerves. Please let this season be the last of that toxic relationship
Jay Blair
Jay Blair Hace un año
WTF was that dumb shit
CCCCPshycoJ Hace un año
I was born a raised in Puerto Rico and I don’t care if you where born or not in Puerto Rico if you fill like a Puertorrican if you love a good big plate of mofongo con carne frita if you are always there for your family in the bad ones if respect us as puertorricans I respect you as one as well cust we carry that blood in us that party blood that when ever you hear salsa music like willy colon or rublen blades or maybe some reggueton like daddy yankee, don Omar, tego Calderon, ect... you are as much as a Puertorrican as I am
Michael Watkins
Michael Watkins Hace un año
This season takes you deeper into Nola’s life and relationships. She is of course attractive but highly intelligent, sensitive, insightful, and idealistic. Her idealistic demeanor sometimes gets in the way. But season 2 was so well told that I wished it did not end. I literally gave this series a standing ovation even though I watched alone. What a remarkable way to tell a story of sex, love, racism, Art, politics, etc. man I want more.
Morenito Moreno
Morenito Moreno Hace un año
1:40 who that?!
Morenito Moreno
Morenito Moreno Hace un mes
Richelle Miller thanks, she's stunning
Richelle Miller
Richelle Miller Hace un mes
Queen oshun
Shannon G.
Shannon G. Hace un año
Oh my gosh!! I love it I love it and gotta have it!! 🗣️😍
Gwen Ingram
Gwen Ingram Hace un año
After watching this preview I cannot bring myself to watch this show anymore. I don't care about individuals personal sexuality but I mos def don't like watching gay sex of any kind. So I'm good it was a great original movie and a great remake but they lost me on this one!
Chante Simpson
Chante Simpson Hace un año
I lied Jamie look kinda good this season I think it’s the haircut 😂😂👀
straightnochaser Hace un año
Ms. Tea
Ms. Tea Hace un año
S. Pierce
S. Pierce Hace un año
NOLA is trash and is a straight up asshole. She is not a good friend to her girl. Just a mess.
Ramal Ankh
Ramal Ankh Hace un año
THANK YOU!!! She takes No Accountability for Her Actions, Basically get Her Cake and Devours it all to Herself, wants everyone to kiss Her Ass and is Never Satisfied.
The Boogeyman
The Boogeyman Hace un año
This is probably ons of the worst shows on Netflix. This show makes it seem it’s ok to be a slut and just to blaime everything on men. Sounds like the perfect show for feminists tho. They’re probably the only ones watching
Ramal Ankh
Ramal Ankh Hace un año
You Hit it right on the Head Fam. This Broad takes no Accountability for Her Bullshit, Basically gets Everything Her way but never satisfied and a Feminist.
DeMCooper Hace un año
They could have kept this season. I knew I wouldn’t like it after watching the trailer but I gave it a chance anyway. The first few episodes really didn’t hold my attention. I think by the 5th episode, I was just over it. The movie was the original source for season one; after they used all that material, it seemed as the writers didn’t know where to take the series. Two years was a big jump in my opinion. They should have built off the first season for better character development or consulted more with Spike Lee. I’m sorry but this wasn’t it.
Pirateninjaunicorn of death
Pirateninjaunicorn of death Hace un año
Am I the only one who hates Opal?
Ra Sun
Ra Sun Hace un año
Mookie from do the right thing is Mars father
D.A Juel
D.A Juel Hace un año
This should of just been a movie, now it’s lame
Connor Lachmanec
Connor Lachmanec Hace un año
I'm two episodes in and they've already ruined Opal's character. She's gone from the only love interest I liked to the actual worst.
Jackie Stevenson
Jackie Stevenson Hace un año
I wasn't really feeling this season.
E O Hace un año
Anyone else not that that why, at the end, all the men would come out from behind the purple curtains smiling and the women wouldn’t?
Nikki J
Nikki J Hace un año
i miss anthony’s hair 😩
Vanessa Roper
Vanessa Roper Hace un año
I find Nola too irresponsible to my taste
Ramal Ankh
Ramal Ankh Hace un año
Dream Queen
Dream Queen Hace un año
Im sorry but i wanted nola with mars he truly loved her
Les Lavy
Les Lavy Hace 11 meses
Dream Queen who is mars again? I am lost
Sad Tapioca
Sad Tapioca Hace un año
Vanessa Roper
Vanessa Roper Hace un año
Sad Tapioca big time
dinger Bell
dinger Bell Hace un año
Please someone tell me the name of the girl in gold, stunning.
Nicole Pickett
Nicole Pickett Hace un año
What's the song that starts at 1:22
Brittney Mock
Brittney Mock Hace un año
I’m really angry that she ended all of her relationships just when she started being honest with them, and finally made a really healthy polyamorous relationship, ESPECIALLY after Opal said she didn’t want her to change. I feel like the first season had built up to a poly dynamic that had just become real polyamory and then season 2 makes an abrupt change to monogamy and references it as being more “evolved.” I sincerely hoped to see her relationships all grow in intimacy. She loved all of them and now, suddenly, she only loves Opal? I’m still going to give it a fair chance, hopefully she’ll be the proud polyamorous, pansexual woman she is later in the season
Lock Star Goddess
Lock Star Goddess Hace un año
Yay! A Second season! I can't wait to see how she matures!
Charles Reed
Charles Reed Hace un año
Spoiler Alert: Mecca and Nola’s dialogue at the end was powerful.
Sarah Nathanson
Sarah Nathanson Hace un año
What's the song that's in the 1st half of the trailer?
Brishawna Ford
Brishawna Ford Hace un año
This show has a vibe and atmosphere that I LOVE but the complete absence of intentionality in the storing telling and plot make it hard to watch.
Sad Tapioca
Sad Tapioca Hace un año
Right???? Makes it cringet
Janet J.
Janet J. Hace un año
I fell in love with Fat Joe's character in Season two. He's so endearing, and protective.
Watching season 2. Very disappointed. Spike's direction is so stale and outdated. I feel like I'm watching a Crooklyn/Jungle Fever mashup. Sucks
k jay
k jay Hace un año
I agree.i can't see it going a 3rd season
Jaylan Phillips
Jaylan Phillips Hace un año
0:57 Song?
Equality Santos
Equality Santos Hace un año
So disappointed . This season was trash.
Equality Santos
Equality Santos Hace un año
@alex is a spy I certainly will my spirit has been urging me you have fb?
alex is a spy
alex is a spy Hace un año
Equality Santos it’s a sign sis!! Please keep writing ❤️❤️
Equality Santos
Equality Santos Hace un año
spy everyone keeps telling me that. Maybe that's a sign. I did a poetry book in kindle when love speaks lessons in life and love by Equality the Soliloqueen santos
alex is a spy
alex is a spy Hace un año
Equality Santos you should become a writer!! We can never have enough black women writers.
Equality Santos
Equality Santos Hace un año
@alex is a spy great writers they can't be the same the is so many ways they could've developed the story. Gesh. Why am I not a writer.... lol
Mecca Modai
Mecca Modai Hace un año
They betta give Spike more episodes, I'm greedy. Season 2 was epic growth, everything I needed and what God ordered for me. All Praise to Spike for his Genius! Pure Genius Dammit. I Loooooooove! Watch now..
Babyface6200 Hace un año
This season was all over the place. Just a complete mess with no plot.
Shanice Phillips
Shanice Phillips Hace un año
Babyface6200 I was looking for this comment. I binge watched it and was so disappointed. The EXCESSIVE MUSIC annoyed me. The relationships annoyed me. I missed HOLA. I commend her for trying to be faithful to Opal but I didn’t like it one bit. This season was a trainwreck Hace un año
What is the name of the song of episode 6 saison 2 when mars fucking clorinda
soul sessions tv Bdhrh
soul sessions tv Bdhrh Hace un año
She s too Gorgeous for these Mediocre men! Yikes!
Ramal Ankh
Ramal Ankh Hace un año
This Broad is Basic as Fuck, the eyes are getting Her By.
Inked Bee
Inked Bee Hace un año
I'm on episode 1 and I'm having a hard time getting past the fact Nola is taking pictures of Opal when she doesn't like it. Greer did the same thing last season and she flipped a bitch over it. Also, why is Mars coming off as a complete idiot? His character is so obnoxious this season.
Eireee17 Hace un año
She's gorgeous
africanbella28 Hace un año
Absolutely love this show and what it represents😍😍😍
Vanessa Roper
Vanessa Roper Hace un año
Naͣfiͥsaͣhͪ Oury Bah confused people still being an adult child indecisive maybe I’m too harsh
Naꜰɪsaʜ Θurʏ Bᴀʜ
Naꜰɪsaʜ Θurʏ Bᴀʜ Hace un año
What does it represent Nola seems to have no trajectory about who she is
Brittney Davis
Brittney Davis Hace un año
I’m team mars all day baby!!!!
88ntil Hace un año
I feel like everyone co signs EVERY Netflix show.. as if there’s a few that aren’t mediocre lol 🤦🏾‍♂️ but to each it’s own
Equality Santos
Equality Santos Hace un año
Im thinking the comments are fake this season sucked.
clear as water
clear as water Hace un año
Over sexualization of black women. Not here for it.
hiawa23 Hace un año
The end piece was simply amazing and summed up perfectly American history and the role the black woman has played in its history perfectly. I am in tears right now. That was beautiful. I loved the finale and this season. Well done, Spike Lee.
Norma Taylor
Norma Taylor Hace un año
Spike you Rock. Loved Season 2. You touched all the people bases.
Timothy E.
Timothy E. Hace un año
Overall, I think I like season 2 a little better than the first one. Man, that bombshell though, (SPOILER ALERT) When Mars' mother tells him who his real father is, I yelled WTF out loud!
Sip Appeal
Sip Appeal Hace un año
Can you please recap for me real fst?
miss lady
miss lady Hace un año
This shit is boring ..first season was better and i hate how she became a lesbian too many women run to women after men do them wrong like a woman wont do that same ...NEXT I only watched bc i thought mars was cute 🙃 but not with that cut
Nicole Lovely
Nicole Lovely Hace un año
It was pretty good. I wanted Nola to smack Opal ass. Her attitude was getting on my damn nerves. That last painting was beyond words. I had to pause my screen and take it in for a few minutes. I loved the Crooklyn and Do the Right thing references. "Mookie" in my Rosie Perez voice. Spike Lee is a genius
Ed Chatman
Ed Chatman Hace un año
She was a Hoe all of season one now trying turn her Into something decent? this is sad the show just proves women will always pick the wrong guy or gal after numerous heartbreak! that's toxic!👎
mightymouse151 Hace un año
So does anybody know the name of the song at the end of Season 2 (episode 1) the band is Stew and the Negro Problem.. “Maybe there’s black people in Fort Greene....Brooklyn , My soul too high gentrify”. This is bad ass song! Please post song
Vanessa Roper
Vanessa Roper Hace un año
mightymouse151 oh yes that’s a nice song
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