Shazam Black Adam Teaser - Justice League and Justice Society Easter Eggs Breakdown

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Shazam Black Adam Teaser, Justice League, Justice Society Easter Eggs. Justice League Snyder Cut Trailer, Superman Man of Steel 2 and Shazam 2 Teaser ►
Justice League Snyder Cut Trailer 2021 ►
Marvel Wolverine Announcement and Deleted Scenes ►
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Covering new Justice League Black Adam vs Superman Movie Announcement. Shazam Black Adam Movie Teaser. The Rock Black Adam Movie Explained. Black Adam vs Superman Henry Cavill. Justice League Snyder Cut Trailer, Man of Steel 2, Shazam 2 Movie. Shazam vs Black Adam Sequels, Shazam 2 Story and Black Adam Movie Details.
The Black Adam Movie will be filming later this year and Shazam 2 will film at the same time. So those movies will be released very soon one after the other. There are also details on Shazam 3 Shazam vs Black Adam and the rest of the DCEU Movie Timeline outside of Wonder Woman 1984 and The Batman Movie 2021.
Not all the new DC Movies will be connected to each other. And Henry Cavill is still busy with The Witcher Netflix Season 2 Episodes. He is under contract for a while on that series. Toss A Coin to your Witcher Superman.
There's a Wonder Woman 1984 Trailer coming soon, more of The Batman Robert Pattinson bonus videos and Marvel Phase 4 Trailers. Venom 2 Trailer, Morbius Trailer, Avengers Wandavision Trailer, Falcon and Winter Soldier Trailer and Marvel Eternals Trailer. I'll try to cover as many videos as I can!
2020 Movie Updates will post throughout the week as we get more info on how everything has changed recently too.
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Emergency Awesome
Emergency Awesome Hace un mes
Here's my new Black Adam video and Justice League, Justice Society Easter Eggs and details on the new Justice Society movie. Post all your predictions in the comments. Here's my new Justice League Snyder Cut video too!
3AM Beats
3AM Beats Hace 21 un día
Interesting as man of steel was supposed release 12 22 12 so maybe we get mos in black Adam Shazam can’t handle this beast by himself so maybe that superman cameo meant something
Md Samim
Md Samim Hace un mes
@terry hampton yep that's true I agree with you buddy
terry hampton
terry hampton Hace un mes
why are they trying to turn black Adam into a hero he's a supervillain leave him as one and use him in shazam 2 or 3 if Dwayne Johnson doesn't like playing a criminal then replaced him preferably with the guy who played killmonger in black panther he would do a great job
irish dia
irish dia Hace un mes
ironwarmonger Hace un mes
Form the Events of Arrow-virse Crisis on Infinite Earths, I feel that the "Multi-verse" is a little more complex then how it first appears, Justice Leagues Earth was not destroyed, it had more then a number, it also has a different area code.
Grant Mcneill
Grant Mcneill Hace 10 horas
are they going to use tawky tawney in the black adam movie he referenced enought in shazam also looking for hoppy to be used
Grant Mcneill
Grant Mcneill Hace 10 horas
give mr mind his reading glasses back
Herbert Leggieri
Herbert Leggieri Hace 5 días
The Omega beams are not going to kill gods .. Superman has been hit many times by the Omega beams. Superman is not more powerful than Zeus the king of all gods
Jose Dias
Jose Dias Hace 5 días
I can not wait to see this Justice League 2 and the Justice Society comes to movie
Jose Dias
Jose Dias Hace 5 días
I agree Henry Cavill is the best Superman
Paynalto Playz
Paynalto Playz Hace 9 días
I want to see Shazam join the Justice league or Justice Society
Klaus Alaribe
Klaus Alaribe Hace 16 días
I hate that shazam, it needs correcting. DCU can't be serious bout that movie please.
eric oxner
eric oxner Hace 17 días
I am really like this. Looks like dc is steping up there game.
Alex Jordan
Alex Jordan Hace 17 días
This is just so awesome! Can't wait for this🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Don't Ask
Don't Ask Hace 19 días
Please for heaven’s sake don't use a cape with Black Adam!
Juan Macias
Juan Macias Hace 19 días
Sad, that I have not heard of the Black Adam, but look forward to getting acquainted! I hope that they make a serious Green Lantern movie and not a half wit comedy as last. Let's have some serious action and seriously smart heroes instead of bad guys moping up the floor with them and then inn the last few minutes an inspiration wins the day. Make our guys as smart and nimble and powerful as they are suppose to be. Then the movie will by dynamite!
giorgos 347
giorgos 347 Hace 19 días
3:50 sivana's back says Rock falls
John Peter
John Peter Hace 20 días
I really thought that they would use TheRock as Hercules for DC but I guess he's also good for Adam
Villa 08
Villa 08 Hace 21 un día
1:49 What's jimmy fallon doing there😂😂
13thHoneyBadger wrecked by west nile virus
13thHoneyBadger wrecked by west nile virus Hace 21 un día
You won't find a better Superman than Henry with this generation of actors.
3AM Beats
3AM Beats Hace 21 un día
Interesting as man of steel was supposed release 12 22 12 so maybe we get mos in black Adam Shazam can’t handle this beast by himself so maybe that superman cameo meant something
3AM Beats
3AM Beats Hace 21 un día
Interesting as man of steel was supposed release 12 22 12 so maybe we get mos in black Adam Shazam can’t handle this beast by himself so maybe that superman cameo meant something
ItalianBrownsFAN Hace 21 un día
ItalianBrownsFAN Hace 21 un día
The rock was a terrible casting choice
OPgam3r Hace 21 un día
POWER OF NABU!!!!!! lets GOOOOO Dr. FATE!!! he's so OP its ridiculous! If they use him... They can't fu*& it up... that's all i'm saying...
Joe F
Joe F Hace 22 días
Man Of Steel 2 baby!!!!!
Arman Alvi
Arman Alvi Hace 22 días
Black Adam might be the one who was fighting stepenwolf in the snyder cut when stepenwolf kills his wife and son' which drove him crazy
Battery gross
Battery gross Hace 22 días
what is the movie scenes we see in this clip ? I can see Shazam but what is the other one ?
Oliver Niemann
Oliver Niemann Hace 22 días
It would be awesome if the green lantern from the snider cut so that we can have an official number for sniderverse
Karl Houtz
Karl Houtz Hace 22 días
Love black Adam
Jizzma Hace 22 días
I hate how the rock has that issue with loosing and being a villain in general cause it would be a million times better if they a black adam origin movie where he slowly turns evil and then shazam 3 could be based off the animated movie shazam and superman vs black adam it would be really cool to see
Enesi Majebi
Enesi Majebi Hace 22 días
What movie is the first clip from?
AngelBKNY Hace 22 días
So we are still getting the "Woman Beater Flash"?
Steezy 420
Steezy 420 Hace 23 días
What’s the bet they fight for the first half then make up and kill some other villain and become friends
Aaryansh Sahay
Aaryansh Sahay Hace 24 días
it would be so cool if theyd somehow introduce john constantine in this but i dont have a good feeling about it :(
Loutzenheiser Hace 24 días
Man! Gimme Joel McHale as Starman in a movie, please!!
Real_deal 7
Real_deal 7 Hace 26 días
Wait so ur telling me black Adam and Shazam won’t fight until the 3 black Adam or wtv? And ur telling me there coming out with a movie called justice league, however they can’t play in justice society because that’s a different kind of set with different characters???
Real_deal 7
Real_deal 7 Hace 26 días
They need to all use the characters in a movie 😨❤️ I’m gonna watch star girl just cause it seems pretty good and important show, to bad I can’t see it on Netflix
Austen Holloway
Austen Holloway Hace 26 días
Finally a callback to mel gibson’s payback 🙌🏾
F Sei
F Sei Hace 28 días
I do like black adam but the shazam family looks weird and kind of funny Edit:Just my opinion
vincent davan
vincent davan Hace 29 días
Why is there a DC Justice League, and then a Justice Society? As I asked, I here a reason, but Why not just make them all Justice league?
Shushant Sharma
Shushant Sharma Hace un mes
Rock is black adam
Shushant Sharma
Shushant Sharma Hace un mes
This movie make dc better
Shushant Sharma
Shushant Sharma Hace un mes
Mind blowing
Shushant Sharma
Shushant Sharma Hace un mes
Upcoming movie
Shushant Sharma
Shushant Sharma Hace un mes
Mike Valero
Mike Valero Hace un mes
I would like to see Oscar Isaac as Hawk-Man and throwing hands with Black Adam.
SingingintheDark Hace un mes
yup we now see hollywood's agenda clearly, the rock is a liberal joke spreading lies, so of course he is in the super hero universe now, is too bad I liked Shazam, but if this liberal moron is in it I will not be watching. you will not get my money.
Mykee4 Hace un mes
If you smellllalalala..... what Shazam is Cooking.
Cng215 Hace un mes
This Black Adam is gonna Rock lol
Rand Burg
Rand Burg Hace un mes
Did Justice Society come on DCU or another Channel as a TV SERIES or show? Very interesting
A B Hace un mes
lets see , but know its gonna be awesome , with good humor like shazam
Walid Bouguecha
Walid Bouguecha Hace un mes
A justice society movie will kill it for the dcue
Sigmund Galang
Sigmund Galang Hace un mes
He is villain in dc
SolGoddess13 Hace un mes
Looked more like Dave Batista than Dwayne Johnson LOL
Jerrette Ford
Jerrette Ford Hace un mes
I feel like it'd be cool if they did the movie like how Superman/Shazam return of Black Adam happened
Gaior Hace un mes
looks like a mtg card
Mr Debunker
Mr Debunker Hace un mes
I hope they make Miller actually look like he knows how to run in his movie. What ever that was in the Justice league movie was embarrassing!
Brain Storm
Brain Storm Hace un mes
I never seen this so called post ending screen on Shazam
Joshua Wyrick
Joshua Wyrick Hace un mes
So off topic but i am just curious.... Danny rand wasnt in any marvel movie i recall, will danny rand ever come to the big screen and (I'm kinda out of the loop) was legends of tomorrow canceled?
TastyTom Hace un mes
This suckz, Dwayne is such a bad actor. He can´t play a role he just acts all the same in every damn movie he is in. Total failure.
Andrew Harnett
Andrew Harnett Hace un mes
That's is lot about I'm happy and I'm interested about this
Utshob kumar
Utshob kumar Hace un mes
what is the name of that dr faith animation movie
Brian Aurelio
Brian Aurelio Hace un mes
Shazam really was a surprisingly good movie. I can't wait for Black Adam.
Lexbone TV
Lexbone TV Hace un mes
Twisted Gemini Tv
Twisted Gemini Tv Hace un mes
Is there word on how dc got Henry to return? Last I heard it was a money issue
Helemmelek and Zahay
Helemmelek and Zahay Hace un mes
Movie was predictably funny I didn't know Shazaam was DC I thought he was from the Netflix Universe Good Movie ❤
Minho Cho
Minho Cho Hace un mes
Oh, a DC film with an ensemble cast. Those always do well XP
José luis Rodriguez santana
José luis Rodriguez santana Hace un mes
Wow cool
Storm King
Storm King Hace un mes
Maybe they will use Wonder Woman's mother on the Justice Society as a way to bring in the Amazons??🤔💯
Emergency Awesome
Emergency Awesome Hace un mes
Nice theory!
Lobo Dog
Lobo Dog Hace un mes
I don't care what they do. I just wanna see the damn movie already. I feel like it's been talked about for ten years now.
Olavo Dá silva
Olavo Dá silva Hace un mes
jose miranda
jose miranda Hace un mes
DC should stick to cartoons.
Frank Bodisch
Frank Bodisch Hace un mes
As I refuse to ever give Disney any money for what they did to Star Wars I'm hoping DC will really up it's game. This certainly looks promising.
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