Shannon's Family Want Her To Stop Drinking Gasoline! | My Strange Addiction

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tlc uk

Hace 6 meses

Meet Shannon, the 20-year-old addicted to drinking gasoline. It's estimated that on average she consumes 12 teaspoons of gasoline a day - that's more than 19 liters a year! Watch as her family attempt to get her medical help before it's too late.
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Katie Knight
Katie Knight Hace 4 horas
Her breath burns down cities
Julia Spruell
Julia Spruell Hace 11 horas
What the fuck
Lucy Isabella
Lucy Isabella Hace 12 horas
what the freakin. heck!! how is she not dead???
JLo™ Hace 13 horas
Alberto Rodriguez
Alberto Rodriguez Hace 15 horas
Bitch a fucking Honda civic 😂😂
Becky Bayoumi
Becky Bayoumi Hace 17 horas
How u not dead??
piro technika
piro technika Hace un día
I'm sorry but mentally disabled people wouldn't do this .
Lego towns person
Lego towns person Hace un día
How did she first try it?
Osiris Simmons
Osiris Simmons Hace un día
Hell i play guitar everyday and can't stop but damn this is ridiculous
Jalontae Scott
Jalontae Scott Hace un día
Nick Pierceall
Nick Pierceall Hace un día
Her arteries must have alot of carbon buildup
who do you think
who do you think Hace un día
Fred Stead
Fred Stead Hace un día
Soon she's gonna be a bleach chugger
Rose h Aldridge
Rose h Aldridge Hace un día
do u ever wonder how people got these addictions?
Infernal Wolf
Infernal Wolf Hace 2 días
Lets hope she doesn't take up smoking
Hoa Tran
Hoa Tran Hace 2 días
Ewwwwwww gas to far she is gross ewwwwwwww ew ew ew ew ew ew ew gas is 🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮
Envicious Hace 2 días
Every time she drinks gasoline Organs: *Ah shit, here we go again*
pookie moy
pookie moy Hace 2 días
there's no way that would kill her
Abryl Devine
Abryl Devine Hace 2 días
huy pag sure diha dzai?!
Peter Parker
Peter Parker Hace 2 días
Da frick how is she alive wait she’s wasting our oil
Tremon Brown
Tremon Brown Hace 2 días
she gon blow up
Jackal Hace 2 días
Please tell me this is a skit.
Javier Esteves
Javier Esteves Hace 2 días
Imagine she's just taking a bath in gasoline and her friend throws a match on fire in to the bathtub
1nlillatiger Hace 2 días
That’s bad I will never drink gasoline I be poised and dead I will die like that that is bad it could be a sickness she has that makes her do that
Estella Peterson
Estella Peterson Hace 3 días
if this is real and she is actually consuming it she will die very soon if shes not already dead
StopThePlanet IWantOff
StopThePlanet IWantOff Hace 3 días
I'm laughing at these comments while Shannon sits with a face of stone listening to her family cry.
FROST BITE Hace 3 días
She is going to die
Elliez c:
Elliez c: Hace 3 días
**Soup goes in mouth** OMG HELP I’M GONNA DIE!!! Her: **Drinks Gasoline** Me: ...
Chicky Nugget!
Chicky Nugget! Hace 3 días
Wait wut
xxx lovegacha
xxx lovegacha Hace 3 días
Holy shit
//솜사탕bunnie Hace 3 días
Better then being an alcoholic
Piggley Peps
Piggley Peps Hace 3 días
Her breath probably smells sooo bad
9.5 StabWounds
9.5 StabWounds Hace 3 días
Why is she not dead
-Gãlãxÿ gãčhå- Wôlf
-Gãlãxÿ gãčhå- Wôlf Hace 3 días
Ok so you guys know the song from TikTok i’m addicted I’m an attic Yeah that one lol so I put that in and this came up....
C A T Hace 3 días
•iiteal Oreos!!• ツ
•iiteal Oreos!!• ツ Hace 3 días
Eat a match
Matt Hace 4 días
ShyGuy Gamer
ShyGuy Gamer Hace 4 días
This should not be on tlc, this should be on Ripley's believe it or not.
Un known
Un known Hace 4 días
Just wondering her urine can start The Engine
Jeffery Lathan
Jeffery Lathan Hace 4 días
How do you not know drinking gasoline is not harmful fucking stupid 🤦🏽‍♂️
Avery Littman
Avery Littman Hace 4 días
Addisyn J
Addisyn J Hace 4 días
*people die from drinking alcohol* *people don’t die from drinking paint and gasoline*
FruitBasket Aj
FruitBasket Aj Hace 4 días
How can people do stuff like this but I can't eat cookie dough without getting salmonella
KawaiiRobloxGamer_xD Hace 4 días
Cuz we love you Shannon. My captions: Cuz we love you shi*
First Name Last Name
First Name Last Name Hace 4 días
It's dilute af or this is fake af.
ikon Tip
ikon Tip Hace 4 días
Ok smelling is acceptable but drinking it...
Cristiana Studio .
Cristiana Studio . Hace 4 días
Chris J.
Chris J. Hace 5 días
You bout to die baby
saltie chan
saltie chan Hace 5 días
the onion could upload the exact same video and no one would notice
Darlina Ho
Darlina Ho Hace 5 días
She is from an anime
《 shraberry 》
《 shraberry 》 Hace 5 días
*eat fire* *THIS GURL IS ON FIREEE~*
Lillian Nintendo
Lillian Nintendo Hace 5 días
Freddly I.O
Freddly I.O Hace 5 días
*Gets in fire* Organs: *Well, shit.*
Nicole Uh
Nicole Uh Hace 5 días
Jesus this is sick
EVELYN CHA Hace 5 días
Won’t she...die?
Dum Dum
Dum Dum Hace 5 días
There is no way this is real
Bobby Large
Bobby Large Hace 6 días
????HOW is she still alive????
Pulsectil Hace 6 días
I like the smell, not the taste
Dodcio Challenger
Dodcio Challenger Hace 6 días
jeez i mean i love diesel smell out of vehicles but she is drinking it yeah your not in a cybetronian stop dreaming it jeez all rather have energon instead !
I Live In Your Closet
I Live In Your Closet Hace 6 días
WTF how is she alive
Diann Pou
Diann Pou Hace 6 días
She better not be smoking or she will die
Kaijxn Hace 6 días
This girl gonna fucking slip up and get close to the oven and there she go she blow up
Tommy Doe
Tommy Doe Hace 6 días
Doctor: just drinking an ounce of gas can be deadly. Gas is very deadly and very toxic Me: she's been drinking loads everyday for a fucking year, why is she not dead
Ellie Louise
Ellie Louise Hace 6 días
wha- ho- how is she alive
Eminem Vevo
Eminem Vevo Hace 6 días
Holy shit.. This can't be serious
Mr. Potato
Mr. Potato Hace 7 días
Talk about fueling urself
Riaz Masseeh
Riaz Masseeh Hace 7 días
I love gasoline smell
ChelseaPlays-My Videos are Weird-.-
ChelseaPlays-My Videos are Weird-.- Hace 7 días
There's a ReAsOn why she is addicted to drinking gasOliNe.... -~SHE Is A caaR~-
Cooper Harris
Cooper Harris Hace 7 días
i am a kid and i am even smart to not drink that
ItsMeBatman - Croninlol
ItsMeBatman - Croninlol Hace 7 días
Fake as hell, gasoline is methanol which is completely toxic and will kill you in about 6 minutes. Probably kill you before you had the chance to experience all the negative effects of the hydrocarbon poisoning from consuming petroleum distillate. Source:
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