Shane Dawson, Dr DisRespect, Tati Westbrook, Chris D'Elia - H3 Podcast #196

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H3 Podcast

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00:00 - Intro
06:56 - H3 Podcast on Last Week Tonight
14:44 - Dr Disrespect
1:03:55 - Shane Dawson
2:06:31 - Chris D'Elia
2:33:07 - Happy Ending

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Tdog Hace 16 horas
She says James Charles by her husband’s name is also james
HoropterOS Hace un día
Was Ethan referencing sweatshop union @ 2:41:40?
Naomi A
Naomi A Hace un día
Well Tati also has a husband named James & she has said James on its own a few times... I think she’s just trying to clarify cuz even in the past when they were friends she referred to James Charles as James Charles and her husband as just James... idk that was just what I assume.
Hali Hace un día
In the UK you can do pizza is that is half and half, you have whatever toppings you want on one side and on the other half the other person can have their toppings
Notcha Mate
Notcha Mate Hace 2 días
When they mentioned Gwenyth Paltrow’s vagina, Jeffree Star’s face was first thing that came to mind😂🤣
Ashley Rose
Ashley Rose Hace 2 días
I can’t believe you shouted out Without A Crystal Ball she is one fucked up lady
Faith Ang
Faith Ang Hace 3 días
Omg that woman is the most low energy person I've ever heard on a podcast
Space Roamer
Space Roamer Hace 3 días
content for idiots, enjoy
J Movies & Media
J Movies & Media Hace 5 días
Napolean was on the Inconstant. He took 3 ship flotilla to land and went to Paris without a shot being fired. He went to serve his second term on the throne. Then he lost Waterloo and was exiled again to land unescapable.
J Movies & Media
J Movies & Media Hace 5 días
"You don't swim a 100 miles if you're just some dude." 🤣
UnchartedSky Hace 6 días
Maybe he's talking about even african americans even saying the N word. That would make more sense
That Guy Tv
That Guy Tv Hace 6 días
1:46:00 😂😂
sasakia Hace 7 días
So much respect for Hila, speaking up with intelligence in regards to the Chris D'Elia's creepy ass. His allegations should not be defended just because he gave Ethan a gift once.
fairlind Hace 8 días
Most of Napoleon’s exile was on St. Helena. One year on Elba, six years on St. Helena, where he died.
wisico640 Hace 8 días
But lipton has the worst tea :/ Try Stash Tea or twinwigs or something :o
London Rayn
London Rayn Hace 9 días
i hate podcasts
JacobLance Tucker
JacobLance Tucker Hace 9 días
You do have to keep in mind that Napoleon was also short.
Chui Ying Chan
Chui Ying Chan Hace 9 días
if every ad did the same thing with googling their own product on amazon and Walmart or any other platform and then have a little debate, I will be glad to watch a whole 5 minutes ad anytime
Rose Poppy
Rose Poppy Hace 10 días
I wish Hila would open up even more. I feel like she has so much to teach younger women. Im so influenced by her
Jen Blankenship
Jen Blankenship Hace 10 días
I think his wife was molested by her brothers and so in her husband started molesting she thought it was okay or something I don't know. But she adopted her kids out and kept her molesting husband. She gave her kids up for that pedophile
Jen Blankenship
Jen Blankenship Hace 10 días
I thanked him and Jeffree Star both need to see a psychiatrist
Jen Blankenship
Jen Blankenship Hace 10 días
I think because he was molested that he thought it was okay to molest children because I was molested and I had to come to grips with it my cousins were molested at a younger age than I were and they turned out to be sexually active with each other which I was only a cousin so I only got messed with but children
Jen Blankenship
Jen Blankenship Hace 10 días
He probably had the cat licking his
Jen Blankenship
Jen Blankenship Hace 10 días
My uncle who molested his kids and me on the weekends when I went over to their house is dead now
Jen Blankenship
Jen Blankenship Hace 10 días
And this is coming from somebody that knows because I was there
Jen Blankenship
Jen Blankenship Hace 10 días
pedophiles are made from children being messed with by other pedophiles the children grow up and be pedophiles or have problems with their sexuality
Jen Blankenship
Jen Blankenship Hace 10 días
I just wonder if he's not molesting his kids
Zuleyma Nieves
Zuleyma Nieves Hace 10 días
Shane should've included the drama in his beauty series last year to show what really happened. It seems like Tati is using the fact that the drama wasnt broadcasted in the series to her benefit and even complained about her own jealousy of wanting a series done on her since Shane's videos had millions of views. She was probably hoping to do the series to clear her name for "Bye Sister" the same way others gained sympathy, ex: Jake Paul, Tana, Jeffree etc.. and since that didnt happen, back up plan is well shift the blame on to Shane since the public doesn't know the truth. Not saying Shane is innocent at all. I just don't like that Tati didn't take accountability for videos she posted on her channel.
okogao Hace 10 días
Hila reminds me of Felix somehow, am I crazy? Like Felix when he's talking about serious stuff on his philosophy videos
victoria dk
victoria dk Hace 11 días
I am so disappointed in This podcast. Shane is a sicko and that should just be said. I am unsubscribing.
IcanFartLOUD Hace 11 días
You guys act like this is the new AIDS. It's the flu on steroids. It'll weed out the weak among us. Just as evolution dictates. It's ironic there are so many packages of rea laying around. You know, because "tea leaves".....rrrrrr
Markus Hace 11 días
I died too much at the toilet paper part
Shme Hace 12 días
The video with Dawson asking Bieber porn questions, he was not 16, he was 13 maybe 14. Not that it would be even a little ok if Justin had been 16, it is not ok to joke about this shit. How is this funny at all. He is sick for doing and posting all these videos and guess what when it does come out that he is a predator, no one will have an excuse just like people saying oh, we all knew about Jeffery Epstein, but no one did anything about it. This is sick. I feel a lot of people who know for a fact it is wrong to sexualize a child in anyway, are getting sick of all these sick ass holes getting free passes because they claim it was just a joke or I was being funny for youtube. Nope not anymore.
Leslie Renfro
Leslie Renfro Hace 12 días
I would highly suggest for the Shane Dawnson issue to check out a new video putting this into a very thorough but understandable video by danglowallace called: "The exact moment Shane Dawnson's career ended: 12:37 PM, 06/30/20." It honestly brought up stuff I didn't even know as someone who used to watch Shane Dawnson back in his early days. Its really uncomfortable and I wish I would have never supported him.
Maia Sandoval
Maia Sandoval Hace 12 días
I enjoyed that sponsorship ad more than i should have😂😂🤣
Shme Hace 12 días
Ok so how many people out there who are adults understand that this guys 12 million subscriber popularity, was mostly children. Very young impressionable children that looked up to this Dawson guy. I am not talking on teens I am speaking to the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th graders that watched every single video he put out. Yes, the high majority of subs from this era were children. So what does the words this man says to his audience of children say to these children? It's ok if a man wants to have sex with you, he only wants to do this because although he is in a mans body, he is a child in his mind. Seriously, this is not ok now, it was not ok then and I swear I just found out maybe a month ago who this Dawson person even was and it was because of a video with him and one of the Paul brothers who I only know about because of the suicide woods video. This is insane to me that these creators are paid tons of money are treated like stars and get away with saying this kind of bullshit and ok, you were molested, lets not sit and pretend that was ok, I don't care who is trying to make themselves feel better. What do we wait till a young man finally is brave enough to say he was abused to take action? No, this is the wrong fucking message to send period.
RussianSpy 666
RussianSpy 666 Hace 12 días
Sometimes I think Ethan should keep some of his opinions to himself, such as how he has gotten into past controversies from this podcast, and I think that Hila restraining Ethan somewhat has really helped this podcast format.
laceylynae Hace 12 días
Hila plz leave that round annoying plant and come marry me instead. Ethan looks like he smells like socks or dirty laundry. And I can’t help but imagine his breath is deadly .... f r e e. h i l a
Nephilimfield Hace 12 días
Hila's smile at the beginning when Ethan said H tea lmao
j left
j left Hace 12 días
This is boring. 3 people with equal opinions? Is dull. Who has the interesting take?
Qosparta Animations
Qosparta Animations Hace 13 días
So in a video that talks about the toxicity of the online community, you have people in the comments calling people who like Hila simps. Nice👍🏾.
Adavids Hace 13 días
First time watching h3 whats up with his eye braws thi
You living another life
You living another life Hace 5 días
tourettes syndrome
Adavids Hace 13 días
Rose G
Rose G Hace 13 días
I like Hila’s perspective on all this.
navins11 Hace 13 días
How is it cruel to make fun of some1 who tweets his EX telling her that he wants to marry her? Thats just stupid and no wonder every1 made fun of him. If it wasn't for the suecide everywould would think it was just another dumb tweet that ppl made fun of.
Scott Wright
Scott Wright Hace 13 días
Sorry, but boringest videos ever.
Marta Wdowicka
Marta Wdowicka Hace 13 días
U actually frightened me with that video game cut-in. I am playing horror game right now and "Boss fight" music in a small maze I could not run from got me scared and looking around.
Nina Gabi
Nina Gabi Hace 13 días
A class issue ahahahahahaha im done 😂💀
Lauren Allin
Lauren Allin Hace 14 días
She calls him James Charles because her husband is also named James
Knight Slayer
Knight Slayer Hace 14 días
In my eyes a majority of people, gay or bi just really can’t help but sexualize anything with a pulse and Ik that’s the outside perspective but you can’t tell me this shit doesn’t happen more often than not.
Jacqueline Luna
Jacqueline Luna Hace 12 días
This is one of the most generalized and opinionated statements I have ever read. I wish I never read this comment to begin with... now I can never go back. Damn it.
Helen Lawley
Helen Lawley Hace 14 días
Ethan, you seem to be under the impression that we don't have pizza in England. Or that we, for some unknown reason, are not qualified to judge what constitutes good pizza. Funnily enough, most of us English folk have managed to try a nibble once or twice, what with most streets having a pizza place somewhere. We are lucky enough to have a wide range of genuine Italian bistros, run by Italian owners and chefs, most of whom are generally fairly horrified at Americas bastardization of something so easy and simple! Just saying..........x
Greenim Pencilus
Greenim Pencilus Hace 14 días
That ad reel was the funniest fucking shit
Bart M
Bart M Hace 14 días
The ad read was amazing imo, way to flip the boring part into something that had me laughing the whole way through!
Elina Holland
Elina Holland Hace 14 días
I'm never skipping an ad read again, the toilet paper bit was HILARIOUS
EX Hace 14 días
Maybe Dr. Disrespect slept with the Twitch CEO’s wife lol. There must be an incentive to not want to share - it must be embarrassing for them or something?
Tetra Resinstone
Tetra Resinstone Hace 14 días
Shane yikes.
Casey Mae
Casey Mae Hace 14 días
Ethan and Hila are the only people I have seen who spoke positively about shanes reaction to tati's video 🤦‍♀️
Bilbo TeaBagginz
Bilbo TeaBagginz Hace 15 días
*tati 1 year later* I'm sorry, shane. I felt extremely manipulated to make this video.
BananaStan Hace 15 días
WOW..ETHAN... admitting you were not mature at 18!! I am not saying that to be disrespectful ..simply that not many men would admit that.. my son is 18 and while I have raised him to be very independent he is still not an adult!
I Am Kyran
I Am Kyran Hace 15 días
I love Earl gray
Oscar Hace 15 días
I'm never going to skip an ad read again after that one!
cici garcia
cici garcia Hace 15 días
Funny how in the beginning when they talking about this so called new test for this virus, ummm, no it's not new and I had the nose test swab thing done anytime I would go to hospital for flu, and that was done to me yrs ago. As well as my son when he was sick years ago. It's not new. Just saying.
Napstablook Ghost
Napstablook Ghost Hace 10 días
I think because it's newer for Corina virus. They originally had to stick stuff down people's throat but now the nose thing is another option depending what your doctor thinks is better.
slevin003 Hace 15 días
Weird to see the D'Elia apologism, explaining hitting up minors is just "sex addiction" come on
MusicIan423 Hace 15 días
Dr. Disrespect was spreading anti-Semitic conspiracy theories. They didn't want his followers to hear that was why and start believing those conspiracy theories.
Kayleigh Gibbons
Kayleigh Gibbons Hace 15 días
Finally, a sane perspective on the whole drama.
Harbor Higginbotham
Harbor Higginbotham Hace 16 días
If you tell people why they are being fired they can sue you. That probs why.
Happy Hace 16 días
Don't hitch your star to this chick from WOACB.
terrakie Hace 16 días
For the beauty community shit - consider what multinational corporations do to each other in terms of sabotage and shit. When she mentions James doing a whole make up line, that is millions, TENS of millions of dollar on the line. Yeah, I'd say some people (especially malignant narcissists) would do a lot to ruin that for him.
Dana Peck
Dana Peck Hace 16 días
It’s weird because it’s almost like Ethan is defending Shane and it makes me super uncomfortable
Porscha McElrath
Porscha McElrath Hace 17 días
Hello, tp buyer here, I buy the 30 roll of Charmin and it costs $30. I live with a family.
High Vibe
High Vibe Hace 17 días
Literally every comment on every episode: “wow she’s really confident now” WE KNOW
High Vibe
High Vibe Hace 13 días
KeatonMask facts 😂
KeatonMask Hace 13 días
I love that this comment and first reply were completely unrelated 😂
yroohj gouy
yroohj gouy Hace 16 días
everyone accepted his apology. This is why I don’t understand why it’s all being racked up again only this time everyone is hating on him when they all forgave him last year!
Larissimalia Hace 17 días
I think some of the confusion regarding James / James Charles is coming from the fact hat Westbrook's husband's name is also James.
yroohj gouy
yroohj gouy Hace 16 días
As an English person, I genuinely know nobody who drinks earl grey tea. Our favourite tea is a brand called PG tips which is not earl grey. P.S, Shane already addres the
abbsnn cose
abbsnn cose Hace 17 días
i just realized that tati is like the biggest karen ever haha
Will eat Meth
Will eat Meth Hace 17 días
Vin diesel is the Grand Canyon of male voices
Jenn Anko
Jenn Anko Hace 18 días
Chris’s case is Exploitation/Coersion/Indecent Exposure they can charge him if they want him to investigate further... American Justice System is highly fucked up.
ImnotAlex Hace 18 días
dr disrespect = jim carrey dr eggman
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