Shanaynay in a kids show !!!

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Shanaynay works at a show as the host but doesnt go to well.


Rimsha 0205
Rimsha 0205 Hace 10 horas
not normal
not normal Hace 12 horas
I laughed at the P0rn joke but the Africa joke was to much
Lord Styrofoam
Lord Styrofoam Hace un día
Shane should have never apologized to the "woke" crowd.
Dwight Schrute
Dwight Schrute Hace un día
It's funny 🤣
Capitan Crazy
Capitan Crazy Hace un día
Funny af I’m sorry
ireallylovemcr Hace 2 días
I feel weird saying this but watching this again I still chuckled a few times
emkato21 Hace 2 días
It's a shame because some of his jokes are funny. Not the racist or homophobic ones but others are funny....ugh
Gabi Iwanska
Gabi Iwanska Hace 2 días
Omg the old intro
MAGE Hace 2 días
i was sure he would have deleted all of these... geez
OrientatedSheep Hace 2 días
2:53 ☹️
OrientatedSheep Hace un día
JalapenoPoppers .O. thats so messed up dude !
JalapenoPoppers Hace 2 días
Omg don’t forget when he mimics paris hilton and says “my dad will buy me all of africa and kick out the black people” like WTF
Ff Sq
Ff Sq Hace 3 días
Honestly, i used to watch all of his videos and thought it was funny. I never had the idea of it being racist. However, during this time, it does seem a little controversial but he apologized for all of that. Everyone have done things they wish they didnt and regret. So i think the internet should stop being so dramatic and move on.
Jacky Lopez
Jacky Lopez Hace 2 días
No but ok
Rosanna Lebron
Rosanna Lebron Hace 3 días
Shanaynay and Dayquan.... I started watching these vids when I was 12... I’m 20 now and wow....
Grace Alexandra
Grace Alexandra Hace 3 días
Is this supposed to be funny...?
nicole willhite
nicole willhite Hace 3 días
I cant.
nicole willhite
nicole willhite Hace 3 días
Bro i-
lemon gee
lemon gee Hace 3 días
i hate this with my entire being
Kayla young
Kayla young Hace 3 días
What the FUCK IS THIS👁👄👁❕
Polite Gordon Ramsay
Polite Gordon Ramsay Hace 3 días
These videos are still up. Hmm yes he has taken such accountability
Lord Styrofoam
Lord Styrofoam Hace un día
Learn to take a joke.
Kelly McDowell
Kelly McDowell Hace 3 días
The one in the striped shirt looks like the David Dobrik
JoelR 853
JoelR 853 Hace 3 días
Its 2020 and all of a sudden this stuff is considered racist.
Lord Styrofoam
Lord Styrofoam Hace un día
The left can't meme.
Dj PixelFreak
Dj PixelFreak Hace un día
Ikr??? Like I get why they see it that way, but Shane isnt racist. And I notice everyone nowadays kind of has their own vision of what racism looks like. But unless Shane seriously bad-mouthed a race or said rude shit to other races just because they were that race, I don't think hes racist. In fact, I miss these kind of videos because I know it's totally not accepted anymore.
AgentBubbles Hace 3 días
Anyone got the icarly spoof video?
The Pornographer
The Pornographer Hace 3 días
Jeffrey acts like shane paris😂
The Pornographer
The Pornographer Hace 3 días
3:50 shane ended up liking "pooping backwards"
The Pornographer
The Pornographer Hace 3 días
Bullshit You can tell shane was really popular at achool
k Hace 4 días
ohhhhh so he’s racist transphobic AND unfunny 😍
Leigh Roberts
Leigh Roberts Hace 4 días
I'm still here for it tbh
Cat Hace 4 días
HERAAN M Hace 4 días
I can’t believe my young ass thought this kind of stuff was funny and it’s high key cringe worthy to see many people still think she is funny *sips tea* 👀
HERAAN M Hace 4 días
Lexie Fate same but like it’s also we as kids are not thought about this kind of stuff so it’s nothing we can do about it 😭
Lisa Kwang
Lisa Kwang Hace 4 días
Brian Pavon educate urself u fucking dumbass
Lexie Fate
Lexie Fate Hace 4 días
I watched this stuff when I was 10-12 and I'm ashamed of it.
HERAAN M Hace 4 días
Brian Pavon sorry I can’t relate to small minded people like you who think it’s funny for a white man to make a very racist character and use that as a “joke” among the many other shitty things he has done 👀
Brian Pavon
Brian Pavon Hace 4 días
This shit was and still hilarious
Chase Davis
Chase Davis Hace 5 días
i’m so sorry but when “paris” called her dog a bitch for winning tic-tac-toe with the dicks on it i started dying
Kiley Eh
Kiley Eh Hace 5 días
I love herrr thooo
Kiley Eh
Kiley Eh Hace un día
How do u know what kind of person I am from a comment...
WillieIIIreborn Hace 4 días
@HERAAN M Oh look an echo-chamber has been formed inside the bubble. Didn't see that one coming!
HERAAN M Hace 4 días
Lisa Kwang girl he has no hope his cave is too deep 🙄
WillieIIIreborn Hace 4 días
@Lisa Kwang You're the type of person that believes anyone that disagrees with you is a monster. What a weak, sensitive, fragile, misguided child. Systematic racism is no more. White privilege is a ridiculous myth. Quit letting victimhood be your identity and grow some balls.
Lisa Kwang
Lisa Kwang Hace 4 días
WillieIIIreborn lmao i bet u support all lives matter. ✨😽go back to ur hole
John Kerr
John Kerr Hace 5 días
I watched this when I was like 10
bianca gonzalez
bianca gonzalez Hace 5 días
I’ve watched these since I was like 10, or 11. And watch them here and there. Kinda think they are still funny at times and obviously not so funny at times. Either way I still think they are funny 😂
Brina Lynn
Brina Lynn Hace 3 días
@Natalie Costanza lol ikr
Natalie Costanza
Natalie Costanza Hace 4 días
Racist or not its funny how this was the most tolerable version of Shane
Mikayla H
Mikayla H Hace 5 días
Oop looks like a channel they forgot to private 🤫
Jx Hace 5 días
I’m just here to remember what my young ass thought was acceptable content. *sips tip*
][ Hace 3 días
Truth is you still lowkey think this is funny
WillieIIIreborn Hace 4 días
This is still acceptable you fragile fucks. Go crawl to a safe space.
Brian Pavon
Brian Pavon Hace 4 días
Jx it really is
Jx Hace 4 días
Brian Pavon No, it’s not.
Brian Pavon
Brian Pavon Hace 4 días
It still is acceptable
andre bell
andre bell Hace 5 días
this nigga still funny
Jacky Lopez
Jacky Lopez Hace 2 días
Lissandro Zuniga
Lissandro Zuniga Hace 5 días
These are SOLID funny jokes for some. Too many snowflakes today
Woosh Karen
Woosh Karen Hace 5 días
1:20 Wow he predicted his future 😍
Art Fart
Art Fart Hace 4 días
Caro Hace 6 días
He is so sexual and he knew damn well his audience were kids. That's disgusting wtf was youtube thinking?
Kitty U
Kitty U Hace 6 días
Screen record this before it gets deleted.
Camille Malm
Camille Malm Hace 6 días
I remember watching this when I was 5th grade.. now I’m back after the apology. *cringe*
Brian Pavon
Brian Pavon Hace 4 días
Still funny asf
Kreepy Kris
Kreepy Kris Hace 6 días
Well this was funny when I was 14... I'm 25 and haven't laughed once. Prooooobably because of how grossly offensive it is. Great job influencing the youth, Shane. This may be the reason so many kids had to unlearn unconscious racism.
Lord Styrofoam
Lord Styrofoam Hace un día
Learn to take a joke snowflake.
Brian Pavon
Brian Pavon Hace 4 días
Nope,shit funny asf
Anonymous Hace 6 días
Alienating My Audience
Alienating My Audience Hace 6 días
god the memories of this is so bad, the intro gave me flashbacks wtf
g0lf Syrup
g0lf Syrup Hace 6 días
Why is this in my recommendations
Ravioli ravioli Give me the formuoli
Ravioli ravioli Give me the formuoli Hace 6 días
As a child/teen, I didn’t fully understand the gravity of these jokes...for a grown adult to of made them is really disturbing, since he knew his audience was underage.
eridan Hace 6 días
Ahmed Hace 6 días
To people saying that this is their nostalgia trigger, I am really sorry that but you were a kid when he made these videos. But you are an adult now, and you have to acknowledge that these videos were problematoc.
Brian Pavon
Brian Pavon Hace 4 días
No,they’re still funny asf
Alienating My Audience
Alienating My Audience Hace 6 días
yeah man, I was really young when I found his videos so I'm not even an adult yet lmfao but I can't believe I watched this and supported everything he done :(
yung crawf
yung crawf Hace 6 días
this shit was funny asf
yung crawf
yung crawf Hace 6 días
people really dragged it
ikigaiso ʕ•ع•ʔ
ikigaiso ʕ•ع•ʔ Hace 7 días
... tf was i watching at 7
Nicole Robinson
Nicole Robinson Hace 7 días
Looking back at these videos.... It's unfortunate how things played out for Shane, but I guess I understand why they played out the way they did.
v3vo224 Hace 7 días
The glory days
headass steph
headass steph Hace 7 días
why does this channel still exist
Daneya Johnson
Daneya Johnson Hace 3 días
money hunny.
OrangePotato Hace 7 días
woof this didnt age well
Don’twakeup ʙʀᴏᴋᴇɴʜᴇᴀʀᴛʙᴏʏs
Don’twakeup ʙʀᴏᴋᴇɴʜᴇᴀʀᴛʙᴏʏs Hace 7 días
this is for kids- wtf
Gemma Ross
Gemma Ross Hace 6 días
Who tf said this was for kids?
Sonya Blade
Sonya Blade Hace 7 días
Simpler times
allie the anime girl
allie the anime girl Hace 8 días
this is funny get over it
Lisa Kwang
Lisa Kwang Hace 4 días
Christina G SHUT THE FUCKKKK UP. This type of shit normalizes racism. Clearly it hasnt impacted u. I hate how people who havent been targeted by racism assume that every other person also should take it as a “joke”. Stop normalizing racism when it’s still a problem!! People are getting lynched. Systematic racism. Police brutality. Fucking educate yourself and open your godamn eyes. This is the type of content that perpetuates stereotypes and “casual” racism towards black communities. Its harmful.
j Hace 7 días
Christina G Racism isn't even the only issue here.
j Hace 7 días
Christina G I mean Family Guy and South Park are both pretty awful shows so that's cool with me. There is a way to be funny that doesn't involve putting down people who have less privilege than you. If you can't be funny without supporting or upholding societal inequality or worn-out racist/sexist stereotypes, then you probably shouldn't be in comedy.
Christina G
Christina G Hace 7 días
eliquette_ why don’t we cancel family guy, South Park, russel peters plus 10000000 other comedies because they are all offensive !
Christina G
Christina G Hace 7 días
eliquette_ GO LOOK AT HALF THE OTHER COMEDIANS IN THE WORLD, THEIR JOKES ARE OFFENSIVE, ITS NORMAL IN COMEDY ESPECIALLY BACK IN THE DAY. Omg you guys are such pussies!!!!! I feel bad for Shane, people have got so sensitive it’s PATHETIC
Brittney LeAnn
Brittney LeAnn Hace 8 días
A Parra
A Parra Hace 8 días
bunch of snowflakes
Lisa Kwang
Lisa Kwang Hace 4 días
Tell that to the POC who have been hurt for centuries, only to see racism be normalized and passed off as “dark humor”.
Christina G
Christina G Hace 7 días
Right lol I feel bad for Shane right now. If only he knew society would turn into a bunch of pussies in the future
Raul Diaz
Raul Diaz Hace 8 días
Well this aged badly
Vega Hace 8 días
shane plz dont delete this one
Nicolle Renteria
Nicolle Renteria Hace 8 días
My mom never let me watch Shane Dawson now I know why 🙁
lila husain
lila husain Hace 8 días
the fact this channel has 230k subscribers smh
killswine Hace 8 días
This channel is still up?
Shanelle Rivera
Shanelle Rivera Hace 8 días
I’m -Dead inside-
I’m -Dead inside- Hace 8 días
3:10 the face i make watching this video when i was 7
I’m -Dead inside-
I’m -Dead inside- Hace 8 días
The old shane
dumb bitch juice
dumb bitch juice Hace 5 días
Daym u cute af
Vez Hace 8 días
This shit was funny asf back in the day. Back when no one got offended by every little thing
Christina G
Christina G Hace 7 días
I agree. Why don’t we cancel 99% of other comedians and comedy shows because the are all edgy and offensive. I am so grossed out by how sensitive people are. This website is ruined
Micheal Williams
Micheal Williams Hace 8 días
Vez no ❤️
Vez Hace 8 días
@Micheal Williams Well that's why they say humor is subjective
Micheal Williams
Micheal Williams Hace 8 días
@Vez No making fun of race isn't funny.
Vez Hace 8 días
@Micheal Williams When it's used comedically, yes, yes it very much is funny. From whites to blacks to Hispanics to Asians, all ripping on each other for comedic reasons, it's very funny. No one's coming after Martin Lawrence for portraying a white character with white stereotypes ramped up to 1000 from his show back in the 90's, should'nt he be getting shit on if portraying another race's stereotypes is "Racist"? No, because it's comedy. Hell, even Robert Downey Jr isn't coming under fire for his portrayel of a black character in Tropic Thunder, if it's so racist then shouldn't we go on a manhunt for him too? Nope, because it's comedy
Edward M
Edward M Hace 9 días
Glad he’s cancelled 🤢
Skor Skoert
Skor Skoert Hace 9 días
I came here thinking it wouldn't be funny because of all the comments but I'm over here crying laughing😂😂😂😂😂
アイキ Hace 9 días
I’m so sad that intro brung back childhood memories. I can’t believe I watched this at 8.
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