Sex-workers - idubbbz complains

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Btw, yes. i did get $16 worth of peanut coupons from the planters company. and YES, im going to use them to get more mixed nuts
In this video I complain about sex-workers and how they are just the WORST. they take money from innocent hard working men.


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idubbbz complainsSex-workers - idubbbz complainsidubbbzidubbbz girlfriend

Positive Vibes
Positive Vibes Hace un hora
DarkLightProjector Hace un hora
Everyone, this is the mental gymnastics of a man in denial. His delusion is both amazing and frightening.
Kimg Komg
Kimg Komg Hace 2 horas
I don't understand why this became a drama
Lil Homo
Lil Homo Hace 2 horas
When he says hes cool with it he sounds sarcastic
Marty McFly
Marty McFly Hace 2 horas
Jokes on you I don’t have a girlfriend
Shael Utah
Shael Utah Hace 2 horas
So people don't like that he has a girlfriend that sells nudes to nerds? is that what all this is about? He ses hes fine with it, so who cares?
動きsp3ct Hace 3 horas
I'm still a fan and will always be one
Max Goodfel
Max Goodfel Hace 3 horas
Fuuuuuuuuuuuuck you.
Lyraguy Hace 3 horas
Ian you should make your own onlyfans account but have the gimmick being the green onepiece suit. Somehow involve Max and Joji, it'll be a blast.
Zion_420 Hace 4 horas
Adina B
Adina B Hace 6 horas
100% beta
B1A AnderX
B1A AnderX Hace 7 horas
Aieril Syafiq
Aieril Syafiq Hace 8 horas
You should watch flyingkitty video
breadpimp Hace 8 horas
god this is so fucking funny ... sex work is real work and people will never understand that people in sex work can have interpersonal relationships. i'm very happy that he's in a relationship. he's not a "simp" for knowing that sex workers aren't entirely whores/sluts/whatever people who have no fucking idea how the world works wanna call sex working women. like ? you wanna participate in porn watching and appreciation but you don't wanna pay the people doing it because they're "thots". the caucasity is off the charts.
Soni Hace 11 horas
Stay awesome, let the offended and angry children leave, you will keep the old fans who knew you had this side to you and gain new fans who will like you for the same reasons. There were people who hated on Filthy too and now everyone misses him.
Harry Knackers
Harry Knackers Hace 13 horas
I gotta know where you got them glasses
DortmundBVB22x Hace 15 horas
Jacob Zayen
Jacob Zayen Hace 16 horas
Jett’s Dad Died
Jett’s Dad Died Hace 17 horas
If you continued Content Cop on Onlyfans, I’d gladly pay £10/month for that.
nibbman joe
nibbman joe Hace 19 horas
i really dont know why this was a controversy. people take memes seriously which is sad.
Trevor Bolin
Trevor Bolin Hace 20 horas
Clean your goddamn table, bitch.
long chin man
long chin man Hace un día
she's literally his girlfriend how is he a simp lmao these 13 year old children (and probably over) dont even know what simp means. fortnite is killing the youth
Centurion Hace 4 horas
@Randomdude29 ahh I see u would control ur gf and tell her what she can and cant do with her body as well??
Randomdude29 Hace 17 horas
Ahh I see so you would just let your girlfriend put her nudes online for men to pay for as well?
Boognish1890 Hace un día
Boognish1890 Hace un día
... pedestal, you wad.
CyanOblivion Hace un día
Who the fuck cares? The people that critiqued him for this or stopped supporting him after this are the people that were SO desperate to see something happen to iDubbbz to the point where someone could call him out for it. Y'all are desperate mf's. Do something better with your sad lives, please.
pearface Hace 10 horas
@CyanOblivion ikr. pretty dumb if you ask me.
CyanOblivion Hace 14 horas
@pearface yeah. like its his gf he'll do whatever tf he wants with his relationship bruh i dont get why that makes you see him in a different light
pearface Hace un día
actually they have a right to critque him for it. but i realized that they all used the arguement, "oh well i wouldn't let me gf do that" okay? that's u. you're not idubbbz.
Aarogance Hace un día
Real talk these arguments were pathetic
joker Darker
joker Darker Hace un día
joker Darker
joker Darker Hace un día
joker Darker
joker Darker Hace un día
hazeroid Hace un día
fucking simp
Sunita Kumari
Sunita Kumari Hace un día
ZA HOT HANDO Hace un día
He be pimpin. Idubbz, you spread the loyal word of youtube.
AlexisMfRussell Hace un día
A girl posted a “buying idubbbz girlfriends onlyfans so you don’t have to.” She literally posts pics of herself IN CLOTHES not even a bathing suite it’s literally less porn like than Instagram girls so idk why y’all are acting all fucked up about it god damn y’all some karens. 🤣
Augusto Burkert
Augusto Burkert Hace un día
I still love this simp
Randy Rhoads
Randy Rhoads Hace un día
Hey vi sos
Mr. Crayon
Mr. Crayon Hace un día
Champy Ton
Champy Ton Hace un día
Yo how about you believe in what you want on the vast amount of content on the Internet, idubbbz respects the fact that all ya thirsty boys wana see sexy cosplay and it's worth making money off of if there is a market for it. I respect that...has nothing to do with his relationship
Champy Ton
Champy Ton Hace un día
Forgot I commented on this already..
Artifactual Fox
Artifactual Fox Hace un día
Everyone’s happy and running, until Idubz gf cheats on him
Windows 10
Windows 10 Hace un día
Didn’t know Idubbbz deleted comments
BigBlitZ Hace un día
Just wait it out.
burrito Hace un día
“hey guys! isn’t simp such a funny word to say? it’s so funny guys! haha! ever heard of danny duncan and beetlejuice? they are so funny man. they are the gods of our generation. same with the nelk boys. they make the BEST prank videos that totally didn’t become outdated years ago when prank invasion and roman atwood were a thing.”
Zir Jaeger
Zir Jaeger Hace 2 días
Imma be honest, I think you could have tackled this subject a little more delicately.
General J
General J Hace 2 días
Who’s that? Oh it’s mr MVP, SIMP!
Suggestive Carp
Suggestive Carp Hace 2 días
I love u
Suggestive Carp
Suggestive Carp Hace un día
@Oxyponic Never. I love the simp.
Oxyponic Hace un día
@Suggestive Carp forgot to change accounts?
Suggestive Carp
Suggestive Carp Hace 2 días
Mrdood Hace 2 días
I simp
MysteryNacho Hace 2 días
This video probably ruined iDubbbz career.
lit_fatty Hace 2 días
that dude went after paymoneywubby two he is a donut
TheFlamingDino Hace 2 días
People realise that idubbbz isn't a simp, just because he lets his girlfriend show herself naked on a website doesn't mean he's a simp. The definition of simp is a guy who does so much to a woman and the woman returns nothing and the guy is ok with that, Ian would probably not be oksy if his girlfriend never gave him gifts for christmas or his birthday while he would give her gifts. So no, he ain't no simp you fucking morons.
Singal And Hot!
Singal And Hot! Hace 2 días
god damn hag took over him
SCP-096 SHY GUY Hace 2 días
This was all stupid
Crusade Man
Crusade Man Hace 2 días
“I think that it’s cool my girlfriend uploads videos of her getting f*cked” S I M P
GsxrRyder15 Hace 2 días
_millgecko Hace 2 días
Who cares? It’s his life
Giannirey S
Giannirey S Hace 2 días
Sorry it's not simp I should be calling you, but an e-cuck
KYRBY ツ Hace 2 días
ديوث واحد
Dane Celestia
Dane Celestia Hace 2 días
oh shit docu 2.0?????!!!!???!!!
Sovit Russia
Sovit Russia Hace 2 días
content cop sex workers????????????
EpickGreeninja Hace 2 días
idubbbz can u make a vid with the new Filthy Frank?
Umbracraft Hace 2 días
"This is the most intelligent thing i've ever done" Proceeds to get half the views on every video hereafter
DAN_THE_MEME_MAN yeetskeetreetdelete
DAN_THE_MEME_MAN yeetskeetreetdelete Hace 2 días
Wut the username of her account tho
Dank Eagle
Dank Eagle Hace 2 días
i hate those 14 yo who never saw idubbz and calling him "dumb fuck" becuz of the controversy he was the fucking reason why some cringy/toxic youtuber who put to death..he is kinda like the immune system in youtube who kills viruses in youtube to make it how he destroyed ricescum
Go Away
Go Away Hace 2 días
I still like em'!
GuyX 1
GuyX 1 Hace 2 días
....who fucking cares?? Why would any of you people give a shit what this total stranger & his girlfriend do? Jesus. Y’all are some creepy motherfuckers. It’s tits & ass & anal beads for money. Boo fucking hoo
DazedGamer FTW
DazedGamer FTW Hace 2 días
If you cant please them all, please as many as they you can
AmERICan Johnson
AmERICan Johnson Hace 2 días
All these theories surrounding what people think iDubbbz feels about this is what really gets me. Reminds me of when I first found out KiwiFarms had a page on Vinesauce, and the whole thread was just about people openly making assumptions about Vinny's life and how much he must secretly hate his fans. The thread got progressively more downer, as people projected all their insecurities onto this person they've never even met. Everything from speculation of Vinny being an incel, to being transphobic but too afraid to speak out because his "crazy sjw fans" would flip. Every word made me want to jump off a cliff in Minecraft Hardcore Mode until I realized all of what they were talking about (aside from Vinny being depressed) was baseless projection. That vibe was the same one I get when when I see iDubbbz speculation comments. It's like they hold up a mirror in front of themselves and write "insert youtube idol here", then proceed to describe what they see
abby Hace 2 días
i dont really understand why people think sex workers are awful human beings. firstly, if we didnt have sex workers, we wouldnt have porn. secondly, who cares if she is okay with it and so is he. theyre both ok with it. yes, sex workers can and do have relationships. i dont really get it. its their choice lol. there is a demand for sex workers, thus a supply is attracted. need i say more?
Luka Hace 2 días
Also increases demand for sex traffic. Which is awesome cause now I can buy a sex slave on the black market.
Deez Nutz
Deez Nutz Hace 2 días
I dont really care about your personal life. I'm just disappointed because I know you could have made a better response to these simp comments and this whole topic in general
Poop Poopoo
Poop Poopoo Hace 2 días
I’ve never seen idubbz like this
Marcus Hace 2 días
This comment section is so toxic I need blooming purple moss clumps.
Ian The Wolf
Ian The Wolf Hace 2 días
Idc simp or not He’s still funny as shit at least he used to be...
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