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MLG Highlights

MLG Highlights

Hace 8 meses

2019 FIBA World Cup - Serbia vs Argentina - Quarter-Finals - September 10
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Señor Maestro
Señor Maestro Hace 4 horas
nice energy from ARG
Raffy Tech Show
Raffy Tech Show Hace 6 días
This is the team that the 2014 Gilas Pilipinas put on the wire I miss the heart of the 2014 philippine team
Pete Belicena
Pete Belicena Hace 6 días
take a look also the assist of 10:55 ..Congrats Argentina.
Ferdinand Valderrama
Ferdinand Valderrama Hace 8 días
Team PH should improve it's shooting and ball movement program or else it's impossible for us to compete at international level
onepogi Hace 9 días
Insane plays by Argentina! Incredible maturity and IQ playing basketball! No doubt they went to final round with Spain in this tournament! Greetings from Philippines.
Dhean Clave
Dhean Clave Hace 22 días
Camppazo is dammm NBA all-star
Kayode Ijagbemi
Kayode Ijagbemi Hace un mes
Campazzo 💥🏀
Gabriel Jacob Hernandez
Gabriel Jacob Hernandez Hace un mes
What happen to serbia?? Hello to the coach of serbia how you feel after saying useless words you know karma thats what happen to you you are overconfident hahaha
Russell Westbrook
Russell Westbrook Hace un mes
새벽1시에 이거보고있는 내인생이 레전드다
baco gavrilko
baco gavrilko Hace un mes
Jokic blocked by backboard😅😅😅
Erkan Aslantas
Erkan Aslantas Hace un mes
argentina plays so agressive. they use some drugs I think lol
Diego Henrique Cesar Rosa
Diego Henrique Cesar Rosa Hace un mes
Odeio s Argentina
Alexandre Hace un mes
jonard azurin
jonard azurin Hace un mes
Serbia nasan na????
I am Boban
I am Boban Hace 2 meses
Oh yeah
Gab 8
Gab 8 Hace 2 meses
2:22 good screen and good cut
Deverell Toms
Deverell Toms Hace 2 meses
Btw..Argentina defeat USA before..
gil granada
gil granada Hace 2 meses
The best player in this game isn't wearing a Serbian jersey. I'm looking at you Campazzo.
Louie Zamudio
Louie Zamudio Hace 2 meses
Only now I watch this game... Argentina toyed wt Serbia! The played a solid game superb teamwork. What a game!
Gabriel River
Gabriel River Hace 2 meses
Hace 20 años que Argentina y España demuestran cómo se juega al Basquet en equipo.Sus jugadores son de nivel NBA sin dudas.
Amare Hace 8 meses
9:11 most important moment of game..just when i thought that we finally break them,jokic gets blocked by old man scola...such a lame layup,he could easilly dunk...
worldcuprussia18 #
worldcuprussia18 # Hace 8 meses
yo Serbs (Couchos), dont be lost against better team and they played without Messi🤣🤣🤣🇭🇷🇭🇷🇭🇷
King A
King A Hace 8 meses
Thank you Argentina, if Serbia won they would be champions, but im so happy they got nothing haha. Next time Usa A team comes to win world.
Sweet Sugar Suge
Sweet Sugar Suge Hace 8 meses
Anyone know of a ESwomen channel that does this, full game highlights of the PLAYS ONLY , for football?
Tyrant Hace 8 meses
Oliver Radivojevic
Oliver Radivojevic Hace 8 meses
Sleeping on defense..jbg next time..
Ivmit Hace 8 meses
Кампаццо - просто царь, как такое можно творить? Это невероятно. Скола - мое почтение, думал, что так тащить в его возрасте невозможно, но он показал какое-то чудо.
Bike Maurice
Bike Maurice Hace 8 meses
Ginobili, Scola, and now Campazzo_o
Yhani Salazar
Yhani Salazar Hace 8 meses
Lack of quality in term of coaching makes quality players to poor performance!!!
Ju Cruz
Ju Cruz Hace 8 meses
PG #7 got some game !
R224 Hace 8 meses
10:54 manu
antonio montana
antonio montana Hace 8 meses
Both teams play hard !!!!
Bryan Longakit
Bryan Longakit Hace 8 meses
Great PG Campazzo.
Milos Maric
Milos Maric Hace 8 meses
Serbia is the best....
worldcuprussia18 #
worldcuprussia18 # Hace 8 meses
wake up Couchos, Gauchos teached you how to play...
JayJay Robles
JayJay Robles Hace 8 meses
the problem with Serbia is they do not have a small quick guard. you need atleast one of those on a team. some one around 6'1 with quickness.
JULIUS LEÓN Hace 8 meses
España-Argentina ... ¿Jugará Messi? De base, por supuesto.
Mark vüller
Mark vüller Hace 8 meses
Argentinien all the way
Blessing Ndolo
Blessing Ndolo Hace 8 meses
Zemlja Košarke
Zemlja Košarke Hace 8 meses
Da nije bilo Litvanije 2015. i najgoreg mogućeg poraza u polufinalu EP kada su nas ubili od batina i spustili ispod 75 poena, i poraza od Slovenije u finalu. Vjerovatno bi sada bila sječa knezova. Ali nakon ova dva najbolnija poraza svaki sledeci je ništa posebno ili zaboravljen nakon dva dana.
Zemlja Košarke
Zemlja Košarke Hace 8 meses
Hahaha pa skontao sam šta si htio. Ali druže istina je da su podbacili. Ima na you tube paljevina koliko hoćeš, srećno sa traženjem zrtve 😆😆
worldcuprussia18 #
worldcuprussia18 # Hace 8 meses
@Zemlja Košarke propao mi je komentar, trebao si se vise nalozit😁 ma druze, mene boli kurac za basket, na pauzi sam pa trolam malo..aj zivio
Zemlja Košarke
Zemlja Košarke Hace 8 meses
Šta da radiš. Mora se priznati da jesu i ako je na papiru nas tim jači.
worldcuprussia18 #
worldcuprussia18 # Hace 8 meses
couchosi, ubili vas gauschosi ... ahahah.. i to bez Messija..ahahah
Ruben Lomboy
Ruben Lomboy Hace 8 meses
From the moment Argentina beat Serbia i know they can make it to the finals, and beat Spain.
froilan anthony
froilan anthony Hace 8 meses
luis scola never miss inside awesome
PENG REN Hace 8 meses
Argentina play as a master team!! love from China, Louis Scola the man!! I love his play since 2002 world cup in US, then 2004 Athen Olympic. and even more luckly, he joined Houston Rockets to team with our big man Yao Ming, and Tracy Mcgrady, that is nice memory for all the Chinese basketball fans. I hope nothing but the best for Scola and Argentina, hope you guys can get the champion. cheer for your victory.
Darius CG
Darius CG Hace 8 meses
Congratulations from Lithuania, team plays very smoothly, deserve to win the champioship, good luck. Campazzo and Scola the brilliant game, very nice to watch.
E.T. Cetera
E.T. Cetera Hace 8 meses
On paper, Serbia's roster looks like a team that would dominate all the way to the championship.
Jibby Mori
Jibby Mori Hace 8 meses
Lakas ng Argentina corned beef
Dimitrije Simić
Dimitrije Simić Hace 8 meses
5:32 Is this some bug I can hear *knock knock* Allahu Akbar
Ceferino Gonzales
Ceferino Gonzales Hace 8 meses
Argentina was truly the first FIBA world champion in the 50's.
Zdenko Vučković
Zdenko Vučković Hace 8 meses
Congratulations. Rematch for 2002!
Belac Orendain
Belac Orendain Hace 8 meses
This argentina team is one of the best they had. Damn
Luckytron asmr LuckyFri
Luckytron asmr LuckyFri Hace 8 meses
Extremo Hace 8 meses
Argentina is a World Soccer champion, Davis Cup champion in tennis, F1 champion, Olympic Gold in Basketball, world hockey champion ... and more
netguile Hace 8 meses
World cup champion in basket too not only Olímpic. Voleyball world cup Champion as well and others like softball.
gpanda r
gpanda r Hace 8 meses
Kobe watching tight hug between Manu and Scola after the game.
demon john
demon john Hace 8 meses
I want to see agentina or Spain who will win in final is very interesting
charera Mazuwa
charera Mazuwa Hace 8 meses
fundamentals are everything
JHONG SPORTS Hace 8 meses
Argentina is a perfect team without a current nba player wow. just wow
Munkh P
Munkh P Hace 8 meses
Tango tango tango incredible
Louise Virtudazo
Louise Virtudazo Hace 8 meses
bernadette cagais
bernadette cagais Hace 8 meses
dios mio marimar argentina biba borikat
jhoana barquilla
jhoana barquilla Hace 8 meses
Congratulations from PAYATAS! all the best to ARGENTINA
Gusriadi adam
Gusriadi adam Hace 8 meses
No player NBA
Rudra_Rashtra Rudra_Reich
Rudra_Rashtra Rudra_Reich Hace 8 meses
Gold for Argentina
Ariel Morales
Ariel Morales Hace 8 meses
Campazzo to the NBA!!! Vamos Argentina!!! 🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷
MsNick991 Hace 8 meses
3:23,8:19,9:12,10:46 that's Joke(r) for you. He drove us to defeat alongside Bjelica with his endless 10m 3pts and failed layup attempts.
Sega Game Cast
Sega Game Cast Hace 8 meses
it be dope to see Manu come out for the 2020 games.
Exe Hace 8 meses
Argentina is like an upgraded version of Italy
Tomaž Verhovnik
Tomaž Verhovnik Hace 8 meses
2 years ago after loss to Slovenija THEY were crying "we were not complete" and "next time we Will have all nba stars"... Better stay with those players with heart not those overpaid nba stars.... They do nothing.... Dont get me wrong I am Serbian basketball fan if there are no our team, But this IS big shame for Serbian basketball..... "lako ćemo, malo ćemo se po igrat" But there were no heart in the court..... With all those names Serbia should win by 15
Caesarian Wijaya
Caesarian Wijaya Hace 8 meses
I miss Yugoslavian team at FIBA 1990 and FIBA 2002 (Srbija Crna Gora). In 1990 Yugoslavia have Drazen Petrovic, Toni Kukoc, Vlade Divac, Jurij Zdovc, Dino Radja. In 2002 Vlade Divac still played with young Serbian talent like Peja Stojakovic, Marko Jaric and several mature player like Dejan Bodiroga, Dejan Koturovic, Predrag Drobnjak (Montenegro), Milan Gurovic etc. But now Serbia not have player like Stojakovic and Bodiroga at the field. Without 2 Players like Stojakovic and Bodiroga, Serbia eliminated at Quarter Finals.
Darth Masiah
Darth Masiah Hace 8 meses
Campazzo 👍
Richard Bourke
Richard Bourke Hace 8 meses
Campazzo looks even better than Ginóbili. Argentina deserve to get to the final. Next round it's southern hemisphere versus northern hemisphere - hopefully Argentina versus Australia in the final :)
Vladimir Brovarenco
Vladimir Brovarenco Hace 8 meses
Greate job Arg
Labus Labas
Labus Labas Hace 8 meses
it is not Argentina that won but it is Serbia who lost a game himself. You could see that the team was not prepared for play. Sasha Djordjevic did not have a good game plan, sometimes did not change the players as it should be as it needed to be done. As well as the same players could not manage their psychological attitude, could not win over great pressure and could not calm down and play as they can really do. Life is life. Respect for Serbia from Lithuania.
Labus Labas
Labus Labas Hace 8 meses
@netguile you have good teams but without long players. I like their fire and passion. Scola can't handle it all alone. So Argentina get to play like with serbs hoping for 3 point shooters. But I will support Argentina, of course. Partly because France did not won fairly game over Lituania. So we are on the same side right now. Hope u will reach the final.
netguile Hace 8 meses
@Labus Labas I know that. This is not our best team ever but it's competitive and can win. It wasn't lucky the other day but play better and maybe the same or not the next. In papers France has the best players and the best team of the 4 remainings.
Labus Labas
Labus Labas Hace 8 meses
@netguile Lithuania really did not show all they want and can. And it is problem of coach and team members. In fact, FIBA accepted that referees was wrong and they were banned from WC. That's info for you. So if you want you can swallow everything but someone should have the courage and say everything in face without playing fucking shit behind backs. You misunderstood me. I really do not underestimate your country. On the contrary, I think players did a good job showing a beautiful game. Really they did more than expected. But right now there is the team that is really in good shape and have more courage. Argentina can win if they will incredible succeed in the game. Don't know if such happiness can come twice in a row. If you look at the list of players in each team, then Argentina does not look like a favorite. Just that. But good luck for Argentina )
netguile Hace 8 meses
Maybe Argentina win or lose next games but we're not making up excuses. We're not such a bad losers. The USA can say they hasn't a day to rest before today's game or the 5th means nothing with going to semifinal or any stupid random reason but I don't think they bring up those excuses that's too low. They lost as well as Serbia in the important games. Argentina has won twice USA in world cup and Olímpics much better teams than this one so? Stop underestimasting our country besides USA we're the only World champion and Olímpic Champion. The real winners lose as well but don't make excuses like real losers. We don't have our best team of all times but we're competitive.
Labus Labas
Labus Labas Hace 8 meses
@netguile Yes, Argentina won. And it was the last Argentina victory in the WC, ha ha. Serbians couldn't handle their psychological aspects, but that's their problem. Congratulations to Argentina and respect to Serbia. They today showed their strength when winning over the United States.
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