Sequel to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild - First Look Trailer - Nintendo E3 2019

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The sequel to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is now in development for Nintendo Switch!
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Shataki Hace un minuto
Nice horror game Nintendo
ActiveGamerLife Hace 21 un minuto
I need this game already!
Viktor Van Nauw
Viktor Van Nauw Hace 5 horas
Link; I thought you were deze Ganon: My death was...greatly exaggerates
Grimish Animations
Grimish Animations Hace 8 horas
John Chevalier
John Chevalier Hace 12 horas
I need a game with Link, Zelda, Ganon and Ghirahim
Luke Cuasay
Luke Cuasay Hace 13 horas
Wow. Even thumbnail Link is cringing at his own dab...
Pawel Skibinski
Pawel Skibinski Hace 14 horas
Wait what where they doing
-_ Chromazer _-
-_ Chromazer _- Hace 15 horas
Me watch the trailer : TAKE MY MONEY NOW AND GIVE ME THIS GAME !!!!!
Comic Book Guy
Comic Book Guy Hace 15 horas
Estara lista de aqui a 2025?
Heathcliff Lopez
Heathcliff Lopez Hace 16 horas
these comments have me dead. lmao
Rorzor Da warrior
Rorzor Da warrior Hace 23 horas
Link:Ganon is finally dead Ganon:Are you sure about that?
Bishop BW
Bishop BW Hace un día
I want to know who or what is behind the hand reviving Ganon's corpse (0:41). Hopefully something more evil than Ganon himself. Would be nice to expand past Ganon, and gain a more ultimate evil entity.
Cheyenne Pelham
Cheyenne Pelham Hace un día
I would love to see motion controls so if you swing the joy con the sword swings, and if you press zl and raise you're left hand (right if your left handed) you're shield will raise,also if you press zl and zr pull back with left hand and let zr go a arrow will shoot out of you're bow.
Chubbs Hace un día
I want it
Justin Ang
Justin Ang Hace un día
Jesse James Padilla
Jesse James Padilla Hace un día
The sequel to the legend of Zelda breath of the wild is now in development Bruh I barely just bought first game😂
DJ C Gsquad M Ida Octamarilla
DJ C Gsquad M Ida Octamarilla Hace un día
I'm Sure the Sequel is REALLY BETTER than first BOTW game.
CCBAZ Hace un día
Why im erect
Γιώργος Γεωργακόπουλος
Γιώργος Γεωργακόπουλος Hace un día
You know that some people do not have the money to afford the switch so can you please make it available for the Wii u
Jacob Reynolds
Jacob Reynolds Hace un día
The Wii U has been dead for over two years
Wong Yinglung
Wong Yinglung Hace un día
Zelda:Open your eyes Canon:ok
ItsMeii Hace un día
the thing is that Botw 2 wouldn't get released until like 2021 or 2022, and it already feels like its been a year
ForeZone Hace un día
Noah Hocker
Noah Hocker Hace un día
Hope it's better than the first
HLJK Lenny
HLJK Lenny Hace un día
Politically Incorrect
Politically Incorrect Hace un día
I can't wait no more AAAAAGH
Zyro Zen
Zyro Zen Hace un día
Can this be a possiblity of reviving the champions?
Jacob Reynolds
Jacob Reynolds Hace un día
eclipse story universe
eclipse story universe Hace 2 días
So 15 more months until the release date how could I possibly know this Same engine Most likley some of the characters from botw Same enimies with some maybe added So that should speed up the development and it took about 6 months to develop the dlc packs now let's talk about expectations Loosing all stanima peices/heart containers Getting a new power 18 months of development + 2 packs of dlc I doubt the motorcycle is returning because that was DLC and link likes to have yard sales lol Your house hahaha you will have to probably buy a new one or rebuy your house maybe there'll be more houses and I expect more customization Epona will either be amiibo again or there will be a horse you get named epona Better durability on weapons and a repair shop
DaPandoraMan 8
DaPandoraMan 8 Hace 2 días
Breath Of The Wild 2: Oxygen of the Wilder
Xlaxsauce Hace 2 días
hope they add lots more to the map since Hyrule should have been able to rebuild and repopulate a bit after the events of the first game.
matthew 27
matthew 27 Hace 2 días
i loooove it
Rebecca Magana
Rebecca Magana Hace 2 días
Will he finally talk and thank god there is a new game
Allison Williams
Allison Williams Hace 2 días
So Ganon must be immortal then since he can never die?
True Roman
True Roman Hace un día
Mr. Flash seeing as it’s one of the lowest selling Zelda games I wouldn’t expect everybody to know either
Mr. Flash
Mr. Flash Hace 2 días
This has been explained back in Skyward Sword in 2011 honey. Guess you haven't been arround back then.
Guy B
Guy B Hace 2 días
Same game but theyve replaced all weapons with walkie talkies, and Koroks with Ewoks
Tim Timou
Tim Timou Hace 2 días
I want this game out NOW
UnderScore _
UnderScore _ Hace 3 días
Mr. Flash
Mr. Flash Hace 2 días
No we don't, just 3 months have passed. The game is out in fall of 2020 anyway.
Nicholas Wopperer
Nicholas Wopperer Hace 3 días
This definitely got me playing botw again! My goodness there are still so many things I haven’t seen or done in that game........
Seeker Aspirant
Seeker Aspirant Hace 3 días
That's not Ganon. Its Tingle.
Steven Stinnett
Steven Stinnett Hace 3 días
Guess thinking they might give us a different villain like Majoras Mask did was foolish.
Ronin Crosier
Ronin Crosier Hace 3 días
I’ve watched so many analysis videos of this trailer that I forgot how quick it actually is. I want more.
Delma Rios
Delma Rios Hace 3 días
When is the game going to come out
Meep Hace un día
@Mr. Flash Not that I don't believe you, but I'm pretty sure people who work at Nintendo are supposed to be pretty tight-lipped about release dates otherwise they risk being fired.
Mr. Flash
Mr. Flash Hace un día
@Meep I have a friend who knows someone at Nintebdo and he said 2024
Meep Hace un día
@Mr. Flash we'll just have to wait and find out
Mr. Flash
Mr. Flash Hace un día
@Meep I think 2024
Meep Hace un día
We don't know yet. My hopes are late 2020
Antoine Lewis
Antoine Lewis Hace 3 días
I think should be the only playable character
Quote Hace 3 días
and now to see this trailer chopped up and slowed down in every Zeltik video for the rest of the year
Boefje de Wolf
Boefje de Wolf Hace 3 días
No release on wii u 😞
Mr. Flash
Mr. Flash Hace 2 días
You're a idiot if you still play Wii U
BlocboyRiku Hace 3 días
Really wish they would change the graphics and artwork and go back to how Twilight princess looked but other than that I know this will be a great game just like part 1
Meep Hace un día
Usually for sequels they use the same engine. Once they make a new non-sequel game it will most likely look different.
Mr. Flash
Mr. Flash Hace 2 días
Yeah I was hoping so too, its the 3rd cell shaded Zelda in a row
His Excellence
His Excellence Hace 3 días
If it's anything like the first, I'm pre ordering ASAP
Maximillian Vegas
Maximillian Vegas Hace 3 días
That is one D R Y B O I
hunter Hace 3 días
i love how even long-time fans can't even keep up with this timeline
beyblade army
beyblade army Hace 3 días
Me:when are there going to add a dlc My buddy: their making a new game already Me:whaaaaaaaaaaaaaat
Waffles :3
Waffles :3 Hace 3 días
AAAA IM HYPED!!!!! It looks so amazing!!
DerpRaptor Hace 3 días
No one: Ganon: *I LIVED BICH*
Mr J. Kottari
Mr J. Kottari Hace 4 días
Meep Hace un día
Jacob Reynolds
Jacob Reynolds Hace 3 días
There’s nothing showing that it’s a prequel
John West
John West Hace 4 días
2020? Or 2021?
Atari-Dude 1
Atari-Dude 1 Hace 3 días
Hopefully holiday 2020 or early 2021
Samuvt 2
Samuvt 2 Hace 4 días
Jogsi 15
Jogsi 15 Hace 4 días
It was at this moment, Nintendo won e3 2019
DonkeyFilms Hace 4 días
Zelda: we finally stopped Calamity Gan- Ganondorf: *ITS AAAH SPOOKY MOOOONTH!* Link: IT’S AH SPOOKY MONTH?!
Ghost -Chan™
Ghost -Chan™ Hace 4 días
zelda: * goes to zora's domain * ganon: i'm dead ganondorf: oh hi
young autyzmix to frajer
young autyzmix to frajer Hace 4 días
I hope it will run in 60 fps
David Hace 4 días
Sounds like someone reversed the music
Ed Da Bawsh
Ed Da Bawsh Hace 4 días
You thought you heard the last of me, but it was I, *GANON!!*
Marley Lambert
Marley Lambert Hace 4 días
Is that Midnas hand from twilight princess?
Sean M
Sean M Hace 4 días
I would like to see underwater exploration. Maybe you find old tech to breath underwater. Maybe there is a forgotten city of Zora that escaped and stayed hidden under water out of fear. Would be cool to discover Gorons in or under death mountain. Also could be unknown about. The Zonai think it would be cool if its discovered they are ancestors of the twili. Maybe some escaped being exiled and live underground. They would of evolved differently seeing as they are not in twilight realm, but I assume they'd evolve in some form or another from living underground. Maybe they could be like pale hylians or something or another new race completely. Would be neat if the underwater/ underground peoples all knew about each other. Like a underwater cavern connecting to the sea. They could all have darker or paler skin tones to add to the darker feel and theme of the game. Would be neat if there was something under lake Hylia. Would be neat to gradually discover more of the map bellow as you did above. I really like the idea of there being none hostile people living down there.
Peeenos Hace 4 días
Bout time !! The other switch games don't even come close, all remakes and trash that could be played on a phone ( aside from Final Fantasy remakes... they're timeless ;p )
SwiftBlade4 Hace 4 días
You think we'll be able to choose relationships in the sequel?
Sp1r1t Dec0d3d
Sp1r1t Dec0d3d Hace 4 días
Zelda: Link you have defeated Ganon Gannon: well yes but actually no
the mr toaster guy
the mr toaster guy Hace 4 días
This is a dark story
LooLoo Taylor
LooLoo Taylor Hace 4 días
skyward sword hmmm twilight princess hmm breath of the wild yah
Nicholas Provenzano
Nicholas Provenzano Hace 4 días
This made me cry NINTENDO give me more of this
LeRoy M
LeRoy M Hace 4 días
Can you put clides dales in breath of the wild 2?
CookieLetsPlay Hace 5 días
Is it possible to play with a friend with one console? 1st Player=Link 2nd Player=Zelda? 🤔
Red and Lee
Red and Lee Hace 5 días
I need it
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