Sequel to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild - First Look Trailer - Nintendo E3 2019

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The sequel to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is now in development for Nintendo Switch!
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2024Jack K169
2024Jack K169 Hace 3 minutos
Calamity ganondorf
dxrk_demon Hace 24 minutos
no way no way no way what theeee
Marcelo Moretti
Marcelo Moretti Hace un hora
Se ve genial!!! Estoy ansioso por jugarlo. Quisiera saber si la secuela "usará" el inventario obtenido en BOTW...
Ghost BOI
Ghost BOI Hace un hora
Secret message when played backwards!
Ghost BOI
Ghost BOI Hace un hora
How did nobody realize this!
TheHorizonTries Hace un hora
Wait didn't hyrule take off I to the sky in the events preceding skyward sword?
DylanDude Hace un hora
Breath of the Wild is not a part of the timeline.
Frame Shy
Frame Shy Hace 2 horas
The music gives me chills
Zyler Fury
Zyler Fury Hace 2 horas
Super Sonic And Mickey’s Stupid And Dumb Adventures
Super Sonic And Mickey’s Stupid And Dumb Adventures Hace 2 horas
jack Wheelock
jack Wheelock Hace 2 horas
iTheman 6s
iTheman 6s Hace 3 horas
The least Nintendo could do to be nice: Etika is the Lord of the Mountain in this game. RIP Etika 😔
Christina Valentine
Christina Valentine Hace 3 horas
is that hylia turned evil
PAC Plays
PAC Plays Hace 3 horas
Hhhh Hhhhh Hhhh. Hhhhh Hhhh. Hhhhh Hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Hhhh. Hhhhh Hhhh. Hhhhh Yyyy. Yyyyy Yyyy. Yyyyy Yyyy. Yyyyy Yyyy. Yyyyy Yyyy. Yyyyy Yyyyyyy Yyyyyyy Yyyyyyy Yyyyyyy Yyyyyyy Ppppppppp Pp. ppp Pp. ppp Pp. ppp Pppppppppp Ppp Ppp Ppp Ppp Ppp Eeeeeeeeee Eee Eee Eee Eeeeeeeeeee Eeeeeeeeeee Eee Eee Eee Eeeeeeeeeee Eeeeeeeeeee
HazardousFarts Gaming
HazardousFarts Gaming Hace 3 horas
Reverse these noises and maybe they will make a song hinting to something in the game?
Stian Gundersen
Stian Gundersen Hace 3 horas
If you think everything is over. Think again!!!
Xion Bo
Xion Bo Hace 4 horas
0:25 what is he-man doing here? is he going to help link? wait why is he a girl? she looks familiar... oh its not he man its just link she cut her hair i guess
Dr ORRB Hace 4 horas
I loved the first game to bits But I think this video really points out a lot of the flaws in the first game: Also, I hope there are more enemies in this game... Maybe even darknuts Edit: What if they made the darknuts the resurrected royal knights that ganon now controls
Meme Nightcore
Meme Nightcore Hace 5 horas
D Key
D Key Hace 5 horas
The best game ever play 😎
Sunny Grand
Sunny Grand Hace 5 horas
Link: Oh a Cave lets explore Ganon: Heya Fellas Link: o_o Ganon: I've put rockets under hyrule castle now you will never see it again! *Castle flys away*
Katone Vi
Katone Vi Hace 5 horas
Majora's Mask was the darkest Zelda I've played yet. But MAN this looks LEGENDARY!
alextrevoradam Hace 5 horas
Darker than Majora please
BluRai Hace 6 horas
People:twilight princess was pretty dark Nintendo: *observe* Children:(0_0) Staff: *outstanding move*
Jay Dursley
Jay Dursley Hace 6 horas
I like how it has ganadorf's heartbeat in the background
Mamashibal 11
Mamashibal 11 Hace 6 horas
Player-yay ganons DEAD. Nintendo-pff nope.
James Hoggard
James Hoggard Hace 6 horas
Weird theory. What if malladus is possessing ganondorf's dead body like how he did with zelda's body in spirit tracks
Nikkie Brathwaite
Nikkie Brathwaite Hace 6 horas
Link:we finnaly killed ganon Ganondorf:Sup
DeYKnOwZ Hace 7 horas
Is it dlc or a separate game??
DeYKnOwZ Hace 2 horas
Jacob Reynolds my fault smartass
Jacob Reynolds
Jacob Reynolds Hace 3 horas
Sequel = new game, not hard to understand
MrDarcyIsHere Hace 7 horas
Would be cool if we finally got to play alongside Zelda and adventure with her.
Jacob Reynolds
Jacob Reynolds Hace 3 horas
Fairly certain we got that in Spirit Tracks or at least some version of it
GlitchedArmor Hace 7 horas
“Did you die?” “Sadly, yes... BuT i LiVed!”
Xantron Hace 8 horas
someone play that music backwards and find out what theme it is
Nick Harrison
Nick Harrison Hace 6 horas
Its nothing
JaChamp78 Hace 8 horas
This trailer liget made me start back playing BOTW m because I had stopped it playing for a while. So if this trailer makes start playing BOTW again think about how great of a game this will be.
CoffeeAndDepression Hace 8 horas
Lawd Nintendo please make one Zelda game two player. That’s all I ask. (Four swords dont count.)
_Haviture_ Hace 8 horas
please tell me theres multiplayer
Rohan Vora
Rohan Vora Hace 8 horas
All these memes but has anyone noticed the music is not backwards, but a distorted version of the game over theme from the first game?
TheOneBread Hace 9 horas
holy crAp it's Ganon's MOM
Alexander Debowey
Alexander Debowey Hace 9 horas
Zelda: We need to defeat Calamity Ganon again Link Link’s first sentence: Well excuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuse me princess.
Bryan Solis
Bryan Solis Hace 9 horas
I went through all the coments and no one said their were hyped iam i the only one
sophia arthur
sophia arthur Hace 10 horas
i’m so excited for this you don’t even kNOW
xx AcExx
xx AcExx Hace 11 horas
So hype for this to come out! They should call it, Zelda breath of the wild attack of the little green worm things. 🤣
Glich a fire
Glich a fire Hace 11 horas
From what I can tell this is going to be a lot more intense the the previous botw...
Abeisababe Hace 12 horas
Every comment is just a meme :/
Jonaphan Mareno
Jonaphan Mareno Hace 12 horas
The thing that shocks me the most is that the video has 1.3k thumbs down
Alexcp Hace 12 horas
Link: Yes! I defeated Ganon! Ganon: It's rewind time
Ringo KOJIMA Hace 13 horas
when you hear the announcement of this game 0:50
Marco Aurélio Duarte Moreira
Marco Aurélio Duarte Moreira Hace 14 horas
Zelda pt_BR
Jake Kilemade
Jake Kilemade Hace 15 horas
The sequel will be called "the ledgend of zelda breath of the wild thus time it's personal"
Jake Kilemade
Jake Kilemade Hace 15 horas
What if this happened before the events of breath of the wild think about it zelda hair is cut in this and in breath of the wild it's long because it grew and thus would also give answers to how Ganon came from under the castle during the event of the great calamity! By the way I know this is a sequel
shin a
shin a Hace 15 horas
Too bad etika won’t be able to react to the next botw 2 trailer :// Rip❤️
Nasser Alzaabi
Nasser Alzaabi Hace 16 horas
I still didn’t play botw and I’m excited for the sequel 😂😂
Mitchell Turner
Mitchell Turner Hace 16 horas
Looks like a DLC.. But only time will tell. Time to afford a switch, the new Xbox, a better monitor, a desk, a new bed, Borderlands 3, CoD: Modern Warfare, a new laptop.. Time to work ten jobs
Nebur B
Nebur B Hace 16 horas
I haven’t even finished the current Zelda
Matt Hace 16 horas
please be the mojora to my ocarina
Gobblerster Hace 17 horas
just here for my daily watch of this trailer
Mr. Ojinaga man
Mr. Ojinaga man Hace 17 horas
You know...I heard that this new Botw's world and gameplay is going to take inspiration from RDR2... I wonder how would that be like... Random events? More focus on story? A camp like system? A more alive world? More side activities? A heavy emphasis on character development? I've also heard that Zelda is going to be playable. So could be like Rdr where Link dies and then Zelda becomes playable Lots of things to think about...
Rocky Smith
Rocky Smith Hace 18 horas
Cadence Patrick
Cadence Patrick Hace 19 horas
Justfortecomments Hace 19 horas
Note: They bested Ganon. Not Ganondorf.
DylanDude Hace 59 minutos
Ganondorf is a form of Ganon.
ProductionClan Official
ProductionClan Official Hace 19 horas
Link: Yay we finally killed Ganon Zelda: Yep we did Ganon: Hold my Lon Lon Milk
GHOUL GOD65 Hace 19 horas
Short hair zelda is N I C E
oof Hace 20 horas
Link: GANON IS DEAD!!! Later, link bragging how he defeated GANON Merchant: u mEan the guy i s0lD the FaIRy 2?
NYeet NYeet
NYeet NYeet Hace 20 horas
Ganon: You could not live with ur own failure and what did that bring you? Back to me
ZombieTroublez Hace 21 un hora
That can’t be ganon right didn’t he give up resurrection to become big piggy boi?????
Jacob Reynolds
Jacob Reynolds Hace 3 horas
That’s a mistranslation, he never gave up in the Japanese version
Nicknickrabbit Hace 21 un hora
The rumor of playing as Zelda is this game's female Link rumor
Meriles Hace 21 un hora
Me when the trailer came out 0:52
your face reminds me when i stepped on my burrito
your face reminds me when i stepped on my burrito Hace 21 un hora
Why don't we take Hyrule Castle and just move it somewhere else!!!
Melanie Whitney
Melanie Whitney Hace 21 un hora
ONE QUESTION is it a sequel or a DLC
Jacob Reynolds
Jacob Reynolds Hace 2 horas
Melanie Whitney We’ll likely have three hearts at the start, like most of the games, the Master Sword will probably be in its awakened state because of the Trial of the Sword, we more than likely won’t have our items
Melanie Whitney
Melanie Whitney Hace 2 horas
But u won’t have ur items in the sequel wait nvm I know it restarts but with ur hearts and the Master sword
Melanie Whitney
Melanie Whitney Hace 2 horas
Yeah me to my brother thinks it might be a DLC
Jacob Reynolds
Jacob Reynolds Hace 3 horas
It literally says that it’s a sequel in the video
DylanDude Hace 21 un hora
Storm The Wolfdogfox
Storm The Wolfdogfox Hace 21 un hora
Im so excited for this! I hope its a bit creepy like twilight princess.
177SCmaro Hace 21 un hora
Can we play as Link AND Zelda? Sure would be nice to mix it up a bit. You can still keep Link with all his traditional sword, shield, and tools but maybe make Zelda more of a magic-based fighter. I've already seen someone basically hack Zelda into BotW and come up with some cool, and even cute, outfits/armor for her so it can't be that hard.
Bella Cruze
Bella Cruze Hace 21 un hora
I sorta want this to be like pre calamity ganon type vibe
St Punk
St Punk Hace 22 horas
Pls bring in some new cool armor sets liking some Viking or new knight armors
PokeBoi Games
PokeBoi Games Hace 22 horas
Holy crap I’m excited
Swifter1243 Hace 23 horas
i wasnt allowed to scream during this so i put all of my energy into slamming my desk and i still have bruises
jiang shengwei
jiang shengwei Hace 23 horas
Finally, I can have a Zelda game without saving Zelda
DoIseeYou Hace 23 horas
Smash DLC Slightly exited Animal crossing bored Botw 2 ASENDED
Elizabun Hace 23 horas
How many times are we gonna have to teach you this lesson old man?
SLICK Gamer Hace un día
Link: we saved hyrule Zelda: wha who what is that :50 Gannon: suprise mother f***er
Delly Jounut
Delly Jounut Hace un día
Link: Finally I can catch a break Ganondorf: I'M ABOUT TO RUIN THIS WHOLE MAN'S CAREER
AnotherWolfGamer Hace un día
PLOT TWIST The main villain is Dead Hands
SD Loves No One
SD Loves No One Hace un día
I'm scared......
Michael Edwards
Michael Edwards Hace un día
I think that is Demise....!!!!!!
DylanDude Hace 21 un hora
Nope, the Gerudo symbols confirm that it’s Ganondorf.
Laura Lindsay
Laura Lindsay Hace un día
Well darn. Now I HAVE to buy a switch. Damn you.
Mr. Gaber
Mr. Gaber Hace un día
Link: yes! I finally killed Ganon! *ganon gets revived* Also Link: Aww shoot, here we go again
TheLoneWanderer Hace un día
Never understood how this franchise is according to some people better than fallout and TES.
Friend's fresh vines
Friend's fresh vines Hace 20 horas
botw, not whole series.
JadeToonz Hace un día
Zelda:Wow you defeted ganon Link:... Ganondorfs dead rotten corpse: ♢●♢
Veronica Kittok
Veronica Kittok Hace un día
*crys in Gerudo *
Bakers Hace un día
So it will be the same map and gameplay mechanics ? No thanks i have enough of grinding shrines for hearth containers....
New Kool movies
New Kool movies Hace un día
Etika saw the trailer for the breath of the wild expansion and I’m sad that he didn’t get to see the game come out rest easy
Jacob Reynolds
Jacob Reynolds Hace 3 horas
Sequel, not expansion. Really sucks about Etika though, he had such a fun aura and he always knew how to get people hyped.
Emmanuel Mboya
Emmanuel Mboya Hace un día
GOD please I hope link will speak this time
Adam AKA Love_Doc.
Adam AKA Love_Doc. Hace un día
Does anyone else notice the castle has legs, if you look closely in the dust when the castle is being lifted you can see mechanical legs
Turtlee Hace un día
Nintendo's seemed to have fun mummifying people lately.
o u r o b o r o s
o u r o b o r o s Hace un día
If there's no Tingle in his game..
Alyna Nguyen
Alyna Nguyen Hace un día
Zelda: Evil is forever vanquished from Hyrule Ganon: Observe
Crimson Wolf
Crimson Wolf Hace un día
I’m assuming instead of champion abilities, it’s going to be that weird magic hand abilities
L Watson
L Watson Hace un día
I hardly even played breath of the wild but now I want to.
Jetburrito 80804
Jetburrito 80804 Hace un día
Please be on wiiu
DylanDude Hace un día
Jacob Reynolds
Jacob Reynolds Hace un día
The Wii U was discontinued when BOTW came out
Madnard Hace un día
Lmao no
jaeyong choi
jaeyong choi Hace un día
절 하고 갑니다.
DarticianUtopia Hace un día
Idk about all of you but... That didn't PERSONALLY look like Ganon as much as it did a reviving Demise...
DylanDude Hace un día
It has Gerudo symbols on it. It's Ganondorf.
OnePHunnyGuy Hace un día
Zelda: Peace has finally returned to Hyrule. *Literally the next day:* Ganon: Hi.
Mubashar Asghar
Mubashar Asghar Hace un día
Breath of the Phantom💀
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