Seattle Dragons vs. St. Louis BattleHawks | Week 4 | 2020 XFL Highlights

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Hace 4 meses

In Week 4 of the XFL Season, the St. Louis BattleHawks quarterback Jordan Ta’Am completes 20-of-27 passes for 264 yards and a touchdown as the BattleHawks hold on to beat the Seattle Dragons 23-16.
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Carter OMG Carter OMG Carter OMG
Carter OMG Carter OMG Carter OMG Hace 11 días
Boom? 👎
Jacob Bellamy
Jacob Bellamy Hace 2 meses
Go Dragons 🐲🐲🐲
Ian Smith
Ian Smith Hace 3 meses
If st Louis got a nfl team back that would be wild
Prazzer Hace 3 meses
Please replace Menefee next year
Joseph Walsh
Joseph Walsh Hace 3 meses
This is so entertaining
Anonymous Hace 3 meses
Dragons: Lose Battlehawks: Ka-Kaw Mother Fuckers
Ethan Bradley
Ethan Bradley Hace 3 meses
The fans are sending a message to the NFL.
Ahov Hace 4 meses
Was he even down at 1:58?
BREEZO Hace 4 meses
XFL is really entertaining
Eddie Pizarro
Eddie Pizarro Hace 4 meses
Love the XFL!
Scott Gomez
Scott Gomez Hace 4 meses
Yall was sleepin on dk,ta’amu,and aj brown
Zach Holoien
Zach Holoien Hace 4 meses
Tick, Tick
SuperJohn12354 Hace 4 meses
Jordan Ta'amu is going to be in the NFL prob the bears
poophorn Hace 4 meses
Sir DukesAlot
Sir DukesAlot Hace 4 meses
This man said “I gotta praise God I owe it all to him.” Still unreal how many people have an imaginary friend from some fairytale book. Man has created thousands of gods and religion and everyone feels their BS is true.
Tim Tom
Tim Tom Hace 4 meses
Sir DukesAlot don’t know why that triggered you so much. He seems like a good dude.
Anthony Gay
Anthony Gay Hace 4 meses
They did a great job naming these xfl teams
Anthony Gay
Anthony Gay Hace 4 meses
Tic tok.....boom
King Wolf
King Wolf Hace 4 meses
I hope the Chicago Enforcers come back in town!
Roger Bradley
Roger Bradley Hace 4 meses
That’s it! Really? Go Battlehawks!
Ali Jordan
Ali Jordan Hace 4 meses
I love the XFL!!!!!
Dirt Ball
Dirt Ball Hace 4 meses
I'm thinking maybe that Seattle Dragon might be a homosexual dragon that flies in happy little loops through rainbows, breathing out Skittles instead of fire.
OnlyTheRealest _
OnlyTheRealest _ Hace 4 meses
The energy in these games alone makes the NFL seem like golf....
Lord Satan
Lord Satan Hace 4 meses
Go Battlehawks!!!
BravesAvsFan Hace 4 meses
As bad as the original XFL was, it at least made it through its one season. Last year, the AAF didn't even do that. Hopefully, this new XFL will stick around for a while with good football for guys who didn't quite cut it in the NFL or are just looking for another chance to play the game.
ultrakool Hace 4 meses
I like the pace. it really is less stall and more ball.
FabianVanSteph Hace 4 meses
Daniels is so much better than Silvers ! Put Silver on the Bench !!!!!!!!!!!
TheMiguel Hace 4 meses
Battle hawks are unstoppable at home, let's hope they keep winning when they go on the road.
Slippah Rippah
Slippah Rippah Hace 4 meses
Hawks Vs. Roughnecks 2 is gonna be 🔥
Russell Delbridge
Russell Delbridge Hace 4 meses
So much better than the Anti-American Entertainment no longer a sporting Event NFL!
John Powell
John Powell Hace 4 meses
GG Dragons....get em next week....
Just ME
Just ME Hace 4 meses
Man saint Louis packing it In
Jayne Gilman
Jayne Gilman Hace 4 meses
Seattle sucks
Joel Poythress
Joel Poythress Hace 4 meses
xfl need put a team in some thirsty football areas like 1. Oakland 2.San Antonio 3.San Diego 4.Orlando 5.Portland 6.Birmingham 7.Oklahoma City 8.Phoenix
KYNG WILLIAMS Hace 4 meses
St.louis is so excited to have a team
kodak513 Hace 4 meses
2:54 Smooth ASF.
MagicalBread Hace 4 meses
Put teams in San Diego, Oakland, the Carolinas and BAM!! Attendance will soar for the league!!
Jayson Raphael Murdock
Jayson Raphael Murdock Hace 4 meses
Did God make the dragons lose? LOL
Timothy Gathings
Timothy Gathings Hace 4 meses
Bout time Seattle bench their sorry QB . Daniel played well maybe they can win next game with a real QB . Go Drags !!!
TheHuskyK9 Hace 4 meses
Like I've said since the opening week, the first two weeks were about knocking off some rust and developing chemistry with the teams. People were so quick to judge the XFL in those two weeks, some going as far as saying that it wouldn't last as long as the AAF lol. Now in week 4, the offenses and defenses are finally clicking, players can execute the plays better, which results in more exciting football. People need to learn how to be patient and stop expecting perfection in a new league in its first few weeks. That's not how it works and it's completely unrealistic.
Trevor Philips
Trevor Philips Hace 4 meses
Joshua Riston
Joshua Riston Hace 4 meses
I would take a shot on Ta'mu
/BluntHeadAss/ Hace 4 meses
NFL should merge with the xfl and make it a developmental league. Undrafted players should still get a chance....
Trevor Herberg
Trevor Herberg Hace 4 meses
they better start daniels over silvers
yusuf DK
yusuf DK Hace 4 meses
Where's the 'He hates me' guy lol.
BeepBoop iBotU
BeepBoop iBotU Hace 4 meses
0:09 tick, tick, click. Awww it was a dud. Battlehawks!!!! KaKawww!!
Don Schenk
Don Schenk Hace 4 meses
It's about time the Dragon's replace their QB.
Christian Orr
Christian Orr Hace 4 meses
2:58 Seahawks PTSD smdh 🤦‍♂️
Earnest Williams
Earnest Williams Hace 4 meses
This is legit football.
Long Live Pimp C
Long Live Pimp C Hace 4 meses
Thia is good football
drunkwizard 2
drunkwizard 2 Hace 4 meses
That's my QB
Fefnir Eindraer
Fefnir Eindraer Hace 4 meses
Ill say it. This is better than the NFL by miles!@!!!
Gage Angle
Gage Angle Hace 4 meses
Ta'amu finna get a call from the Bears
Jonathan L
Jonathan L Hace 4 meses
Those midgame interviews are terrible
Teo Tenedora
Teo Tenedora Hace 4 meses
This league is wack the players are so bad n you can tell they are slow very lacking in defense it’s jus not good
Jon Jackson
Jon Jackson Hace 4 meses
I'm enjoying the XFL so far.
TC Hace 4 meses
Viper fan here. We got the Battlehawks in week 6. I'm pumped for this!
thejman5552 Hace 4 meses
There is definitely a lack of skill but hopefully this will help those players develop
Night Raider199
Night Raider199 Hace 4 meses
Dude the, I love the xfl. It’s so cool to watch an off season nfl, with epic teams.
Mel Aragonez
Mel Aragonez Hace 4 meses
Roughnecks vs Battlehawks Championship Game
Kyshawn Jones
Kyshawn Jones Hace 4 meses
I would have ran it in you got that much space why not 2:55
Michael Parrish
Michael Parrish Hace 4 meses
Let's go Battlehawks!
Paul Wisham
Paul Wisham Hace 4 meses
T’ amu and Daniels Both fun to watch
JoyDeep Nag
JoyDeep Nag Hace 4 meses
Am i the only indian who likes this sport?
Amit Kumawat
Amit Kumawat Hace 4 meses
Count me also bro😅
Aaron Thompson
Aaron Thompson Hace 4 meses
So far, the team I favor the most in XFL is the St. Louis Battlehawks! 👍
Hyper dude!
Hyper dude! Hace 4 meses
1:20 how to lose an NFL contract
Vincent Stubbs
Vincent Stubbs Hace 4 meses
Where are the transgender cheerleaders!!!??
Robert Bacon
Robert Bacon Hace 4 meses
Things almost got out of hand, but I really enjoyed how intense this game got. It shows that they care.
Charlie James
Charlie James Hace 4 meses
If ST. Louis can have an XFL team why can't other sport teams set up shop too.. You can see fans there willing to support their local team.. What a game for the Battlehawks..A great game to watch...
Franklin Franklinson
Franklin Franklinson Hace 4 meses
Is Ta'amu the MVP so far this season? Johnson, Walker, Ta'amu in a 3 horse race.
Scott Cox
Scott Cox Hace 4 meses
How much are tix?
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