Season 10 START and Tsunami! Tfue, Faze Sway, and Clix CLAPS! ZylTV and 77 Bxrry Need Us

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Season 10 START Date and Tsunami Theory! Tfue, Faze Sway, and Clix DOMINATE Trios Cup! ZylTV and 77 Bxrry Need Our Help!
code thatdenverguyYT
thatdenverguy's Zone Wars Riverside V2: 9266-0750-5965 (updated and even better than before!)
Tfue, Faze Sway, and MSF Clix are destroying in the Trios Cash Cup and even 2v3d one of the best teams in the world! Can they continue this skill level and teamwork!? Season 10 is coming on August 1st and these are the crazy things that just might be happening, wait until you hear what will happen with the Robot vs the Polar Peak Monster. Could our entire map be destroyed and we get a brand new map in season 10? Check it out here!
ESwomenr Called out by Epic for Faking Content:
Pros Switching to Controller!:
The Best Duo in the World:
Epic Employee Sabotages Pro:
Ninja, Tfue, Lazarbeam Trolling Pro-AM!:
Cheater Wins $50,000:
Tfue vs. Mongraal: Who is Better?:
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Thank you for watching! Check out more of these videos above or on the side if you want more awesome news for what's going on in Fortnite! Love, Denver

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thatdenverguy Hace un mes
#prayforbxrry Don't miss the end! Missed you guys, click like if you're HYPE FOR SEASON 10!
dizzy 423
dizzy 423 Hace un mes
I'm depressed about something
Vxnquish Nikes
Vxnquish Nikes Hace un mes
I have school on agaust 1st
Bertol the Great
Bertol the Great Hace un mes
Hi Bye
Hi Bye Hace un mes
thatdenverguy less than 1k likes on the comment I think it shows how much fortnite has fallen
thatdenverguy Hace un mes
@God lol?
faze sweaty721
faze sweaty721 Hace 3 días
I used zyls code as a donation
Hugo Omar Santos Hernandez
Hugo Omar Santos Hernandez Hace 6 días
I think trio's are the future of fortnite so like you don't have to do don't fill because their can be squads of 4 out their
Ashton Guizar
Ashton Guizar Hace 7 días
lol now no one likes season x
paula lll
paula lll Hace 10 días
Tilted is coming back soon
Master king
Master king Hace 13 días
Who wants old tilted back neo tilted 😴
Nick Parrrado
Nick Parrrado Hace 20 días
That guy Denver I’ve been a long time subscriber and I always see you playing scrims is there any way I can join? Send me a friend request at Flo_Aypee thxs and bye
Not Tfue
Not Tfue Hace 21 un día
I get annoyed I think they should bring back siphon so if pepole 3rd party u can get health
th3_man_40 YT
th3_man_40 YT Hace 22 días
Is wenagad raider coming back
Pandji Gadjah Mada
Pandji Gadjah Mada Hace 23 días
Im hype kindda
cryogenic sign
cryogenic sign Hace 23 días
the end made me cry
bloody paul
bloody paul Hace 24 días
F fake OMG I don't do rules
Kamran Playz
Kamran Playz Hace 26 días
Fake I’m from the future I know what happens
Josh Cole
Josh Cole Hace 26 días
Who’s is here after the event with the monster v robot
Jonathan Rosemke
Jonathan Rosemke Hace 26 días
Aug 1st is my birthday, lol.
hipersonicrace 1000
hipersonicrace 1000 Hace 26 días
Sad thing is that the event didnt go that way
TSM_ RKD Hace 26 días
Happy birthday
The YT Army
The YT Army Hace 26 días
You know the story is fake because the mech killed the monster 😂
Fortnite Champz
Fortnite Champz Hace 23 días
It's not a story itz a prediction 😂
NightmareTokyo Hace 27 días
We need a school and an underground train station for the new season
Joesbiy 123
Joesbiy 123 Hace 27 días
I hope that event happens
chaotic lifetwo
chaotic lifetwo Hace 26 días
The event already happened and did not do what he said in the vid
Angry_Barr0 Hace 27 días
We need old fortnite NOW!!
Troy Moss
Troy Moss Hace 27 días
It’s wrong
Tilted Deadeye
Tilted Deadeye Hace 28 días
Season 10 needs double pump, syphen, and what ever people want
Christendo Hace 28 días
5:39 You know what's funny? There was two minor map changes and we didn't even have a part in the event. Hahaha haha ugh...
WadeCabreraPlayz Hace 28 días
Why is it always your music is sad
Vize_ Ichiban_YT
Vize_ Ichiban_YT Hace 28 días
Who else is watching after the robot vs monster event
Kaddy Gaming
Kaddy Gaming Hace 28 días
lisa spencer
lisa spencer Hace 28 días
Anyone who missed the event we need a time machine😥😥😥😥
Kedbot ツ.
Kedbot ツ. Hace 28 días
No Cap But Fortbytes was the worst thing of season 9
Damo Hace 29 días
I am proud to say that I’ve officially quit Fortnite and moved to Minecraft!
Andrew Collins
Andrew Collins Hace 29 días
that would have been cool
Down Hace 29 días
if thats true rip mobil;es lol
BluefacedQuack Hace 29 días
This was an incredibly underwhelming event. How can two beings of that size duke it out and all they destroy is one of the pirate camps? I think they didn't want to make too many changes to the map before the world cup and that is why nothing really happened at the event. But Zone Zero (the orb at Loot Lake) is probably going to have some sort of connection to season 10.
I Love MEMES Hace 29 días
*Use code zylisbad oh nevermind I mean zyltv*
Xrr Kid
Xrr Kid Hace 29 días
I go to school on August 1st
Xrr Kid
Xrr Kid Hace 29 días
Who’s watching this when the monster event happened
SnS Fear
SnS Fear Hace 29 días
Oh how wrong he was with the event
SUSHI Is Fire Hace 29 días
Who else is watching this video after the event
10k before first vid? vox
10k before first vid? vox Hace un mes
Nice vid denver! anyone wanna help me?(look at my name)
Pyrex TV
Pyrex TV Hace un mes
*Facts* the fortnite map will never look like what you showed in the thumbnail...
CP Storm
CP Storm Hace un mes
Lol didn’t happen
legendvenom7457 Hace un mes
I am I Summer break
Idealizm Hace un mes
Who is here after the event?
Jaime Garza
Jaime Garza Hace un mes
Not even close
Clare Cunliffe
Clare Cunliffe Hace un mes
God I wish that was the actual event
SeriousBeaver55 - Fortnite
SeriousBeaver55 - Fortnite Hace un mes
Who's here when the event happened already
Diamond Hace un mes
what that guy predicted > what actually happened (the event)
Pure 7remblay
Pure 7remblay Hace un mes
anyone here after the event?
Judge Minty
Judge Minty Hace un mes
Whelp, came back to compare the prediction to the actual event.....his version was much better
Killswitch319 Hace un mes
That guy could be a wrighter
being gay is not normal
being gay is not normal Hace un mes
hate the game because it's to sweaty
Tragic Itz Boo
Tragic Itz Boo Hace un mes
Fortnite has to much sweatys now
Greaxen Hace un mes
I need to say this.. i dont think its fun to land at neo tilted or mega mall everything is made out of iron and you dont know where any of the loot is, it would be better if they made a little of changes and maybe like 2 new POI
DA Destroyer
DA Destroyer Hace un mes
The gnome at 0:09 is a really rare like realllllly rare Easter egg for whenever you place a brick wall
Neon Hace 29 días
I get it so many times?
PopeNoCatholic Hace un mes
I have been tired of Fortnite for the longest time due to what they hve done to the game but to all who are still playing, I hope you are enjoying the game and hope it only improves for you
its aggelosszz
its aggelosszz Hace un mes
How u find so many players at zomewars?
Sl1mz Hace un mes
Kids Schedule
Kids Schedule Hace un mes
Pray for berry
Sl1mz Hace un mes
I would call my self a 7/10 Fornite payer and im getting bored just only playing Fortnite
slightly annoyed cat
slightly annoyed cat Hace un mes
idk man health bar uptop on screen and its a boss battle sounds like minecraft to me
Over Psych
Over Psych Hace un mes
I get back from vacation and the 2nd
E m S
E m S Hace un mes
Code of the zone wars map?
1 billion BC
1 billion BC Hace un mes
if we have one more future battle pass I'm uninstalling
Clik Hace un mes
what the heck is this title bro look at yourself that title looks like something from one of those toy channels that have the titles that take 14 1/2 minutess to read and make 0 SENSE
Oscar 14
Oscar 14 Hace un mes
I hope they destroy the whole island and just restart with a new island and just return to normal Fortnite
JThe DeadlySins
JThe DeadlySins Hace un mes
Fortnite is dying forget about it don’t @ me if u do ur cringey fortnite fan I swear
EogharTheOgre Hace un mes
ngl i think you are way better than the whole of the fortnite community, you should have so many more subs so your army can be bigger :) love ya
Forky Hace un mes
i dont play fortnite anymore so ...
Horseman Of the Apocalyptic
Horseman Of the Apocalyptic Hace un mes
Dude That's like The Pacific Rim Movie.We have a escaped Kaiju and Now they're building a Jaeger to hunt it down.Simple.
Josh Pratt
Josh Pratt Hace un mes
Hey guys, I just really need some support lately, I was wondering if some of you can drop me a comment to make me feel better. Thanks, Josh.
Nate Diaz is baaack!!
Chael Sonnen
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