SCP-3000 Anantashesha (SCP Animation)

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TheRubber bring you SCP Foundation THAUMIEL class object, SCP-3000 Animation.
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SCP 3000 also known as Anantashesha, is a massive, aquatic, serpentine entity strongly resembling a giant moray eel.
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the rubbertherubberanimationanimated

Jeannie Ford
Jeannie Ford Hace un hora
What does Mannava mean?
Mr Ergin
Mr Ergin Hace un hora
Scp 3000
Mr Ergin
Mr Ergin Hace un hora
SVO 859 HI Ok SBO 45
Mr Ergin
Mr Ergin Hace un hora
SCP 096 SCP840
Mr Ergin
Mr Ergin Hace un hora
SCP 300
Kaze Fader
Kaze Fader Hace un hora
SCP-3000 Looks like the Dragon cousin from dragon ball super
AiRsTrIkExXzZ Hace 2 horas
Couldn’t they send down a diver with the scp tin foil hat to stop the mind control
Carrotsorparrots Hace 2 horas
He's a big boi
Dat Macaroni Guy
Dat Macaroni Guy Hace 3 horas
Natalya Watson
Natalya Watson Hace 3 horas
Big snake eat Big snake secrete
OurEmpires Hace 4 horas
these literally get less creative every day
Hazzy Hace 5 horas
I remember seeing this thing in Mario 64
Yuni Gamin
Yuni Gamin Hace 5 horas
It's the lock Ness monster
Giorno Giovanna
Giorno Giovanna Hace 7 horas
Giorno Giovanna
Giorno Giovanna Hace 9 horas
Finally, a worthy mate for me to dock with
Titanus Rodan
Titanus Rodan Hace 11 horas
This is why I have ✨Thalassophobia✨
Arneen Galope
Arneen Galope Hace 11 horas
Do scp 169 A.K.A leviathan
TunnelCrawler Waluigi
TunnelCrawler Waluigi Hace 11 horas
Anantashesha? more like the Reaper Leviathan if you know what I'm saying
Wet Socks
Wet Socks Hace 12 horas
The thumbnail looks like he just outran a blue shell on 200cc in mario cart
DJZ GAMER Hace 12 horas
3:38 its kinda a malfunction are you a robot???
E. J.
E. J. Hace 13 horas
I hate deep water
Garnet of the crystal gems
Garnet of the crystal gems Hace 13 horas
Im- watching this... in... the bath
Jahquan Hayes
Jahquan Hayes Hace 14 horas
Is this real
Rick H
Rick H Hace 14 horas
This is not true because there is noting bigger then the blue whale if this is true then... THEY LIES
Debbie Barrow
Debbie Barrow Hace 15 horas
Chilly Banana
Chilly Banana Hace 15 horas
12:10 *menacing*
Kyle Querijero
Kyle Querijero Hace 16 horas
9:18 got me
Lazar Theodor
Lazar Theodor Hace 16 horas
I don't get it THAUMIEL is higher than APPOLYON?...please answer
{ Aesthetically Idiotic }
{ Aesthetically Idiotic } Hace 6 horas
Lazar Theodor Yeah, Day Break is a lot stronger but I think they put it up higher because it helps. My guess at least lol
Lazar Theodor
Lazar Theodor Hace 6 horas
@{ Aesthetically Idiotic } I still don't get it... Cuz I watched SCP illustrated and saw SCP 001 (when the day breaks) and it was APPOLYON and more dangerous...than this eel Even tho you might be right Thank you👍
{ Aesthetically Idiotic }
{ Aesthetically Idiotic } Hace 15 horas
Apollyon is lower because Thaumiel is used to contact such entities. Therefore more useful and powerful.
matpats fbi agent
matpats fbi agent Hace 16 horas
me:oh god the largest sea monster in the world Jörmungandr: am i a joke to you
Moro Hace 16 horas
Thumbnail SCP-3000: Sup
Amelia Sweeton
Amelia Sweeton Hace 17 horas
The rubber explains how people seeing this thing will become paranoid and fearful me: no shi-
Michael Salazar
Michael Salazar Hace 17 horas
Just a thought. Scp-3000 could be Jörmungandr
Shatter X
Shatter X Hace 17 horas
Kur-mit dae frog
Kur-mit dae frog Hace 18 horas
600-900km in feet is in the millions, that's a big fucka'
Kai-Kei Hace 18 horas
Surely they could use that scp vending machine to get y-909
XAVIERxKNIGHT 333 Hace 19 horas
diver: oh shit a sea snake. SCP 3000: narko no Sharingan * Sharingan sound effect *
Billy Smith
Billy Smith Hace 20 horas
so it is like jormungandr
Jennifer Lambert
Jennifer Lambert Hace 20 horas
ANANTASHESHA:when the light of the universe fades all that will be left is me...................ANANTASHESHAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!😈😈😈😈😈😈
Jennifer Lambert
Jennifer Lambert Hace 20 horas
3000:I JUST ATE ALL OF 049! 049:He ate a small part of me and.. 3000:YEAH I JUST SLOWLY OVERTOOK HIM!
Jennifer Lambert
Jennifer Lambert Hace 20 horas
049:Oh fuck! 3000:OH! 049:Come on! swim! Also 049:SWIM! SWIM! 3000:OOOOOMMMMGGGGG!!!!!!!!
h t t p s u g a
h t t p s u g a Hace 20 horas
My Thalassophobia is quacking rn.
Hanseong Lee Eun
Hanseong Lee Eun Hace 20 horas
SCP foundation is pretty fucked up, lol.
ZACH Hace un día
scp - 169: thats cute :D
Dimas Elang
Dimas Elang Hace un día
Meybe It In Appeared In Nordic Vikings , As The Sea Serpent.
dead gamer
dead gamer Hace un día
Garfield is scp-3309
saurabh singh
saurabh singh Hace un día
do a reluctant dimension hopper scp animation believe me it will b worth it
HARISH SAI.D. Hace un día
King Ninja
King Ninja Hace un día
I wonder what will happen if megalodon and Scp 3000 fight.. but i guess megalodon will get completely owned
jesus chacon
jesus chacon Hace un día
♥️ Amo a los SCP 🐉 y tus animaciones ojalá estuvieran subtitulada al español 🇪🇸
grave digger
grave digger Hace un día
So the ammestics came from the eel it's self to control people minds but can it be use as a medicine
Headass Hace un día
imagine spending 8+ years getting a phd and becoming a doctor, only to get killed by an oversized water snake
Murat Aksoy
Murat Aksoy Hace un día
What if they do a termination attempt with 682 and 3000
Murat Aksoy
Murat Aksoy Hace un día
Appolyon is a higher class than thamiel
shadow Hace un día
what if you type y-909 into scp 294
rubick aghanim
rubick aghanim Hace un día
10:04 10:09 10:15 10:33 It really irks me how you kept butchering the pronunciation of anantashesha while the first one at 9:55 was fine
Dhong Manondo
Dhong Manondo Hace un día
Hmmm suspicion about thisbis how the last diver get the substance , the other two was killed then somehow he reach 3000 without difficulties wow
Lantern Apocalypse
Lantern Apocalypse Hace 2 días
This is really good! Why call your channel 'TheRubber' of all things? I almost avoided it because I assumed it was like a condom review channel or something.
Mike Chatterton
Mike Chatterton Hace 2 días
i wish 3000's face was derpy, like in 0:38
ChampionOfFire Hace 2 días
This is a nice animation and all, but just imagine with me for a second. You are a deep sea diver. While diving, in the pitch black, you think you see something. You move a little closer to see a weird looking underwater pipe, though its kind of weird looking. You swim up to it, only able to see a small part of the object in the darkness. You touch the object and it immediately begins to move, you immediately start feeling headaches, anxiety, etc. and then you turn around to swim away only to see an 8 foot eel head with white eyes starting back at you. You try to swim away but the eel slowly opens its mouth and moves closer. You back into the side of the creature and realize just then, you are already dead.
Hi There
Hi There Hace 2 días
Everyone gangster till the eel takes steroids
BettaGecko Hace 2 días
I love ells
alex toll
alex toll Hace 2 días
That's cool they have the freaking "World Serpent" in the SCP world. Awesome!
eddie Towers
eddie Towers Hace 2 días
Why not let the ROV do all the work to collect y-909, after the digestion period. This way there is no risks, d'uh.
FusiC Hace 2 días
Just thought that, what if Y909 is so effective that the patient forgot they existed
Silania da Silva
Silania da Silva Hace 3 días
DR SQUAT Hace 3 días
Anantashesha is an indian mythological legend there are proofs of anantashesha even my mother used to say that it is the most strongest off serpents and it can survive anything. there are proofs of anantashesha and it is huge as per the drawings.
Jepoi Vlog
Jepoi Vlog Hace 3 días
The Middle Child
The Middle Child Hace 3 días
wyd if this start swimming at you
Anshu Sharma
Anshu Sharma Hace 3 días
Just swimming then AAA!! It’s SCP 3000
Derpology Hace 3 días
Who makes up this scp stuff??
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