Scammer Goes "Undercover" To Expose Refund Scam

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When I merged two scam calls together, one of the scammers decided to "help" warn me about the scam I was about to fall for. He then stays on the call with me quietly waiting to help catch the other scammer in his lies. Watch the next call live:
Full Call........
Edited By...... Ponda

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Netanel M
Netanel M Hace 21 un hora
Your voice acting is just getting better and better
Dawn break
Dawn break Hace un día
Just a little reminder" verify" In the professional business world means I will present you with information and you will confirm it you do not have to give the verifier information they are verifying because they already have it pay attention to what people say and never be scammed again...
Dawn break
Dawn break Hace un día
What he was saying was 53 years old isnt usually a grown ass man's grandmother
far ema
far ema Hace un día
What is the beginning song ?
Vivek Bhatt
Vivek Bhatt Hace 2 días
Hilarious !!!!!!
Joseph N
Joseph N Hace 3 días
🎉Congrats on 1 million subs Kitboga!!! 🎉
yoinkn Hace 4 días
I can't see your screen! Also: Here is a screenshot I made of your bankaccount!
Bill Morgan
Bill Morgan Hace 6 días
My best friend became a grand pa at 41!
Laura Van Belle
Laura Van Belle Hace 6 días
Musa Abdur Rehman
Musa Abdur Rehman Hace 8 días
Both of those were indians.This just shows that hindus have no moral codes or anything like that.Their the most backward nation.
Nomie Des Sibiya Coaching
Nomie Des Sibiya Coaching Hace 9 días
I can't see it behind your professionalism 🤣🤣 these little throws of shade kill me
NinjaAdorable Hace 9 días
Honestly this used to boil my blood, my so called country men doing this BS, and the rest of us getting a shitty rep about it. But after watching like a gazillion videos from KitBoga I have achieved closure. They are human scum and unfortunately the rest of us has to live with it, and using blanket terms is not helping anyone.
Asim Khan
Asim Khan Hace 9 días
I am Indian and this shit is funny af..they are cursing politicians of their respective indian states lmfao
tunde akanbi
tunde akanbi Hace 10 días
But how can you withdraw the 10k if you orginally have 9k in your account. You won't be able to withdraw the 10k cash from your bank due to insufficient funds.
Juan Vazquez
Juan Vazquez Hace 10 días
if i said it once, i said it 100 times.. I get disgusted every time these scammers pronounce Emeil .....
knotz 909
knotz 909 Hace 10 días
Dude when they start cursing each other out I fuckin died
Troy S
Troy S Hace 11 días
One trick pony scammer is unable to change the script 🤣
Steve Bosell
Steve Bosell Hace 11 días
This is legit a Kitboga classic
Shari Schadler
Shari Schadler Hace 11 días
ROFLMBO - My mother became a granny ar 39.; So did I. OOOOOOOOOhhhh SCAMMER FIGHT, SCAMMER FIGHT!!!!!!!!!! my favorite!!!! Competition is a kutiya. roflmbo I would have such a riot playing one against the other while gathering intel. I would be so tempted to pitch a fit and tell the scammer on the phone that I had better check the combined total of my accounts to make sure the other scammer hadn't stolen money. Oops a quick refresh without warning just in case you scored a little extra interest and voila! No worries, everything totals the right amount including refund. CLICK. LOL.
Drywall Master
Drywall Master Hace 11 días
To be fair kit, my great grandma became a great grandma at 59
Lei Arnaz
Lei Arnaz Hace 11 días
Omg this is the wait a moment dude???
DRLFT Hace 12 días
Well there's a saying "There's no honor among thieves".These guys are next level shameless.
MrZombieUK Hace 13 días
LOL - Microsoft using prepaid cards - I love this ;)
skyyzz Hace 14 días
Oh thats extremly offensive
Tany Moses
Tany Moses Hace 15 días
goli- soccer team Nooo, Bengali. I lost here
Xyzhea Hace 15 días
Repping the 315 🙌🏻
Orlando Rivera
Orlando Rivera Hace 18 días
This is epic😂😂😭
Reinkarmic Keleidoskunk
Reinkarmic Keleidoskunk Hace 19 días
There is no honor among thiefs
A S Hace 19 días
When they swear at each other that’s funny 😂
Thanos Maris
Thanos Maris Hace 20 días
This is next level inception scamming
nuno gomes
nuno gomes Hace 20 días
you are legend Kitboga 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼
Average American
Average American Hace 21 un día
Oh shit I live a couple hours from Syracuse lol but I'm telling the truth
JetInAJar Hace 21 un día
You should have called the other scammer back who warned you. Just to investigate why he explained everything.
Lukas Bode
Lukas Bode Hace 21 un día
5:40 I just realized that the word "Why" is a fractal, containing the letter "Why". :D
Donald Cunningham
Donald Cunningham Hace 22 días
You couldn’t make this up. This should be compulsory viewing to all who would use internet banking.
Amanda 45 LOVE
Amanda 45 LOVE Hace 22 días
They crack me up, “NO ONE CAN SCAM BUT ME, WHEN THEY SCAM ITS BAD AND THEY SHOULDNT BE DOING THAT, ILL TELL HER THEY ARE SCAMMERS” hahahaha fools. They get on their high horse when its anyone but them scamming.
Amanda 45 LOVE
Amanda 45 LOVE Hace 22 días
They are so damn creepy. Do they think that Americans are that touchy feely.
Connor Hace 23 días
“Gathering aggro since 1869” - L. R. Financial.
Anna Mouse
Anna Mouse Hace 23 días
Wow , that's a big scam .10000?
Anna Mouse
Anna Mouse Hace 23 días
"penny "? It's cents Dude you're hustling in USA.
Jared G
Jared G Hace 24 días
“He’s from West Bengal” “I’m from New York” 🤣
Nationalism Hace 25 días
what does " mother chode" mean?
Crackhead Bernie Supporter
Crackhead Bernie Supporter Hace 26 días
29:51 😂😂😂😂😂
Katie Stevens
Katie Stevens Hace 26 días
“There’s no such thing as a badge ID, soo...” 💀
Apoo Tim
Apoo Tim Hace 26 días
I'm not a "Indian guy" !!! I'm the "Best Indian Guy" !!! lol hahaha ^^ XD XD XD XD :) :) :)
Samuel Miller
Samuel Miller Hace 29 días
Hey - makeup a Microsoft 'Contest' that you entered ....bring it up later once the fake transfer happens with the EXTRA money being the exact Grand Prize.
Adam Franka
Adam Franka Hace un mes
He won’t be a scammer if he is not an idiot 😂
Adam Franka
Adam Franka Hace un mes
🤣😂🤣😂😂😂😂😂👌👌👌👌this is one of the best
Semir Vranesi
Semir Vranesi Hace un mes
Yes ma am ofc ma am thank u ma am
Shadowdreeamerr Hace un mes
That intro is 🔥
Braden Sorensen
Braden Sorensen Hace un mes
I love all these legitimate Microsoft or Google "forms" that are made on the spot in Notepad 🤣
Michael Beattie
Michael Beattie Hace un mes
I know grandma's who are in their 30s
peterjg001 Hace un mes
16:42 was a clear benchod lol
Admin Ark
Admin Ark Hace un mes
Who noticed how the scammer says "penny" instead of "cents"
Staylor1913 Hace un mes
"Thank you Jesus! Hallelujah!!!!" I laughed so hard!
Charkatak Hace un mes
This is beautiful! I am enjoying the conversation between scammers :)
Mandingo Gringo
Mandingo Gringo Hace un mes
Bobs & Vageen..madam....
Sir Catchalot
Sir Catchalot Hace un mes
Oh and I like the select the cats security verification....haha
Sir Catchalot
Sir Catchalot Hace un mes
@Kitboga set up a go to the bank scenario and the teller says there is only 9000. In that account. No money was transferred. Have the scammers on the phone , like when you get play cards, lol. I do feel sorry for the scammers in a way. The way that, why are they resorting to thievery and deceit to earn a living! The easy money carrot dangles, and they can actually succeed in their scams. I appreciate you shutting down some of these scams and enjoy the way you do it! Kudos bro!
Mohammed Arshad Mahmood
Mohammed Arshad Mahmood Hace un mes
Why x 1000 still = Why. Their answers make no sense at all.
PieceOfToast Hace un mes
26:15 As the prophecy foretold! 😂
Ginny Hace un mes
This is awesome... Brad called Steve right out 😫😂🤣. Ma'am you played that well 👍🏼😉
Mo Yafai
Mo Yafai Hace un mes
Hehehehehehehehe .. funny when they both were cussing one another 😂😂😂😂😂
sushles Hace un mes
Huh... Castlevania?
Melissa Cross
Melissa Cross Hace un mes
I was a grandma at 53 haha
Cali Karma808
Cali Karma808 Hace un mes
I’m cracking up 😂 @ their argument! Silly little scammers 🤣🤦🏽‍♀️
Shifty Fiftyone Fifty
Shifty Fiftyone Fifty Hace un mes
One day u should just end the call when they "accidentally" transfer too much just too see how many times they'll try calling back to finish the scam
Douglas Collyer
Douglas Collyer Hace un mes
brad sounds like a gruenak
Casares Blog-si
Casares Blog-si Hace un mes
Next time get his address ! That would be amazing
Jamaal Kelly
Jamaal Kelly Hace un mes
I can’t see it behind all that professionalism.
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