Scammer Goes "Undercover" To Expose Refund Scam

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Hace 26 días

When I merged two scam calls together, one of the scammers decided to "help" warn me about the scam I was about to fall for. He then stays on the call with me quietly waiting to help catch the other scammer in his lies. Watch the next call live:
Full Call........
Edited By...... Ponda

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Wil Lie
Wil Lie Hace un día
You need to update the bank account so that way you have a hundred thousand dollars in Each account that will blow their mind
Squiggly phrank
Squiggly phrank Hace un día
This is entertaining as hell. Lol. Good job man!
Denver Flipperer
Denver Flipperer Hace 2 días
Take the money and run !! Wonderful .. He works for a big company, - their insurance will pay for it LOL
Denver Flipperer
Denver Flipperer Hace 2 días
One of the best !!!!
Jack Koo
Jack Koo Hace 2 días
Damn you almost got the address of a criminal.
MOOCHZ1LLA Hace 2 días
Getting them to curse each other out is the funniest thing! You need to see how many you can get on the line at the same time, that would be great. Could you imagine 4+ yelling in Arabic at each other?
Logic Hurts Idiots
Logic Hurts Idiots Hace 2 días
Man it’s weird how all the Indian scammers sound like the same guy.
Scott Biladeau
Scott Biladeau Hace 3 días
Wow these guys are
Paul Cartwright
Paul Cartwright Hace 3 días
Funny stuff
Heliocentric Hace 3 días
The first guy must've boned that second guy's sister real badly, if he's willing to expose the entire script like that.
Cats In Superposition
Cats In Superposition Hace 4 días
I live near Syracuse, it's a real shithole.
Faken Name
Faken Name Hace 4 días
There is no honor among scammers.
Journal of Atlas
Journal of Atlas Hace 4 días
Two scammers at once= bloodshed
Monnie Nan
Monnie Nan Hace 5 días
Oh.. so much mother toad....
jbfansa Hace 5 días
Why? Why? Why?
Behavior & Handwriting Reveal the Truth
Behavior & Handwriting Reveal the Truth Hace 6 días
They sure like to throw the word "benchod" at each other a lot! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!
Lady D
Lady D Hace 6 días
2:16 ish...did I understand all this correctly? She says she's 53yo, he says 63?, she: no 53, he: there's a difference between 7 or 8 years...!!! No wonder he has to scam if his math is _that_ bad!!!
Dolan Ducks Dad
Dolan Ducks Dad Hace 7 días
Oh no another kitboga. Not hoax hotel.
Roudydogg1 Hace 8 días
The best part is, this same scammer has likely spoken to Kit before and he has no idea
Gregoria Gallegos
Gregoria Gallegos Hace 9 días
" a re-fun"
dudepersonvids Hace 9 días
Hahaha he called him a "benchode" - Hoax Hotel viewers know that term lol
Nathan Smith
Nathan Smith Hace 9 días
I have an idea! How about you let us know the phone number of the scammer you baited in each video so that we can all call them and make them miserable? Multiply their pain!
Htoo Doh
Htoo Doh Hace 9 días
Ending rap music is the best lil
vurt tf2
vurt tf2 Hace 10 días
I'm curious to see what happens if they log into your bank and there's just millions in there. I'm sure the script would change.
Joel Rediker
Joel Rediker Hace 10 días
That's the nicest thing anyone's ever done for me oooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
Ben Adams
Ben Adams Hace 10 días
Ask then if they are untouchable and that's why they are relegated to an activity far lower than cleaning other people shit?
Ben Adams
Ben Adams Hace 10 días
He is Bengoli! you don;t know there are a lot of scam going on??
Leo Scott
Leo Scott Hace 10 días
If someone ever says 'You sound like my Grandma,' you should say that you are their Grandma.
MiszzMiszz Hace 11 días
i LOVE when they fight LMAO
Ms Tabby
Ms Tabby Hace 11 días
Grandma ='s Ez Money 💰
Morgan Blackthorne
Morgan Blackthorne Hace 11 días
One more telephone scammer and you'll have a phenomenon known as "Scamception". When this happens, there is a slight possibility that the universe might implode.
Amy Williams
Amy Williams Hace 11 días
ericsbuds Hace 12 días
oh my god this is unreal!
wyatt bostock
wyatt bostock Hace 13 días
Whoever said Indians were smart
AlcoholAndLAG Hace 13 días
Grandma uses Speccy
bamboosa Hace 13 días
LFR? Learn a little Hindi (phrasebook) - your calls would then achieve a new level. You actually care about folk. These are not super-villains, as you well know - not most of them. Just a few phrases - your fingers are nimble - you don't NEED TO learn a new (old) language. Wiki Vishnu, Shiva, Krishna...just a bit of knowledge can reinforce your need to help folk. Obviously your work-job-career-chosen profession is a good thing. Osmosis.
Vere Elizabeth
Vere Elizabeth Hace 13 días
This is good, may they all the scammers be caught and may all the stolen money be taken from them.....God bless you for doing this.
psychohazards Hace 14 días
This is by far the best KitBoga episode!
teflontelefon Hace 14 días
This is epic.
aandreya Hace 15 días
Notepad refund form.
joan jarrette
joan jarrette Hace 15 días
From grannies all over the world, we love you.👵👋👍💞
suzarraelizabeth Hace 15 días
Look at this one.
Zeccito ö
Zeccito ö Hace 16 días
If you want to explain these videos just imagine the episode of Spongebob where Mr Krabs and Robot Krabs are fighting over who’s the real Mr Krabs, except this time they’re both robots.
Pred Amsterdam
Pred Amsterdam Hace 17 días
You are briljant Kitboga rocks Deevaeeer is a bagger now i am no sub anymore from screaming load rock kitboga
Leslie Taylor
Leslie Taylor Hace 17 días
A NEW PROJECT.. What can you do with dating site scammers? How can we have fun with them?
Booby Wit Dat Tool
Booby Wit Dat Tool Hace 18 días
I need the translation for that argument they had
wrxsubaru02 Hace 18 días
Its lame that the scammers throw each other under the bus every time. If they were smart, they would tag team it so no one loses the money but I guess it's a good thing they are all idiots though.
the pun
the pun Hace 19 días
"sorry i dont speak pakistani"- this would trigger one of em
Goldfish Brain AL
Goldfish Brain AL Hace 19 días
nice one, love your ending music :)
zantheus Hace 19 días
to scammers fighting over which one gets the be f***** with is like two drunks fighting over which one gets to have their testicle ran over by a big rig
CizreK Hace 19 días
It's crazy have fast they fall apart when you get them to talk to each other. They just say what they do immediately.
The Joker
The Joker Hace 19 días
JayJ Hace 19 días
All these mother toads need to go behind the bars
bobicabayo Hace 20 días
I really like your videos
bobicabayo Hace 20 días
Just wait a moment! 🎶🎶🎶
bobicabayo Hace 20 días
When can I use the memometer?
bobicabayo Hace 20 días
It's not a refund form... It's a notepad file.
bobicabayo Hace 20 días
Heavy accent!!!
Matt Goodwin
Matt Goodwin Hace 20 días
I love when you put two scammers in the Thunderdome
petelobl Hace 20 días
where do they have you send 10k in cash?
Williy O
Williy O Hace 20 días
My name steve, "Steve Austin" hahaha 7:20
Bassmastr888 1
Bassmastr888 1 Hace 20 días
Like two rats fighting over food.
Chryptopher Hace 21 un día
Candy Crush $13.37 hahah
Chryptopher Hace 21 un día
ScAm wArS - A short, short time ago in a country far, far away......
John Broderick
John Broderick Hace 21 un día
oh mai gewd ness ROFL
R Menegolo
R Menegolo Hace 21 un día
Please have someone translate videos and subtitles in other languages. Mostly portuguese :/
Dan Transporter
Dan Transporter Hace 21 un día
Absolute gold!!! Bravo!!!
J Garcia Arizaga
J Garcia Arizaga Hace 21 un día
I always answer with, “hello, you’re talking to Mr. Chode...Ben...Chode.”
Mike P.
Mike P. Hace 21 un día
"Inspecting the element so you don't have to" pure gold!
Jim McKay
Jim McKay Hace 21 un día
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