Saweetie - Pretty Bitch Freestyle [Official Video]

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Official Saweetie

Official Saweetie

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Director: Bana Bongolan / Soben Phy
Producer: Bana Bongolan
Production Company: Poster Child
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Anne* 411
Anne* 411 Hace un hora
Crab meat got my ass looking healthy
BabyMoni Smooch
BabyMoni Smooch Hace 5 horas
Yes Baby and God Knows why He Bless who He Do💕 💕💕
Midna Hace 6 horas
Those nails are trash.... but some women love them. Yuck.
sweet kendi
sweet kendi Hace 6 horas
Mercy Baker
Mercy Baker Hace 6 horas
Her name is Mermaid
Sherley Delma
Sherley Delma Hace 7 horas
I would be scared of cutting myself with those nails.
Sydney Boston
Sydney Boston Hace 8 horas
I love her
Ruvarashe Munyedza
Ruvarashe Munyedza Hace 10 horas
Ok we need a collabo her,cardi be Megan!
Yi Hace 7 horas
Cardi & Megan to hard
Life wit Takeyvi
Life wit Takeyvi Hace 11 horas
My guh killed this but I gotta say it not the bannnyaaang
Mocha Brown
Mocha Brown Hace 12 horas
Hal Fields
Hal Fields Hace 15 horas
Some of y'all know why this remind me of Coko from SWV..
Ari Sistance
Ari Sistance Hace 17 horas
She’s gorgeous it’s that Filipina mixed with black, the 2 most gorgeous races/ethnic groups. Filipina’s have gorgeous faces and black women have the killer bodies. How could she not be this gorgeee?
Garb Garb
Garb Garb Hace 19 horas
No one going to talk about how she shows 7 fingers when she says 'six'.... Love this though❤️❤️❤️❤️ keep flourishing!!!
Fa 77
Fa 77 Hace 19 horas
Jess Lea
Jess Lea Hace 19 horas
This is a great song but I bet you haven’t heard this stuff yet. I cant stop listening to it it’s definitely worth the listen! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
D Rey
D Rey Hace un día
Our daddies caught cases we got diplomas
Rihanna Reid
Rihanna Reid Hace un día
nails ugly
K9ws6 Hace un día
GOT DAMM! Baddest woman ever
Kortlan D
Kortlan D Hace un día
This the one
Sam Issakid
Sam Issakid Hace un día
All I hear is 💅🏼💅🏼💅🏼💅🏼💅🏼💅🏼💅🏼💅🏼.......I love her badd ass doe🤤😍♥️🥵
mmesoma ike
mmesoma ike Hace un día
This slaps so hard!
Yes Indeed
Yes Indeed Hace un día
Quavo is one lucky man
CakenIcing Hace un día
Quavo is the luckiest man alive!
I'm Batmann
I'm Batmann Hace un día
I just became a fan of hers but this shit right here is fireeeee she definitely need to give us more of this. She's beautiful af as well
shakira khan
shakira khan Hace un día
Everyone keeps saying this is the saweetie, I miss. I am sure she missed it too but her label has a big part and what she puts out and catchy things like tap in is what they see as a success because it is so catchy. Catchy songs like that are what will help put her name out there and help her popularity so I am pretty sure that is why she was not putting out music of her more authentic self. I am so glad she is now because the energy in this song I LOVE IT!
Da REAL Jessicamccoy
Da REAL Jessicamccoy Hace 5 horas
ItzYoGyalCuTiE Hace un día
ShutUp Hace un día
I love this type of Saweetie.
gabi gabs
gabi gabs Hace un día
who else saw her do this on vouge
The Green Leaf
The Green Leaf Hace un día
You are an excellent rapper
Eminemz Hace un día
Her best song but it definitely ain’t a freestyle
thomas mason
thomas mason Hace un día
Nobody: Sweetie' nail:🌶🌶🌶🌶🌶🌶🌶🌶🌶🌶
MONEY MONAÉ Hace un día
I love how she mentioned doja cat they need to do a song ASAP cause saweetie is coming w that 🤯like always
Boss Babe
Boss Babe Hace un día
Yes yes yesss!!!!! I love this Icy Girl vibe.
Queen_ Kate
Queen_ Kate Hace un día
Those nails tho 12 inches is a feat
nana dadzie
nana dadzie Hace un día
She looks like the love child of Tiffany Haddish and Cardi b
Tsewang Lhamo
Tsewang Lhamo Hace un día
Nassim Grooves
Nassim Grooves Hace 2 días
I'm vegan --- What can I eat instead of crab meat for my BOOTY?!?
Nassim Grooves
Nassim Grooves Hace 2 días
Those NAILS!
Naughtia Steffano
Naughtia Steffano Hace 2 días
I used to have my nails like this in the 90s! This has that whole vibe! ❤️❤️❤️ I love it girl! I been a fan since day 1! 🔥🔥
Molly P
Molly P Hace 2 días
James charles: wOrlDs LoNgeST nAils ... Saweetie: am a joke to you?
Candela Morales
Candela Morales Hace 2 días
Please Google Struwwelpeter. Thats how her nails look like. Anyways nice song:)
Vasilena Rangelova
Vasilena Rangelova Hace 2 días
She’s so pretty
Valentina Petre
Valentina Petre Hace 2 días
She killed the rap
King-avery McCray
King-avery McCray Hace 2 días
Hey baby u beautiful and thicc as hell also I follow u on tiktoc
shushishane Hace 2 días
Black Lives Matter; SO THE IMAGE SHOULD TOO!
Thunder Saber
Thunder Saber Hace 2 días
Having saweetie hype you up every day is self care
Thunder Saber
Thunder Saber Hace 2 días
Jag vet inte
Jag vet inte Hace 2 días
Can somebody help me find the jacket? ❄
Carla Mulder
Carla Mulder Hace 2 días
That nails so long
Nourhene Letaif
Nourhene Letaif Hace 2 días
This deserves more views 😌
kaitlyn carrier
kaitlyn carrier Hace 2 días
Shardenay Gray
Shardenay Gray Hace 2 días
Now it's diamonds on my coochie. Yes sir.
Ani Hayrapetyan
Ani Hayrapetyan Hace 2 días
1:06 that's not 6 that's 7 tho
Husnain Naeem
Husnain Naeem Hace 2 días
Well that's good sis 👍👍🏻👍👍🏻
lara lifevlogs
lara lifevlogs Hace 2 días
We need to support that, not tap in
Reyna Rey
Reyna Rey Hace 2 días
I think the song sucks but she is so pretty that IDC 😂
ghost pepper fries
ghost pepper fries Hace 2 días
Me with tap in 😪
Unorthodox Destiny
Unorthodox Destiny Hace 2 días
Chick said..... Yo😾 stank...cause you always dranking Sodas..........🏷️
Isaac Gutierrez
Isaac Gutierrez Hace 2 días
Aye it’s big momma!! Yeee shit go hard cant lie
Aashiyuna W
Aashiyuna W Hace 2 días
Her nails cute
biggdawgg691 Hace 3 días
My first time hearing her and it’s 🔥but the line when she say you pu$$y stank cause you drank soda , I was like wow.
Alexis Hace 3 días
Love how she proves everything she rapped about.🙌
Evangeline J.
Evangeline J. Hace 3 días
Cuz why did this inspire me to start rapping with my singing?😩
Itsmaica Hace 3 días
Her beautiful face at 0:23 is a mood!!! I love Saweetie.
Nisha Lynn
Nisha Lynn Hace 3 días
This song is a laid back song. I been sitting down bopping my head to this so many times. I love it. You can make a full choreographed dance to this or just two step.
Ciara Shealey
Ciara Shealey Hace 3 días
Them nails 😍 yes ma'am
JazzySensation67 Hace 3 días
shadow and stevie
shadow and stevie Hace 3 días
Tap in is the best song she made in my opinion
shadow and stevie
shadow and stevie Hace 3 días
Why are her nails so long
Golden Kenny
Golden Kenny Hace 3 días
This is the saweetie I fucks with
Mint Ivy
Mint Ivy Hace 3 días
Give bhad bhabie her nails back 💅
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