Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G - Unboxing and First Impressions

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Flossy Carter

Flossy Carter

Hace un mes

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G - Unboxing and First Impressions
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Flossy Carter
Flossy Carter Hace un mes
#Squad Roll Call
Neil Joseph Gulfo
Neil Joseph Gulfo Hace 3 días
EpicGamer Hace 8 días
Right Here!
Amazon Hace 10 días
So Beautiful
MH Akhtar
MH Akhtar Hace 13 días
Flossy Carter Hhhh
June Miceli
June Miceli Hace 21 un día
Why is it when someone with a Samsung phone sends an Apple phone user a video it’s always blurry. And vice versa?
danny calland
danny calland Hace 5 horas
Where’s the full review? 👍
Jimmy Le
Jimmy Le Hace 8 horas
Hey bro do the unlock vision have imei # and serial number out the box??
Flossy Carter
Flossy Carter Hace 5 horas
Lachlan Hace 12 horas
Where is the real review Snipes.?
ROUSH4203 Hace 16 horas
Cant wait for note
guest Hace un día
"Thot protection" 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Randy Roberts
Randy Roberts Hace un día
a samsung paradise😢 😭
oTO- HoBoX
oTO- HoBoX Hace un día
May be picking this up next month. I was wondering when a full review of features will be coming out? I'm curious as to what "bloatware" might be on this device and its features. I know on the S8(old I know) you can set different color lightups, vibrations, and anything you can think of when you receive a message from a specific person. I was wondering if this new S20 Ultra has that and/or better? Only downside to getting this device, or other 5G devices, on Verizon is having to pay extra for the 5G service :(
Gee Martin
Gee Martin Hace un día
No real review for the S20 Ultra Floss?
WhiteStoner 420
WhiteStoner 420 Hace un día
You should check out the life proof case for this phone.
Desmond Sky
Desmond Sky Hace un día
"Scrolling speed nice and smooth" You do realize you put it back on 60Hz when you set your resolution to QHD..
Desmond Sky
Desmond Sky Hace un día
One reason I couldn't buy this: I use the headphone jack more than any other features it has.
Adriel G
Adriel G Hace un día
That wallpaper he had for the iphone😂💀
Praneezz Rockzz
Praneezz Rockzz Hace un día
Cat to phone : am i a joke to u?
David Rice
David Rice Hace un día
When is the full review coming?
Lefonzo Pollock
Lefonzo Pollock Hace un día
No "flop_eige”💯
Edwin Wallace
Edwin Wallace Hace 2 días
Does power share work while plugged into wall?
Tyra Pilip
Tyra Pilip Hace 2 días
YOU WILDINNNNN u said "u got ya secure folders for ur thot protection" i cantttttt u have me cryingggggg😭😭😭
bad boy 17
bad boy 17 Hace 2 días
Where is the "Real Review"?
Kay Millan
Kay Millan Hace 2 días
White shoes 👟 messing about with the phone box 😂
jason voorheez
jason voorheez Hace 2 días
This guy roasted apple 😂😂😂
BKRacer FPV Hace 2 días
Great Review like always !
BKRacer FPV Hace 2 días
Liking that case but I dont think I could ever stop using Otterbox case
justforthetv Hace 2 días
That damn "talk amongst yourselves"' gets me every time lmfao
ChristopherHughes87 Hace 2 días
S20 Ultra 512GB is sold out. Should i get the 128GB or will i regret it?
Erik Morales
Erik Morales Hace 2 días
Anyone having problems with the GPS get a new sim card the one thats comes with it has a chance to be defective. ✌
where u wanna be
where u wanna be Hace 2 días
Me: foil paper Flossy Carter: alyuminium
Manuel Carrasquillo
Manuel Carrasquillo Hace 3 días
DAMN! What a Beast. They may as well of put an S pen in that thing and given the Note the year off.
General COCO
General COCO Hace 3 días
7:05 No, no you're still holding on. Let go, let it die.
Ethan Gonzales
Ethan Gonzales Hace 2 días
Kylo Ren never says let it die. After he says "Let go!" there is a pause and he says, "Do you want to know the truth about your parents? Or have you always known?"
Laki Hace 3 días
the scumbag zoom lol
Cristina Torres
Cristina Torres Hace 3 días
Looks like someone else 🐱 likes the phone and gajets, to people this are a pair a headphones to a 🐱 its a toy.
Kathy Thompson
Kathy Thompson Hace 3 días
Whens the real review coming????
Boldy Locks
Boldy Locks Hace 4 días
Whiteshoes seems to approve for sure!
PUBG Hacker
PUBG Hacker Hace 4 días
Love seeing you get amped over great tech
Rafa rafsavage23
Rafa rafsavage23 Hace 4 días
Watching this on my note 8 still a good asss phone
Hilde Katjizumo
Hilde Katjizumo Hace 5 días
were can i get s20ultra giveaway
James keesley
James keesley Hace 5 días
what phone would you buy now 3/24/20
EpicShit Hace 5 días
When tf is the real review dropping man
Prashant Kumar
Prashant Kumar Hace 5 días
dual sim?
blahblah162005 Hace 6 días
The prices for these phones are getting outrageous
MOSTEM Hace 6 días
Should you but the S20 Ultra If your country Hades the exynos variant that everybody is saying is making the phone so bad
Donny Cruz
Donny Cruz Hace 6 días
When you gonna post the real review?????
Austen Williams
Austen Williams Hace 6 días
White shoes purring like crazy
YUGERAJ R Hace 6 días
The device is awesome tho. Is the full review video out?
allan 6100
allan 6100 Hace 6 días
6:48 bruhhhh...
Mark Hace 7 días
Ill pass. Dont need nor do i use most of the features on this phone.
Kevin C
Kevin C Hace 7 días
Yo kid, your the best at this review ish. Your sound effects when you rip off a prepackaged cover or tossing aside is hilarious 😂😂😂 Straight up.
James Rodriguez
James Rodriguez Hace 7 días
that real phone eh? well I like it
TheTrucker Ed Show
TheTrucker Ed Show Hace 7 días
"Lets say you coming from an iPhone, and you decide to get a real phone " Best line of 2020!!!
Donny Cruz
Donny Cruz Hace 7 días
When's the real review comin out
Josie Hace 7 días
I flinched at 8:31...
Flossy Carter
Flossy Carter Hace 7 días
carl ashtin
carl ashtin Hace 7 días
Been scrolling down the comments sec. to find salty ios users haven’t seen one yet and it’s disappointing.
Quentin Miller
Quentin Miller Hace 7 días
You the man you got all the Samsung gadgets
mack Hace 7 días
I still wouldn't buy it because samsung is going to abandon it in less than 2 years
raydiokilla Hace 8 días
This cat knows a lot about this phone!!
Eric Martinez
Eric Martinez Hace 8 días
When are we going to get the real review?
Reaction Lists
Reaction Lists Hace 8 días
when's the "real review" coming out?
Mo Hace 8 días
Waiting for that shout out lol
Raheel Naeem
Raheel Naeem Hace 8 días
Why is your cat breathing so hard???
Ramiro Olivas
Ramiro Olivas Hace 8 días
Wow nice fon 👍
Lebron 913
Lebron 913 Hace 9 días
I got this phone today
Michael Chan
Michael Chan Hace 9 días
The only downside is that you cant have QHD and 120Hz at the same time
max Hace 9 días
Where is the movie ? Flossy?
Cynthia Hace 10 días
At&t employee: what are we interested in today? Me: s20 ultra 5gangsta Employee: Me: the phone PHONE
Jamie Jones
Jamie Jones Hace 10 días
Brother floss do you know did they fix the usb water error problem that Plague the S10?
Amazon Hace 10 días
So Beautiful Video
Rainier Sebastian
Rainier Sebastian Hace 11 días
No offense floss but can you just keep whiteshoes away in your review it keeps distracting the entire video. Im no animal hater but you need to do a review without any distractions
Plant Seed
Plant Seed Hace 11 días
No real review?
tica tyls
tica tyls Hace 11 días
hey mike tyson is that you?
kimmym1119 Hace 11 días
Flossy Carter: Please help I need advice! Just got the Samsung 20 plus for me and my husband. AT&T had a promotion where they offered $1200 off of the phones, so basically the phones are free (plus 2 $250 Visa cards). Now that we have received the phones, my husband wants to exchange his s20+ for the Ultra. Do you think it is worth paying the extra $199 out of pocket? I'm good with free, but those Ultra camera specs are looking good. My only problem with the Ultra is I think it would be too large for me to hold comfortably.
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