Sabrina Claudio - Truth Is (Official Lyric Video)

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Sabrina Claudio

Sabrina Claudio

Hace 8 meses

Sabrina Claudio - "Truth Is" Out Now
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sabrina claudiosabrina claudio musictruth istruth is sabrina claudio

kaijunkie Hace 18 horas
Is this a music video or word porn?
Valeria Hernandez
Valeria Hernandez Hace un día
this and the spanish version literally hit different
Rama Tama
Rama Tama Hace un día
najwa rathi88
najwa rathi88 Hace 3 días
I just figured out this awesome song
Noelle James
Noelle James Hace 4 días Check out my version too
Vallerie Racha
Vallerie Racha Hace 4 días
damn i always listen to this song i dont know why i NEVER get bored of all of her songs ❤ She's a natural beauty queen ⁄(⁄ ⁄•⁄ω⁄•⁄ ⁄)⁄
Tepian Senja
Tepian Senja Hace 5 días
Suka banget lagu ini
Doris Macias
Doris Macias Hace 7 días
My song
Doris Macias
Doris Macias Hace 7 días
Mutawakil Ilyes
Mutawakil Ilyes Hace 7 días
I dedicate this song to you my lover Sabrina
Santonio Salcido
Santonio Salcido Hace 10 días
Nokwazi Dlamini
Nokwazi Dlamini Hace 10 días
Am feeling sorry for myself that am only knowing her now😔
Aji Priambodo
Aji Priambodo Hace 11 días
My fave song ever, gets u in the mood, sad feelings party. Sady vibe, alone, singing. Its really underrated and it sucks, really deserve more recognition it deserves
blossom bb
blossom bb Hace 11 días
Pepo Escape
Pepo Escape Hace 12 días
Current mood ❤❤❤💋💋💋
truth is im dishonest....
Havalah Hopkins
Havalah Hopkins Hace 13 días
She is absolutely gorgeous and amazingly talented.
Rickey Engle
Rickey Engle Hace 14 días
the truth is i don't have other women,,,
D7ŏŏɱ الصومالي
D7ŏŏɱ الصومالي Hace 15 días
Storm Fish
Storm Fish Hace 16 días
I'm sorry I love her voice and all but her facial expressions and the angles of the camera make me laugh because she looks like the stoned version of my grandpa taking a picture 😂
Carlton Ferguson II
Carlton Ferguson II Hace 16 días
I’ll bet $100,000,000 her idol was Sada
AliceInWonderlanddd3 Hace 17 días
Hedera Helix
Hedera Helix Hace 17 días
Got goose bubps tears and am lauthing at once feel guilty angry loved loving and i see her face mean the others cuz i was once dishonest to her and her now never ever more i am truth that everybody hates and i love it cuz she knows.
Maria Jovine
Maria Jovine Hace 18 días
Literally just found out about you and I’m a fan already 😳😍
joey rolfalliv
joey rolfalliv Hace 19 días
Feeling this now on quarantine
MissJellyPickle Hace 21 un día
Imagine being so pretty that you can hold a camera this close to your face for a whole ass video
Ana Petrosyan
Ana Petrosyan Hace 21 un día
Mvelo Thembani Mahori
Mvelo Thembani Mahori Hace 22 días
I know im gonna wake up in the morning with a massive headache from crying as im listening to this song for the 100th time 💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔 Sleeping with a broken heart sucks
Evandro Gomes
Evandro Gomes Hace 23 días
Gosto muito da canção e da cantora também!!!
Tania Janssen
Tania Janssen Hace 23 días
The lyrics, the instrumental, her voice, her ! everything is sooo perfect and it becomes addicting omg. That makes me exactly the same feeling with ALL her songs ♥️
victoria bueno
victoria bueno Hace 23 días
Definitely my song
Desiree Goeieman
Desiree Goeieman Hace 25 días
Sonu Ismail
Sonu Ismail Hace 26 días
i feel like video call with her
Hamizah Z.
Hamizah Z. Hace 26 días
This song got me hooked and i’m her fan ever since!
Katrina Midgette
Katrina Midgette Hace 26 días
“Truth is I’m Dishonest, cause I’m always scared to get too deep.” ...damn I felt that line 😢
Belette italienne
Belette italienne Hace 27 días
Wonderful song ❤
Gerta Hace 28 días
I like penis but she is hot
Sophieagudelo Hace 28 días
Gerta lmao
Icha Raisa
Icha Raisa Hace un mes
truly an Angel
PL Hace un mes
Imagine Sabrina Claudio and Lana Del Rey in one song 😍
Victoria V
Victoria V Hace un mes
Imagine hearing Sabrina and Alina Baraz ✨👌🏼 HEAVEN
Nocto Gaming
Nocto Gaming Hace un mes
damn.u just perfect gal
Evi Masrifatin Silvia
Evi Masrifatin Silvia Hace un mes
Sorry, but this is good song after breaking up. And i was here cause of BW edit video.
Ms. LaKiesha Chavon DeLoatch
Ms. LaKiesha Chavon DeLoatch Hace un mes
Dominique Mychelle
Dominique Mychelle Hace un mes
I love you girl!!!
Vanessa Valtierra
Vanessa Valtierra Hace un mes
This song touch my soul. Her voice is so soothing and beautiful. Im obsessed with this song
Time Traveler Patty
Time Traveler Patty Hace un mes
Why does this song remind me of another song. Maybe in Spanish. Like an old song.
annfender Hace un mes
1.25x 😻
Vandalism and Erotism
Vandalism and Erotism Hace un mes
Sabrinaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ❤️
Angelina yang
Angelina yang Hace un mes
"Truth is I'm dishonest cause I'm always scared to get too deep" i felt that deeply in my heart 😕
ItsTristanX Hace un mes
Angelina yang I felt that
Cameron Egginton
Cameron Egginton Hace un mes
Truth is I just came at 2:38
iqra siddika
iqra siddika Hace un mes
I need to stop the ridiculous jealous feeling I have within me. I need to move on 😓
CorinneGames Hace un mes
I've never cried so hard from listening to music, as i do when i hear this song. I feel every. single. word. and it breaks my heart all over again.
Short Ibanez
Short Ibanez Hace un mes
She dedicated this song and now I’m in love 🖤
ThirstyforBil Hace un mes
Sabrina and Billie need to make a song together🥺
Anne Marie
Anne Marie Hace un mes
Goose bumps.... ❤❤❤❤❤
Oscar Hace un mes
This is soooo deep it made my inner child cry as well.
It’s grace T
It’s grace T Hace un mes
Here because of queen billie eilish
Delioo Meowwe
Delioo Meowwe Hace un mes
My current feeling rn . like i don't know should i carry on this relationship or not 😭
TexasBoy Easye
TexasBoy Easye Hace un mes
I’d let this women break my heart and apologize to her
Patricia Salazar
Patricia Salazar Hace un mes
sara ashraf
sara ashraf Hace un mes
Love it❤
Atisha Stephenson PIKE
Atisha Stephenson PIKE Hace un mes
When you know you love them but you dont 😒♥️💯🎯
Robin Sanchez
Robin Sanchez Hace un mes
This and the Spanish version 👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼😪
cover essence
cover essence Hace un mes
When will I stop crying to this song I wonder
Jay Hace un mes
lonley theifs
lonley theifs Hace un mes
No one, Absolutely no one: Me at 3 Am during quarentine:I DoNt NeEd.You
Miya & Shayla
Miya & Shayla Hace 6 días
lonley theifs me rn 😭
judith n
judith n Hace un mes
Evelyn Magallon
Evelyn Magallon Hace un mes
me 💀
Heya Khan
Heya Khan Hace un mes
This song is written by Julia Michael❤
Madison Trahan
Madison Trahan Hace un mes
i cant do this shit, i fucked everything up. i dont know what to do.
AZZA Hace un mes
Check out my cover of Truth Is with an arabic part
J R Hace un mes
Comment below and finish sentence...truth is???
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