Sabrina Claudio - Truth Is (Official Lyric Video)

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Sabrina Claudio

Sabrina Claudio

Hace 29 días

Sabrina Claudio - "Truth Is" Out Now
Catch Sabrina on tour performing new songs from the album!
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Emerald Lin
Emerald Lin Hace un hora
This is so so so effortlessly beautiful
wicked 1
wicked 1 Hace 3 horas
wicked 1
wicked 1 Hace 3 horas
Sabrina this song in Spanish is a whole different world, you really need to make more of the other songs in Spanish also, representation a nosotros como PR y Cubana, eres muy Linda u preciosa y tu voz me captiva al igual a todo Los hispanos e ingles, who agrees??
Mira Maestrecampo
Mira Maestrecampo Hace 5 horas
the lyrics, the emotions, the feels of this song is everything 😭😭😍 sabrina claudio is amazing ,🌟😭😍
Ze Ruben
Ze Ruben Hace 6 horas
love love love love
K C Hace 9 horas
Siimplyy _niiyah
Siimplyy _niiyah Hace un día
Truth is that I'm Dishonest 🎶🎙
Nicola Nitido
Nicola Nitido Hace un día
some chords remind me of LP "Lost on you"
Me Be
Me Be Hace 2 días
Did you and Finneas literally release similar dual-meaning songs on the same day? ... #serendipity
makkeast Hace 2 días
Racist ass bitch!! Weak ass music!!
June Dujar Limbaga
June Dujar Limbaga Hace 2 días
Simple and touching
Air Ball
Air Ball Hace 2 días
I’m a depressed man. My favorite music of hers is the ones that hurt. It’s sad I know but come on listen to this lol.
Tessicat Hace 3 días
This beyond beautiful woman has inspired me daily since her debut album... I don't know how she is magic but her music gives me confidence, her voice is so intimate it feels like you can just enter her world when you listen. Shit, she's even helped me embrace my natural hair after 15 years of bleaching and dying. This comment will surely be buried but I just cannot express enough how much I adore her.
Maxine Bonadie
Maxine Bonadie Hace 3 días
She’s so beautiful but whoever does her lipliner hates her
Mkonzi Ngoma
Mkonzi Ngoma Hace 3 días
who disliked this?????
DivaGirl10 Hace 4 días
she has like the most beautiful lips of anyone I have seen
Filipe Freitas
Filipe Freitas Hace 4 días
só no repeat!! puta que pariiiiuuuuu!!! Sabrina, mulher! inferno! tu quer acabar com a minha vida gata??? aff' tu é demais!! ainda vou num show dessa rapariga ...
Aniket Dhuri
Aniket Dhuri Hace 4 días
Your voice is so soothing and beautiful 🖤 Lots of love from the whole world
Níria Cachimbombo
Níria Cachimbombo Hace 4 días
I’ve been listening to this too often, I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve had this on repeat.This is definitely my fav out of all of her songs, a masterpiece.
Jesse Lewis IV
Jesse Lewis IV Hace 4 días
💛 ya bri
Diego Stephano Miranda
Diego Stephano Miranda Hace 4 días
buen tema desde cl
Alyssa Graves
Alyssa Graves Hace 4 días
This is basically the ugly truth of your deepest feelings that you cant really share with anyone else. 😥
Joan Chismal
Joan Chismal Hace 5 días
Try listening to this song in the shower with a broken heart. Worst mistake
Yumna Hace 5 días
"I'm straight but sabrina claudio can get it"
Yumna Hace un día
@Abby Brown lmao i looked for it and couldn't find it so i commented myself 😭😂
Abby Brown
Abby Brown Hace un día
My Billie obsessed ass looking for this comment
Carlos Cam
Carlos Cam Hace 5 días
I can’t get over this song and the entire album. They aren’t any skips on this album❤️🥰🥰🙏🏽🙏🏽🇯🇲👑
EmmaRose Harty
EmmaRose Harty Hace 5 días
Abdulaziz Marz
Abdulaziz Marz Hace 5 días
How can someone be This beautiful !
brittanyyyjjj Hace 5 días
What song does this sample?
Aithra Romanov
Aithra Romanov Hace 6 días
Truth is that I listen to the spanish version and this one at the same time
Bella Hace 6 días
I just recently discovered her music. Her voice is angelic... This song is 🔥
aarzoo makkar
aarzoo makkar Hace 6 días
Rumors and The truth is are my favorite songs of this album.
Nyeisha Sewell
Nyeisha Sewell Hace 7 días
This really puts the feels on me
Me Be
Me Be Hace 7 días
Anyone else here because of Billie?
Fatima Webster
Fatima Webster Hace 7 días
Wow this is my fave song of hers💖 also her clothing style is unique
Jane Mika
Jane Mika Hace 7 días
Truth is that ... this girl needs to stop singing my life and being me 😂 I literally take videos just like this, going through the same exact feels. Stop it! 💗
boboo36 Hace 8 días
I love her she a talented singer 🌹her music has such a deep smooth melody 💋 she an original singer 🙏
Larissa Sales
Larissa Sales Hace 8 días
"Need you, but i need you" 😪
Wanderson wanderson
Wanderson wanderson Hace 8 días
Eita pedrada da porraa
diegog gaytan
diegog gaytan Hace 8 días
Great song I love 💗
Cesar Muñoz
Cesar Muñoz Hace 8 días
My Queen 👑
bia Hace 8 días
I sent this to my ex and now,
bia Hace 8 días
I sent this to my ex and now,
Inno Pietersen
Inno Pietersen Hace 8 días
😭😭No man but this is exactly what I'm going through right now💔
Inno Pietersen
Inno Pietersen Hace 8 días
Recently broke up with a nigga I loved so much her voice made me find my inner peace😢💆‍♀️
RaDiO FaLcOn
RaDiO FaLcOn Hace 8 días
Jamie B
Jamie B Hace 9 días
Giving me fka twigs sound👍
Janiel Sewell
Janiel Sewell Hace 9 días
stupid, stop making me cry
MusicISlife Hace 9 días
I want to hear a version where you start off in English but then continue in Spanish.
Artemis Zannou
Artemis Zannou Hace 10 días
I wish he could feel it,' beautiful..... :'(
Siphiwe Ralebakeng
Siphiwe Ralebakeng Hace 10 días
The lyrics really speak volumes into a teens life 😍👌🏾 they literally just birth life to this genre of music
lindalately Hace 10 días
I feel every single lyric 100%.
alex john mark cullen
alex john mark cullen Hace 10 días
Raise your hands if you feel personally attacked by sabrina 🙋🏽
Tengetile Sikhosana
Tengetile Sikhosana Hace 10 días
I might act chilled around you, saying you annoy me and that IDGAF bout you but truth is I'm dishonest. I LOVE YOU.
Lynnette Rivera
Lynnette Rivera Hace 11 días
Obsessed with this song 😫🥰
Heather Reese
Heather Reese Hace 11 días
This song is so deep some people come in for a season Bryon Mccrae Curry you saved me from myself thank you.I love you
Aieshja Khitanea
Aieshja Khitanea Hace 11 días
Omg.. I just can’t wait to see her in November in Amsterdam. It’s gonna be my first time out since my accident.
lindalately Hace 11 días
“I always see you in my sleep”
ERA Ezzy
ERA Ezzy Hace 11 días
I am obsessed possessed
Aishahana Afiya
Aishahana Afiya Hace 11 días
Are you singing about my heart/love story, Sabrina?
Heather Reese
Heather Reese Hace 11 días
I love all her music
Happy Me
Happy Me Hace 11 días
Uuh i love ur song soooo muccchhh❤❤ thankyouuu❤❤
Walter Cobbin
Walter Cobbin Hace 11 días
She's soo fucking beautiful and sexy her voice is amazing
Crystalito Gallo
Crystalito Gallo Hace 11 días
This is girls these days on snap chat/Instagram. Digging this song though!
skinny legend
skinny legend Hace 11 días
i love the song but this video is weird and cringy...
Shadia Rodriguez
Shadia Rodriguez Hace 12 días
Ahlam Moxamed
Ahlam Moxamed Hace 12 días
Love all your songs girll💕💕
Paula Petra Ikechukwu
Paula Petra Ikechukwu Hace 12 días
I’m sad for all the people who have never heard Sabrina
Idalecio Evans
Idalecio Evans Hace 12 días
Voice perfect 👌 i love this song and album
Alex Shaw
Alex Shaw Hace 12 días
Thumbs up if you’re here because of Kourtney Kardashian
abc wxyz
abc wxyz Hace 12 días
Omg your voice ❤😩
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