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Gus is so predictable with his coffee, it's ready as soon as he enters the shop!
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Audio from: Rooster Teeth Podcast # 568
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Animated by: Jake Walker
Directed by: Andrew Lhotsky
About Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures:
The animated shenanigans of the Rooster Teeth staff. Audio taken from various Rooster Teeth podcasts.
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GordonForeman308 Hace 13 días
The idea of Gus bursting into anywhere screaming NO NO NO NO frightens me.
starwarslover015 Hace 23 días
As a barista I will confirm 100% we start to learn regulars orders and some of them when we see them we’re like, “Ugh this guy.”
A.N.O'nyme Hace 26 días
There might be a solution to that: call for your order, THEN go get your coffee. XD
Ben Oddy
Ben Oddy Hace 27 días
This sounds really bad but in the same way i sometimes go to favourite chicken near me not too often but i do like to go there and i had 2 things i got used to ordering both 3.20 to 3.50 and everytime they see me they start either makeing me that as they see me get off the bus and its nice they knew me but had to go through the same prediciment
Maria MYsterious
Maria MYsterious Hace 27 días
When are you guys going to get your act together and stop ignoring everything around you
imjessuchrist roblox
imjessuchrist roblox Hace 27 días
I went to a coffee shop and pulled out my phone and watched this
Nicole Gonzalez
Nicole Gonzalez Hace 28 días
When I was working in customer service I got chummy with a few of my regular one day one came in and wanted something different after I already got their usual order. So I playfully yell at them and told them they messed up my whole day cuz I had to go redo it all and they actually felt really bad about it LOL I had to tell them I was only joking
Balamugunth Balaji
Balamugunth Balaji Hace 28 días
How did he get an 11% ratio. Isn't it more like 20?
Matt Taylor
Matt Taylor Hace 28 días
Anyone else remember when these animations got several million views?
Nathan Brooks
Nathan Brooks Hace un mes
First world problem. House full of food and none of it sounds good so I just sit there and be hungry.
Trader Hace un mes
0:52 cute
Anal Georg JR
Anal Georg JR Hace un mes
as someone who works at a coffee shop,..... I never thought of that....
RobotProphetsMoon Hace un mes
As a barista, it's awesome to hear I'm not the only one who makes an effort to memorize customer's drinks 🥰
Elijah P
Elijah P Hace un mes
If I see one more boost mobile ad I’m gonna crush my nuts with a hydraulic press
legenday cat
legenday cat Hace un mes
Really I kinda dealt with the same thing at the college campus I go to, there's a starbucks i always go to, and I've always gotten this one order, nothing else just that one order but I mean only difference i had with my experience they didn't end up making my coffee as I walk in ._.
MrMoustacheNinja Hace un mes
Fantastic 😂😂👏🏻
Zach Ludlow
Zach Ludlow Hace un mes
That's how it is at the bar for me
Michelle Annette
Michelle Annette Hace un mes
I feel his pain, I was drinking large cold brews all through winter in college bc I had the same problem
Andrew Glynn
Andrew Glynn Hace un mes
Shoutout to the Vince Carter Raps jersey 👍❤️🇨🇦
Josh Leite
Josh Leite Hace un mes
I worked at a dunkin donuts for a year and i knew so many peoples orders by heart
Edgar Ryan
Edgar Ryan Hace un mes
DMV lines
Tony Gallegos
Tony Gallegos Hace un mes
Gus you need to tell them what you want and if they already know and your preference has changed just give them a heads up after they give you your messed up coffee if it happens more then 5 times or more then three days in a row I would stop going there
Hayden Mercado
Hayden Mercado Hace un mes
That Smart Cookie
That Smart Cookie Hace un mes
When I was a waitress I looked forward to seeing customers like Gus. Simple and straightforward. Didn't have to stop in a rush to grab their stuff or put in an order. Made my job so much easier.
Juan Alfonso
Juan Alfonso Hace un mes
Did Blaine intentionally say "chirk out"?
TJTroubleMaker Hace un mes
i had this happen with a hole in the wall Chinese restaurant in college. I always got the sesame chicken plate but I had gotten it so often that when I finally decided to try a different order, blackened chicken or something, they gave me my order and said "sesame chicken right?" and I didnt wanna correct them so I just accepted it and claimed its what my heart really wanted anyways lol
BlarghMan Hace un mes
Just send them this video
Eric Schenkenberger
Eric Schenkenberger Hace un mes
I've had this happen to me, but not with coffee. It was at Taco Bell. I might have a problem.
Carlytto Lee
Carlytto Lee Hace un mes
🤣🤣🤣 this was funny. I never saw the original video. I know his pain. I used to have this happen at the Dunkin' down the block. Blanca would see me at the door and get started making a medium light & sweet. By the time I get to the counter, she would ask "Which donuts you want?". Coffee be already made. Even when there were ppl in front of me in the line. I couldn't get a half dozen, or dozen donuts when she was working, because she was setup already for me getting the #2.
David Reinhard
David Reinhard Hace un mes
wwwwwwWWWHAT!????? JUST ASK THEM TO PUT MORE HOT WATER IN IT AND PUT IT IN THE TALLER CUP!!!!!! WTF GUS. Like if it was the other way around that would be a problem, you can't take hot water out or something. But that's literally the world's simplest fix. 😂😂😂
GothamsAngel Hace un mes
I worked in a coffee shop for the good portion of 3 years and got to know many people's usual drinks, but I would always ask, "the usual?" before making it, just in case they were un the mood for something different.
TheReal008Zulu Hace un mes
Wear a disguise next time you go in (I'm thinking, skin-tight Spiderman costume). Then when they hand you your order, reveal yourself.
Sabrina Stone
Sabrina Stone Hace un mes
I worked in retail stocking shelves. A customer always came in on the same day of the week and at the same time. And was always looking for a specific item. I did my best to always have that stocked first thing that day. Then one day, he changed it up on me, and wanted something different. So I went back and retrieved this new product and gave it to him. Perfect, I will stock that first thing now. THEN he changed his days, and his hours of shopping so I could no longer help him specifically 😪 I was pretty sad, I liked being able to help make his experience better
Dario Begody
Dario Begody Hace un mes
"the most first world problem" I lost it knowing that it's true.
Drew Shulman
Drew Shulman Hace un mes
At 1:36 the coffee guys tee is reversed (clearly he flips but they left the text backwards) fun lil goof
Qrow Anthony
Qrow Anthony Hace un mes
Soo where does swearing get bleed in Rooster teeth’s ESwomen channel anymore like from achievement hunter to rooster teeth I can’t understand what’s good and what’s not
Johnny Joseph
Johnny Joseph Hace un mes
I literally change cafes every other month cos they remember my order 🤣
Thread Bomb
Thread Bomb Hace un mes
It will end up with Gus having to go to one of a dozen different coffee shops depending on what he wants to order.
Miranda Decker
Miranda Decker Hace un mes
I know this is the wrong video is David from Camp Camp British
Hamster_Jesus Hace un mes
Thank god for the places I usually frequent to and I usually order the same stuff, the folks there ask me first on the off-chance that I actually want to try a different item on the menu.
third_eye_bee Hace un mes
Everyone at my local Petsmart knows me as the "betta fish lady"
SleepNowInTheFire Hace un mes
I can relate to Gus's dilemma here. I live in Alaska and we have drive-up coffee huts all over. I go to one specific place in town and the baristas always premake a coffee because I usually order the same thing all the time. But if I want something different I usually have to call the place in advance and tell them my alternate order. 😀
burns0100 Hace un mes
The guys either a fan or just really good at his job and probably hates you. I mean either way he probably hates you...
Delarosadylan07 Hace un mes
Hey Geoff how many kids do you have and how old are they
___oOoBODYBAGoOo ___
___oOoBODYBAGoOo ___ Hace un mes
This is so stupid.
BigMcLargehuge1983 Hace un mes
You're supposed to have gotten his name wrong! "DECAF ORDER FOR... "GAS"!" DECAF ORDER FOR... "GUB!" "DECAF ORDER FOR... GUN? WE HAVE A GUN? GUN HERE?"
Ben Cremer
Ben Cremer Hace un mes
I had that same problem at bars (in the before times)
Gus should have a regular order at multiple coffee shops so there’s always one that makes a different drink he likes
Deon Spates
Deon Spates Hace un mes
That other coffee shop lol!
John Andrew Serrano Garcia
John Andrew Serrano Garcia Hace un mes
real talk, if you feel the need to put water in your coffee, then maybe you just aren't a coffee drinker.
Femboyfoxxo Hace un mes
@John Andrew Serrano Garcia Idk tbh. I personally make my own which I usually add a small amount if creamer to it. I just know that bitter black coffee is a staple for coffee in America.
John Andrew Serrano Garcia
John Andrew Serrano Garcia Hace un mes
@Femboyfoxxo, if you don't like black coffee try diluting it with milk to give it a unique flavor profile. It just seems like such a waste to do it with water and just reduce flavor. If the coffee isn't made correctly then I won't return to that coffee shop, why would one keep going there then?
Femboyfoxxo Hace un mes
@John Andrew Serrano Garcia Some times the coffee isn't made correctly which may cause a very bitter taste. So you water it down to dilute the bitter and enjoy it. Or it was made way to strong and you want to dilute it to make it less strong
John Andrew Serrano Garcia
John Andrew Serrano Garcia Hace un mes
@Femboyfoxxo, but do you really like the product if you need to water it down?
Femboyfoxxo Hace un mes
Or they can drink it however they want? Coffee is literally coffee beans and water.
the_rabidsquirel Hace un mes
Back in my first year of university I had 8 AM classes every day, and I always stopped at the same Tim Hortons on campus for breakfast before class. I legit had the exact same thing every single day, though in my case it was never a problem for me. Only one of the workers ended up recognizing me and memorizing me order, and it was actually a really cute woman that looked to be about the same age as me (compared to most of the other staff that was older). Always joked a little and I never had to tell her my order if she was working. At one point later in the year I had the idea of asking for her number or something, but I'm definitely not a social person, and there's no way I could think to do that without being a socially awkward mess and potentially making things really awkward for her. Ended up never doing it, and never saw her again after first year. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
JAMCastillo1 Hace un mes
They're just bean nice.
Nathan .Smith
Nathan .Smith Hace un mes
So I have that also, but it's with Thai food. The local restaurant I go to has its spicy level set up as level 1 to 10 in order to make it easier to add the right amount of it for each order. Apparently, I'm the only person in the area that gets their curry at the maximum spice level. On one visit one of the newer waiters asked me how spicy I want my curry and one of the older staff passed by and went "Level 10."
Commander Aki
Commander Aki Hace un mes
You what would be a good idea? Gus should go there with a disguise and change his order.
Rolomir Fenrir
Rolomir Fenrir Hace un mes
I was kinda hoping that they would have animated Gus trying to drink coffee with a mask on.
Stephen Taguchi
Stephen Taguchi Hace un mes
Which animator is the Vince Carter fan?
Nolan McNerthney
Nolan McNerthney Hace un mes
1:15 I like the call back to Gus' midnight thoughts about 343, but it's supposed to be the cubbed root: 7*7*7=343
Emperor Oshron
Emperor Oshron Hace un mes
my dad has a story kinda like this that he would go to the same Norm's almost every day for some length of time to the point that they recognized him and would make his typical order when they saw his car pull into the parking lot and, when telling the story, he jokes that he would have to tell them a week in advance if he wanted something different XD sorta similarly, i used to go to a Hawaiian barbecue restaurant on my way to a satellite campus back in high school and, while i ordered something different almost every time, i pretty much always got the same drink. it got to the point that they told me while i was ordering one day that they were out of that particular drink.
Ellis McKennon
Ellis McKennon Hace un mes
0:35, love that Chris is second in line.
Jules C
Jules C Hace un mes
as a barista, there are regulars i adore, and then there are some that i hope i never see their drink order again. gus is probably one of the regulars they like. just tell the cashier you want to modify and they'll do it
Alexis Thomas
Alexis Thomas Hace un mes
Who WOULDN'T remember such a weird order LOL
Killer Ant
Killer Ant Hace un mes
There is a bagel place I like to go to that do the same. They prepare the bagel the way I usually order.
Where's a good place to eat around here
Where's a good place to eat around here Hace un mes
My biggest first world problem was expecting to receive a $1200 stimulus check from the government and then 2 weeks later realizing I already make over $150,000 a year so there’s no way I would’ve received one but I still tried before that
Rinana Hace un mes
I bought 3 loaves of bread expecting to eat them over the course of a week but the best before date is tomorrow so i had to eat 3 loaves of bread
A-man1998 Hace un mes
Would have been funnier if he called him "GOOS"!
Umashido Hace un mes
I've had something similar to this happen to me at Chipotle. I walked in, the lady behind the register asked me if I was getting my regular. I said yes, and the food preparer (Don't know what to call them) just made my typical order without even asking me. I was in and out in less than a minute.
NtN Hace un mes
My biggest first world problem is that I live in a third world country.
ASFCruppy Hace un mes
I had this exact same problem at a chick-fil-a, cause me and my dad had the tradition of going to the same one every monday when I was in highschool
hunterg24 Hace un mes
Gavin is correct. This is peak first world problems.
Lily NP
Lily NP Hace un mes
this has absolutely happened to me before and is specifically why as a barista I ALWAYS let people order, even if they're a regular who gets the same thing every time!
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