Rose Lavelle and Kelley O'Hara reflect on World Cup win

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Newly crowned Women's World Cup champions Rose Lavelle and Kelley O'Hara talk to CNN's Poppy Harlow about their victory, Nike's ad about them and the fight for equality. #CNN #News

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Paras Gates
Paras Gates Hace 3 meses
*Both women's Irish origin*
Khan Man
Khan Man Hace 3 meses
Teach this to our men
Alex Dellcamp
Alex Dellcamp Hace 3 meses
The one on the left has weird elbows
Forrest Man
Forrest Man Hace 4 meses
They want more prize money than they actually bring.
Forrest Man
Forrest Man Hace 4 meses
You have to be kidding me about pay equality.
John Barney
John Barney Hace 4 meses
This woman reported me for asking her a normal hetero related question before I sent her flowers ! Glad ! I didn’t send her anything but an atta boy butch ! This skinned lesbian ! Reported for asking her sexuality before I really wasted my time with a lesbian ! Sad, pathetic lil girl ! Btw, women’s soccer takes in one tenth the men’s Z, pay accordingly ! One tenth ! It’s only women’s soccer ! Who watches but World Cup !? one ! Crickets In the stands !
bruce cockinson
bruce cockinson Hace 4 meses
Nobody gives a fuck about soccer, much less womens soccer
Eloana Vitoria
Eloana Vitoria Hace 4 meses
Nacho Cheese
Nacho Cheese Hace 4 meses
This is like a janitor wanting the CEO's salary because he came first in inter-office janitor athletics
Jimmy Rustles
Jimmy Rustles Hace 4 meses
Damn Rose Lavelle is a lot cuter than what she looks like while on the field
Rick Gross
Rick Gross Hace 4 meses
that's why you Americans win at girls soccer you have more lesbos then any other team. You wanna win at womens sports you need females with manly characteristics. These lesbos are more aggressive so they can dominate submissive straight females
Maurice Cardinal
Maurice Cardinal Hace 4 meses
The tranny team. Where the moths look like guys! Satan is slick.
Barbara Witchey
Barbara Witchey Hace 4 meses
stevepd1 Hace 4 meses
5:45 women always look at each other for approval when answering challenging questions like "will you be going to the White House?". The have such hive mentality. This team will go down in history as a bunch of losers.
Jazzkeyboardist1 Hace 4 meses
LOL Isn't it funny that most guys do not realize that they have never beat the women's Olympic individual record in any sport, summer or winter? Talk about a bunch of losers? Even Bruce Jenner did not beat the present women's individual record in five of the ten events? And Bruce was considered the best athlete in the world
stevepd1 Hace 4 meses
"I wanna be like Megan Rapinhoe when I grow up" said no one.
Barbara Witchey
Barbara Witchey Hace 4 meses
stevepd1 Hace 4 meses
They may have won the insignificant woman's world cup, but they'll go down in history as LOSERS.
Shawn Nwahs
Shawn Nwahs Hace 4 meses
I love Kelly and Rose they are soooo adorable
Jesse Mullen
Jesse Mullen Hace 4 meses
Who else loved when Kelley had Rose's back with the WH question? Cool seeing a seasoned veteran helping a younger player with media stuff that she isn't as experienced with
stevepd1 Hace 4 meses
Not helping her out. Pathetically looking at each other for approval. Women have a hive mentality and are incapable of independent thought. Sad they can't express individual opinions.
Odin1177 Hace 4 meses
First I LOVE the USWNT! But please do not compare your college soccer to college football. College football is a multiple billion dollar industry compared to college soccer mens of womens. College football revenue helps pay for other sports programs on most college campuses. Women certainly deserve more $$ compared to the Mens team. The comparison of College Soccer to College Football was pretty ignorant there. Whats next they compare a 10 billion dollar per year NFL to soccer. Don't get me wrong, I love soccer, wish they would eliminate ties, but love the game. The strategy, and how the game flows. Everyone involved has to do better to help soccer grow in the US. Congrats to the USWNT for their amazing season in the World Cup, just amazing games all around, and hope this issue of equal pay can be resolved without taking anything away from the product on the field.
mediacenter man
mediacenter man Hace 4 meses
Refreshing to see other players instead of the usual duo.
Rossy Toxtle
Rossy Toxtle Hace 4 meses
Carli Lloid my the little Rose is taking her place, TWO GREATEST!!! I love them both😍😍
Robert Henderson
Robert Henderson Hace 4 meses
Maybe I am misunderstanding something, but how can fifa give women $400 million in prize money (like the men) when they are only generating $130 million in revenue?
Mark Carpenter
Mark Carpenter Hace 4 meses
This is about the team, not me! Perfect answer! Now some tell obnoxious Rapinoe who has made it all about her! She makes a goal and runs AWAY from her teammates to strike a ridiculous check me out pose! It’s a fucking team sport! Equal pay, the men’s tournament earned 6 Billion last year, this years women generated 131 million!
Jithin Primz
Jithin Primz Hace 4 meses
Disband the mens team...they can't even beat germany who we beat twice in WW1 and WW2 They are disgrace..they should do some shitty office job...
Nathan Glass
Nathan Glass Hace 4 meses
Lavelle is the true impact player on that team
Christian Hace 4 meses
Fuck Meghan Rapinoe’s stupid ass, God bless Kelly O’Hara. I hope Rapinoe loses everything, including her 15 minutes of fame.
Omar Bachu
Omar Bachu Hace 4 meses
It was my first time watching Fifa Women's World Cup and Rose lavelle is the Best Midfielder in the world.. Focus, confidence, great passes, eye for a goal Oh man! I wish Real Madrid buy you in their new Womens team... Hala Madrid!
Michael Ackermann
Michael Ackermann Hace 4 meses
If boys like to be like Rapinoe their soccer career is over
Michael Ackermann
Michael Ackermann Hace 4 meses
Lavelle was the reason for the US winning
DasEichenlaub Hace 4 meses
Who got da sex tape yo?
Rick L
Rick L Hace 4 meses
CNN's graphic showed the men's 2018 revenue was 42 X greater than the women's 2019 revenue. CNN only wants to fan the flames. What I heard was the men are paid based on 9% of revenue and the women are paid at 13%. Therefore it looks like the men are the ones being underpaid. Draw the crowds, sell the sponsorships and your pay will go up.
Az Dove
Az Dove Hace 4 meses
I'll be so disappointed if Rose Lavelle doesn't want to go to the White House because it's the best way for all Americans to celebrate this victory. Regardless of who is President the White House belongs to America and it's America that just won the World Cup. Come on Rose Lavelle being humble is one of your best qualities go to the White House for all your American fans
Perry Crozier
Perry Crozier Hace 4 meses
It's soccer. Big deal.
S.A.M. Laksanasorn
S.A.M. Laksanasorn Hace 4 meses
Lionel Lavelle, Rose Messi
Peter Parker
Peter Parker Hace 4 meses
Boy they couldnt leave out the white house question, actually was waiting for and their ways of getting answers..
Jim12101 Hace 4 meses
No one should want to be like Rapinoe. She is the biggest disgrace to our country in women's sports. Although the US women won the world cup. They made America great again and didn't even know it!
Gordon G
Gordon G Hace 4 meses
Repulsive Rapinoe!!
Javs Alvarez
Javs Alvarez Hace 4 meses
Its all scripted on the shit they say.
Sheri Smith
Sheri Smith Hace 4 meses
Kelly plays with such "Passion" and Rose, a name fitting "Indeed."
Don720 Hace 4 meses
There is another reason, Women's World Cup is not getting the viewers numbers as men's world cup, u have 3 other tournaments going at the same time, Gold Cup, Copa Cup n Africa Cup n they had just finished up the Asian Cup. So it's not the only national tournaments around the World. Although, they could just give out bigger prize money for bringing glory to the nation. Us men, they may be bring shame lately.. US women bring glory n prestige to USA, so how much is that worth?? Football countries do respect nations that can play n it may effect economics.
Royce Lerwick
Royce Lerwick Hace 4 meses
They get a 13% of gate ticket and the men get 9% of gate. They just don't draw.
jay Roberge
jay Roberge Hace 4 meses
Thanx,,,,,, Savy Sav
Chacho Adame
Chacho Adame Hace 4 meses
It’s not fair to comprare woman’s soccer to men’s soccer the boys face stronger competition in the world but girls in the U.S are amazing but don’t compare please.
Mondo Romos
Mondo Romos Hace 4 meses
Lol interesting that Megan and these girls conflicting stories. I can almost bet Megan is bullying some women into not going to WH.
The Gremlin
The Gremlin Hace 4 meses
And it's been almost impossible to enjoy the US Women's Soccer Championship with the way they've been acting afterwards poor sportsmanship representing our country and embarrassing ways trash-talking other teams putting down the men to make themselves feel better these are not the US women I want to watch
The Gremlin
The Gremlin Hace 4 meses
Everybody is completely right these women are not paid enough they're paid way too much completely overpaid compared to the men
Green Light
Green Light Hace 4 meses
god I wish scotland had a teenth of their skill and confidence
Perroski Mango
Perroski Mango Hace 4 meses
Women in the United States are privileged in the United States in other countries they have no rights they get beat can drive cars so when i see a American woman complaining about inequality i laught
Patrick Lanra
Patrick Lanra Hace 4 meses
Bravo Rose, a real pleasure to watch you playing soccer...A french fan....
Andy Marshak
Andy Marshak Hace 4 meses
These girls are living in a dream world. Disgrace one cares about regular season women soccer.
Melvin smith
Melvin smith Hace 4 meses
the US dominates women’s soccer for the same reason South Korea dominates women’s golf ... no one else cares that much. These two are much classier than the other two loud narcissists the media is promoting
Gerry Park
Gerry Park Hace 4 meses
Rose is a best women football player in the world.
Far Que
Far Que Hace 4 meses
A bulldyke team that got beat by 15 year old boys led by an obnoxious, self-absorbed narcissist Soccer sucks real bad, women's soccer is FAR WORSE!!!
Jstoney127 Hace 4 meses
Sure I'm all for equal pay for equal work. But let's be honest. Are these US women really doing the same thing as the US men? Is it really equal work? Is scoring a goal against the women's dutch team really the same thing as scoring a goal against the men's dutch team? Could these women go out and hang with Leo Messi and Argentina? Could they even tie Cristiano Ronaldo and the Portugese national team in a world cup? The US Men did in 2014. I get equal pay for equal work if you are a doctor, a teacher, a chef, an office worker, insert every other profession. But you aren't going to convince me that the men and women us soccer teams are doing the same work, until its clear that this group of women can step onto to the pitch with the best men players in the world and compete-and not get trounced 30-nil everytime!
Gio Saens
Gio Saens Hace 4 meses
I compare Rose lavelle movements and agility and a deadly strike of a cheeta, You only apreciate all her soft movementents, quick thinking and dribbling on slow motion sometimes happens so fast tha we cannot percieve what realy happens. I Give credit on her goal to Cristal Dunn for stealing the ball Samanta Mewis for passing the ball and Rose lavelle for executing the goal perfect combination perfect goal. If it was not for the goalkeeper US would have end up scoring at least 4 goals Cristal Dunn deserved a lot mor recognition she was on beast mode all tournament.
Richard Horner
Richard Horner Hace 4 meses
Nice duck thou.with the White House hypothetical invite question . They were gracious and smart with their answer. these girls are obviously being pressured to promote and be part of LGBT issues which has its roots in pedofelia and sexual promiscuity in the public arena which is sickening and more noticeably to get on the left liberal political hate trump bandwagon which will ruin the team if they allow themselves to be political pawns of the democrat party in the upcoming election. I like these two and hope they stay out of the nasty politics of the antifa and islamoNazi trend which the LGBT movement has aligned with and recruited and inspired several of their teammates to stomp on the american flag and show disrespect towards america on the international stage.
Emstay90 Hace 4 meses
Kelley herself is gay, dude.
Lucy Wheeland
Lucy Wheeland Hace 4 meses
I was at the final in France and on my way there I saw a little boy waiting in line for the train to arrive and he was wearing a Carli Lloyd jersey. Times are changing. Kelley's right we are at this time of change where young boys are being inspired by these incredible women.
dante newyork
dante newyork Hace 4 meses
it's cool they won (in a diluted field sans anything near the comparative history and stiffer competition in the mens tournament)...but are they completely delusional? look at the disparity in revenue on the very chart they put up. and mens football at Stanford blows away the money generated by womens soccer. are we living in the twilight zone? i look forward to when Gisele Bundchen gets paid the same as some nondescript replaceable guy on whatever second tier magazine publication demands equal pay as supermodels. utterly ridiculous. womens tennis can hardly give away seats at the semis in roland garros...yet somehow the sjws have persuaded they should be paid equally. we have long entered the twilight zone.
Richard Horner
Richard Horner Hace 4 meses
Rose and Kelley are great. I like these two.. real team players. The test of the team are shameful. USA defense didn't allow a shot on goal!
11ll11l1ll111l1 Hace 4 meses
Rose is my favorite women soccer played. She’s such a beast on the field.
David Campos
David Campos Hace 4 meses
No way. They don’t deserve it.
jeremy Dennis
jeremy Dennis Hace 4 meses
France mens vs usa womens?
Jstoney127 Hace 4 meses
Haruglory131 Hace 4 meses
White women are annoying
Marco Tonta
Marco Tonta Hace 4 meses
Why the hell when ever woman achieve something or do something new they feel the need of bringing inequality or money into the equation.... Women has started being successful in some sports and jobs just recently for the same sports or jobs that men has been dealing, improving, challenging for hundreds years that's why they get better pay check not because they are man or woman..
Marco Tonta
Marco Tonta Hace 4 meses
That's fucking disgusting how these reporters are trying by any means to politicize this as much as they can. I can see how embarrassed and uncomfortable these two ladies are right now ...
vial.of.photons Hace 4 meses
Women players deserved less pay because their matches bring in far less money for the team owners. Should the special Olympics be demanding equal pay as the regular Olympics as well? Few pay to watch women's soccer. The self absorbed, self righteous antics of feminists like Meg Rappinhoe will further reduce the appeal of the team to 50% of Americans.
Stéphane Rocke
Stéphane Rocke Hace 4 meses
Women soccer is very politicized in the US apparently,... there were no question about the game. Crazy !
Hooky Street Productions
Hooky Street Productions Hace 4 meses
I can't wait for trans women to take over women's football. It might make it better.
Neko Caty Cat
Neko Caty Cat Hace 4 meses
What Anna Kendrick plays soccer now
the office
the office Hace 4 meses
Rose went to my high school
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