Robyn Crawford and Whitney Houston’s Romance

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The Wendy Williams Show

The Wendy Williams Show

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Robyn Crawford dishes on having a romantic relationship with Whitney Houston and how it all started.
Plus, Robyn talks about what she really thought about Whitney and Bobby’s marriage and her new memoir, "A Song For You: My Life with Whitney Houston.”
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Peace & Namaste
Peace & Namaste Hace 2 horas
They are on different frequencies in this interview. Wendy’s low vibration interrupts the high frequency flow of Robyn like nails on a chalkboard. This should definitely be a Gayle interview instead. It should have been an interviewer with integrity rather than the Peggy Bundy smut tv, trashy type of interviewer that Wendy is.
Peace & Namaste
Peace & Namaste Hace 2 horas
Damn, Robyn Crawford is one Haute Butch! She is fooooine!!!
Cindy Mckee
Cindy Mckee Hace 17 horas
Thanks Robyn, I grew up in EO went to Franklin School then super rich all girls school Montclair up the hill,one of 3 scholarship kids- poor smart girl. I was born in 1958, my sister was 1963, Franklin. Went after things got rough in EO to Glen Ridge public schools. Finally family moved to Maplewood, too expensive sending so many kids out EO to schools. Much respect for you. I see a toned down Whitney in your words and body language. You told Wendy her talking constantly about Whitney before that one interview was a disgrace, Wendy never met her, knew zero but kept the gossip going and the emotional distress was totally aweful/ by saying Nothing. Then said you two planned to stake out wbls, hang out low key anonymous and when Wendy came out of job, confront her and have a Chat. A long time ago on you tube there was Welcome Home Heros show that opened up with you two sitting together in the helicopter to do the show -but the part with you and her deleted. I was so happy to see her having such a good time-never saw her so happy, relaxed laughing ever in interviews or stage.Never met her, had privateinvite to show in 85, I said to my friend:whose Whitney? Whose Cissy? Had to work. Performer might stink hate crowds bad acts. If had said Dionne would have been blown away. Grew up in 60s, dj on college radio EO in 77-85 but didnt consider myself a “burgeoning dj radio star” as Wendy called herself. I didnt know much of her music in 2012- its odd cuz knew all new music till 85, when started career EO. Actually worked Shelterforce/EOTA bldg 380 Main Street in 80s for a few yrs then Reagan elected ceta funding cut. Unemployment line. Stayed working in around essex till 97. Quit career. Turned on tv i never watched 10 minutes b4 announcements : Whitney, Diana, JFK Jr. I grew up and into career where on stage public eye not show business music industry. I see Whitney in you and went thru similar life experiences, for better or worse. So we passed in the halls at school, bus, street. I want to get your book- I had public side/private side thing and have been hounded since 85 till today, for 80s job stuff. It sucks. I think of her, as you put it, how she was- as performer and the person she was - as you described. I wish you two had that chat with Wendy!!! I have a plastic little memo book from final place but public not allowed in at time. Shes in me always, somewhere,dont know where.
Cindy Mckee
Cindy Mckee Hace 18 horas
My best friend rip worked at Community Development in East Orange. 80s.
Cindy Mckee
Cindy Mckee Hace 18 horas
Wendy exclusive. Lol. How the hell did she go from wbls radio nyc to national tv. No Dont tell me.
Stacy Lawson
Stacy Lawson Hace un día
This lady seems truthful and upfront and still respects whitney , that’s a true friend
Michelle Fisher
Michelle Fisher Hace un día
Robin gave a classy and extraordinarily authentic interview.. with Whitney in Spirit right beside her. It got pretty uncomfortable to watch at times, especially when Wendy got shook up and her voice got shrill and started cracking because at that moment she realized how silly & frivolous her trash talk was compared to Robin's class and genuine personality. Great show!
WideAwake *
WideAwake * Hace 3 días
I just love this woman.. Wendy I just can't..
Sandra Ochai
Sandra Ochai Hace 3 días
Wendyyyyyy you made this happen 😍🤗🤗 But honestly I don't know why, but from this interview i can say that I love Robyn!!! I love you ma'am. You spoke with such class and high regard for your friend. God bless you
mitch7951 Hace 4 días
Robyn should have her own talk show - I could listen to that calm voice all day!
what now
what now Hace 4 días
I wish Whitney was here she waited until she passed away to tell all of this! RIP Whitney
Ashante Miller
Ashante Miller Hace 5 días
This lady is beautiful
Judith Killa
Judith Killa Hace 7 días
OMG ... Wendy just seems so insensitive. ....
Mel Campbell
Mel Campbell Hace 9 días
1st time I’ve seen Wendy and those huge flaring nostrils in that botched nose job are creeping me out
Ciaran Sammon
Ciaran Sammon Hace 9 días
Ms. Crawford is the epitome of class. Wendy is gutter trash. I’ve just finished the book. Cissy was a fuckin’ nightmare. All the Houston’s were. The ONLY one who truly took care of Whitney Houston was Robyn Crawford.
Lakia Tony
Lakia Tony Hace 10 días
Damn Wendy was so shady and tasteless in this interview smh 🙄
Omar Ache
Omar Ache Hace 11 días
Robyn so brave💘 she was the one whitney’s love
Beautiful Sunflowers
Beautiful Sunflowers Hace 12 días
Yes! She's a person; a human being....that's what I've been saying for years! Now leave Nippy the hell alone....geesh!!! There's only but so much a person can take b4 they explode on you. Robyn did well! She is to be respected, treasured, loved and remembered for all the great songs and passion she delivered through her music; not her struggles!!!! 👏🏾💯💥🎯🎤💔💞💟😢 We ALL have struggles and wendy has several of her own 🙄 ppl annoy my soul!! Missing Whitney Houston, my idol immensely!! What an awesome lifetime experience Robyn encountered with her best friend!💟💞😊🤩😘😍
MLWHEP Fiorino
MLWHEP Fiorino Hace 12 días
Well done Robyn
MLWHEP Fiorino
MLWHEP Fiorino Hace 12 días
Not keen on Wendy interrupting at moments of sensitivity. Not sure she was the right interviewer.
MLWHEP Fiorino
MLWHEP Fiorino Hace 12 días
An honest and respectful account.
Racheal Woods
Racheal Woods Hace 14 días
This woman is GOLD!! I truly aspire to be this calm, transparent, tactful, and grown.
Racheal Woods
Racheal Woods Hace 14 días
“Bobby saved his worst behavior for when I wasn’t around.” Whew! Bobby knew not to cross Robyn. I’m loving this woman right now 🙌🏾
photopix9 S
photopix9 S Hace 14 días
Wendy's is toxic
Emily Herman
Emily Herman Hace 14 días
Wendy is Trash
Rosan Sharma
Rosan Sharma Hace 15 días
petition to make Robyn the head of whitney estate
Nena Whispers
Nena Whispers Hace 15 días
I think this is pretty disgusting! Whitney never came out as Bi-sexual, so why would her dear “friend”, OUT HER...? Dead or alive! Whitney was a PRIVATE person, hence the Wendy Williams interview with Whitney! Wendy “asked”, WHITNEY changed the subject!!... Just wow!
Kween Moni
Kween Moni Hace 16 días
Beautiful spirit!
Azenith Hace 18 días
Wendy was so overbearing in this interview its almost disrespectful
college grad
college grad Hace 19 días
Gay , Straight , Bi , Trans , Lesbian don't matter it's personality
Deela Williams
Deela Williams Hace 19 días
I believe this is one of the only individuals that truly honestly cared abd loved Whitney Houston!
Nena Whispers
Nena Whispers Hace 15 días
So much so, that she “outed” her! 🥴
L T Hace 19 días
Wendy is the worst culprit for cutting off her guests
Patti O'con
Patti O'con Hace 19 días
Come on..WENDY ppl do anything 4 $$$$$$$$$$$👎👎they should even b talkin about her she has passed on
J H Hace 20 días
from a view of an Asian, Robyn looks in a very good status and also i can see she has been went through a long way to here. God bless Whitney and Robyn.
diane mackey
diane mackey Hace 21 un día
ya shes pouring her heart out! about her friendship, with whitney, you you have a tv show, whitney was a great person, its like you want her to force her to say that she was gay!
diane mackey
diane mackey Hace 21 un día
Ya you know what, i dont even watch robins show, shes looks too much made up, shes looks more like a morphodite!!!!
R26A23 Hace 21 un día
Wendy such a bad interviewer 🤦🏻‍♀️
D H Hace 23 días
She kept this quiet for decades, never going to the tabloids. She deserved a better interviewer.
Dee Dee
Dee Dee Hace 23 días
How did Wendy become a talk show host - she has absolutely no finesse! Also no unfeeling.
pink skull
pink skull Hace 24 días
This women deserves a better interviewer. Wendy just keeps talking over her and never letting her finish. I can tell Robyn is very uncomfortable
Lanette Avery
Lanette Avery Hace 25 días
Robin knew Damn Well that Whitney didn't care for Wendy so why would She go on her show to talk about Whitney's personal Business🤔
qwertyuiopz123 Hace 25 días
Time to revisit the interview where Whitney walked circles around Wendy
Renee Brown
Renee Brown Hace 28 días
Whitney stopped the relationship because she knew it was wrong.
Craig Richard
Craig Richard Hace 29 días
Wendy is just acting fucking weird tho. Weirder than usual. Robyn just outclasses her without even trying. Wendy is just BLABBERING
Craig Richard
Craig Richard Hace 29 días
I like this lady. She just seems very serene. Like the type of person you'd go to for life advice.
Katja xxx
Katja xxx Hace 29 días
anyone else? I could listen to Robyn all night long?
brejnhardt Hace un mes
Wendy: What do you think of the hologram tour? Robyn:
Marta S
Marta S Hace un mes
Sorry but she should not talk about this now when Whitney's gone. I think its not fair to discuss that part of Whitney's life. Its too personal
Nichola Graham
Nichola Graham Hace un mes
Leave the dead alone. She was Young then. She had move on with her life.
Neteri Hace un mes
Crackheads. It's still disgusting! Two women...UGH!
wachuka matelakengisa
wachuka matelakengisa Hace un mes
wendy gotta stfu sometimes
Lyn Crawf
Lyn Crawf Hace un mes
Shes speaking in circles...shes saying friendship instead relationship
Carla Luciani
Carla Luciani Hace un mes
Wendy just trash no class.!
South Ozzi
South Ozzi Hace un mes
Robyn wouldn't lie..shame how ended. Shed never trash her unlike some
Renee Washington
Renee Washington Hace un mes
As much as someone may want it to be condoned by God same-sex relationship never is and never will be. Being in a same-sex relationship is not an answer to prayer not God's answer anyway
Shanika Jones
Shanika Jones Hace un mes
Omggg i love she kept her cool even though i was yelling shut up wendy
LadyE4ever Hace un mes
I am cringing the whole way thru! Geesh this was hard to watch
Justyns Sagan
Justyns Sagan Hace un mes
Wendy Williams is a evil bad minded ugly she look like Friday the 13th Nightmare on Elm Street what goes around comes around karma is waiting for her because she loves talking evil and bad minded thing about people she's very insecure and jealous of her looks cos she knows she look like a man💩💩💩💩💩😂
Justyns Sagan
Justyns Sagan Hace un mes
This woman is a rat she wait till Whitney Houston died to come and talk about this if the woman was alive you won't even have heard about her she's trying to make money now💩💩💩
Katarina Corak
Katarina Corak Hace un mes
She should have sat with Oprah ... Wendy has no business in interviewing people...
Tysiana Sykes
Tysiana Sykes Hace un mes
You can tell that Robyn is annoyed with the questions.
Patrick smith
Patrick smith Hace un mes
I can see why they had a beautiful friendship, Robyn seems so genuine and sincere.
N O Hace un mes
Shes annoying girl bye
Amanda Boyens
Amanda Boyens Hace un mes
" you act like you knew her" lol
Jaz Florida
Jaz Florida Hace un mes
Wendy being ghetto and loud and obnoxious. Meanwhile Robin uses words, and energy, and peaceful energy to express herself. And Wendy is so obnoxious.
Will DiGiovanni
Will DiGiovanni Hace un mes
This was awkward as hell.... but it was at least entertaining
Z Z A Hace un mes
Now I'm in love with Robyn😍
L Ryan
L Ryan Hace un mes
Whitney was a notoriously private person I can’t imagine she’d want such personal moment shared with the world. Just my opinion.
L Ryan
L Ryan Hace un mes
We know how Whitney felt bout Wendy kind of an odd choice of show to promote her book.
Jo Jo
Jo Jo Hace un mes
Robyn is amazing
Amber Malise
Amber Malise Hace un mes
Man I can’t stop watching this! This soooo much bigggerrr then A Relationship! First thing she didn’t have to worry when Whitney dip that was for publicly and form & fashion, she knew when Whitney got home she was all hers! We all know this relationship was not JUST over in 82. They just seem to centered fold it on a more intimate level! there was way too many witnesses that came forth regarding catching them unsuspected, but who wouldn’t want a love like this! This was priceless! I’m straight but after watching this I deffff consider cuz this was DEEPPPP on many levels! Emotionally, spiritually, and romantically. Needless to say I think no doubt Whitney would still be HERE, had ROBYN stayed there. SHE LOVED Whitney!
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