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Real Time with Bill Maher

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In a special Valentine's Day New Rule, Bill explores the latest emerging sexual trend: people who don't need people - and why it's bad news for humanity.
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Senator Amy KlobucharDemocratMinnesotaDemocratic

Bowie Waters
Bowie Waters Hace 3 horas
Oh Bill , I can't stand you but I'm madly in love with you ! 💋 from a Republican in Portland Oregon
xhagast Hace 4 días
The timeline is wrong, by the late 19th century doctors were treating female hysteria with vibrators. And opium and cocaine.
Joey Hace 5 días
#Liberals have lost their mind.
MrMagnusFogg Hace 23 días
Who adds the captions to this ? it an American ?-(
This Is Jess Paul
This Is Jess Paul Hace 25 días
Binging the last few weeks of Real Time right now. This is funny and all, but honestly, I'd much rather someone be "happy" with their robot partner than fail to find a real partner and either live a miserable existence or shoot up their office building. If my general philosophy indiscriminately asserts "You do you, just don't bother me", this fits in pretty perfectly.
Jacques Couture
Jacques Couture Hace un mes
fucking idiot maher
Reg Eric
Reg Eric Hace un mes
And also keep sending men to jail by false rape allegation.
m3 talent agency
m3 talent agency Hace un mes
Fact: s robot will not sue you for divorce...
Dimitri Moreira
Dimitri Moreira Hace un mes
Just to add some info: the guy from Japan who married the hologram, was featured in the YT channel AsianBoss and if I remember right, there are 13 men married to holograms in Japan and 5 of them, including this guy, are married to the same hologram. In fact, he spent more than 100k dollars on the wedding and is not bothered by the other husbands. This hologram is the most famous anime hologram in Japan with more than 1 million fans. And yep, he already received many gifts for the wedding and also more than 200 death threats. Pretty standard. Don't you guys think?
Ecceego Humanum
Ecceego Humanum Hace un mes
...this message- find someone you love and fuck them
Not Todd Howard
Not Todd Howard Hace un mes
I ain't even mad. The fact this is even real at all now just solidifies to me that we are living in the future. Military lasers exist. VR exists. Private companies are going to space. AIDS is no longer a death sentence. 3d printing. I remember seeing this shit on tv as a kid, now it's all real. How long before the robots are sentient and we get a Bicentennial Man esque robo-marriage trial? I don't know man.
Mcbeg33 Hace un mes
Best.audience.ever. Edit: also, the only time everyone in the comments agreed Bill was funny. It’s obvious why. Subject wasn’t politics.
Maxwell Shapiro
Maxwell Shapiro Hace un mes
“Find someone you love and fuck then!” Very bold of you to assume there’s someone on this plant who’d agree to have sex with me, Bill
Timothy Brown
Timothy Brown Hace un mes
I wished Bill put a brief clip from the early episode from Futurama's; "Don't date robots"! That would have me cracking up especially after the Jarred and Ivanka pic! ; - D
Finish the Fight
Finish the Fight Hace un mes
There as always been and will always be people on the fringes.
daniel kinney
daniel kinney Hace un mes
I would choose a robot because they cannot give you AIDS or STD or any DISEASE. Too many people out ruining other humans lives by giving people AIDS STDS. You cannot TRUST people these days YOU BETTER GET A MASSIVE TEST DONE before you sleep with anybody.
Julia Lucas
Julia Lucas Hace un mes
Great public service messages Bill. Keep 'em comin'.
Frank Mazzie
Frank Mazzie Hace un mes
He's comic genius!!!
Chris Greene
Chris Greene Hace un mes
Evolution Hotline
Evolution Hotline Hace un mes
All hail the biggest dick in the world
Ewart Smith
Ewart Smith Hace un mes
2:47 I was scrolling so I missed it until the audience's reaction. Made it so much better lol
jdax21 Hace un mes
If I ever have sex with a robot, I'm already planning to apologize to it before, during and after.
Stem Factory
Stem Factory Hace un mes
God is telling me to believe him and I won't because of you Bill Maher, are you happy now?
Stem Factory
Stem Factory Hace un mes
You're just some 180 billion year old alien with magical powers, you're not the one true God. and Bill Maher doesn't want to live forever. Why should I believe you?
Paula Bain
Paula Bain Hace un mes
Ivanka and Jared + Barbie and Ken. Two for the price of one.
Joolz Godfree
Joolz Godfree Hace un mes
"People who don't need people; that makes them the luckiest people in the world!" 😀 WOW, I completely forgot about that song!
Grok Effer
Grok Effer Hace un mes
If I were kinky enough to "Do It" with a Sex Object, I think I'd end up taking on the personality of a robot. Sort of like Fry in FUTURAMA or Jude Law in A.I. .
r c
r c Hace un mes
Cherry 2000!!!!!!
Nick's Unfortune
Nick's Unfortune Hace un mes
Is anyone else noticing that Bill looks phenomenal? No homo. Yes, I used the phrase "No homo." Not at all sorry.
Mark W
Mark W Hace un mes
Orlando police officer LIES AND BRAGS arresting SIX YEAR OLD! @j-m0
Mark W
Mark W Hace un mes
Orlando police officer LIES AND BRAGS arresting SIX YEAR OLD!
mark christofferson
mark christofferson Hace un mes
Remember that most of these nut jobs are Democrats.
Sherry H.
Sherry H. Hace un mes
Katie Couric has the greatest smile. It’s like she’s Matt Damon’s female smile equivalent.
lime piper
lime piper Hace un mes
This is INSANE. Welcome to a new world where mental illnesses are celebrated and considered a human right.
Larry Letscher
Larry Letscher Hace un mes
stock up on Astro-Glide Bill, the stores may sell out of it.. cause it sure looks like that recession ya wanted may be coming!.. Ya MUST be thrilled.. Ya unpatriotic douche!
Canadian 81
Canadian 81 Hace un mes
I believe it Bill, a few young ladies I used to know, would love that kissing app, freaking crazy man, WOW!
ranndino Hace un mes
You may not like this but we all know once these things get really good none of us will ever be interested in another human.
trumpis fuckis
trumpis fuckis Hace un mes
Say what you will about Bill politically or religiously. The dude is fuckin FUNNY.
Michael Buehler
Michael Buehler Hace un mes
It's because it's too risky to date women nowadays.
Whitebolls92 Hace un mes
When's this guy getting the shit kicked out of him?
trumpis fuckis
trumpis fuckis Hace un mes
Who, Trump?
Anthony Chew
Anthony Chew Hace un mes
The best part about this segment is how the panel (trying to) quietly react to the jokes.
trumpis fuckis
trumpis fuckis Hace un mes
I was laughing my ass off.
Anon Myous
Anon Myous Hace un mes
I don't want a robot I want Hitomi Tanaka or Halle Berry. Since neither woman will never look at me that way next best thing is make a bot that looks like them.
Sam Williams
Sam Williams Hace un mes
i say bring it. modern women are 2 slutty and think they are empowered till they hit the wall at 30. lol a robot woman i fuck and knows when to shut up and wont take 50% of my money in a divorce? this sounds awesome.
Daniel_Scott_612 Hace un mes
Every one of these robot lovers is a guaranteed liberal.
trumpis fuckis
trumpis fuckis Hace un mes
Stop being so Anti-American. I mean, since you're tryin so hard to "Make America Great Again". Wanna make it great? Try not hating on half of your fellow Americans.
yoniggas Hace un mes
because 80% of men are deemed unfuckable for women
G K Hace un mes
Talking a life-long loner :)
Dark Abyss
Dark Abyss Hace un mes
Its says a lot about the state modern day relationships when people would fuck robots then humans. Most of these people would have turned to inceldom if they tried to mate with normal people.
Jacueline Morrison
Jacueline Morrison Hace un mes
I. Have. No. Body.
trumpis fuckis
trumpis fuckis Hace un mes
Hey, I have someone, but she's eating me out of house and home. I literally want to be single again, it's that bad. It only isn't bad when i'm making love to her.
Per Bear
Per Bear Hace un mes
I wish Bill invited Cenk Uygur at TYT, on the show and confronted him with his claim that the President resigned in 2017
51Saffron Hace un mes
I love my bot man, he comes with all kinds of attachments, will sit on the sofa and listen to me complain for hours, he is only interested in satisfying me I don't have to do any weird shit to him. All I need is my dog and Mr. Bot. Humans are just a nuisance.
lolipedofin Hace un mes
For the sake of mankind and the continues existence of our species, these are abhorrent. But I can't see how to stop them and whether it is right to. For once, it will be illiberal to do so... Plus I can totally see myself purchasing one once they climbed up certain point in uncanny valley, and when they are cheap enough.
Dr. 616
Dr. 616 Hace un mes
Humans are becoming synthetic. If you're bitching about this, then you're slow to evolve.
trumpis fuckis
trumpis fuckis Hace un mes
Fuck off.
randomnobody playthrough
randomnobody playthrough Hace un mes
0:48 Jenna Trap.
Mark Kroberger
Mark Kroberger Hace un mes
samuraimonkey Hace un mes
Real Time with Bill Maher is like real time with your child molesting uncle on Thanksgiving when your parents sit you next to him at the table.
samuraimonkey Hace un mes
@trumpis fuckis I'm sure Bill Maher has some Bill Cosby stories in his closet. Bill Maher would be the guy in charge of the Uber rides home after the molesting.
trumpis fuckis
trumpis fuckis Hace un mes
Except, that uncle is really, really funny.
Leanne Blake
Leanne Blake Hace un mes
A Air Mattress with Rouge On . What the hell Society ! I give up.
black bird
black bird Hace un mes
Where is this week's episode? 21/22 Feb 2020??
Jonathan Lever
Jonathan Lever Hace un mes
Bill, every single fg show youre dressed like a damn undertaker. Sort your threads out mate. Even Hillary clinton has better dress sense than you
R Phuche
R Phuche Hace un mes
he's getting ready for the carnage coming in November ..
james davis
james davis Hace un mes
Carl Jones
Carl Jones Hace un mes
Robo whore trump
Leah Kirrane
Leah Kirrane Hace un mes
What's with the old shows? Is this a money thing? A licensing thing? a political thing, or censorship? If it's political, then it IS censorship.
Conner Fields
Conner Fields Hace un mes
You think the Democratic Party used to be crowded...the Libertarian National Convention has so many people in it.
2126Eliza Hace un mes
Let's just be glad these weirdos have some options. Seven billion people is more than enough to keep things going.
James Thomas
James Thomas Hace un mes
Thanks to the women who constantly berate men, falsely accuse them of sexual predation (just for taking a selfie with them- Al Franken). The men are fitting back & good for them. If you can jack off with a robot who would choose to F---K a woman who complains of headaches or reads 50 shades of Gray while the poor idiot is huffing & puffing away trying to bring her to orgasm. The other benefit, "no children" (unless they design robots that can get pregnant). The world will breath a sigh of relief as it watches the human species quietly disappear.
ashley schaeffer
ashley schaeffer Hace un mes
Maybe sex robots will keep the maga-incels from shooting people
tremer 2009
tremer 2009 Hace un mes
Thanks Real Time with Bill Maher.😊 i understand it's uncalled for but You know you're a bitch don't you?😁
M. Butterflies Katz
M. Butterflies Katz Hace un mes
smiled the whole way through...
maureen olin
maureen olin Hace un mes
But Bill you can train them to do everything you like. And nothing you don’t.
maureen olin
maureen olin Hace un mes
On Star Trek the next generation had an Android. On a couple of episodes he had sex. He was lifelike he went out on a date. The woman didn’t like it when he kept asking did you like this. So she broke up with him. I thought she should have said if I like it I’ll say so and keep track of what I like and mix them up randomly.
Dru Smith
Dru Smith Hace un mes
That male-looking robot is not for women. LOL @ men pretending to believe full size humanoid dolls and robots are the same as vibrators.
Nicolle Herr
Nicolle Herr Hace un mes
She 3-D printed a robot? Whoa
thαílαnd pαrαdísє
thαílαnd pαrαdísє Hace un mes
I'll bet Bill has his bedroom filled with Sexrobots! Especially the male versions...
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