Robert Downey Jr and Tom Holland in Back to the future - This is heavy! [ deepfake ]

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Movie : Back to the future (1985)
Original actors : Christopher Lloyd and Michael J. Fox
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Sarah Aryan
Sarah Aryan Hace 2 minutos
The best thing I've seen all week
alejandro labella
alejandro labella Hace 8 minutos
Please remake like this
Queen _Tina
Queen _Tina Hace 30 minutos
When was this made and why is it not EVERYWHERE
Gabriel Hall
Gabriel Hall Hace 30 minutos
Holy hell!! I want this movie!! They actually look like the characters!!!
7Arel Games
7Arel Games Hace 32 minutos
Oh my god . They fit perfectly :D
THANOS FAN :3 Hace 47 minutos
DIRTDIVER882 Hace 58 minutos
Holy sheet, dude seriously tho, they nailed both actors down to michael j fox' head movements & body language & doc's extreme voice pitches 👍👍👍. Part of me is honestly hoping they would remake this series. I mean why not, they done ruined so many other movies with remakes, why not re do one the right way for once?...... Update.. DAAAAMN, got me with the deepfake 🤣🤣🤣
Mateus Moura
Mateus Moura Hace un hora
Simolbijs Hace un hora
Sweaty fletchYT
Sweaty fletchYT Hace un hora
Doctor stark
m3 talent agency
m3 talent agency Hace un hora
This technology is both amazing and terrifying.
urban warior
urban warior Hace 2 horas
Call this Mandela effect movies where what you think you know is slightly wrong but you cant see the point in knowing any of it
Furio Hace 2 horas
This needs to happen for reals
Furio Hace 2 horas
This needs to happen for reals
Krenzzler Hace 2 horas
Wow, that's scary flawless. If I'd never seen back to the future, I would have absolutely believed this.
Sammy Di Faccio
Sammy Di Faccio Hace 2 horas
I hate how they took down this ride at universal studios...... Damn kids....
Inz Singh
Inz Singh Hace 2 horas
This is awesome thank you for this
Patrizio Deangelis
Patrizio Deangelis Hace 2 horas
BytemeVV -
BytemeVV - Hace 2 horas
_GREAT SCOTT! This is a... Time paradox, the result of could cause a chain reaction... That would unravel the very fabric of the spacetime continuum and destroy the entire universe!!!_ 😲
king201023 Hace 3 horas
I would watch this it’s weird how perfect this casting would be
Zombo Rodriguez
Zombo Rodriguez Hace 3 horas
This is freaking awesome i was rollin fucking spiderman
MrPronarB Hace 3 horas
Mocne gówno
Skorpnikus Claw
Skorpnikus Claw Hace 3 horas
Actually tom holland and robert could play these characters in a BTTF remake!! They fit!
Splag Yetsi
Splag Yetsi Hace 4 horas
What we thought was real becomes less everyday.
werty 10
werty 10 Hace 4 horas
Русский комментарий. Оставлю его тут😉
Ashcool Hace 4 horas
I don't want Back To The Future to be remade ever but if they do remake it, I'd want these two to be the Doc and Marty.
Ashcool Hace 4 horas
I don't want Back To The Future to be remade ever but if they do remake it, I'd want these two to be the Doc and Marty.
DrogosBaggins Hace 4 horas
the secret is that he didn't actually do anything this is the original shot for shot
ChrumkavySuchar Hace 4 horas
This is so confusing
Matias Rodriguez
Matias Rodriguez Hace 4 horas
Son igualitos :0 woooo ! Te drian que hacer una nueva pelicula con ellos dos
javiseh Hace 5 horas
Tom sucks
Saturn Hex Media
Saturn Hex Media Hace 5 horas
Wait, when did this marvel movie come out?
hersanto w
hersanto w Hace 5 horas
awesome deepfake
Luis Solis
Luis Solis Hace 5 horas
flipeee tiooo esto esta realmente genial..!!!
Jeff Byrnes
Jeff Byrnes Hace 5 horas
The internet is going to innovate itself into obsolescence. Soon no one will know what is truth and what is a lie on it. People will eventually want to find something to get grounded to and the internet will fail miserably to provide that.
HarryPlays XP
HarryPlays XP Hace 5 horas
Rowney don hear l8ke downey wtf thats amazing
Grubenwolf Hace 5 horas
I wouldn't want a Back to the Future remake/reboot but IF there was one I'd want Tom Holland as Marty and Robert Downey Jr. as Doc.
drummerfella 55
drummerfella 55 Hace 6 horas
Welcome to the 'Deep Fake' Internet Generation. You can believe..'Nothing...your seeing anymore. Nice, huh?
THEY CALL ME REspeKT Hace 6 horas
Geez I can see remake all over this, and it might actually be good 🤔😏
daion justice
daion justice Hace 6 horas
WHAT THE F@*[#&#>K!
Katherine Gonzalez
Katherine Gonzalez Hace 6 horas
Omg they NEED to remake it
Great Khan24
Great Khan24 Hace 6 horas
Oh my gosh, Tom does look like Michael Fox during youthful yrs.
Justin Branch
Justin Branch Hace 6 horas
Technology is crazy today. This looks very original
a hey
a hey Hace 7 horas
Oh my God this crazy. Acting at its best
PhysicWave Hace 7 horas
Tonny: Do you seriously mean that your plan is based on going back to the future? Peter: Yes
Blake Bridges
Blake Bridges Hace 7 horas
I honestly cant tell the difference between this and the original.
Michael es más guapo 😘
Speedytyperman Answers
Speedytyperman Answers Hace 7 horas
To 00s kids who dont know what back to the future is. It's the original rick and morty.
Bigboy Ramboy
Bigboy Ramboy Hace 7 horas
Is this camra tricks?
Pep Talk Box
Pep Talk Box Hace 7 horas
good job, no one understand how difficult is this to make... congrats
EZRyderX47 Hace 7 horas
Simply Tom
Simply Tom Hace 7 horas
Robert Garcia
Robert Garcia Hace 7 horas
How could you dislike this?The absolute best combo of faces for the original actors. I loved this. They should make a spin-off
Michael Felix
Michael Felix Hace 8 horas
They look the same. Stupid
RVMaxtube Hace 8 horas
That was SO WELL DONE, that it was hard to watch! Crazy Good!
Joshua Arroyos
Joshua Arroyos Hace 8 horas
This should happen
R. David Hill
R. David Hill Hace 8 horas
Fantastic job on this!!
Ron Coon
Ron Coon Hace 8 horas
Those are some pretty good impersonations. They not only closely resemble them, they actually sound like them.
Alex Lima
Alex Lima Hace 8 horas
That one gave me goose bumps.
nah bruhh
nah bruhh Hace 8 horas
Im not even lying, this could work. I don't think I'm ready for a Back to the Future remake. But if it does happen, it needs to star these two. They are the only pair that can pay homage to the original. I would love to see an original take on it of course, and I would also want cameos from the original members. Let's go
Stephanie Coleman
Stephanie Coleman Hace 8 horas
Sorcery! I follow you now.
Oran Callaghan
Oran Callaghan Hace 9 horas
Supreme Superior99
Supreme Superior99 Hace 9 horas
This shhh is heavy Lol
Mudd Hace 10 horas
I cant believe what a good doc impression and I didn’t even realize it wasn’t marty
HeavensDemon966 Hace 10 horas
Amazing! Really, is good to be aware that photo-shopping technology these days can do this kind of thing. Many people out there would actually use this to incriminate others.
Dean Anthony
Dean Anthony Hace 10 horas
Wow, even the light reflection.
Jayson's Treat
Jayson's Treat Hace 10 horas
I would love to see this movie again but this time they are both the cast...
ChewietheNord Hace 11 horas
Um, please I really hope this is a thing! Get Michael j fox in this too please
Canon Theory
Canon Theory Hace 11 horas
Video evidence shouldn’t be acceptable in the future, people are going to start framing people for crimes they didn’t commit and the only way to stop it will be making all video footage obsolete
MrDeykar Hace 11 horas
Not gonna lie, Tom makes a perfect Marty.
FunnyNamed Hace 11 horas
This technology could send an innocent man to prison
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