Rick Ross - Gold Roses ft. Drake

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rozayrick rossrather you than merytm

Savneet Singh
Savneet Singh Hace 12 horas
I really wanted to see Drake vibe on that beat 😔
jody brown
jody brown Hace 15 horas
I'm literally in the middle of a debate wit my boys about Ross possibly having the greatest ear for beats in rap history. His ear for beats is impeccable
Auberto Gorritz
Auberto Gorritz Hace un día
Lost like a half of billion views because Drake part was cut down, too bad
Saint Aubyn TFG
Saint Aubyn TFG Hace un día
I GUARANTEE Y’ALL MY VERSION IS BETTER TUNE IN & ENJOY. soundcloud.com/saintaubyntfg/gold-roses
MR 300 TILDEN Hace un día
223jumpoff Hace un día
This is what rich music sounds like fr
Aaron Lewis
Aaron Lewis Hace 2 días
I can hear nipsey on this "#Look#"
zeke4881 Hace 2 días
stimulusmaximus •
stimulusmaximus • Hace 2 días
I fucks wit Rick Ross.
Aaron Birt
Aaron Birt Hace 3 días
😐 Guess they should take some of that money away so u can get back to makin good music or it could be cuz I’m coming off that new curren$y album idk 😐 #albumsucks sorry 😐
Gopro Nation
Gopro Nation Hace 3 días
Imagine nipsey hussle on the song
samarth dave
samarth dave Hace 3 días
Soo underrated... 😑
Bhaly Glwa
Bhaly Glwa Hace 3 días
Quake King
Quake King Hace 3 días
Put this joint on when the sun setting and you riding with ya loved one.
Oracle Heaven Love
Oracle Heaven Love Hace 3 días
I love you baby!!😚😚😚👅👅👅
Aaron Mickey
Aaron Mickey Hace 3 días
anyone else thinks this just looked funny how he was staring and said the line like its nothing XD 2:36
HUMBLE Hace 2 días
Aaron Mickey 🌹
DJ 3RD WORLD STAR Hace 3 días
Bazuka mimi
Bazuka mimi Hace 4 días
I was nominated but never won a Grammy..shook
Young Crypt
Young Crypt Hace 4 días
where the fuck are those beatmakers!
Ben BM93
Ben BM93 Hace 4 días
Bravo Rick ross😎👍whaoo very good c’est du lourd mon frère 🤝👌
AshleyJessicaVEVO Hace 4 días
Rip Nipsey it just feels right to say this while listening to this Guys just do Authentic views c o m to get views
becker carl
becker carl Hace 4 días
Sasha Fierce
Sasha Fierce Hace 5 días
Hitting like but it didn’t show smh this shi lit to .... ☺️ one of the best after biggie jay z to
PSLuvAshanti Hace 5 días
Umm excuse me sir.... Where's Drake and what happened to his verse?? Dope song and vid though
Allen Laster
Allen Laster Hace 6 días
Fabric Flock
Fabric Flock Hace 6 días
Rip Nipsey it just feels right to say this while listening to this
Sir Lord
Sir Lord Hace 5 días
Hoang Tuan Nguyen
Hoang Tuan Nguyen Hace 6 días
Strong Song Uhhhhhhhh
Asher Weekend
Asher Weekend Hace 6 días
Lovely song. Asher Weekend here with a good song out on ESwomen check it out Asher Weekend Finest Girl.
kueenbee 91
kueenbee 91 Hace 6 días
This beat tho I love this song on repeat
ORYIN Hace 7 días
Money means so much too black people, its kind of funny. So worried about what doesn't matter, that's why most look for an easy out. Life isn't easy, but America Black people think it should be.
jerome sleur
jerome sleur Hace 7 días
This is some gay shit
jennifer lawrence
jennifer lawrence Hace 7 días
Adalberto Pereira
Adalberto Pereira Hace 7 días
chaggy90 Hace 8 días
LYRICS PEOPLE ALSO SEARCH FOR Yeah I'm home now, it's over now, so Yeah She got a thing for Chanel vintage that dropped before she could speak English Do you love me or love seekin' attention, I mean which one is it? You keep callin' me ya twin, but twins ain't this different Mentally I'm already on next year, that's some 20/20 clear vision You sayin' let you finish, I ain't tryna hear it I'm all for spiritual liftin', but I don't fly Spirit I'm all for findin' happiness, but down to die serious All smiles, Kevin Durant trials Had to blow it on a court, I must have blew a milli' I'm walkin' on all charges, that's my new Achilles I know they love to rock a check, but who gon' do it really? Really? My depositions never surface Tanenbaum know the logo on the jersey, it's gettin' purchased Ten years in and y'all yet to hear my most impressive verses Paid the cost to be the boss, wasn't even my most expensive purchase Trust when I say I'm never on the shit they assumin' I'm on Tales about me are like corridos in Culiacán Sashimi from Saito, you know that man two Michelin Star Postcard from Grace Bay, sendin' my distant regards Vision wasn't mine, told my niggas the vision was ours Still a part of shorty even if we've been livin' apart Roxx'll do you filthy for me soon as I give him the nod Meanin' he'll blast for me like puttin' the 6 with the God Hop on a float and show the city the one they appointed The one that's rebuildin' schools and feedin' the homeless Hang with my niggas, but sometimes I be tryna avoid it 'Cause they'll get to poppin' out of place like they double jointed Goals was the top of the pyramid in this shitty world "I gotta get the most of everything" is the axis on which it sit and twirls Point blank period, like a City Girl And then I bring it back to 50 world Ay, whoa You made me this way, yeah Before I'm gone outta this place, yeah Put some flowers in my face, won't you? Let me know that I did okay, yeah Don't wait 'til some other day, no, no They love to wait 'til it's too late, it's too late This different right here, yo (ay) I was nominated, never won a Grammy But I understand, they'll never understand me Lot of lives lost, but I never panicked Lot of lines crossed, I never did a Xanny A hundred room mansion but I felt abandoned Love makin' love, but where will love land me? Jealous, so their bitches be actin' like they sleepin' on us But they speakin' on us, jewelers quote us even numbers Still blowin' smoke as angels float above us Love givin' back, but will they ever love us? Chanel in the mail, FedEx from Pharrell And what I got for sale just sit on the scale Triple beam dream, a buck on the shades I really seen things give mothers the shakes I really bought cars for women on face I know it seem odd, but money amazin' College loans really did fuck up her credit Discover cards, look back, I know she regret it But we keep pushin', keep our foot on the pedal In the mirror she a blessin', rebukin' the Devil Livin' on the edge, she keepin' me level Money come and go, I'ma keep you forever Money come and go, I'ma keep you forever (forever) Slip-on glass slippers and tickle with feathers Everywhere we go, we create a dilemma Coming to America, really the set I'll let your soul glow, I'm keepin' you wet All my cold Decembers, I know she remembers Forgiveness for a sinner, but is it that simple? Holdin' on your hands, your body's a temple Fly you out to Cannes, ménages with bitches Lobsters and the prawns, thought you was Spanish Bottles for the Don, our parties the biggest (biggest, biggest) (Maybach Music) Ay, whoa You made me this way, yeah Before I'm gone outta this place, yeah Put some flowers in my face, won't you? Let me know that I did okay, yeah Don't wait 'til some other day, no, no They love to wait 'til it's too late, too late (ay) Had a dream she was singin' to me like Gladys Knight True love in the projects is called paradise All your niggas left, you wasn't actin' right But honesty itself a small sacrifice My money bag heavy, got me packin' light You movin' funny, can you fill my appetite? Niggas' conversations, a lot of it false He own condos right over Carnegie Hall Speak about your cars, but all of 'em parked Your niggas' money light, come out of the dark You really are my type, that's not a facade One of the reasons why I write, we got a synopsis I'm always at the top of barbershop gossip After further thought, better not knock 'em Allocate some dollars to go out shoppin' Bitch, we on the real, it's time to stop talkin' (stop talkin', stop talkin') Ay, whoa You made me this way, yeah Before I'm gone outta this place, yeah Put some flowers in my face, won't you? Let me know that I did okay, yeah Don't wait 'til some other day, no, no They love to wait 'til it's too late, too late (ay)
Kendy Saintilaire
Kendy Saintilaire Hace 8 días
Pure poetry ! if you love this duo gimme a like !
Fabian T
Fabian T Hace 8 días
Has anyone told drake he cant sing. Stop that shit. Makes me not wanna listen to the songs
Paul Vasquez
Paul Vasquez Hace 6 días
This isn’t singing bro ... He’s harmonizing the Rap ... Melody ... song isn’t meant for “Singing” Singing is “Hold On” / “One Dance” / “Find your love”
D'legend Hace 8 días
Money come and go but imma keep you forever🥂
SameManMusic llc
SameManMusic llc Hace 8 días
Kim Spivey
Kim Spivey Hace 8 días
this song is so sexy
isacc hernandez
isacc hernandez Hace 8 días
Lay back music !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
isacc hernandez
isacc hernandez Hace 6 días
this is a jam that i love
Thicckness Hace 8 días
Soon as I heard it, I fkn KNEW. R.I.P Prince. Gottttttt Dammitttt 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Diamond Ann
Diamond Ann Hace 8 días
Henessy ND weed musiq swearrrrr
BraylonPlayz Gaming
BraylonPlayz Gaming Hace 8 días
Drake part out cold
Duce Turvey
Duce Turvey Hace 8 días
What's that chick singing sampled from? Driving me nuts like I know what it is but can't figure
Алексей Савин
Алексей Савин Hace 9 días
My boctor
Алексей Савин
Алексей Савин Hace 9 días
Не знаю о чём поёт,но нервная система реагирует,рик терапевт рос😊
Benny Bennedicter
Benny Bennedicter Hace 9 días
Ely Laza
Ely Laza Hace 9 días
Kani Mclaren
Kani Mclaren Hace 9 días
2person sing the song but one Ross alone in the video madness
stephania vergara
stephania vergara Hace 9 días
It's Only me? But Rick Ross voice is so sexy. 😈
Katrina Ray
Katrina Ray Hace 9 días
Damn feeling sexy as hell love this ❤️
Dayshawn Glynn
Dayshawn Glynn Hace 9 días
🔥 🔥 🔥
Charles Bryan
Charles Bryan Hace 9 días
The one that's rebuildin' schools and feedin' the homeless Hang with my niggas, but sometimes I be tryna avoid it 'Cause they'll get to poppin' out of place like they double jointed. SO FUCKIN TRUE
Joshthefirst66 Hace 9 días
Rick's voice makes me want to clear my throat
wesley wilson
wesley wilson Hace 9 días
You rich I hold I meet you 💯👊🤘 this song you and him it sounds amazing and y'all been had good song
wesley wilson
wesley wilson Hace 9 días
I love this song I love the sound to is amazing ❤️💕 💙❤️💙😍
Rwanado Pine
Rwanado Pine Hace 9 días
The beat madd
black mamba
black mamba Hace 9 días
Incense on her body cuz she like the smell F*** her like Rick Ross cuz she likes my wealth. 😜
d4pp3r Hace 9 días
Rick Ross never won a Grammy 😭😞
Decoach Sumbata
Decoach Sumbata Hace 10 días
What can i do for to sing with my favaurite star Rick Ross
ken r
ken r Hace 10 días
Slappin hard in the aston martin rich music
washmane Hace 10 días
She got a thing for Chanel Vintage---Maybach Music🤯🤯WTF
kenykreativo Hace 10 días
partyman Hace 10 días
Luxury Doll
Luxury Doll Hace 11 días
Rick Ross 🔥🔥🔥❤️
Alexander Cintron
Alexander Cintron Hace 11 días
I agree this song is hard and the bead 🔥 💪🏼 Ross drake🔥🔥
warner bros
warner bros Hace 11 días
Well that make me insane bcz its beat is insane and ross voice is boow ...
Lindelan Wiseman
Lindelan Wiseman Hace 11 días
This Different
Tavaris Smith
Tavaris Smith Hace 11 días
Can't believe how many arguments I've started in the barbershop by bringing this man's name up 😂🤣 Ross been putting out fire since POM...🖕🏽 if you feel differently!
Russel McGrain
Russel McGrain Hace 11 días
Officer Rick
Bobby Stratchan
Bobby Stratchan Hace 11 días
Another hit from rozay straighttt maddd rasss mi genna.
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